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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Double servers automatically become conquerors of Maya.

Today, the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, has come to have an exchange of the heart with His loving and co-operative children who are sitting on His heart-throne. What is in the Father’s heart and what is in the hearts of the children? Today, Baba has come to find out what is in each one’s heart. Baba has especially come to have an exchange of the heart with the double-foreign children who are residents of faraway lands. You always listen to the murli but Baba has come today to have a heart-to-heart conversation and see whether all the children are easily moving forward naturally. You don’t find anything difficult or get tired while moving along, do you? You don’t get tired, do you? You don’t get confused over trivial things, do you? It is when you disobey any Godly discipline or direction of shrimat in your thoughts, words or deeds that you then get confused. Otherwise, there is no difficulty in moving along gladly with the Father in a happy, relaxed and comfortable manner. There is no tiredness then. There is no confusion there. Any type of weakness makes an easy thing difficult. So BapDada seeing the children, is having a heart-to-heart conversation with them. You are such beloved, long-lost and now-found elevated souls, special souls, charitable souls, the most elevated, pure souls and the souls who are images of support for the world. Therefore, how could anything be difficult? How can you get confused? Who are you moving along with? BapDada has enfolded you in His arms of love and co-operation and is taking you with Him. A garland of the arms of love and co-operation are constantly around your necks. How could children who are garlanded with such a garland possibly get confused? Those who constantly swing in the swings of happiness and who constantly stay in remembrance of the Father cannot find anything difficult or confusing. For how much longer will you continue to find things difficult and experience confusion? How can those who stay under the canopy of the Father’s sustenance be confused? After belonging to the Father, after becoming powerful souls, after becoming knowledgefull of Maya, after receiving all rights to all powers and all treasures, can you be shaken by Maya or any obstacle? (No.) You are saying this very softly. Say: She cannot shake us ever again! Just be careful: everyone’s photograph is being taken. What you say is being recorded on a cassette. You won’t then change when you go back, will you? From now on, you will only send news of love, service and special experiences of the flying stage, will you not? You won’t write letters saying, “Maya came, we fell down, we got confused, we got tired, we were afraid”, will you? What news is constantly in the newspapers all over the world? News of sorrow, peacelessness and confusion.

What will your newsletters be about, however? Always news of happiness; experiences of happiness: Today, I had this special experience. Today, I did this special service. Today, I experienced serving through the mind. Today, I made a disheartened person happy. I made someone who had fallen down fly. You will write these types of letters, will you not? Because you have been confused for 63 births, you have been falling and stumbling. You did everything. So now, after 63 births, in this one elevated birth, in the birth of transformation, in the birth in which you don’t just have the ascending stage, but the flying stage, if you still get confused, fall down or get tired or your intellects wander around, it is hard for BapDada to see this. You are loving children, are you not? So the Father, the Bestower of Happiness, cannot bear to see even the shortest period of a wave of sorrow of loving children. Do you understand? So, you have now made the past the past for all time, have you not? Any time a child gets even slightly confused or is influenced by obstacles of Maya or becomes weak, do you know what the face of that child looks like to BapDada in the subtle region? It is like a cartoon of Mickey Mouse. Sometimes, with a burden of Maya, you become big. Sometimes you lose courage in making effort and you become small. They have different sizes of Mickey Mouse, some big and some small. You will not become Mickey Mouse, will you? BapDada is amused to see this show. Sometimes, you have an angelic form, sometimes the form of a great donor, sometimes the form of being loving and co-operative with everyone, sometimes double light and at other times you still become Mickey Mouse. Which form do you like? You don’t like those small forms, do you? BapDada was seeing how much work you children still have to do. Compared with how much you have to do, what you have done so far is nothing. How many have you given the message to so far? At least create the first population of the golden age of 900,000. You have to create more but, for now, at least create 900,000! BapDada was seeing how much service you still have to do. How busy should those who have such a responsibility of service be? Would they have time to think about anything else? Those who keep busy easily become conquerors of Maya. What are they busydoing? They are busy doing all types of service with their vision, thoughts, words, deeds and connections. Along with thoughts, let service also be done with words and deeds. Whether you do something or whether you speak, just as you are double-light, you have double crowns, you are doubly worshipped and you want to claim a double inheritance, in the same way, there has to be double service. Let it not just be serving with your mind or just doing something but, along with serving with the mind, let service also be done through words. As well as with the mind, let it also be with actions. This is known as being a doubleserver. Such double servers are automatically conquerors of Maya. Do you understand? You only do single service. If you simply serve with words or actions, then Maya takes a chance to become your companion. To serve with the mind means to have remembrance; remembrance is to have the Father’s support. So, when you are double, when you have the Companion with you, Maya cannot become your companion. When you remain single, Maya becomes your companion. You then say that you did a lot of service. You still have happiness from doing service but Maya then gets in between service. What was the reason for that? You did single service. You weren’t a double server. Now, this year, what will you double foreigners claim a prize for? You do want to claim a prize, do you not?

