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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Maintain the honour of the highest-on-high Brahmin clan.

Today, BapDada, is seeing all the elevated souls who have total love for Baba and the pure desire to have a meeting with Him. It is only at this time that BapDada has to give children the practical fruit of their pure desire to have a meeting with Him. One cannot receive the fruit of a direct , personal meeting as the fruit of pure devotion. However, once there has been the recognition, that is, once the relationship between Father and child has been forged on the basis of knowledge, then, on the basis of that relationship, on the basis of their right, the Father personally has to give the children who are embodiments of knowledge the fruit of their good wishes, their pure feelings filled with knowledge and their pure desire to have a meeting. Today, BapDada has come amongst you knowledge-full children in order to meet you souls who have the desire to meet the Father. Many Brahmin souls consider themselves to be weak when it comes to becoming embodiments of power, becoming brave soldiers (mahavirs) who are always victorious and having that much courage in themselves. However, because of one speciality, they do come into the list of special souls. What is that speciality? It is that they like the Father and that they also like this elevated life. The selfless love in the gathering of the Brahmin family attracts the mind. The speciality is that they have found Baba, the family, the destination of purity and the easy support to make their lives elevated. On this basis, they continue to move along with the support of love with the pure desire to have a meeting. However, because of they have forged a relationship, they definitely claim a right to heaven as their inheritance on the basis of that relationship, because it is on the basis of Brahmins becoming deities that they definitely claim a right to a deity status. The golden age is called the age of deities. No matter whether someone is a king or a subject, the religion is still the deity religion, because when the highest-on-high Father makes you His child, every child of His claims a right to his inheritance of heaven – his right to become a deity – as his birthright. To become a Brahma Kumar or Brahma Kumari means to have the special imperishable stamp of claiming a right to the inheritance of heaven. Out of everyone in the whole world, only a few souls emerge who claim such a right. This is why you mustn’t consider your becoming a Brahma Kumar or Kumari to be something ordinary. To become a Brahma Kumar or Kumari is in itself a speciality and, because of this speciality, you come into the list of special souls. This is why to become a Brahma Kumar or Kumari means to belong to the Brahmin clan, the Brahmin world and the Brahmin family. If, after becoming a Brahma Kumar or Kumari, there is any ordinary activity or any activity of the past, then not only would you cause a loss for yourself but, because you are not a Brahma Kumar or Kumari in isolation, but you are all members of the Brahmin family, you would therefore also accumulate the burden of defaming the Brahmin family. It is the duty of every Brahmin to maintain the honour of the Brahmin world. You pay so much attention to fulfilling the worldly code of conduct. Sometimes, the worldly code of conduct even deprives you of becoming multi-millionaires. You experience this yourselves and you say that you really want to do this, but that you also have to fulfil your responsibility to other people. You say this, do you not? So, you know very well how that world deprives you of the attainment of many births, how it makes your present diamond-like life into the life of a worthless shell, and yet, in spite of that, you pay so much attention to putting your time and energy into fulfilling the responsibility of that worldly code of conduct. So, is this Brahmin code of conduct not important? In fulfilling your responsibility to that world, you let go of your religion, that is, what you have imbibed, and the elevated activity of remembrance; you let go of both your dharma and karma. Sometimes, you let go of the precaution of having a special attitude, which means you let go of your religion. Sometimes you let go of the religion of having pure vision. Sometimes, you let go of the religion of eating pure food. You then make up many stories in order to justify yourself. What do you then say? That you have to do that. A slight weakness makes you renounce your dharma and karma for all time. Even in the physical family, what is someone who renounces his dharma and karma considered to be? Do you know? This is not the dharma and karma of an ordinary family. This is the Brahmin family of the topknot. So, to which world and clan are you going to fulfil your responsibility? You even confess things very well: I didn’t want to do that, but I did it to please someone. Is it possible that souls without knowledge can be permanently happy? You renounce your elevated karma and dharma because of souls who are sometimes happy and sometimes get upset. Those who don’t have this religion don’t belong to the Brahmin world. You pleased a few souls, but you also disobeyed the directions of the Almighty Father! So, what did you attain and what did you lose? The world that is already finished! The firewood for the funeral pyre has been collected from everywhere with great force. Firewood means the preparations. The more you think that you will remove those sticks and complete all the preparations, the higher the stack of firewood grows. When you are going to burn a fire at holika, even little children go with the adults to fetch firewood. They even fetch firewood from their own homes because they have that interest. Therefore, nowadays, even small towns are co-operating with each other with great interest. So, in order to observe the codes of conduct of such a world, you forget the codes of conduct of your imperishable world of Brahmins who are to become deities. You perform such wonders! Is this fulfilling your responsibility or is it losing out? So, keep the codes of conduct of the Brahmin world in your awareness.

Some children are very clever: they want to observe the code of conduct of the old world and also want to become elevated in the Brahmin world. BapDada says: You may fulfil your responsibility of the code of conduct of your worldly family; you are not forbidden to do that. However, to fulfil that by letting go of your dharma and karma is wrong. What cleverness do you reveal? You think that no one is going to know, that the Father Himself says that He is not Janijananhar (One who knows everything), “what do the instrument souls know?” “That is happening all the time”. You move along in this way and still come to Madhuban! You hide yourself at the service centre and also become well known in service. You give a little co-operation and, on the basis of that co-operation, you even buy yourself a very good title of becoming a server. However, you then lose your elevated title for every birth, the imperishable title of being filled with all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full, completely viceless. Therefore, this is not giving co-operation, but taking the burden of deceit of being one thing inside and something else outside. Instead of being a co-operative soul, you become one who carries a burden. No matter how much you make yourself move along (chalana) with that cleverness, it is not making you move along, but crying out (chilana). Don’t think that this centre is a place of the instrument souls. You may fool souls but, in front of God, a hundred thousand-fold is definitely accumulated for every action in the account of every soul. You cannot fool yourself in this account. This is why BapDada feels mercy for such clever children. Nevertheless, once you have said “Father”, He constantly continues to give you teachings for your benefit. So don’t become clever in that way. Constantly fulfil the code of conduct of the Brahmin world.

