Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 8 April 2018

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The confluence age is the age of scenes of pleasure.

Today, BapDada is seeing His carefree emperors, great and small. It is only at the confluence age that the gathering of the greatest emperors of all takes place. In no other age is there a gathering of so many emperors. It is only at this time that all of you see the gathering of carefree emperors, the gathering of self-sovereigns. Young and old, all of you know yourselves to be emperors and also move along considering yourselves to be the masters of these bodies, pure souls. What would the soul be? The master. A self-sovereign, a master of the self. Even the youngest child considers himself to be an emperor. Therefore, the gathering of emperors, that is, the gathering of self-sovereigns is so great. The One who makes others into the emperors of all emperors and the kings of all kings is so pleased to see the carefree emperors, the kings of the present time who are to become the kings of the future. Throughout the whole cycle, would there be such a father whose hundreds of thousands of children would all be emperors? What would anyone of you who is asked, say? Even a young child would say: “I will become Lakshmi or Narayan!” All of you children think this, do you not? Such a Father has so much pride in His royal children! All of you also have the spiritual intoxication that you belong to the royal family of kings. Are you part of the royal family? So, today, BapDada was seeing every child. The Father’s children are so fortunate! Each and every child is fortunate. Together with this, you also have the co-operation of time, because, to the extent that this confluence age is a short age, it is filled with as many specialities. The attainments you have at the confluence age cannot be attained in any other age. The confluence age is the age of scenes of pleasure: there is pleasure and nothing but pleasure. When you eat, you eat in pleasure with the Father. When you walk, you walk with your hand in the hand of the Bestower of Fortune. When you drink the nectar of knowledge, you drink it with the Father, the Bestower of Knowledge. When you perform actions, you do so with the Karavanhar Father whilst considering yourself to be an instrument. When you go to sleep, you sleep in the lap of remembrance. When you wake up, you have a conversation with God. Your whole daily timetable is of the Father and you. When the Father (Baap) is with you, there is no sin (paap). So, what would there be? There would be pleasure and nothing but pleasure, would there not? BapDada was seeing that all the children are living in great pleasure. You took this short birth to celebrate in pleasure. Eat, drink and stay in the pleasure of remembrance. The duty of this subtle birth, that is, the virtue of this birth is to stay in pleasure. Your divine activity is to stay in the pleasure of service. The aim of this birth is to stay in pleasure and to make this whole world a world of total pleasure. Therefore, from morning till night, you stay in scenes of pleasure, do you not? You spend your days and nights as carefree emperors, do you not? So, did you hear what Baba saw in the subtle region today? A gathering of carefree emperors. Every emperor was experiencing the pleasure of remembrance and had the tilak of the awareness of being seated on the Father’s heart-throne. Achcha. Today, it is the day for meeting and therefore Baba has come to meet His emperors. Achcha.

To the constantly carefree emperors, to those who see the scenes of pleasure in a life of pleasure, to those who always stay with the constantly fortunate Father, to such self-sovereigns, the masters of the self, who are seated on the heart-throne, to the multimillion times fortunate children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting a group of small children:

