Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 8 November 2020

Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

God’s love is the foundation for transformation in life.

Today, the Ocean of Love has come to meet His loving children. The love of the Father and the children is tying the world in the thread of love. When the meeting of the Ocean of Love and the rivers full of love takes place, the rivers full of love also become master oceans of love, like the Father. This is why souls of the world are automatically continuing to come close with the experience of love. No matter how unknowing souls are, how stone-like they may have become through being deprived of the love of the family for a long time, with pure love and God’s love, even such stone-like souls, with the love of the Godly family, melt and become like water. This is the wonder of the love of the Godly family. No matter how much they may keep themselves aside, Godly love automatically pulls them like a magnet and brings them close. This is called the practical fruit of God’s love. No matter how much some consider themselves to be on a different path, God’s love makes them co-operative and ties them with the thread, “We are all one” and enables them to move forward. You had this experience, did you not?

Love first of all makes them co-operative. By gradually making them co-operative, in time it will automatically make them easy yogis. The sign of being co-operative is that, today, they are co-operative and, tomorrow, they will become easy yogis. God’s love is the foundation for transformation, that is, it is the seed for transformation in life. Souls who have the seed of experiencing God’s love in them automatically make the tree of being co-operative grow and, at the right time, the fruit of becoming easy yogis will be visible because the seed of transformation definitely bears fruit. It is just that some fruit emerges quickly, whereas other fruit emerges at its own time. Just see, everywhere what all of you master oceans of love, you world server children, are doing! You are sowing seeds of love of the Godly family in the world. Wherever you go, whether someone is an atheist or a theist, even if he doesn’t know or accept the Father, he definitely feels that he cannot receive anywhere else such love as that of the Godly family, which he receives from you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, who belong to Shiva’s clan. He would also accept that this love and affection is not ordinary, that this is unique love, that it is Godly love. So, from being an atheist he has indirectly become a theist, has he not? Since it is Godly love, where did it come from? The rays automatically prove the existence of the sun. Godly love, unique, spiritual love and altruistic love automatically prove the existence of the Father, the Bestower. Because they experience Godly love, their relationship is indirectly forged with the Father, the Ocean of Love, but they don’t know this because the Seed is at first incognito, whereas the tree is clearly visible. So, the seed of Godly love is making all of you reveal yourselves as co-operative and easy yogis in a practical way, according to the time and it will continue to do so. So, all of you did the service of sowing the seed of God’s love. You also practically saw the two special leaves – good wishes and pure feelings – that make them co-operative. This trunk will now grow and show the practical fruit.

BapDada is pleased to see the variety of service of all the children. Whether they are children who give lectures, children who do physical service, success in service is achieved with everyone’s co-operation. Whether it is someone on guard duty or someone who looks after the dishes, with the co-operation of all five fingers, no matter how big or how elevated a task may be, it is easily accomplished. In the same way, with the co-operation of every Brahmin child, every task has ended up being a thousand times easier than you had thought. Whose wonder is this? Everyone’s. Whoever was co-operative in this task, whether you maintained cleanliness, whether you wiped the tables, the result of everyone’s co-operation has been successful. The power of this gathering is great. BapDada saw that this wasn’t just because of the children who came to Madhuban, for even those who were not present here in the physical form, all the Brahmin children from everywhere, from this land and abroad, co-operated with good wishes and pure feelings in their mind. This fortress of the good wishes and pure feelings of all the souls brings about transformation in souls, whether it is the Shaktis or the Pandavas who were instruments for this. Of course special servers become instruments in every task, but the fortress of the atmosphere is only created with everyone’s co-operation. BapDada is congratulating the children who were the instruments but He is most of all congratulating all the children. What congratulations could you children give to the father, because he has become avyakt? He made you children the instruments in the physical form. This is why BapDada constantly sings the songs of only you children. You sing songs of the Father and the Father sings songs of you.

