Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 7 May 2020

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, only shrimat can make you elevated. Therefore, never forget shrimat. Renounce the dictates of your own minds and follow the one Father’s directions.
Question: What is the way to become a charitable soul?
Answer: In order to become a charitable soul, remember the one Father with love and with an honest heart. Do not carry out any sinful act with your physical organs. Show everyone the path. Ask your heart: How much charity do I perform? Check that you do not perform any acts for which you would have to experience one hundred-fold punishment. By checking yourself in this way, you can become a charitable soul.

Om shanti. The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you children. You children know that you are now following Shiv Baba’s directions. His directions are the highest of all. People of the world do not know how Shiv Baba, the highest of all, gives His children elevated directions to make them elevated. In this kingdom of Ravan, no human being can give human beings elevated directions. You now have become those who receive God’s directions. You children are now receiving God’s directions in order to become pure from impure. You now know that you used to be the masters of the world. This Brahma, who was the master, did not know this either. The master of the world then becomes completely impure. You have to use your intellect to understand this play very well. The intellect battles in trying to understand what is right and what is wrong. The whole world is wrong. Only the one Father is right. Only He speaks the truth. He makes you into the masters of the land of truth, and so you should take His directions. By following your own dictates, you will be deceived. However, He is incognito. He is the incorporeal One. Many children make the mistake of thinking that these directions come from Dada. Maya doesn’t allow them to accept elevated directions. You should follow shrimat, should you not? Baba, we will definitely accept whatever You tell us. However, some of you don’t accept this. You follow God’s directions, numberwise, according to the efforts you make, and the rest follow their own dictates. Baba has come here to give you elevated directions. You repeatedly forget such a Father. Maya doesn’t allow you to take His directions. Shrimat is very easy. No one in the world understands that they are tamopradhan. My directions are very famous; the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita. God now says: I have come after 5000 years. I come and give Bharat shrimat and make it into the most elevated land of all. The Father cautions you but some children do not follow shrimat! The Father says every day: Children, do not forget to follow shrimat. It is not a question of this Brahma. Understand what that One is telling you. That One gives directions through this one. It is that One who explains. He doesn’t eat or drink. He says: I am beyond experiencing anything. I give you children shrimat. The foremost shrimat He gives is: Remember Me! Do not perform any sinful act! Ask your heart how much sin you have committed. You know that the urn of sin on everyone is now full. At present, everyone is on the wrong path. You have now found the right path through the Father. The entire knowledge is now in your intellects. The knowledge that should be in the Gita isn’t there. That Gita wasn’t created by the Father. That too is fixed on the path of devotion. It is said that God will come and give you the fruit of your devotion. It has been explained to you children that you receive salvation through knowledge. Everyone receives salvation and then everyone becomes degraded. This world is tamopradhan; no one is satopradhan. Having been taking rebirth, you have now reached the end. Death is now over everyone’s head. This applies to Bharat alone. The Gita is the scripture of the deity religion. So, what benefit would you receive by going into other religions? Those of other religions study their own Koran or Bible etc. They know their own religion. It is only the people of Bharat who have gone into other religions. All others are firm in their own religions. The features of those of all the different religions are distinct. The Father reminds you children that you have forgotten your deity religion. You were the deities of heaven. The Father has told you people of Bharat the meaning of “hum so”. It isn’t that souls are the Supreme Soul. It was the gurus of the path of devotion who created those stories. There are millions of gurus. A woman is told that her husband is her guru and her god. If her husband were her god, why would she call out, “O God! O Rama!”? People’s intellects have turned completely to stone. This one himself says: I too was like that. There is such a vast difference between being the master of Vaikunth (Paradise), Shri Krishna, and being called a village urchin. They speak of Shyam and Sundar, but they don’t understand the meaning of that. The Father has now explained to you that the one who was number one satopradhan, Sundar (beautiful), then becomes the last, most tamopradhan one, Shyam (ugly). You understand that you were beautiful and that you have now become ugly. You have been around the cycle of 84 births. The Father now gives you just the one medicine to make you beautiful from ugly: Remember Me and you souls will become pure from impure. Your sins of many births will be absolved. You know that you became sinful souls ever since Ravan came and that you have continued to fall. This is the world of sinful souls. Not a single one is beautiful. No one but the Father can make you beautiful. You have come here to become beautiful residents of heaven. At present you are ugly residents of hell. You became ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust. The Father says: Lust is your greatest enemy. Those who conquer it will conquer the world. The number one vice is lust. Only such souls are said to be impure. You wouldn’t call those who have anger impure. You called out to the Father to come and make you pure from impure. Therefore, the Father has now come and He says: Become pure in this last birth. Just as day comes after night and night comes after day, so too, the golden age has to come after the confluence age; the cycle has to turn. However, there is no other world in the sky or under the earth; this is the only world. The golden, silver, copper and iron ages exist here. There is also only one tree; there isn’t another. It is a lie when people say that there are many worlds. The Father says: All of those stories belong to the path of devotion. The Father is now telling you the truth. Look inside yourself and ask: How much do I follow shrimat to become satopradhan, that is, to become a charitable soul? A satopradhan soul is called a charitable soul and a tamopradhan soul is called a sinful