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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Become the children of the Bestower and give co-operation to everyone.

Today, BapDada has come to meet His service companions. Just as BapDada is stabilised in the highest-on-high place and is the Instrument for unlimited service, so, all of you too are instruments for unlimited service, whilst stabilised in the highest-on-high place in the physical world, where many souls have their vision fixed. Just as people’s vision goes upwards, even though they don’t know the right place, so, physically too, the vision of all souls will fall and keep on falling on this great place. At the moment, they are still trying to find out “where it is.” They feel that they must find the elevated place. However, you are all doing service everywhere to give them the indication that this is that place. This unlimited task will reveal this service and make them realise that, if they are going to find or attain anything, it will be here, that this is their elevated destination, that it is in this elevated corner of the world that they are going to receive the donation of life for all time. For this unlimited task, there has to be a lot of advertis ing. When people suddenly find something that was hidden or buried underground they announce the news everywhere with happiness. In the same way, when they see with their eyes of experience this place where spiritual treasures are attained, which is currently incognito, they will feel as though they have once again found the place where the incognito treasures that they had lost or wasted can be found. The words that will gradually emerge in everyone’s mind and from their lips are that this is such a place of elevated attainment in such a corner, and that everyone should know about it. So, they will be happy to see the unique Father, the unique divine activities and the unique place. You will continue to hear from everyone’s lips: This is something wonderful! This is a wonderful task! What preparations have you made to give this experience for all time?

You are preparing the Hall, but, as well as the Hall, is your behaviour also all right? As well as the Hall, people will also see your behaviour. So, both the Hall and your behaviour are unlimited, are they not? You have prepared a beautiful Hall with the help of groups of labourers and specialist engineers. If there were no labourers, then what would the engineers do? They can create plans on paper, but the practical form cannot be achieved without labourers. The Hall has been made ready with everyone’s finger of physical co-operation. In the same way, along with the Hall, in order to show wonderful behaviour, show such a special form practically; don’t just have the thought in your intellect. With the help of the intellect of the engineers and the actions of the labourers, the task was accomplished. In the same way, along with elevated thoughts of the mind, let them experience the unique behaviour from your every action. Only through every action will the practical form be visible. So, do you all together have the determination to reveal the unique form of such behaviour in your thoughts, as well as through your hands and feet? Have you prepared a plan for such behaviour? Don’t just have a gathering of 3,000, but let the Trimurti be visible amidst the 3000. Let each one experience you all to be karma yogis like Brahma, those who give sustenance with love and power like Vishnu and those who create an atmosphere of a tapaswi like Shankar. Have you accumulated such a stock of all powers within yourselves? Have you made this treasure-store full? Have you checked this stock? Or, have all of you get so busy that you don’t have time to check?

For the eternal success of service, what particular transformation will you offer as a sacrifice? Have you made such a plan for yourself? The biggest gift of all is to be a child of the Donor and give everyone your co-operation. The biggest and most special gift of all is to co-operate constantly in putting right a spoilt task, spoilt sanskars or a spoilt mood with your good wishes. Whilst seeing, hearing and understanding what So-and-so said or did, it is to be able to transform that with the stock of your co-operation. When someone is absent, an allround server will take that one’s place. In the same way, if you feel that a particular power is lacking in someone, then fill that gap with your co-operation, so that others do not experience any lack in that other person. This is known as being a child of the Bestower and giving the gift of co-operation according to the time. For this, don’t think that this one did this or that, but get on and do what was supposed to happen. Don’t look at anyone’s weaknesses, but continue to make progress. Don’t just think about what is the best thing of all that could happen, but do it! This is called the practical form of unique behaviour. The best of all is constantly taking place and you constantly have to do the best of all. Keep this powerful thought with you. Don’t just speak about it, but continue to see and show others the practical form of success in the task of world renewal by finding a solution. Such preparations are taking place now because, although it is everyone’s responsibility, it is especially the responsibility of the residents of Madhuban. You have taken on a double responsibility, have you not? Just as you had the Hall inaugurated, have you also inaugurated your new type of behaviour? Has that rehearsal taken place or not? Only when the two happen together will the drums of success be heard everywhere. The higher a place is, the further it spreads its light. This is the highest place of all. Therefore, to enable the sound to reach everywhere from here, become a light and might house. Achcha.