Whatever you did, you did very well. Those who gave lectures gave good lectures, those who decorated the stage decorated it well and those who prepared the food, those who served the food and those who cut the vegetables were especially yogyukt. The first foundation is that of cutting vegetables. If the vegetables were not cut, what food would be prepared? Those from all departments were instruments for all-round service. You were told that, if those who maintain the cleanliness didn’t keep everything clean, there wouldn’t have been that impact. If each one’s face was not full of God’s love, then how could there have been success in service? Whatever work each one of you did, you filled it with love and did it. This is why the seed of love was sown in them. You did it with zeal and enthusiasm and that was why others also had zeal and enthusiasm. While there was diversity, because of the thread of love, they only spoke of unity. This was the speciality of the canopy of the atmosphere. The atmosphere becomes a canopy of protection. So, because of being under the canopy of protection, no matter what type of sanskars they had, they were absorbed by the influence of love. Do you understand? All of you had the greatest of all duties (responsibilities). All of you did service. No matter how much they wanted to speak of something else, they were unable to do so because of the atmosphere. Even if they thought something in their minds, they were unable to speak about it, because, seeing the practical transformation in the lives of all of you, they also automatically continued to be inspired to bring about transformation. You saw the practical proof, did you not? Even more powerful than the proof of the scriptures is practical proof. All other types of proof become merged in front of practical proof. This was the result of service. Even now, if you continue to bring them closer with the speciality of the co-operation of love, they will continue to move forward even more in their co-operation. Nevertheless, only when there is co-operation from all authorities will the sound of revelation be heard loudly.

Only when all the special authorities come together and speak out loud with one voice will the curtain of revelation open in front of the world. So, the plans for service you have made at present are for this purpose, are they not? If people from all fields, that is, all the authorities, connect with us and are co-operative and loving, they will form a relationship and become easy yogis. If even one authority does not co-operate, how would the task that you have undertaken of “Global Co-operation” be successful?

The foundation of the special authorities has now been laid. The field of religion is a very great authority, is it not? The foundation has now begun with that special authority. You saw the effect of love, did you not? What were people saying? “How are you able to invite so many of them together (first conference of all the mahamandleshwars from India) here?” Those people were also wondering this, were they not? However, there was the one thread of God’s love, and this was why, even though they had diverse opinions, there was just the one thought of being co-operative. Similarly, make those of all professions co-operative in the same way. They are becoming that but bring them even closer and make them co-operative more because the Golden Jubilee has now ended, and so you have come even closer to revelation now. The Diamond Jubilee means to make the sound of revelation be heard loud and clearly. So, this year, the curtain of revelation has started to open. On the one hand, there was revelation in Bharat through the lands abroad, and on the other side, there was the success of the great task of the mahamandleshwars. Abroad, the United Nations became the instrument; they are especially very well known. In Bharat, it is the authority of religion that is very well known. So, to bring about revelation of the dharamatmas through the authority of religion is to begin to open the curtain of revelation. As yet, it has only just begun to open; it is still to open. It hasn’t opened fully, it has only just begun to open. The children abroad were instruments for that task; that was also a special task. In the special task of revelation, you became instruments for this task. BapDada is giving special congratulations to the children abroad for being the instruments to play the hero part in this final revelation. You created upheaval in Bharat, did you not? The sound reached everyone’s ears. This sound from abroad at least became instrumental in awakening the Kumbhakarnas of Bharat. However, as yet, the sound has only just been heard; they still have to be woken up. You have to get them up. The sound has only just reached their ears. When a sound reaches someone who is sleeping, he stirs a little; there is a little movement. So, the movement has been created. In the movement, they have woken a little and they understand that there is something in this. They will awaken when you make a louder sound. The sound now was a little louder than before. In the same way, it will be a wonder when all the authorities have a sneh-milan (loving meeting) together on the stage. When the revelation of God’s task begins with all the souls of all the authorities, the curtain of revelation will then open fully. This is why you have to keep the aim in the programme that you are now making, that there should be a sneh-milan of all authorities. A sneh-milan of all authorities can take place. For instance, when you call the ordinary sages, that is not a big thing, but you called all the mahamandleshwars. In fact, there would have been greater splendour in this gathering if Shankaracharya had come. However, his fortune will also open now. He is at least internally co-operative. Children have worked very hard, but people’s opinions have to be considered. The day will also come when those of all authorities will say together that the most elevated authority, the Godly authority, the spiritual authority, is the authority of the one God. This is why you have made a plan for a long period, have you not? You have been given all this time, so that you can tie everyone in the thread of love and bring them close. This love will become a magnet, so that all of them will come together on to the Father’s stage as a group. You have made such a plan, have you not? Achcha.

