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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, forget everything that you see with those eyes, including your own body, and remember the one Father, because all of it is about to be destroyed.
Question: What effort do you have to make in order to win the lottery of having a royal status in the golden age?
Answer: 1. In order to claim a royal status in the golden age, pay full attention to yourself. See that there are no evil spirits within you. If there are any evil spirits you will not be able to marry Lakshmi. In order to become a king, you also have to create subjects here.
2. You have to become cry-proof here. If you have a shock while remembering some bodily being and you leave your body, your status will be destroyed, and this is why you have to make effort to stay in remembrance of the Father.
Song: If not today, then tomorrow, the clouds will disperse.


Om shanti. Shiv Baba says “Om shanti.” Then this soul also says “Om shanti.” That One is the Supreme Soul and this one is Prajapita. This soul says “Om shanti” and the children also say “Om shanti.” You have to know the religion of the self. People do not know the religion of their own selves. Om shanti means: I, the soul, am an embodiment of peace. Soul includes the mind and the intellect. They forget this and just simply refer to the mind. If they ask, “How can the soul find peace?” tell them: Wah! Is this something to ask? A soul is himself an embodiment of peace, a resident of the land of peace. You will find peace there. When a soul leaves his body, he becomes silent. This is the entire world. All souls have to play their part s within it. How can you become silent when you have to perform actions? Human beings wander around so much in order to attain peace. They do not know that the original religion of us souls is peace. You now know about the religion of souls. A soul is like a point. The Father has explained: Everyone says, “Salutations to the incorporeal Supreme Soul”. Only that One can be called the Supreme Father. He is incorporeal, and it would be said to Him: Salutations to the Supreme Soul, Shiva. Your intellect’s yoga is now in that direction. Human beings are all body conscious. Their yoga is not with the Father. Everything is explained to you children. It is said: Salutations to the deity Brahma. “Salutations to the Supreme Soul Brahma” is never said. Only the One can be called the Supreme Soul. He is the Creator. You know that you are children of Shiv Baba. He created you through Brahma and made you belong to Him. He has also made the Brahma soul belong to Him in order to give him the inheritance. Baba even says to the Brahma soul: Remember Me. He also tells the BKs to remember Him constantly and to renounce the consciousness of bodies. These are aspects of knowledge. We have taken 84 births and our bodies are now decayed; they have become sick and diseased. You children were completely free from disease. In the golden age there were no diseases. Everyone was ever healthy and no one ever went bankrupt. You receive your inheritance of 21 births now, and so you cannot become bankrupt. Here, everyone continues to become bankrupt. It was explained to the children that they sing: “Salutations to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva”. They would not say “Supreme Soul” to Brahma. He is called Prajapita (Father of People). Deities are in the subtle region. No one knows that this Prajapita then becomes an angel. To become a resident of the subtle region means to be one with a subtle body. Now, the Father has told you children: Remember Me constantly. You are incorporeal and I am incorporeal. You have to remember Me constantly and remove your intellect’s yoga from all bodily beings. Whatever you see with those eyes, including your own body, is all to be destroyed. You will then have to go to the land of happiness via the land of peace. You have a desire for that land of happiness, that is, for the land of Krishna. Therefore, the Father says: Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. Though there is purity, peace and happiness in the golden age, you cannot call it the land of peace. You have to perform actions; you have to rule. The actions you perform in the golden age are not sinful actions because Maya does not exist there. This is very easy to understand. That is the day of Brahma, and you do not stumble during the day. You stumble in the dark night, and so half the cycle is devotion, the night of Brahma, and half the cycle is the day of Brahma. Baba has explained: In some place they have the day for six months and the night for six months. However, that is not explained in the scriptures. In the scriptures, they have explained about the day of Brahma and the night of Brahma. Why do they not say the night of Vishnu? There, that one (Vishnu) does not have knowledge. You Brahmins know that this is the unlimited day and night for Brahma and the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. You cannot say the day and night of Shiv Baba. You children know that we have the day for half the cycle and the night for half the cycle. Such is the game! Sannyasis do not know about the family path; they are on the path of isolation. They do not know the aspect of heaven and hell. They ask where heaven came from because even in the scriptures they have changed the golden age into hell. Baba is now telling you very sweet things. He says: Children, I am incorporeal, the Ocean of Knowledge. My part of giving this knowledge emerge s at this time. The Father gives His own introduction. This knowledge of Mine does not emerge on the path of devotion. All the traditions and customs that continue during that time belong to the path of devotion. According to the drama, with whatever feelings devotees worship someone, I am the Instrument to give them a vision of that one. At that time, the part of knowledge does not remain emerge d in My soul. It emerges now. Just as your reel is filled with 84 births, so, too, whatever is fixed in the drama for Me as My part is enacted at its own time. There is no question of any doubt in this. If the knowledge had emerged in Me on the path of devotion, I would have spoken it. Not even Lakshmi and Narayan have this knowledge there; it is not fixed in the drama. People just say that such and such a guru grants them salvation, but how can gurus grant salvation? They also have their part s. Some say: The world definitely repeats, the cycle continues to turn. They have shown a spinning wheel. Just see the wonder of the world cycle; by spinning the spinning wheel, you are able to earn your livelihood. By knowing the world cycle, you receive a reward for 21 births. Baba explains the accurate meaning; all the rest explain inaccurately. The locks on your intellects are open. The highest is God and next are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, the residents of the subtle region. Then, in the corporeal world, first are Lakshmi and Narayan and then Jagadamba and Jagadpita. They are at the confluence, but they are still human beings; they do not have extra arms. Even Brahma only has two arms. They have so many arms in the pictures of the path of devotion. If someone had eight arms, he should also have eight legs, but it isn’t like that. They show Ravan with ten heads, and so he should also have 20 legs. All of that