The centres – and each one’s individual stage – that remain free from obstacles this year in terms of service, and who spread vibrations into the world of being free from obstacles, that are not influenced by any obstacles throughout the year, centres that have examples of those with such a stage and who also do such service will receive a number one prize. You will claim such a prize, will you not? Any centre that wants this can claim it. They can be from this land or abroad, but they must have been free from obstacles throughout the whole year. Keep a chart of this account for the centre, just as you keep all the other accounts. You note down how many exhibitions you had, how many people came, etc. In the same way, also note this down in your accounts every month: This month, all the Brahmin family who came to class remained free from obstacles. Let there not be anything such as “Maya came” etc. Don’t think that Maya will not come. Maya may come, but don’t be influenced by her. It is Maya’s duty to come and your duty to conquer Maya. Don’t be influenced by her. With your influence, chase Maya away. Do not become influenced by Maya. So, do you understand which prize you have to claim? If even one person is caught up in obstacles, then there cannot be a prize , because you are all companions. All of you have to return home accompanying one another. For this, the atmosphere at your centre always has to be so powerful that it becomes constantly co-operative for all souls. A powerful atmosphere helps to make weak ones strong, just like a fortress. Why do they build a fortress? So that the people within the fortress still remain safe. They wouldn’t build just a small place for the king, but they would build a fortress. Each of you also builds a fortress of powerful flames for yourself, for your companions and for all souls. Let it be of the flames of the power of remembrance. Now, we shall see who claims this prize at the end of the year. You come here to celebrate the New Year. So those who are victorious will especially be invited with a special invitation. You will not be victorious alone. The whole centre has to be victorious. We will have a ceremony for that centre. Then we shall see whether it is those from abroad or those from this land who go ahead. Achcha, there isn’t anything else that is difficult, is there? No form of Maya is troubling you, is it? What story did you hear in the memorial? What happened to Supnakha when she came to cause trouble? Do you not know how to cut off Maya’s nose? Here, everything happens easily. They have made up a story just to make it interesting. When Maya is attacked once, that is enough. Maya doesn’t have any strength. It is just the weakness within. She is already dead. She is now at her last remaining breath. You have to destroy that and become victorious, because you have reached the final moments. You simply have to become victorious and accordingly claim your fortune of the kingdom. Therefore, in this last breath, become victorious in name only. It is said that those who conquer Maya conquer the world. The fortune of the kingdom is the fruit of gaining victory. This is why this game of Maya is in name only. It is not a battle; it is a game. Do you understand? From today, don’t become Mickey Mouse. Achcha.

Some information about the establishment of the golden age.

Make your merged sanskars of heaven of the previous cycle emerge and you will experience yourself to be a golden-aged prince or princess. When you make those golden-aged sanskars emerge, all the customs and systems of the golden age will emerge so clearly that it will be as though it is a matter of only yesterday. Yesterday, we used to do this. You can have this experience, can you not? The golden age, the age of truth, means to have all the different types of happiness: happiness of nature, happiness of the soul, happiness of the intellect, happiness of the mind and happiness of relationships. So, now think about what the happiness of nature would be, what the happiness of the mind would be and what the happiness of relationships would be. Let all this emerge. Whatever you see as the best of all in this world that will all exist there in its purest form, in its complete form and its form of giving happiness. Whether in terms of wealth, your mind, or the weather, all the most elevated of attainments is called the golden age. Just think of it as a very good, the best of all, complete family that constantly gives happiness. There, even though there are the different levels of status of king and subjects, everything functions as a family. They wouldn’t say that someone is a maid or a servant. They will be numberwise; they will be serving, but there will not be the feeling that someone is a servant. In a family there, all relationships are ones of happiness. It is a happy family, a powerful family and everything about it is elevated. You will go to the shops to buy things but there will not be a financial exchange. There will be the exchange of give and take in terms of a family. Just think of it as a gift. A family has disciplines. For instance, when someone has a lot of something, he shares it with the rest of the family, not in terms in the sense of keeping accounts. With regard to carrying out the activities, everyone is given his or her own duty, just like here in Madhuban. Some look after the clothes, some look after the grain; they don’t have to give money, do they? However, there are people in charge of everything. It will be like that there too. Everything there is plentiful and it is therefore always present; there is nothing lacking at all. You can take as much as you want of whatever you want. It is just a way to remain busy. It is just a game of entertainment. You don’t have to show your accounts to anyone. Here it is the confluence age. The confluence age means economy. The golden age means to eat, drink and use as much as you want. You are completely ignorant of the word “desire”. Where there are desires, you have to show the accounts. It is only because of desires that there is fluctuation, there is up and down. There, there are no desires and nothing is lacking. You have all attainments and you are also complete, and so what more would you need? It isn’t that you take more of something because you like it. You will remain full. Your heart will be filled. You have to go to the golden age. Nature will serve you in every way. (Baba will not be there in the golden age.) He will continue to watch the games of the children. There has to be someone who is a detached observer. The One who is detached would remain detached, would He not? He would be loving, but He would be loving whilst being detached. He is playing the game of being loving at this time, is He not? In the golden age, it is best to remain detached. Otherwise, who would pull all of you up when you have fallen down? To enter the golden age means to go into the cycle. Achcha. When you take birth in the golden age, then invite Me! If that thought emerge in you, I will come there. To enter the golden age means to enter the cycle. You are tempting BapDada with things of the golden age. Achcha. There will be so many things there that you won’t even be able to eat them all. You will simply continue to look at them. Achcha.

To such all-powerful souls, to the souls who are always conquerors of Maya and thereby conquerors of the world, to the children who have received the blessing of being constantly easy yogis, to the double servers, the double crowned, double-light children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be constantly happy and an embodiment of all attainments, seated on the seat of self-respect, by maintaining your spirituality.
Each child has a speciality of one or another virtue. All are special, virtuous, great and master almighty authorities. Always keep this spiritual intoxication in your awareness; this is known as self-respect. There cannot be any ego (abhimaan) in this self-respect (swa-maan). The seat of ego is a seat of thorns and so do not try to sit on that seat. Maintain your spirituality and sit on the seat of self-respect and you will continue to experience being constantly happy, always elevated and a constant an embodiment of all attainments.
Slogan: Those who forgive every soul and give blessings with their good wishes are benefactors.


*** Om Shanti ***

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