BapDada is beyond every action and its fruit. At this time even Brahma Baba has this stage. Later he will have karmic accounts, but at this time he is equal to the Father. This is why whatever each one of you does, you do that for yourself. The Father is the Bestower. Since you do everything yourself and you receive the fruit of that, then what should you do? On seeing from the subtle region the variety of children’s games, BapDada smiles. Achcha.

To those who are the lamps of the Brahmin clan, to those who are loving and co-operative with true love, to those who attain elevated fruit for all time, to the loving souls who sacrifice all the temporary attainments out of true love for the true Father, to the loving, elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Meeting G roups :

Become a karma yogi and experience the stage of being free from any bondage of karma.

Whilst performing every action, do you experience yourselves to be loving and detached souls who are beyond the bondage of karma and loving to the Father? Those who perform every action as karma yogis never have any bondage of karma. They remain constantly free from bondage and are accurately linked in yoga. A karma yogi never comes under the influence of good or bad actions of anyone. It should not be that when you come into connection with someone who performs good actions, you become happy or that, when you come into connection with someone who doesn’t perform good actions, you get angry or you feel jealous or dislike them. That too is a bondage of karma. No matter what others souls who come in front of a karma yogi are like, such a soul will always remain loving and detached. You would know through knowledge that that is his part at present. To dislike someone who dislikes everything is also a bondage of karma. Those who have such a bondage of karma cannot remain constant: they will sometimes experience one thing and at other times experience something else. Therefore, become a detached observer and see those who are good whilst considering them to be good, and be merciful and, as a detached observer, see those who are bad with the mercy and good wishes of wanting to transform them. This is known as being beyond any bondage of karma. The meaning of knowledge is understanding. So, what is it the understanding of? The understanding of being free from the bondage of karma is knowledge. A knowledgeable soul will never be under the influence of any bondage. He will always be detached. Let it not be that you are sometimes detached and at other times you are affected a little by others. Keep the aim of constantly being a conqueror of sinful actions. You have to become a conqueror of the bondage of karma. By practising this over a long period of time, you will be able to receive a reward for a long period of time. You will also now have very unique experiences. Therefore, be constantly detached and constantly loving. This is the stage of being free from the bondage of karma, equal to the Father.

BapDada speaking to the senior sisters:

What group would you call this group? In the beginning you all had your own names, so what name should you be given now? Those who constantly stay in the company of the Father and who are constantly the Father’s right hands. You are such a group, are you not? How can BapDada carry out such a huge task of establishment without arms? So, you are the special arms for the task of establishment. The right hands are the special arms. BapDada always calls the original jewels real gold. All of you original jewels are playing special part s on the world stage. BapDada is pleased to see the special part of every special soul. There is a variety of roles for everyone; they cannot all be the same. However, this much is certain: that the original jewels have special part s according to the drama. Each of you jewels has a particular speciality on the basis of which you are moving forward and will always continue to do so. You yourselves as well as others know what that speciality is. Nevertheless, all of you are special souls full of specialities.

BapDada gives one hundred thousand-fold congratulations to such original jewels because, from the beginning, you have tolerated so much by being instruments to bring about growth in the physical formin the task of establishment. Others have not tolerated what you had to tolerate in the task of establishment. The seed of your power of tolerance has created this fruit. Therefore, from the beginning, through the middle till the end, BapDada sees what each of you has tolerated and how you have shown your form of a Shakti. You have tolerated everything as a game. You didn’t tolerate anything as though you were tolerating anything, but you became instruments to play your part s of tolerating everything as a game and have thereby recorded hero part s for yourselves. This is why the parts of the original jewels who become instruments are always in front of BapDada. As a result of this, all of you souls are constantly immortal. Do you understand your part? No matter how far ahead someone goes, even then, … “Even then” has to be said, at that time. BapDada knows the value of old things. Do you understand? Achcha.

Question: In which task should Brahmin children of the confluence age remain constantly engaged?

Answer: You have to become powerful and make others powerful too. Remain constantly engaged in this task because you have wasted a lot of time for half the cycle. Now the time is to become powerful and make others the same. Therefore, now finish all wasteful thoughts, wasteful words, wasteful actions; fullstop! The old accounts book is closed. The method to accumulate is to remain constantly powerful because time, energy and knowledge are lost due to wastage.

Blessing: May you be a carefree emperor who is always seated on the heart-throne while carrying out any task.
Those who are constantly seated on BapDada’s heart-throne become carefree emperors. The speciality of this throne is that those who are seated on the throne will always be carefree in every respect. Nowadays, some places have some special newness or some speciality. The speciality of being seated on the heart-throne is that there can be no worries. The heart-throne has received this blessing. So, always be seated on the heart-throne while carrying out any task.
Slogan: In order to claim a number ahead, adopt the form of power as well as having love and co-operation.


*** Om Shanti ***



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