is a game of dolls. They do not understand anything. When the Ramayana is read, many people cry. The Father explains: All of that is the path of devotion. Ever since you started to follow the path of sin, you became ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust. Now, for one birth, by tying the bond of sitting on the pyre of knowledge you claim the inheritance for 21 births. There, you remain soul conscious. You shed one old body and take another new one. There is no question of crying. When a baby is born, they give congratulations and celebrate in great happiness, but if that baby dies the next day, they weep and wail. This is the world of sorrow. You know that the whole play is about Bharat; Bharat is the eternal land. It is only here that there is happiness and sorrow, the inheritance of heaven and hell. Definitely, H eavenly God , the Father , must have created heaven. If it were a question of hundreds of thousands of years, how would anyone be able to remember anything? No one knows when it will be heaven again. They say that 40,000 years of the iron age still remain. If you take 84 births in 5000 years, who knows how many births you might have to take in 40,000 years! You children now have understanding. You are now in the light, but all those who do not have knowledge are in the slumber of ignorance. This is the dark night of ignorance; no one has knowledge of the world cycle. We are actors. This world cycle has four parts to it. Only humans will understand these things. Now, you children know that the Father is knowledge-full. He donates to you whatever specialities He has. You receive the inheritance from the Ocean of Knowledge. Baba always tells you: Do not remember bodily beings. Even though I speak to you through a bodily being, you still have to remember Me, the Incorporeal. If you continue to have remembrance, you will also imbibe knowledge for the lock on your intellect will open. Start with 15 minutes or half an hour and then continue to increase it. No one except the Father should be remembered at the end. For this reason, sannyasis renounce everything and sit in tapasya, so that when they leave their bodies the atmosphere all around becomes peaceful, just as a great soul in the city left his body. You now have the knowledge that souls are eternal and that they do not merge into the light. They do not have this knowledge. Baba explains that souls are never destroyed and that the knowledge souls have within them is never destroyed. The drama is imperishable; the cycle of the golden, silver, copper and iron ages continues to turn. You become Lakshmi and Narayan and then the souls of other religions also come down afterwards, numberwise. God , the Father , is One. There continues to be expansion from the golden age to the iron age. Another tree cannot grow. There is only one cycle and they also only remember the One. They remember Guru Nanak, but he has to come at his own time. Everyone has to come into the cycle of birth and death. People believe that Krishna is present everywhere. Some believe in one being and others in someone else. Baba explains: Children, explain tactfully that the God of everyone is the incorporeal One. In the Gita, it says “God speaks”, and so the Gita is the mother and father of all the religious scriptures because everyone receives salvation through the Gita. The Father removes everyone’s sorrow and gives them happiness. Bharat is the pilgrimage place of everyone. It is only through the Father that you receive salvation. This is His birthplace and everyone remembers Him. It is the Father who comes and liberates everyone from the kingdom of Ravan. This is now extreme hell. The Father says: O souls in bodies, you now have to return home. Simply remember Me. If you get entrapped in any bodily being, you will have to cry. You have to remember One alone. You have to go there, where you will not cry for 21 births. If someone dies and you start crying, you are not able to become cry-proof. If, while remembering someone, you receive a shock and leave your body, there will be degradation. You have to remember Shiv Baba. Many have heart failure. While walking and moving around, you have to remember the one Father. This is also instilled in the intellect. Because you do not remember Baba throughout the day, you are made to sit down in a gathering. There is a collective force when everyone is gathered together. If anyone else is remembered by your intellect, you have to take rebirth. Whatever happens, you have to remain stable. The consciousness of the bodies should not remain. However much you stay in remembrance of the Father, it is noted down in your record of remembrance. You will also be very happy knowing that you will quickly go from here and sit on your throne. The Father always says: Children, you must never cry. It is only widows who cry. You have to become completely virtuous here, and this then becomes imperishable. Effort is needed. You have to pay attention to yourself. If you have any evil spirit within you, you are not able to claim a high status. Narad was a devotee and wanted to marry Lakshmi. When he saw his own face, it was like that of a monkey. You are making effort to marry Lakshmi. How would anyone who has the five vices marry Lakshmi? Great effort is needed. You win a great lottery. We definitely become kings, but then, there will also be subjects. There will be expansion of hundreds of thousands. When anyone comes, first give the introduction of the Father: What is your relationship with the Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? They would surely have to say that He is the Father. Ask them to write that He alone is the Purifier who changes everyone from impure to pure. When they put this in writing they will not argue. Tell them: Have you come here to listen or to speak? The Bestower of Salvation for all is incorporeal; He never has a subtle or corporeal form. Achcha, what is your relationship with Prajapita? This one is corporeal, whereas that One is the incorporeal Father. We remember the one Father. That is the aim and object ive. We will claim the kingdom through Him. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Do not allow your intellect to be trapped in any bodily being. You have to keep an accurate record of remembrance. You must never cry.
  2. You have to stabilize yourself in your original religion of peace. Do not wander around searching for peace. Liberate everyone from that wandering. Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness.
Blessing: May your intellect have faith and you remain constantly carefree by keeping the fixed victory of every cycle in your awareness.
The children whose intellects have faith constantly experience victory in every task in their interactions with others and whatever they do for God. No matter how ordinary an action may be, they definitely have a right to attain victory in that. They do not become disheartened with themselves over any task because they have the faith that they are victorious every cycle. If those whose Helper is God Himself do not have victory, then who else would! No one can prevent this destiny. This faith and intoxication will make you carefree.
Slogan: With the nourishment of happiness, remain constantly healthy and with the treasure of happiness, be happy and full.

*** Om Shanti ***

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