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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, do the same business that the Father does of making impure ones pure, for only then will you be seated in the Father’s heart.
Question: What are the signs of the children who are easily able to imbibe virtues?
Answer: The children who remove their intellect’s yoga from their old friends, relatives and the old world and become conquerors of attachment are easily able to imbibe all virtues. They never defame anyone and spoil the hearts of one another. They follow the Father completely. They give the proof of the service they have done of making ugly ones beautiful, salty ones sweet and impure ones pure. They always remain cheerful.
Song: Who created this game, did everything and hid Himself away?


Om shanti. You children know that you are now God’s children and His community. Before that you belonged to the devilish community. We have now received God’s directions. What do God’s directions teach you? To make impure ones pure. Now, each one of you should continue to ask your heart: Now that I am a child of the Purifier, am I doing the same business that the Father does or not? In the world, the business of a father is different from his child’s. There are so many types of business. There are so many types of direction. The directions of a father would be different from the directions of his child. These are God’s directions. You now know the Father. The world simply sings this; they don’t know how the Purifier Father comes and makes you pure. You know that the Purifier Father is purifying you and making you into the masters of pure heaven. Here, you only have the one direction. Only the Father comes and gives you the most elevated directions of all. Those who have faith that they are the children of God should ask their heart. Those who don’t have faith won’t even be able to do this business. Those who don’t even belong to the Father cannot do this business. You children understand that your aim and objective is to become pure. You have the picture placed in front of you: to become Narayan from an ordinary man and Lakshmi from an ordinary woman. We have now become part of the dynasty of Lakshmi and Narayan. The Father has come to purify us, so check whether you are carrying out the Father’s task or not. What did the Father do? He opened this hospital cum university. This is also the task of the children. In the beginning when the Father came, the building was small. It was even smaller than Mama’s room. It was in there that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, came and opened a hospital cum university. Then, gradually, more buildings were built. In the beginning, there was just one house in a small street. They gradually continued to increase. So, this is also the children’s duty. Teachings also have to be given. Only those who are educated would open a university. Yes, even uneducated ones can open one. They would open it and hand it over to those who study and teach others. You just become a principal and run it and many will benefit through this. The Father says: The business of you Brahmins is to make impure ones pure and not do anything impure. Never indulge in vice. To tell someone to become pure is very good. It has been explained that impure ones bow their heads in front of pure ones. When the path of devotion first began, sannyasis didn’t exist; they came later. At that time sannyasis didn’t give knowledge. The concept of omnipresence emerged later. Previously, they used to say: We neither know God or God’s creation; nor did they believe that He was the Father. How then could the Father be omnipresent? The Father now continues to explain to you. The notion of omnipresence has made the people of Bharat poverty-stricken and turn away from Him and become atheists and orphans. You now belong to the Lord and Master. Therefore, now make effort to make other orphans belong to the Lord and Master. Those who come here as guides make others belong to the Lord and Master and bring them to Him. They also have the pull that they truly do receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father, the Lord and Master. The unlimited inheritance is the sovereignty of unlimited heaven. A limited inheritance is in hell and there is sorrow in hell. That is why this is not called sovereignty but a ‘donkeyship’. You children should now do the Father’s service: you have to make impure ones pure. How to make impure ones pure is the business you should do throughout the whole day. Firstly, there is the question: Have I become pure myself? Do I have any vices? Do I have that much love for the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? If I love Him, what is the proof of that love? The proof is to remain engaged in the business of making impure ones pure. If you do not do this business, neither have you, yourself, become pure nor are you able to make others pure. If you don’t do this business, you won’t be able to claim a high status. This is a deal of every cycle. It would be understood that it is not in your fortune. You found God and you still didn’t learn how to do this business! Only those who do the business of purifying others will be able to sit in the Father’s heart. You have to make effort to change human beings into deities, from shells into diamonds. Baba and Mama are making that same effort. Baba also goes on service. He enters the bodies of some children and shows the way to become pure from impure. Therefore, check whether you do service in the same way as the Father. If you do not do that, you cannot sit in His heart. Some become trapped in attachment. There should be constant love for the Father and you also have to show that you have become a conqueror of attachment. All attachment should be removed from your old friends and relatives and the old world. Only when that has been removed can you imbibe virtues. Just look at what some children continue to do throughout the day! They spoil the hearts of one another; they continue to defame others. “Such-and-such a person is like this.” “This one is like that.” First of all, look what you yourself are doing! Do I continue to follow the Father? Only when you follow Him will your mercury of happiness rise. Those who do service always remain happy and cheerful. Their names are glorified. The Father says: You have to have simplicity. You have to wear clothes with eight patches. Such a time will also come. Such a time will come when it will be very difficult to find even torn clothes to wear. Therefore, you should remove all attachment from that. Remove your intellect’s yoga from all impure friends and relationships. It is now your stage of ascent. There has to be proof of this too. Those who come as guides give the proof. You have to become worthy of doing service. It shouldn’t be that you do disservice and that you continue to quarrel among yourselves by being like salt water. The status of those who do disservice is destroyed. People are like salt water with other people to such an extent, don’t even ask! Your business is to make them very sweet. Sometimes, you