Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet, sensible children, always remember that each one of you is an imperishable soul. You now have to go to the first floor with the Father.
Question: What effort does each of you children definitely have to make?
Answer: Continue to keep in your heart all the knowledge that Baba gives you. Churn it within yourself and digest it. By doing this, you will receive power. Each of you definitely has to make this effort. Those who make this incognito effort remain constantly cheerful. They have the intoxication of who it is that is teaching them and in front of whom they are sitting.

Om shanti. Who said this? It is said twice: Om shanti, Om shanti. Shiv Baba said it once and Brahma Baba said it once. Bap and Dada are combined and so both of them have to say, “Om shanti, Om shanti”. Who said it first? Who said it second? First, Shiv Baba said “Om shanti. I am the Ocean of Peace.” Who said it afterwards? The soul of Dada said it. Baba reminds you children: Om shanti. I am always soul conscious. I never become body conscious. It is only the one Father who remains constantly soul conscious. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar would not say this. You know that even Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar have subtle forms. Therefore, it is Shiv Baba, who doesn’t have a body, who says “Om shanti”. The Father explains to you very clearly and says: I only come once. I am always soul conscious. I do not enter the cycle of rebirth. This is why My praise is unique. I am called the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. On the path of devotion too, they refer to Shiva as the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The incorporeal One is worshipped. He never takes birth through a body, that is, He never becomes body conscious. OK, come down from there to the subtle region where Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar reside. The name and form of Shiva are not visible. Images of Him are created, but He is incorporeal. He never becomes corporeal. It is the incorporeal One who is worshipped. You children have all of this knowledge in your intellects. You have performed devotion. You children have seen the pictures. You know that neither those with an image nor the One without an image is worshipped in the golden and silver ages. It enters your intellects that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is without an image. He has neither a subtle nor a physical image. His praise is sung as the Remover of Sorrow, the Bestower of Happiness and the Purifier. You would not refer to the image of anyone else as the Purifier. These things are not in the intellect of any human beings. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are residents of the subtle region. There is the first floor and then the second floor. The highest of all is the incorporeal world and that is the floor where the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, resides. Those with subtle bodies reside on the second floor. Physical bodily beings are on the third floor. There is nothing to be confused about in this. No one, except the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, can explain these things. Up above is the world of souls. That is called the incorporeal world. It is the world of all of us souls, the incorporeal world. We souls then come down into the corporeal world. Souls live up there, whereas embodied souls (living beings) live here. This should remain in your intellects. We truly are the children of incorporeal Baba. We too first used to reside with the incorporeal Father. Souls reside in the incorporeal world. Even now, they continue to come down to play their parts in corporeal forms. That is the world of the incorporeal Father. There should be the intoxication that you are souls. There should be the intoxication of imperishable things. There shouldn’t be any intoxication of perishable things. Those who have intoxication of bodies are called body conscious. Who is better: those who are body conscious or those who are soul conscious? Who is sensible? Those who are soul conscious. Souls are imperishable whereas bodies are perishable. The soul says: I take 84 births. We souls stay with the Father in the supreme abode. We come here from there to play our parts. The soul says: O Baba! In the corporeal world, there is the corporeal Baba and in the incorporeal world there is the incorporeal Baba. This is something very easy. Brahma is called Prajapita Brahma; he exists here. There, all of us souls are brothers, children of the one Father. We reside with Father Shiva. The name of the Supreme Soul is Shiva and the name of souls is saligrams. There has to be the Creator of souls. Always continue to talk to your heart. Make effort to keep in your heart the knowledge you have received. It is the soul that thinks. First of all, have the faith that you are a soul who resides with the Father. We are His children and so we should definitely receive the inheritance. You know that just as a genealogical tree is created, so too, before the tree of souls can exist, there definitely has to be its Seed. There is the senior father, then there are two to four of his children and then there are other children of theirs; that tree continues to grow and become big. There is a plan of that genealogical tree: this one is descended from So-and-so etc. You children know that all souls reside in the incorporeal world. There is that picture too. The Highest on High is the Father. It is in the intellects of you children that Baba has entered this body. The spiritual Father enters this one and teaches the spirits. He does not teach you in the subtle region. No one in the golden age has this knowledge. Only the Father comes and gives you this knowledge at the confluence age. No one has the knowledge of the human world tree. They have written that the duration of the cycle is very long. The Father now explains to you: Children, you now have to return home once again. That is the home of souls where the Father and the children, the brothers, reside. Only when you come here and adopt bodies do you become brothers and sisters. All of us souls are brothers. There would definitely be the Father of brothers too. He is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. All souls remember Him while in their bodies. No one remembers Him in the golden and silver ages. Everyone remembers Him in the impure world because all are in the jail of Ravan. Sita used to call out: O Rama! The Father explains: It