soul. It is a sin to indulge in vice. The Father says: Now become pure! Now that you belong to Me, follow My directions! The main thing is not to commit any further sin. The foremost sin is to indulge in vice. Then many other sins are committed. There is a lot of stealing, cheating etc. The Government catches many of them. The Father is now telling each of you children: Look inside your heart and ask yourself: Am I committing sin? Just because Baba is Janijananhar (One who knows the secrets of each one’s heart), don’t think that Baba knows everything anyway when you steal something or accept a bribe; no. This is not what Janijananhar means. OK, so what if the Father does know about it when you steal? Those who steal will definitely accumulate one hundred-fold punishment. A lot of punishment will be experienced and their status will be destroyed. The Father says: If you perform such acts, you will have to suffer the consequences. If, after becoming a child of God, you steal, if one of you steals from the bhandara (kitchen) of Shiv Baba from whom you receive such a big inheritance, that is a very big sin. Some people who have the habit of stealing are called jailbirds. This is God’s home; everything here belongs to God. You come to God’s home to receive the inheritance from the Father. Some of you develop that habit and so you accumulate one hundred-fold punishment. A lot of punishment will be experienced. Then, for birth after birth, for many births, you will be born into a dirty home. Therefore, you would have brought that loss on yourself. There are many like that who don’t stay in remembrance at all and who don’t listen to anything either. They only have thoughts of stealing in their intellects. Many such people go to religious gatherings (satsangs) and steal the sandals there. That is their business. Wherever there is a satsang, they go there and steal sandals. This world is very dirty. This is God’s home. The habit of stealing is very bad. It is said: Someone who steals a straw can also steal hundreds of thousands. Ask yourself: How charitable have I become? How much do I remember the Father? How much do I spin the discus of self-realisation? How long do I spend doing God’s service. How many of my sins are being cut away? Look at your chart every day and ask yourself: How much charity did I perform? How long did I stay in yoga? To how many people did I show the path? You may carry on with your business etc. You are karma yogis, and you therefore do have to do things. Baba keeps having these badges made. Explain these to important people. The gates to heaven will open through this Mahabharat War. There is a first-class explanation at the bottom of the picture of Krishna. However, some children have not yet developed such broad and unlimited intellects. They begin to dance as soon as they receive a little money. When someone has a lot of money, he believes that no one else is as wealthy as he is. When children don’t care for the Father, they also don’t care for the imperishable jewels of knowledge that He gives. When Baba tells them to do something, they do something else. Because they are not concerned, they commit a lot of sin. They don’t follow shrimat and then they fall. The Father says: That too is in the drama. It was not in their fortune. Baba knows everything. Many commit sin. When you have the faith that it is the Father who is teaching you, you will have a lot of happiness. You know that you are to become princes and princesses in the future new world. Therefore, there should be so much happiness. However, some children still continue to wilt. Their stage doesn’t remain constant. Baba has explained that rehearsals for destruction will continue to take place. There will also be calamities. All of that will continue to weaken Bharat. The Father Himself says: All of those things have to happen. How else would destruction take place? There will be hailstorms; then what will happen to the farms and fields etc.? Hundreds of thousands of people die, but that is not reported. Therefore, the Father says that the main thing you must check inside yourself is: How much do I remember the Father? Baba, You are so sweet! It is the wonder of You! These are Your orders: Remember Me and you will never become ill for 21 births! Consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me and I guarantee you this. The Father personally tells you and you then relate it to others. The Father says: Remember Me, your Father, and have a lot of love for Me. I show you such an easy path to become pure from impure. Some say: I am a very sinful soul. OK, then don’t commit such sins. Continue to remember Me and your sins of birth after birth will be absolved with this remembrance. The main thing is remembrance. This is called easy remembrance. Remove the word “yoga”. Sannyasis have many different types of hatha yoga. They teach many types of yoga. This Baba had many gurus. The unlimited Father says: Now renounce all of them. I also have to uplift all of them. No one else has the power to say this. The Father has said: I uplift these sages and holy men too. Therefore, how can they be gurus? The Father tells you the one main thing: Ask your heart: Do I commit any sin? Do I cause anyone sorrow? There is no difficulty in this. Check inside you: How much sin did I commit during the whole day? For how long did I stay in remembrance? Only by having remembrance will your sins be absolved. You have to make effort. This is very hard work. Only the one Father gives knowledge. Only the Father shows the path to liberation and liberation-in-life. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Have regard for the treasures of the imperishable jewels of knowledge that the Father gives you. Do not become careless and carry out any sinful acts. If you have the faith that God is teaching you, you will stay in limitless happiness.
  2. Never think of stealing something from God’s home. That habit is very dirty. It is said: One who steals a straw can also steal one hundred thousand. Ask yourself: How charitable have I become?
Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who has growth with discipline in your effort and in service.
A Brahmin is someone with a disciplined life. A task is successful when it is done using the right method. In any situation, if there isn’t any growth in your efforts or in service, then something is definitely lacking in the way you do it and so, check: From amrit vela until night, were my thoughts, words, deeds and connections disciplined, that is, was there growth? If there was not, then think what would be the reason for that and find a solution to it and you will not be disheartened. If your life is disciplined there will then definitely be growth and you will become an intense effort-maker.
Slogan: To be full of cleanliness and honesty is to have real purity.

*** Om Shanti ***

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