Today Murli : Daily murli 27 april 2017 (English)

27/04/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to prove the deep things of knowledge, have a broad and unlimited intellect and explain very tactfully. It is said: Kill the snake, but do not break the stick.


What main virtue is needed to pass at the time of the cries of distress?


That of patience. Only at the time of war will you be revealed. Only those who are strong will be able to pass. Those who are afraid will fail. At the end, you children will make an influence and people will then say: O God, Your divine games are wonderful! Everyone will come to know that God has come in an incognito form.


What is the greatest fortune?


To go to heaven is the greatest fortune. Only you children experience the happiness of heaven. There, there won’t be sorrow from its beginning through the middle to the end. These things sit with great difficulty in the intellects of people.


The buds of the new age.  

Om Shanti

God speaks. Previously, it would be said: God Krishna speaks. You children now have the faith that these are not the versions of God Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is not trikaldarshi or a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. If devotees were to hear this, they would become upset. They would ask you, “Why do you reduce our faith in them (the deities)?” because they have the faith that Krishna is the spinner of the discus of self-realisation. The discus of self-realisation is always portrayed with Vishnu or Krishna. People of the world don’t know what the relationship between Shri Krishna and Vishnu is. Because of not knowing this, they simply speak of Vishnu and Krishna as the spinner of the discus of self-realisation. No one even knows the meaning of the discus of self-realisation. They have just portrayed them with a discus for killing. They have shown it as a violent weapon. In fact, they neither have a violent discus, nor the non- violent discus. Radhe and Krishna and Vishnu do not have knowledge. Which knowledge? That of the spinning of the world cycle. Only you have this knowledge. These are very deep matters. How can you explain to them tactfully so that they can understand and also that their love remains all the time? If you explain to them directly, they would become upset with you by saying that you defame the deities. They are all the same apart from you Brahmins; you are such young daughters. Baba says: You young daughters should be made so clever that you are able to explain at the exhibitions. Those who have knowledge will offer themselves to explain at the exhibitions. Brahmin teachers should have very broad and unlimited intellects. Serviceable children should be sent to explain at the exhibitions. There shouldn’t be any interest in just seeing everything. First of all, you need to have the faith that the God of the Gita is the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva. Shri Krishna cannot be called God. This is why the Gita is wrong. This is also something completely new for the world. Everyone in the world says that Krishna spoke the Gita. Here, it is explained to you that Krishna cannot speak the Gita. The one who has the peacock-feather crown, those of the double-crowned sun dynasty, those of the single-crowned moon dynasty, those of the merchant and shudra clans – none of them know the knowledge of the Gita. Only the God of the Gita gave that knowledge and made Bharat into heaven. So, from where in the world can there be the true knowledge of the Gita? All of that is in the line of devotion. What has been the result by them reading the Vedas and scriptures? People have continued to fall and their degrees have continued to decrease. No matter how much deep tapasya they do, even if they were to cut off their heads, there cannot be any benefit. Every human being definitely has to become tamopradhan. In that too, the people of Bharat especially, who belong to the deity religion, have fallen the most. At first, they were the most satopradhan and they have now become the most tamopradhan. Those who were the masters of the highest Paradise have now become the masters of hell. It should remain in the intellects of you children that the body is an old shoe through which we are studying. Those of the deity religion have the oldest shoes (bodies). Bharat was the Temple of Shiva (Shivalaya). It used to be the kingdom of deities and there used to be palaces studded with diamonds and jewels, whereas it is now a brothel, a kingdom of vicious devils. According to the drama, it has to become the Temple of Shiva from the brothel. The Father explains: The people of Bharat have fallen the most. For half the cycle you were vicious. Sinful souls like Ajamil also existed in Bharat. The greatest sin is to indulge in vice. Deities who were completely viceless and beautiful have now become ugly. The one who was the highest has become the lowest. The Father says: When they have become completely tamopradhan, I come and make them completely satopradhan. No one now can be called completely viceless; there is a lot of difference. Even if this birth is a little good, the next birth would be like that of Ajamil! The Father says: I enter the impure world and come into an impure body of the one who has become tamopradhan by having taken the full 84 births. He took birth in a good home at this time, because he had to become Baba’s chariot. The drama has been created systematically and this is why God has chosen an ordinary chariot. This too is something to be understood. Have a lot of interest in serving. Look how much interest Baba has! The Father is the Purifier. He is the eternal Surgeon of everyone. Look how He gives you such good medicine. He says: By remembering