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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The need f or the powers to pack up and to accommodate , in order to attain the karmateet stage.

Are you experiencing your elevated stage of being beyond sound? That elevated stage is a lovely and unique, powerful stage that is beyond all gross attractions. Become stable in this elevated stage for just a second and you will feel the impact of that in yourself while doing something in the form of a special power of peace throughout the day. This stage is called the karmateet stage, the complete stage of being equal to the Father. With this stage you can experience success in every task. Have you experienced such a powerful stage? The aim of Brahmin life is to attain the karmateet stage. Only if you practise this from now will you be able to accomplish your aim. In order to attain this aim you particularly need to have within you the powers to pack up and to accommodate. From the lives in which you indulged in vice and in the lives of devotion, the sanskar you had for birth after birth, of allowing your intellect to wander into expansion has become very firm. Therefore, in order for you to stop your intellect from wandering into expansion and to stabilise it in the essence, both of these powers are needed. From the beginning, you will see so many varieties of expansion in the consciousness of the body. You know them, do you not? “I am a child.” “I am young.” “I am old.” “My occupation is such-and-such!” In this way, there is so much expansion of the consciousness of the body. Then, when you come into relationships, there is so much expansion. There would be someone’s child, there would be someone’s father. There is so much expansion in relationships! There is no need to mention them because you know them all. In the same way, there is also so much expansion of possessions for the body. In devotion, there is so much expansion to please all the deities. Their aim is to attain the One and yet the methods they follow that make them wander around are many. In order for you to put all of those different forms of expansion into their essence, you need the powers to pack up and to accommodate. You merge all types of expansion in one word. What is that one word? A point. I am a point and the Father is also a Point. The whole world is merged in the one Father, a Point. You have experienced this very well. In the world, there are relations and prosperity. Both specialities are merged in the Father, a Point. Have you experienced all relationships with the One? Have you also experienced the attainment of the wealth of happiness, peace and joy? Or, do you still have to experience that? So, what happened? The expansion is merged into the essence, is it not? Ask yourself: Has my intellect that was wandering in all types of expansion now stabilised in the One on the basis of the power to pack up? Or, is it even now still wandering in some type of expansion? Have you experimented with the powers to pack up and to accommodate? Or do you just have the knowledge of them? If you know how to use them, the sign of that is that you are able to stabilise your intellect on what you want, for as long as you want, in a second. When a physical vehicle has a powerful brake, you can stop it where you want in a second. You are able to steer the vehicle in whatever direction you want. Similarly, do you also experience this power in yourself? Or, does it take you time to become stable? Or, is it that you find it hard work to steer your intellect away from something wasteful to something powerful? In that case, you should understand that you lack both of these powers. The speciality of the Brahmin life of the confluence age is to stabilise in the form of the essence and be constantly swinging in the swings of happiness, peace, joy, knowledge and bliss. Remain stable in the imperishable intoxication of being the complete form of all attainments. Let your face only reveal attainment and nothing else – let the sparkle and intoxication of that stage of perfection be visible. Since the faces of kings who attained perishable kingdoms filled with physical wealth had that sparkle at the beginning of the copper age, just consider what imperishable attainment you have here! So, how much spiritual sparkle and intoxication would be visible on your face? Do you experience this? Or, are you happy just hearing about those experiences? The Pandava Army is special. Baba is definitely pleased when He sees the Pandava Army. The speciality of the Pandavas that is portrayed in pictures is of them being constantly courageous, not weak. You have seen the pictures of your memorial, have you not? Mahavir has been shown in the pictures. So BapDada is especially giving all of you Pandavas the blessing of this special awareness of being constantly victorious, being constant companions of the Father, that is, companions of the Father of the Pandavas, and of constantly staying in the stage of a master almighty authority, equal to the Father. Although new ones have also come, you are still the same souls of the previous cycle. Therefore, constantly maintain the intoxication and faith of definitely attaining your full rights. Do you understand? Achcha.

