Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The way to become a worthyofworship deity soul is to imbibe the power of purity.

Today, the spiritual Flame is looking at His spiritual moths. Every spiritual moth has come flying to this spiritual gathering with their wings of zeal and enthusiasm. This spiritual, happy gathering is a unique, spiritual gathering, which only the spiritual Father and the spiritual children know. All the many types of attraction of Maya seem valueless in front of this spiritual attraction. They are experienced as being without any essence. This spiritual attraction makes you cheerful always – at the present time and also in your many future births. It is an attraction that makes you step away from the waves of many types of sorrow and peacelessness. This is why all you spiritual moths have come to this gathering.

BapDada is pleased to see all the moths. On each one’s forehead, the signs of pure love, the relationships of pure love and the pure vision and attitude of a pure life are sparkling. A crown of light, the symbol of all these pure things, is sparkling on each one. The speciality of the confluence-aged Brahmin life is this symbol of purity, a crown of light, which every Brahmin receives from the Father. This crown is a sign of great souls, fortunate Godly souls and the highest-on-high souls. So, have all of you become those who are wearing such a crown? BapDada, the mother and Father, give every child, from the moment they take birth, the blessing: “May you be pure.” If there is no purity, there is no Brahmin life. From the beginning of establishment until now, the obstacles have been because of purity, because the foundation of purity is the foundation for 21 births. Achieving purity is the basis of you Brahmin souls easily being taken into the flying stage.

Just as the philosophy of karma is said to be deep, so too, the definition of purity is extremely deep. Purity is a canopy of protection with which you can protect yourself from the many obstacles of Maya. Purity is said to be the mother of peace and happiness. Any type of impurity makes you experience sorrow and peacelessness. So, throughout the day, check: Do I experience any wave of sorrow or peacelessness at any time? The seed of that is impurity, whether it is because of the main vices or because of a subtle form of the vices. A pure life means one in which there is no name or trace of sorrow or peacelessness. If there is the slightest experience of sorrow, due to any reason, it is because of a lack of complete purity. A pure life means a life of blessings received from BapDada. There mustn’t be such thoughts or words on the lips of Brahmins as: “Because of this situation or because of this person’s behaviour, I experienced sorrow.” Sometimes, in an ordinary way, you do say such words or even experience them: those are not the words of a pure Brahmin life. A Brahmin life means a life of happiness at every second. Even if there is a scene of sorrow, where you have the power of purity, you don’t experience sorrow in any scene of sorrow. For, like the Father who is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, you have to become a bestower of the blessings of peace and happiness in an atmosphere of sorrow and give those sorrowful souls a drop of peace and happiness. You become a master bestower of happiness and transform that sorrow into an atmosphere of spiritual happiness. This is known as being a remover of sorrow and a bestower of happiness.

Since the power of science is able to finish someone’s pain and suffering for a short time, then, can the power of purity, that is, the power of silence, not finish pain and suffering? The medicine of science has temporary power, but how much power does the power of purity and the blessings of purity have? According to the time, when people nowadays get tired of medicine for one reason or another, and when their illnesses become critical, then, at such a time, they will come to you pure deity souls to receive blessings: Take us away from sorrow and peacelessness forever. The vision and attitude of purity is not an ordinary power. This powerful drishti and this attitude over a short time enable you to attain something for all time. Physical doctors and physical hospitals are now increasing at this time but, in spite of that, doctors don’t have any time, nor is there any space in the hospitals. There is always a queue of those who are ill. As you progress further, they won’t be able to go to the hospitals or doctors for any medicine, even if they want to. The majority will give up. What will they do then? Where will they go when they have given up with medicine? There will be queues in front of you people. Just as they now continue to ask for mercy or blessings in front of the non-living images of you and the Father, saying, “O merciful One, have mercy!”, in the same way, they will come to ask you living, pure, worthy-of-worship souls,”O pure deities, pure goddesses, have mercy for us!” Nowadays, so many people continue to wander along to those who have some temporary occult power for a cure or for the mercy of happiness or peace. They think that that one’s drishti should fall on them, even from a distance. However, you have to become embodiments of success through the method shown by God. Where will they go when their temporary supports have finished?

All of those who have temporary powers continue to attain temporary success with one method of temporary purity or other. That cannot continue for all the time. That too is temporary success achieved as a result of the purity of those (current) goldenaged souls, that is, of the souls who come down from above at the end, by coming from the pure land of liberation and, according to the principle of the drama, and so in their satopradhan stage. However, they are souls who pass through their sato, rajo and tamo – all three stages – in a short time. This is why they don’t experience permanent success. Their success is not attained with the method shown by God. This is why their selfish motives and ego somewhere or other finish their success. However, you pure souls are constant embodiments of success; you are those who enable souls to receive some attainment for all time. You are not those who just show a miracle, but those who make others into sparkling forms of light; you are those who make others into sparkling stars of imperishable fortune. This is why all of those supports are only for a short time and, at the end, they will eventually come to you pure souls to take a drop. So, have you become such pure souls who are mothers of peace and happiness? Have you accumulated such a stock of blessings? Or, are you even now asking for blessings for yourself?

Even now, some children continue to ask the Father from time to time: Give me some blessings for this! Give me good wishes! How can someone who asks for something become a bestower? Therefore, from now on know the greatness of the power of purity and become a pure, that is, a worthy-of-worship deity soul. Do not think that you will become that at the end. This power that has been accumulated over a long period of time will be useful at the end. So, do you understand what the deep philosophy of purity is? To be a soul who is constantly a mother of peace and happiness: that is the depth of purity. It is not an ordinary thing. You have become pure and you remain celibate, but purity is the mother. Therefore, it is to become a mother of peace and happiness in your thoughts, attitude, vibration, words and connection, that is called being a pure soul. So, check yourself to see to what extent you have become this. Achcha.

