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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The Seed Stage and Alokik Experiences.

The Father who lives beyond sound takes all of you from the world of sound beyond sound with sound. BapDada comes in order to take you back with Him. So, are you all ever ready to go back with Him or do you still need time to get ready? In order to go back with Him, you need to become a point. In order for you to become a point, all the different types of expansion that have spread everywhere, that is, all the branches of the tree, have to be merged into the seed stage. Everything has to be merged into a point. When people of the world do all their accounts, what do they say at the end of the accounts? They say: Say Shiva! That is, a bindi (a point). In the same way, from the beginning to the end, you have gone into so much expansion of the accounts of the world cycle and the kalpa tree. You do know the branches of your accounts, that is, the tree of expansion, do you not? There are branches of the accounts of the body, branches of the relationships of the body, branches of being a soul in bondage to all the different facilities of the body, branches of bondage to gurus on the path of devotion, branches of bondage to all the different types of sinful actions, branches of the suffering of karma. There is so much expansion! So, you are now becoming points and putting a full-stop to all the expansion. Have you merged all the expansion into the seed or is there still some expansion? No type of branch of this decayed tree still remains, does it? The confluence age is the age to finish the old tree. Therefore, o Brahmins of the confluence age, have you finished the old tree?

You can’t water every leaf. When you water the seed, it means all the leaves receive water. Similarly, you have to finish the tree of all the different types of accounts of 84 births. You don’t have to finish each branch individually. Today, you finish the branch of the awareness of the body and tomorrow, you finish the branch of the relationships of the body. Completion won’t take place by finishing each branch individually in that way. However, by loving the Father, the Seed, completion will easily happen through that fire of love. It’s not that you have to cut them off, you have to burn them. Today, you may cut them off but, after some time, they then begin to emerge again, because a tree takes water naturally from the atmosphere. When a tree grows large, there is no need especially to water it. The tree continues to grow naturally through the atmosphere and it stays upright through that. Therefore, there is now no need to water the decayed tree that has expanded so much. It continues to grow automatically. You may think that, today, by making effort, you have finished the branch of the awareness of relationships of the body. However, unless you burn it, the branches will start to grow again. You then say to yourself or you tell the Father that you destroyed it. So, how did it emerge again? It no longer existed, so where did it come from? What is the reason? You cut it off, but you didn’t burn it. A seed that is roasted in a fire never bears fruit. So, now finish the tree of the expansion of accounts in the fire of love. What will then remain? When the expansion of the body and the relationships and facilities of the body have all finished, all that will then remain will be the soul, the point, the seed. When you become such a point, the form of a seed, you will be able to return home beyond sound with the Father, the Seed. This is why you are asked whether you are ready to go beyond sound. Have you finished all expansion? The Father, the Seed, will only take souls with Him who are in the seed stage. Have you become the form of a seed? Those who are ever ready will continue to have alokik experiences from now. What will they experience?

The first thing you will experience is that whilst walking, moving, sitting and talking, your body, which is the main trunk of the tree of accounts from which the branches emerge, will be completely separate from you, the soul, the seed. You, the soul, will repeatedly and constantly experience being detached – not on the basis of the knowledge of the soul being separate from the body, but of you, the soul, being separate from your body. You will experience being completely separate. Just as you experience your physical body to be completely separate from the clothes you wear, in the same way, your body is the costume of you, the soul. Experience this clearly: I, the soul, am wearing this costume. Whenever you want, adopt the costume of the awareness of the body and become detached from it when you want, that is, stabilise in the stage of being detached from the awareness of the body. Do you experience such detachment? Do you adopt your costume or does the costume adopt you? Which is living? Who is the master? So, the first sign is the experience of detachment. It isn’t that you have to become separate, but that you are separate.

The second sign or experience: Devotees who have some knowledge of the soul, or those who have some knowledge of God, have a vision of a point of light. That vision is a temporary thing; a vision is not the fruit of your practice, it is part of the drama and a blessing. However, to be ever ready means that a soul who has become equal to return with the Father will not see a soul in a vision, but will through the intellect constantly experience himself to be a soul, a point of light, in a practical way. To become the practical form means to be that for all time, whereas to have a vision is a temporary thing. A soul who is the practical form never says that he hasn’t had a vision of the soul. He wouldn’t say, “I haven’t seen it”, but he would be stable in that practical form through his own experience. Where there is the practical form, there is no need for a vision. Similarly, someone who experiences the practical form of being a soul will say with authority and faith that he doesn’t just see the soul, but that he experiences himself to be a soul, because when you experience it, then, just seeing the soul is meaningless. Therefore, a soul who has the practical experience of being a soul will continue to experience his form of light whilst walking and moving around.

The third experience: A soul who is equal, that is, an everready soul, although being in the corporeal world in a physical body, will constantly use his the intellect’s power of yoga to experience himself to be with the Father, whether in the subtle region or the incorporeal world. In a second, he will become a resident of the subtle region, in a second he will become a resident of the incorporeal world and in a second he will become a karma yogi, living in the corporeal world, playing his part and performing actions. He will experience himself to be with the Father in the subtle region and in the incorporeal world innumerable times. As soon as he has time, he will go to the subtle region or the incorporeal world. Just as whenever you have time, you go home, so he will experience himself being a resident of the subtle region and the incorporeal world. When you finish your work, you return home. Or, do you still stay sitting at work? Similarly, a soul who is ever ready will repeatedly experience himself to be a resident of that home. It is as though the home is just in front of him. One minute he is here, and the next minute he is there. He will come out of the room of the corporeal world and go into the room of the incorporeal world.