Do all of you children study, play and move along, whilst considering yourselves to be great souls? Always have the happiness that you are great souls and the intoxication that you are the children of God, the Highest on High. Have you seen God? Where is He? If someone asks you to introduce him to God, are you able to do that? All of you are the children of God. Therefore, as children of God, you don’t ever fight, do you? Do you make mischief? God’s children are yogi, and so why do you make mischief? Always consider yourselves to be great souls, yogi souls. What will you become? Will you become both Lakshmi and Narayan at the same time? Or will you sometimes become Lakshmi and sometimes Narayan? Would you like to become Lakshmi? Achcha. If you constantly want to be Narayan, then constantly lead a peaceful and yogi life, and every morning, when you wake up, definitely say “G ood morning” to Baba. Don’t just wake up late, get ready quickly and go wherever you have to go. Definitely sit in remembrance for even just three minutes and say “Good morning“, have a conversation and then get ready. Never forget this vow. If you don’t say, “Good morning”, don’t eat food! If you remember to eat food, then also first remember to say “Good morning”. First say “G ood morning” and then eat your food. Revise your study of knowledge, imbibe virtues well and you will become spiritual roses and spread fragrance throughout the world. Roses that are always in bloom constantly spread their fragrance. So, you are such fragrant flowers, are you not? Do you remain constantly happy? Or do you sometimes also become unhappy? You must feel unhappy when you don’t get what you want or when your mummy or daddy says something to you. Don’t do anything that would cause your mummy or daddy to have to say something to you. Move along like angels do. Angels don’t make any sound, whereas human beings make noise. You Brahmins, who are to become angels, don’t make any noise. Walk in such a way that no one is even aware of it. Eat, drink and walk- as angels. BapDada is congratulating all of you children a great deal. You are very good children and always remain good. Achcha.

BapDada speaking to young girls:

What is the praise of a kumari life? Why are kumaris worshipped? You are pure souls. So all of you are pure souls who, with your pure remembrance, remain engaged in the service of making others pure. Whether you are young or old, you are able to give everyone the Father’s introduction, are you not? Even the young ones give very good lectures. If BapDada asked the youngest of you kumaris to give a lecture on a big stage, would you be ready? You wouldn’t hesitate, would you? You wouldn’t be afraid, would you? Always consider yourself to be a world benefactor soul who benefits all the souls of the world. You are not ordinary kumaris, but elevated kumaris. You elevated kumaris do elevated work, do you not? The most elevated task of all is to give others the Father’s introduction and make them belong to the Father. People of the world are stumbling around and searching, whereas you have recognised Him and attained Him. You are such fortunate and lucky souls! You now belong to God, so could there be any fortune greater than this? Therefore, constantly have the happiness that you are a constantly fortunate soul. If you ever lost this happiness, you would sometimes cry and at other times make mischief. Always live together with love and obey your parents, whatever they tell you. Constantly stay in remembrance of the Father from beyond this world, for only then will you be able to become elevated kumaris. So always consider yourselves to be elevated kumaris, worthy-of-worship kumaris. You are the same Shaktis who are worshipped in the temples, are you not? Each of you kumaris can carry out a great task. You can become instruments for world transformation. BapDada has given you children the task of world transformation. Therefore, constantly stay in the remembrance of the Father and do service. Before doing service for world transformation, first transform yourselves. You have now completely changed from your previous life, so now simply stay in the remembrance of being an elevated soul, a pure soul, a great soul and a fortunate soul. You don’t forget this remembrance when you go to school or college, do you? You are not coloured by company, are you? You are never attracted by food and drink etc., are you? You never want to eat a few biscuits or have some ice cream, do you? You are firm ones who always eat Brahma bhojan that is cooked in remembrance, are you not? Just be careful that when you go back that you don’t become coloured by company. Kumaris can make as much fortune as they want. From childhood, be interested in doing service. Study and also learn how to teach. If you become clever in childhood, you will become instruments to serve everywhere when you grow up. At the time of establishment, there were little ones. They have now grown up and are doing so much service. You will become even cleverer than them. You are the fortune of tomorrow. Tomorrow, Bharat will become heaven and so you are the fortune of tomorrow. Let anyone who sees you feel that you are not ordinary kumaris, but special kumaris.