To those who have made themselves identical to the Father in being full of every virtue and every power and who grant a vision to everyone, to those who stabilise in the stage of one without an image and who reveal the Father through the corporeal image, to those who reveal the highest-on-high place and the highest-on-high treasure-store of attainment through their highest-on-high stage, to those who constantly have good wishes and pure feelings to make the song emerge in everyone’s mind that they have found and attained everything, to such most elevated, unlimited servers, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Madhuban residents :

Those of you who are living on the land of blessings have received the blessing of remaining constantly content, have you not? To the extent that you experience yourselves to be full of all attainments, you will be constantly content. If there is the slightest feeling of something lacking, there is then discontentment there. So, you have all attainments, do you not? You are having success in your thoughts, are you not? You have to make a little effort because this is not your kingdom. There aren’t as many problems here as there are in front of others. Here, problems have become like a game. Nevertheless, you have continued to receive co-operation at the right time, because you have maintained courage. Where there is courage, you definitely receive co-operation. Don’t let there be any upheaval in your own mind. When your mind is constantly light, everyone will feel lightness from you. There are some karmic accounts in any case, but overcome those karmic accounts as though they are not a big thing. Don’t make small things big! Making something big or small depends on your own intellect. It is now the time for unlimited service. So, have an unlimited intellect! Make the atmosphere powerful. Each of you souls must consider yourself to be responsible for this. When you already know each other’s nature and sanskars, then, because you are knowledge-full, you can never come into conflict with anyone’s nature or sanskars. When someone knows that there is a hole or a mountain somewhere, because that person is aware of that, he would never crash into it; he would avoid it. So, constantly keep yourself safe. When one person doesn’t come into conflict, the other one is automatically saved. Step away, that is, keep yourself safe andalso keep the atmosphere safe. Don’t step away from the work. To step away means to keep others safe with the power of your own safety. You have developed such power, have you not?

In terms of following the sakar form, everyone can only look to Madhuban because it is an elevated place. Those who reside in Madhuban constantly continue to swing in the swings. Here, you have all types of swing. There is a lot of physical as well as subtle attainment. When you are constantly on a swing, you never make a mistake. It is when you get off a swing of attainment that you see your own mistakes and the mistakes of others. In order to sit on a swing you have to get off the ground. Therefore, those in Madhuban need to be constantly swinging in the swing of all attainments. Not that your lives are just based on attainments – attainments may come to you, but you don’t accept the attainments. If you have any desires, then, even whilst having all attainments, you would feel that something is missing and you would constantly consider yourself to be empty. So, you have such fortune that the attainment itself comes to you without you making any effort. Therefore, constantly keep this fortune in your awareness. The more altruistic you become, the more the attainments will automatically come to you. Achcha.

BapDada meeting servers:

“Servers” means those who eat instant, visible fruit. As soon as you do service, you experience happiness, and this is therefore instant visible fruit. To become a server is a sign of the greatest fortune of all. It is an easy way to make yourself a self-sovereign for many births. This is why to do service means to make the star of your fortune sparkle. So, you are doing service with this understanding, are you not? Do you feel that it is service or attainment? It is called service, but it is not serving but receiving something. How much do you receive? You don’t do anything and yet you receive everything! By doing this, you receive all facilities of happiness. You don’t have to do anything difficult. No matter how much hard work there is to do, you also receive the facilities with which to do it. So, it doesn’t feel like hard work; it seems like a game. Therefore, to be a server means to become a master of all attainments. How much do you attain throughout the whole day? Calculate how much you receive every day and every hour and you will see that it is countless. Therefore, to become a server is a sign of fortune. To receive a chance to do service means that your treasure-store becomes full of attainments. You have physical as well as subtle attainments. Wherever else you do physical service, you don’t receive as many facilities as you do in Madhuban. When you do service here, you first receive sustenance for the soul, as well as physical sustenance, and so it is double. So, do you experience happiness whilst doing service or do you get tired? Whilst serving physically, always check that you are also doing the service of making the atmosphere elevated with your mind. So, don’t just do one type of service, but become a double server at the same time and take the chance of a double income.

Are all of you content? Are all of you completely free from obstacles in your own tasks? There isn’t any conflict in any task, is there? You don’t have conflict amongst yourselves, do you? You don’t ever have the feeling of “mine” and “yours” or “You did this” and “I did that” etc., do you? Because, if you do something and then have the thought, “I did this”, then, whatever you had done would all be finished. To have the consciousness of “mine” means to throw water over everything you have done. You don’t do this, do you? A “server” means that the Karavanhar Father has made you an instrument and is making you do it. Don’t forget Karavanhar. Whenever there is the consciousness of “mine”, Maya will also go there. When you are an instrument and become humble, Maya cannot go there. When Maya comes in your thoughts or dreams, it proves that the door of the consciousness of “I” is open somewhere. If the door of the consciousness of “I” is closed, Maya can never come.

Blessing: May you be detached and loving, the same as the Father, and make every task light with your stage of lightness.
To experience lightness in the three subtle powers of the soul – mind, intellect and sanskars – is to be detached and loving, the same as the Father. This is because, according to the time, there will be heaviness in the tamopradhan atmosphere and in the attitudes of human souls out there. To the extent that the external atmosphere is heavy, the thoughts, deeds and relationships of you children will continue to become light and, because of your lightness, all the tasks will carry on in a light manner. You will not be influenced by the activities: this is the stage that is equal to that of the Father.
Slogan: Maintain the spiritual intoxication of “The wonder of I!” (wah re mai!), and the mind and body will naturally continue to dance.


*** Om Shanti ***



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