Today, many have come. Just as water breaks a dam, so you too have broken the dam of laws and come here. However, there is benefit in the laws. Those who come according to the regulations receive greater benefit, whereas those who just come along with the flow will only receive that much according to the time. Nevertheless, just see how BapDada, who is free from bondage, comes into bondage. He has the bondage of love. Along with love, there is the bondage of time and also bondage of the body. However, it is a lovely bondage and this is why, even though He is in bondage, He is free. BapDada would say, “Welcome, you have come to your home.” Achcha.

To all the supremely pure souls from everywhere, to the pure souls who are constantly mothers of peace and happiness, to the deity souls who, with the power of constant purity, remove the pain and suffering of many souls, to the souls who become embodiments of success by using the method shown by God, BapDada’s love-filled remembrance and namaste.

To the kumaris from the Indore Hostel: All of you are pure, great souls, are you not? You are many times more elevated than the souls of today who call themselves great souls. Pure kumaris are always worshipped. So, are all of you always pure and worthy-of-worship souls? There isn’t any type of impurity, is there? Are you souls who constantly live together as loving and co-operative souls who follow the one direction? You know how to harmonise your sanskars, do you not? Because to harmonise sanskars is greatness. Let there be no conflict of sanskars, but always continue to dance the dance of harmonising sanskars. You have received very good fortune in that you have become great at a young age. You remain constantly happy, do you not? None of you ever cry in your mind, do you? Are you free from attachment? Do you ever remember your lokik family? Are you clever in both studies? Always be number one in both studies. Just as the Father is One, so you children too must also be number one. You are the number one of all. The Father always loves such children. Do you understand? Achcha.

Avyakt BapDada meeting groups:

Do you always consider yourselves to be those who are elevated and fortunate? While sitting at home, you receive elevated fortune from the Bestower of Fortune. It is a matter of such great happiness to receive fortune while sitting at home. The eternal Father enables you to receive imperishable attainment. So, imperishable means all the time, not just sometimes. So, do you stay constantly happy seeing your fortune? At every moment, remember both your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune. Always continue to sing the song, “Wah, my elevated fortune!” This is a song of the mind. The more you sing this song, the more you will constantly continue to experience the flying stage. This is the only time in the whole cycle when you experience such fortune, and this is why there is the slogan, “If not now, then never!” Whatever elevated task you have to perform, you have to do that now. In every task, at every moment, remember: “If not now, then never!” Those who are always aware of this never allow any of their time, thoughts or actions to be wasted. They will always continue to accumulate. There is no question of performing sinful actions, but even wasteful actions can deceive you. You know the importance of every second and every thought, do you not? Always continue to accumulate in your account of accumulation. If you accumulate everything elevated in your account at every second and in every thought and do not waste anything, you can then make your account elevated for 21 births. So, are you accumulating as much as you need to? Underline this aspect even more: not a single second or thought must be wasted. When waste is finished, you will always be powerful. Achcha. There is a lot of poverty in Andhra Pradesh, is there not? Whereas you are wealthy to the same extent. Poverty is increasing everywhere, whereas your wealth (richness) is increasing, because, by receiving the wealth of knowledge, you automatically receive sufficient physical wealth to at least have daal and roti. Do any Brahmins remain hungry? So, the physical poverty also finishes, because you become sensible. By working, you receive the understanding to earn enough to feed yourself and your family and so you receive double wealth. It is good for the body and also good for the mind. You are comfortably receiving daal and roti, are you not? By becoming Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, you have become royal, you have become wealthy and you will remain full of all treasures for many births. Compared to how you used to move along, how you used to live, what you used to wear, you have now become so royal! Now, you are always clean. Earlier, even you would have worn dirty clothes, whereas internally and externally, you have now become clean. So, you have benefited from becoming Brahma Kumars, have you not? Everything changes, everything is transformed. Compare your face and your wisdom before and now and you will see the difference. Now, you have the sparkle of spirituality and this is why your face has changed. So, always continue to dance with such happiness. Achcha.

Speaking to double foreign brothers and sisters: Are you double foreigners? In fact, all Brahmin souls belong to this land of Bharat. You have been residents of Bharat for many births, and it was just for service that you went to the many places and this is why, whenever you come to Bharat, that is, to the land of Madhuban and into the Brahmin family, you experience the feeling of belonging. Generally, no matter how close a connection or relationship foreign souls from lands abroad may have, they wouldn’t have that feeling of belonging that you souls experience here. The closer a soul is, the greater his feeling of belonging would be. You wouldn’t have to think about whether you were from here or that it is possible you were from here. You would also love each and every physical thing, as though it were yours. You always love something that belongs to you. So, these are the signs. BapDada is seeing that, even while living far away, you are always close with your heart. The whole family looks at you as being those with this elevated fortune. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be constantly victorious by experiencing the Father’s company, instead of being afraid and retreating from the battle.
Soldiers in the army have the slogan: It is an act of the weak to be defeated or to retreat. A soldier means “To die or to kill”. You spiritual soldiers are not those who get afraid or step back. You are those who constantly move forward and become victorious. Never think, “For how much longer are we going to battle?” This is a matter of your whole life but, in terms of the reward of 5000 years, it is a matter of a second. Simply have an unlimited intellect and look at it in an unlimited way and become victorious with the Father’s remembrance and His Company.
Slogan: Be constantly victorious on the basis of hope and faith.


*** Om Shanti ***

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