You servers have received the practical fruit of all the service you did. Otherwise, it is now the turn of the new ones to meet Baba. All of you have now reached the stage of retirement whilst continuously celebrating meetings. You are now giving your younger brothers and sisters their turn. It is because you became those who are in the stage of retirement that you gave a chance to others. Of course everyone’s desires will continue to increase. Everyone will say that they should even now have a chance to meet Baba. The more you receive, the more your desire will increase. What will you then do? To give a chance to others means to experience yourself to be fully satisfied because the older ones are experienced. You are embodiments of attainments. Souls who are embodiments of attainments are those who have good wishes for everyone, the ones who keep others in front. Or, do you feel that you should also meet now? You have to be altruistic in this too. You are sensible. You are those who understand the beginning, the middle and the end. You also understand the time. You understand the influence of matter. Each of you also understands your part. BapDada too always wants to meet you children. If the children want to meet, it is because the Father wants to meet you first, and this is why you children also want to meet. However, the Father also has to consider the time and matter. When He comes into this world, He has to consider everything of this world. When He is far from here, in the subtle region, then there is no problem of water, time, or accommodation there. Those from Gujarat live close. So you have also received the fruit of that, have you not? It is a speciality of those from Gujurat that they always remain everready. You have made the lesson of “Ha ji” (Yes indeed) very firm, and you stay wherever you are given a place to stay. You also have the speciality of remaining happy in all circumstances. There is good growth in Gujarat. The enthusiasm for service makes you free from obstacles and also brings benefit to others. There is also success in having the feeling of serving. If the feeling of “I” is mixed in doing service, that would not be called the motivation to serve. The feeling of serving brings success. If the feeling of “I” is mixed with it, it takes more hard work and more time and you yourself are not even content. Children who have the motivation to serve move forward themselves and also enable others to move forward. You constantly experience the flying stage. You have good courage. Where there is courage, BapDada always helps in every task.

The maharathis are great donors anyway. You maharathis who have come to do service, are you all great donors and bestowers of blessings? To give others a chance is also a great donation, a blessing. All the long-lost and now-found children are always co-operative in playing their parts according to the time, and will continue to be so. Of course, there will be the desire because this is a pure desire. However, you also know how to merge it. This is why all of you are always content.

BapDada too wants to celebrate a meeting with every child and for there to be no time restrictions. However, all these restrictions have to be considered in the world of you people. Otherwise, if BapDada were to sing the praise of each special jewel, it would be so elevated. At least one song of each child’s specialities can be composed, but… This is why Baba asks you to go to the subtle region where there are no restrictions.

To all the children who are merged in God’s love, to those who are co-operative with everyone at every second, to those who remove the curtain of revelation and reveal the Father to the world, to all the souls who become images that attract and become the embodiments who give the practical proof, to those who are always co-operative in the Father’s and everyone’s task and who glorify the name of the One, to such children who become the special deities of the world, to the special children of the world, BapDada’s deep love and remembrance. Together with that, to all the children from this land and abroad who are close and who come in front of the Father with love, please accept congratulations for your service and also special love and remembrance from BapDada.

Blessing: May you become a detached observer like a lotus and, with the speciality of being knowledge-full, save yourself from any conflict of sanskars.
Until the end, some will have the sanskars of a maid and others will have the sanskars of a king. Do not wait for their sanskars to change, but let there not be anyone’s influence over you because, firstly, each one’s sanskars are different and, secondly, they come as a form of Maya. Therefore, take any decision while staying within the line of the codes of conduct. While having different sanskars, let there not be any conflict. For this, become knowledge-full and a detached observer, like a lotus.
Slogan: Instead of being stubborn and working hard, make effort with entertainment.


*** Om Shanti ***

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