Other experiences: Because of being free from bondage, such souls who are equal, experience themselves to be flying birds and flying very high. They would feel that they are stable in an elevated stage above and that everyone else is down below. “I am high above all.” Scientists use the power of science to be able to go into space away from the gravity of the earth which remains down below. They experience themselves to be very high and constantly very light. So, too, with the power of silence, you will experience yourself to be beyond the attraction of the vices and the attraction of matter, in the flying stage and above everything. This means that you would constantly experience yourself to be double light. To experience flying is to be beyond all attractions and remain above them. It is to be free of all bondage. To experience this stage means to experience the highest flying stage and to be in the flying stage. Whilst walking and moving, you would feel that you are going with the Father, that you are flying with the Father, the Point, that you are a point, and that both of you are going together. A soul who is equal will experience this as clearly as if he is seeing it. Seeing through the eye of experience is even clearer than seeing through divine vision. Do you understand? Even though there is a lot of expansion, these are just a few signs like this that Baba has told you in essence. Therefore, are you ever ready like this, that is, are you an embodiment of experience? You are ready to go with the Father, are you not? Or, will you say that something still remains? Do you experience this or have you become so busy in service that you have even forgotten your home? You are serving in order to enable souls to receive their inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life.

When you are serving, stay aware that you have to take everyone back home with the Father. Your stage will then be constantly unshakeable in service. Never forget the experience of the essence, that is, the seed stage, while in the expansion of service. Don’t get lost in the expansion. While going into the expansion, keep stable in the stage of the essence and also enable others to experience the form of the essence. Do you understand? Achcha.

To those images of experience who are constantly the practical form of the soul, to those who finish the tree of all accounts and put a full-stop, to those who stabilise in the form of a point and constantly stay with the Father, the Point, to the souls who practise being karma yogis one moment, residents of the subtle region in a moment, and residents of the incorporeal world in a moment, to the souls who constantly experience their flying stage, to such souls who are equal to the Father and who are ever ready, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups: (Punjab and Guja rat Zones)

1. In order to remain safe from the shadow of Maya, remain under the canopy of protection.

Do you constantly experience the canopy of protection of the Father’s remembrance over you? Do you have the canopy of protection of remembrance? You don’t come out from under this canopy of protection, do you? When you remain constantly under the canopy of protection, you remain safe from all the obstacles of Maya. No shadow of any type of Maya can then fall on you. Then, the five vices, instead of being your enemies, will become your servants. For instance, you have seen in the picture of Vishnu how the snake becomes a bed and the snake also becomes a canopy of protection. That symbolises being victorious. So whose portrait is that? It is the portrait of all of you, is it not? Whatever enemy you conquer, that one becomes your servant from being an enemy. You are such victorious jewels. From being household mothers, you Shaktis have also become Shaktis of the Shakti Army. In the picture of the Shaktis, the devils who are Ravan’s creation have been portrayed beneath the feet of the deities. The Shaktis crushed the devils beneath the feet of their power. Shaktis would never allow the sanskars of any of the vices to arise.

2. Become true great donors who donate knowledge.

Do you constantly use your intellects and consider yourselves to be sitting on the shore of the Ocean of Knowledge? That is, do you consider yourselves to be masters of the infinite treasures that you have received from the Ocean? Just as an ocean is full, infinite and constant, so too, souls are masters, masters of constant and limitless treasures. Become a great donor and constantly continue to use for others the treasures you have received. Always have love for devotee souls and ordinary souls who come into a relationship with you and understand that the devotees have to receive the fruit of their devotion. Those poor, helpless souls are wandering around and stumbling. You do feel mercy when you see them wandering around and stumbling, do you not? The more merciful you become, the more easily you will be able to show the path to wandering souls. Continue to give the message. Don’t think that no one is emerging! Become great donors and continue to give the message so that there are no complaints. This imperishable knowledge can never be destroyed. Today, they listen to you and then, after a month, they will remember it and come close to you. So, never get disheartened! Whoever does something accumulates. Whoever you serve, if not today, then tomorrow, they will definitely accept what you say. Therefore, continue to do non-stop service and remain tireless. Never get tired, because everything you do is accumulated with BapDada. Whoever does something receives the practical, instant fruit of that in the form of happiness.

3. Keep the aim of making the atmosphere powerful and qualifications f or the expansion of service will then be come visible.

Just as the atmosphere of a temple pulls everyone from a distance, similarly, let the atmosphere of the fragrance of remembrance be so elevated that, with that speciality it attracts souls from a distance. Constantly enable yourself to move forward with the power of remembrance and, together with that, also make the atmosphere powerful. Let the atmosphere of the service place be such that all souls are pulled to go there. Service is not done just through words, you can also serve with your mind. Let each one think: I have to make the atmosphere powerful, I am responsible for that. When you keep such an aim, the qualifications for the expansion of service will be visible. Everyone has to come; that is for sure. However, some come directly, whereas others wander around and come here after stumbling around. Therefore, let each one think: “I have to become a lamp of living light”, so that moths automatically come to you. When you sit as a living light, moths will automatically come. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be filled with all attainments by maintaining the alokik happiness and intoxication of having God’s love and all rights.
The children who remain constantly combined with the Father and say with love, “My Baba”, receive God’s rights. The unlimited Bestower fills you with all attainments and you claim a right to all three worlds. You then sing the song: I have attained whatever I wanted to attain; there is nothing still to be attained. Such souls receive a guarantee card for 21 births. So, maintain the alokik happiness and intoxication that you have found everything.
Slogan: Let your spiritual endeavour not be based on the facilities; let the facilities not be an obstacle to your spiritual endeavour.


*** Om Shanti ***
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