To those who stabilise their intellects in a second and experience all attainments, to those who constantly use all the powers and experience their whole world to be in the Father, to such complete and elevated souls who are equal to the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups – Meeting h alf-kumar s:

1) Did you ever think that you would have such elevated fortune? You never even hoped that you could ever attain such elevated fortune. However, the Father changed you from souls with no hope into souls for whom there is hope. The time for being hopeless has now come to an end. You now have the hope at every step that success is guaranteed for you. You no longer have any thought as to whether you will succeed or not, do you? In any task, whether in terms of effort for the self or for service, let your sanskars of feeling disheartened now end. Let there be no type of disheartenment about transforming any sanskar, whether it is of lust, greed or arrogance. Never feel that you cannot change yourself, that it is very difficult to change. Never have such a thought, because if you don’t transform yourself now, then when would you do it? It is now Dashera (burning of the effigy of Ravan). In the golden age, it will be Deepmala. The Dashera of finishing off Ravan is now. Let there be constant zeal and enthusiasm for victory, not sanskars of disheartenment. Let any difficult task be experienced to be very easy, as though it is not a big thing, because you have carried out that task many times before. You are not doing anything new. You are simply repeating something that you have already done many times. Therefore, constantly maintain hope. Let there be no name or trace of being disheartened. Let there never be any thought about your nature or sanskar such as, “I don’t know whether this will be transformed or not.” You are those who are constantly victorious, not just sometimes. If there is any weakness even in your dreams, then finish that for all time. Transform any type of hopelessness into a feeling of hope. When your faith is unbroken, victory is also constant. When you question your faith with “Why?” or “What?”, then there is also something or other lacking in your attainment. Therefore, you are those in whom there is always hope and who are always victorious. You are those who transform hopelessness into hopes for all time.

2) Do you constantly consider yourselves to be the elevated confluence-aged souls, the most elevated souls following the highest code of conduct and the Brahmin topknots who are great souls? You have now become the most elevated beings, have you not? There are also other beings in the world, but compared with them you are unique and loved by the Father. This is why you have become the most elevated. When you are with other people, you consider yourselves to be completely different, do you not? Although you come into contact with worldly souls, whilst living amongst them, you mustn’t forget that you are unique souls, because you have become swans, holy swans who pick up pearls of knowledge. They are storks who eat impure food. They only eat impure food, only speak bad words. So, whilst living amongst storks, you don’t ever forget your life of a holy swan, do you? You don’t ever become influenced by them, do you? In fact, you have to influence them; let them not influence you. So do you constantly consider yourself to be a holy swan? A holy swan would never accept anything other than pearls of knowledge in his intellect. Brahmin souls who are the highest, the topknot, can never accept anything that is low. You have changed from storks into holy swans. Holy swans are always clean and pure. Purity is cleanliness. Swans are always clean, they are always white. White is also a sign of cleanliness and purity. Your uniform too is white. This is a symbol of purity. If there is any type of impurity, then you are not a holy swan. Holyswans cannot even have impure thoughts. Thoughts are also food for the intellect. If you eat any impure or useless food, you cannot remain constantly healthy. Anything that is useless is thrown away; it is not accumulated. Therefore, now finish waste thoughts. This is known as being a holy swan. Achcha.

Meeting a group of Pandavas:

Pandavas means those who are not defeated in their thoughts or dreams. Especially remember this slogan: Pandavas means those who are always victorious. Let your dreams also be of victory. There has to be this much transformation. All of you who are sitting here are victorious Pandavas. When you return to your service places and are defeated, you won’t write those letters saying that you are defeated, will you? It isn’t that Maya comes, but that you yourselves call her. To be weak means to call Maya. Therefore, any type of weakness invokes Maya. So, what promise have you Pandavas made? That you will always remain victorious. Don’t hide away after being defeated, but always remain victorious. Those who make such a promise constantly receive congratulations from the Father. The Father constantly sings songs of praise of such children. So all of you will listen to the songs of praise, will you not? If there is defeat, there would be cries of distress, whereas when there is victory, there will be praise. So all of you are constantly victorious. Not a single one in this group will be defeated. Achcha.

Become a Master Bestower

BapDada now wants each one of the children to become a master bestower. Whatever you have taken from the Father, give that to others. Do not have any expectation to take from souls. Be merciful and give everyone the co-operation of your virtues and powers, be generous-hearted. To the extent that you continue to give to others, it will accordingly continue to increase. Perishable treasures decrease by giving them away, but imperishable treasures increase by donating them. Give one and receive a thousand-fold.