Whilst studying that study, let there be deep love in your hearts for the study of knowledge. What is your aim after finishing your studies? To become an elevated soul and perform elevated tasks. You are not going to carry the burden of a job, are you? If there is some reason for that, that is a different matter. If your parents don’t have any other means of income, that is a matter of necessity. However, always remember your present and your future. What will be of use to you? This study of knowledge will be useful for 21 births. Therefore, if you have to do worldly work in name, then in that too, let there be deep love in your hearts for the Father and service. Therefore, all of you must become right hands; don’t become left hands. When all of you become right hands,destruction will be ready to take place. When all of you Shaktis come with a flag of victory, the period of Ravan’s rule will come to an end. If you are going to become a Brahma Kumari, then what would you do with a degree? That study is so that you become broad-minded in terms of general knowledge. It isn’t for any desire of your own heart. You shouldn’t feel that you will take this degree this year, and another degree next year and then another degree. If death were to come whilst doing that, then… Therefore, continue to take advice from those who are instruments as to whether you should study further or not. There are some who don’t think about the present or the future because of their interest in studying. They deceive themselves. You yourself have to make the decision for your life – not just do what your parents say. Be your own judge. You are Shiv Shaktis, so no one can tie you in bondage. Sheep, not Shaktis, can be tied in bondage. Shaktis are portrayed riding lions. Lions live in the open, not enclosed (in bondage). Therefore, always remember that you are the Father’s right hands. Achcha.

BapDada meeting teachers :

Do you always have the awareness that you are instrument servers? Karavanhar (the One who makes you act) is making you an instrument and enabling you to do everything. So Karavanhar is responsible, is He not? Those who become instruments remain constantly light. You received a direction, you carried out the task and you remained constantly light. Do you remain like this, or do you sometimes experience a burden of service? Because, if you feel it to be a burden, there won’t be success. By considering it to be a bondage, none of your actions will be accurate. In worldly work too, when you feel a task to be a burden, you would break something, you would tear something, there would be some confusion in the mind or you would get disturbed. The task wouldn’t be successful either. In the same way, if you carry out this non-worldly task as a burden, it won’t be accurate. You won’t be able to be successful. The burden would then continue to increase and you won’t be able to experience the elevated fortune of the confluence age – that of being light and flying. Then what would you do, having become a confluence-aged Brahmin? Therefore, remain constantly light and perform every task whilst considering yourself to be an instrument. This is known as being an embodiment of success. In today’s world, they wear roller skates and move so fast; they are so light. Their speed becomes so fast. So, when the Father is making you move, you have the skates of shrimat. By having the skates of shrimat, your speed of effort automatically becomes fast. Always move along whilst being such a server. Don’t experience the slightest burden. Since Karavanhar is the Father, why is there a burden? With this awareness, constantly continue to move in the flying stage. Just constantly continue to fly. This is called being a number one worthy server. Just Baba, Baba and Baba. Let this soundless music continue to play at every second. Simply, “Baba and I!” Remain constantly merged in this way, and then no third person will be able to come in between. When two are constantly merged in one another, both are happy and no one can come in between. This is known as being an elevated server. Are you like this? Don’t look at anyone else, don’t listen to anything else. Even by just listening an influence is created. Just Baba and I. Constantly celebrate in this pleasure. You worked very hard. It is now the time to enjoy and have pleasure. There is also a song: There is nothing but pleasure. When you get up, as you walk, do service and go to sleep – do everything in pleasure. Dance a lot, sing, be happy. Do service in happiness whilst dancing. Don’t do it whilst limping along. At the confluence age you have the pleasure of all relationships. Therefore, celebrate in a lot in pleasure. Constantly experience scenes of pleasure. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of sinful actions and save yourself from punishment in the land of Dharamraj by being a knower of the deep philosophy of karma.
The experience of punishment is said to be in the land of Dharamraj, but it is not that the land of Dharamraj is a separate place. In the final moments, the sins you have committed will come in front of you as evil spirits in their fearsome form. Those are moments of repentance and disinterest. Even small sins will seem like evil spirits. There will be the distress of repentance and this is why, in order to save yourself from that feeling of punishment, be a knower of the deep philosophy of karma, always perform elevated actions and become a conqueror of sinful actions.
Slogan: Those who completely surrender themselves to the Father with their bodies, minds and wealth become the garland around the Father’s neck.


*** Om Shanti ***

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