isn’t the Rama of the silver age that you remember. People continue to remember the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, whom they believe to be Rama. It is souls that call out. You now know that you will not call out to anyone for half the cycle because you will be in the land of happiness. At this time, only the Father explains to you; no one else knows anything. They say that each soul is the Supreme Soul and that each soul becomes merged in the Supreme Soul. The Father explains: Souls are imperishable. Not a single soul can be destroyed. Just as the Father is imperishable, so souls too are imperishable. Here, souls become impure and tamopradhan and then the Father makes souls pure and satopradhan. The whole world has to become tamopradhan and it then has to become satopradhan. The Father has to come to make the impure world pure. He is called God, the Father. The Father is imperishable and we souls are also imperishable. This drama too is imperishable. You children know how the history and geography of the world repeat. Our parts continue in all the four ages. We become the sun dynasty and then the moon dynasty. The moon dynasty is like the second grade. Those who are fourteen celestial degrees cannot be called the sun dynasty. In fact, they shouldn’t even be called deities. Deities are completely viceless, sixteen celestial degrees full. Rama is said to be fourteen celestial degrees. Only your account of your 84 births is explained. When something new becomes old, there isn’t as much pleasure in it. At first, you are completely pure and then, after a few years, you are said to be a few years old. The example of a building is given. It is the same for everything. This world is like a big stage. The element of the sky is very big; it has no end. No one can say where its end is. If you continued to move along it, you would find no end to it. There is also no end to the great element of brahm. Scientists make so much effort to see the end of it, but they cannot go there; they cannot reach its end. The element of brahm is very big, it is infinite. You souls live in a very small space. Here, people build such huge buildings etc. The space on earth is very big. There also has to be farmland etc. Just souls reside there. How would a soul eat without a body? There, souls are beyond experiencing anything. There is nothing to eat or experience there. The Father explains: Only once do you children receive this knowledge. It is then given to you children after a cycle. There should be this intoxication. We belonged to the deity religion. You say: Baba, 5000 years before today we came to You to change from shudras into Brahmins. We have now come to You once again. Because He is incorporeal you say that you have come to Dada. The Father has entered this one. The Father says: Just as you take organs to play your parts, similarly, I too take the support of organs. How else could I play My part? People celebrate the birthday of Shiva, but He is incorporeal. How can He have a birthday? Each human being sheds one body and takes another. The Father says: How can I come and teach you children Raja Yoga? Only the Father comes and teaches you Raja Yoga to change you from humans into deities. Only I am called the Purifier and the Ocean of Knowledge. I know the beginning, the middle and the end of the tree. You children understand that Baba enters this one and explains all the knowledge to you. The parts of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar also have to be understood. You have understood that the Father is the Purifier. Each one’s praise is separate and each one’s duty is separate. There are Presidents, Prime Ministers etc. A soul says: This is my body. I am a Prime Minister. If a soul is not in a body, he cannot speak. Shiv Baba is incorporeal. He too has to take the support of physical organs in order to speak. This is why it is shown that the Ganges emerged from the mouth. However, Shiva is just a point. How could He have a mouth? Therefore, He comes and sits in this one and makes the Ganges of Knowledge emerge from him. Everyone remembers the Father: O Purifier, come! Liberate us from this sorrow! He is the greatest of all Surgeons. Only He has the knowledge to purify the impure. There is just the one Surgeon to purify all the impure ones. In the golden, age all are free from disease. Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of the golden age. Who taught them such actions that they became free from disease? Only the Father comes and teaches you how to perform elevated actions. Here, people continue to repent for their actions. In the golden age, you would not say that your actions are such. There is no sorrow or disease there. Here, they only continue to cause one another sorrow. There is no question of sorrow in the golden and silver ages for it to be said that that thing is the suffering of their karma. No one understands the meaning of action, neutral action and sinful action. You know that everything is at first satopradhan and that it then becomes sato, rajo and tamo. In the golden age, the five elements are satopradhan. Even our bodies are made of satopradhan elements and then, when the souls are reduced by two degrees, the bodies are according to that. The world also decreases by two degrees. Only the Father sits here and explains all of these things. No one else can explain them. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. 1. From now on, perform such elevated actions, according to the Father’s shrimat, that you never have to repent for your actions, that is, you don’t have to experience punishment for your actions.
  2. Have no intoxication of perishable things. Even your body is perishable; have no intoxication of that either. Become sensible!
Blessing: May you finish all desires by fulfilling all orders and become Maya proof.
Whatever orders you have received for the whole day from amrit vela until night time, check your attitude, vision, thoughts, awareness, service and relationships according to those. Those who follow orders with their every thought and at every step have all their desires finished. If you have any desire within yourself for your efforts or your success, then you are definitely not fulfilling orders somewhere or other. So, whenever a problem arises, check your orders everywhere and you will automatically become Maya proof.
Slogan: To think about your subtle weaknesses and then finish them is to think of your original self (swa-chintan).

*** Om Shanti ***

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