To be a master bestower means to be one who is always full, complete. The images who are full of the treasure of experience automatically become master bestowers. A bestower means a server. A bestower cannot stay without giving. With his virtue of being merciful, he will give courage and power to weak souls. Such souls will be master bestowers of happiness. Always have the awareness that you are master bestowers of happiness, the children of the Bestower of Happiness. Those who are bestowers are able to give what they have. If someone doesn’t have anything for himself to eat, how could he become a bestower? This is why, as is the Father, so are the children. The Father is said to be the Ocean. An ocean means unlimited, it never ends. Similarly, you are master oceans, not rivers or canals. So, continue to give altruistically, the same as the Father. At any time of peacelessness, become master bestowers of peace and give peace to others. Do not be afraid, because you know that what is happening is good and that what is to happen will be even better. People will continue to fight under the influence of the vices, because that is all they would do. However, your duty is to give peace to such souls, because you are world benefactors. World benefactor souls are constantly master bestowers and continually give. To give co-operation, love and sympathy to everyone is to receive.

At present, everyone has a need for imperishable happiness. All are hungry for happiness and you are the children of the Bestower. The duty of the children of the Bestower is to give. Whoever comes into connection and relationship with you, continue to share your happiness with them, continue to give. Become so full that no one returns empty-handed. Now, all the souls of the world will come in front of you and ask you for happiness and peace. You children of the Bestower have to become master bestowers and continue to make everyone prosperous. So, first of all, continue to fill all your treasure-stores with all treasures. At the confluence age, you elevated souls have to be unending and constant. Constantly have the awareness: I am a child of the Bestower, a constantly great donor soul. No matter which type of soul comes in front of you, whether it is someone without knowledge or a Brahmin soul, you have to give something to everyone. A king means a bestower. So, you cannot stay without donating for even one second. So, you cannot stay for even one second without donating. Brahmin souls already have knowledge, but you have to become bestowers for them in two ways: 1) Whichever power a particular soul needs, donate that power to them, with your mind, that is, with your pure attitude and vibrations, that is, co-operate with them. 2) In your deeds, be an image of virtues in your life. Be a practical sample and give others co-operation so that they are able to imbibe virtues easily. To donate means to give them co-operation.

At present, there is a need for you to become a bestower of virtues through your deeds, when interacting with one another. So, have the thought: I have to be a constant image of virtues and perform the special task of making everyone into an image of virtues. There is a lot of knowledge, now let the virtues emerge. Become an example of becoming and making others full of all virtues. You are the children of the Bestower and so give others whatever they want. Let no one return empty-handed. You have plenty of treasures. Someone wants happiness, someone wants love, someone wants power; continue to give those. Now, let the pure thought emerge in you children, as the children of the Bestower, that you to become instruments to enable all souls to claim their inheritance. Make sure no one is deprived. No matter what others are like, at least they belong to the Father. You are the children of the Bestower and so give with a generous heart. Those who are wandering around with sorrow and peacelessness are your family. A family is given co-operation. So, in order to become a great donor at the present time, let the virtue of being merciful, in particulare, emerge. Do not have any expectation of taking from anyone – that someone should speak well of you or consider you to be good and only then will you give. No; be a master bestower and continue to give with your attitude, your vibrations and your words. Be an unlimited bestower, stand on the globeof the world and spread your vibrations and do unlimited service. Become a great donor. Go into the unlimited and all limited matters will automatically finish. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be celibate and with the special inculcation of purity, experience supersensuous joy.
The special inculcation of Brahmin life is purity. This is the special basis of constant supersensuous joy and sweet silence. Purity is not just celibacy, but to be constantly celibate means to follow the footsteps of the teachings of Father Brahma at every step. Let the steps of your every thought, word and deed be in the footsteps of Father Brahma. The faces and activities of those who are Brahma-achari (following the footsteps of Father Brahma) will give the experience of them being constantly introspective and having supersensuous joy.
Slogan: Those who have the sense of being trikaldarshi and the essence of spirituality in their attitude to service are serviceable.


*** Om Shanti ***




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