Me, you will never become diseased. You won’t need to have any medicine etc. This is shrimat, not a mantra from a guru etc. The Father says: By remembering Me, your sins will be absolved. Then there won’t be obstacles of Maya. You will be called brave warriors. In a school, the results are given at the end. Here, too, you will know everything at the end. When the war begins, you will be revealed. People will also see how fearless you have become. The Father too is fearless. No matter how many cries of distress there are, explain with patience that we all have to return home. Come, and we will go to our destination, to Mt. Abu, to Baba…. Don’t be afraid! When you are afraid, you fail. You have to become that strong. The first calamity will be famine; they won’t be able to import food. There will be a lot of violence. At that time, you will have to become very fearless. In a battle, people become very strong. They simply say, “Kill or be killed!” They are not even afraid for their own lives. Although they don’t have the knowledge that they will shed their bodies and take other ones, they still want to do service. Those people teach soldiers to say, “Victory to Guru Nanak! Victory to Hanuman!” Your teachings are: Remember Shiv Baba! You have to do that job, that is, you have to serve your country. Although there are many devotees of Shiva, no one else remembers Shiv Baba in the same way as you do. However, you are given the direction: Remember Shiv Baba! You have to return home and then go to heaven. Both the sun and moon dynasty kingdoms are being established. Everyone will receive this knowledge. Those who are worthy of becoming subjects will only understand that much. Your influence will spread a lot. Only then will they say, “O God, Your divine games…” They will come to know that God has come in an incognito form. Some ask to have a vision of a soul or the Supreme Soul, but there is no benefit in having visions. For instance, if they simply see a light, they won’t understand anything about whose soul that is or whether it is the Supreme Soul. There is some splendour in the visions of deities; they experience happiness. Here, they don’t even know what the form of the Supreme Soul is. The closer you come to the end, the more Baba will open the locks on people’s intellects. To go to heaven is also great fortune. No one else can experience the happiness of heaven. As are the kings and queens of heaven, so their subjects. They now have named the city, New Delhi, but when was there New Bharat? This is old Bharat. There was just the deity religion in New Bharat. There were very few people. Now there are so many of them; there is the difference of day and night. You can also explain in the newspapers: You speak of New Delhi and New Bharat, but New Delhi and New Bharat will only exist in the new world. That will be Paradise, so how can you create that here? Here, there are so many religions, whereas there, there will only be one religion. All of these matters have to be understood. All of us have come here from the incorporeal world. All of us souls are points of light, like stars. Just as none of the stars in the sky fall, similarly, we souls stay in the great element of light. You children now know that souls cannot speak in the land of nirvana because you do not have bodies there. You can say, “We souls are residents of the supreme abode.” This is something new. In the scriptures, they have written that a soul is a bubble and will merge into the water. All of you know that the Purifier Father has come to take everyone back home. Bharat becomes heaven after only 5000 years. No one has this knowledge in his or her intellect. The Father alone comes and explains: We are the ones who claim the kingdom and then we are the ones who lose it. It has no end. No one can be liberated from the drama. These are such simple matters, but they don’t stay in anyone’s intellect. The soul is now aware of his cycle of 84 births through which he becomes an emperor or empress who rules the globe. All of this is going to end. Destruction is just ahead of you. So, why should you have the greed to accumulate more wealth? Serviceable children are sustained by the yagya. If you don’t do service, you won’t receive a high status. You can ask Baba, “Baba, am I doing enough service to claim a high status?” Baba would says: The visible signs are such that you will become part of the subjects. All of this will be known here. Even young children should be taught and made so clever that they are able to serve at the exhibitions and reveal everything. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1.Become as fearless as the Father. Do everything with patience and don’t be afraid.

2. Destruction is just ahead. Therefore, don’t have the greed to accumulate a lot of wealth. In order to claim a high status, do God’s service and accumulate an income.


May you be constantly cheerful and carefree and experience victory on the basis of unbreakable faith.

The sign of faith is to have easy victory over your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections. Where there is unbreakable faith, the destiny of victory cannot be prevented. Those whose intellects have such faith will be constantly cheerful and carefree. To ask “What is this?” “Why is this like this?” “How is this?” is a sign of worry. The slogan of a carefree soul whose intellect has faith is: Whatever happened was good, whatever is happening is good and whatever is to happen will be good.” Such a soul will experience goodness even in something bad. He will be ignorant of the word “worry”.


In order for your heart to remain constantly happy, put a full stop in the computer of your intellect.


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