find some who are so much like salt water that you can only say that it is their destiny. This also has to be tolerated. We still have to transform those who are salty and make them sweet with love. Look, the sun has so much power that it draws water from the salty ocean and makes that water sweet. This is also their service. This is why they speak of Deity Indra (God of Rain). He showers rain. Therefore, you children should also have that much power. It shouldn’t be that you make them even more salty. Some even make others salty. Their faces reveal this. The face of a salty person is ugly and the face of a sweet person is beautiful. You yourselves have to become beautiful and make ugly ones beautiful. The Father comes from so far away and teaches you how to do this service. The Father’s service is to make impure ones pure. If you purify many others, Baba will give you a prize. Ask your heart how many you make beautiful. If you do not make anyone that, you would definitely perform impure actions. By not following the Father’s directions, you would only perform impure actions. You will then have to bow down to those who make others pure. Those who have that strength would say: Baba, you can send me anywhere You want. Many hospitals can be opened. However, the doctors have to be very good too. Some doctors are such that they give wrong medicine to patients and kill them. Here, this is God’s court. The Father has everyone’s account. He is Antaryami, the One who knows everything within. He knows what is inside all the children. This one is baharyami, the one who knows everything external. This one also continues to make effort to make others pure. Those who don’t become pure will experience punishment and go to their own sections. Everyone has to play their own part. You have to come down, numberwise. They will all come sooner or later. No one can return home in between. As is a tree, so the fruit it bears. There cannot be any difference in that. The tree has now spread. Some have been converted to other religions. You cannot know what the number is in each one’s nationality. Everyone’s customs and systems are their own. You know that you were in the incorporeal world, and that everyone will settle their karmic accounts, numberwise, according to their efforts and then go and reside there. Up above is the tree of incorporeal souls. How much space would they be taking up? It would be very little. The element of the sky is so big. Compared to that, human beings live in such a small space. You can understand that people live in just this much space. There wouldn’t be human beings living in the ocean. Human beings are only on land. You cannot measure the depth of the ocean; it’s impossible. They try to go up above, but that is infinite. People call out to the Father to come and purify the impure. It isn’t that you want to go up to the element of sky and measure it. Even when we souls reside up above, we take up very little space. The element of the sky is so vast. It isn’t that God would be sitting up there trying to work out how big the element of the sky is. He cannot even have that thought in His intellect. His intellect is aware of the part He has to play. It isn’t that He would have to find out about the great element. He just goes from here and stays in His place. He doesn’t try to do anything there. Baba says: I do not try to do any of those things. That is infinite. OK, what would be the benefit of trying to find out the end? There would be no benefit at all. Only in making impure ones pure is there benefit. Souls come here from the land of nirvana to play their part s. The Father also comes and plays His part. That is the land of silence. There, there is no thought to see this or that. Look at what people here do. They make so much effort to try to find the end. You children know that there is very little time left. The war will take place and then all their noise etc. will end. All their going up above and coming down will end. They are all wasting their money. There is no benefit in that at all. For instance, when someone goes there and comes and relates what he saw there, that is a waste of time, a waste of money and a waste of energy. This is the condition of everyone except you children, and especially of those who continue to make effort to go and give the Father’s introduction to others so that they can claim their inheritance from the Father. The Father has the highest part in the drama. He has to make us worthy for the establishment of the new world. It is now the end of the world. No matter how much people beat their heads, they continue to wastetheir time. Even if someone reaches the top of Mount Everest and stands there, what is the benefit of that? He doesn’t receive liberation or liberation-in-life. In any case, there is only sorrow in the world. Your intellects have now become solvent. You make effort to make others equal to you. Explain this to the teachersand principal of a school: You don’t teach unlimited history and geography. How does it become the silver, copper and iron ages from the golden age? This is unlimited history and geography. By knowing this, you will become rulers of the globe. We are explaining the history and geography of this world, of how the cycle continues to turn. Come and we will give you the introduction of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is also called the incorporeal One. Come and we will tell you His biography. Brahm yogis only give knowledge of the brahm element. They say that brahm is omnipresent. God is knowledge-full. He is the Ocean of Knowledge. The elements cannot be called the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father makes the children into oceans of knowledge, the same as He is. How could those elements make you the same as they are. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Give the proof of the stage of ascent. Remove your attachment from everyone and become worthy of service. Check your own self. Don’t defame others and spoil the hearts of one another. Don’t perform any impure actions.
  2. Become as merciful as the Father. Make effort to become like a diamond from a shell. Serve to make salt water sweet, that is, to make a salty person sweet.
Blessing: May you be a master bestower and distribute the treasure of happiness and be worthy to receive everyone’s blessings.
At present, everyone needs imperishable happiness. All are beggars of peace whereas you are the children of the Bestower. The duty of the children of the Bestower is to give. Whoever comes into a connection or a relationship with you, continue to donate happiness to them. Let no one return empty; remain full to this extent. At every moment, check whether you are giving something as a master bestower or whether you are just happy in yourself. The more you give to others, the more you will be worthy of receiving everyone’s blessings and these blessings will make you an easy effort-maker.
Slogan: Remember the attainments of the confluence age and you will not remember things of sorrow or distress.

*** Om Shanti ***




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