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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The different specialities of the spiritual stars of the Sun of Knowledge.

Today, the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge were looking at their variety stars. Some are loving stars, some are especially co-operative stars, some are easy yogi stars, some are elevated, knowledgeable stars and others are stars who have enthusiasm for special service. Some are stars who eat the fruit of effort and some are stars of easy success. In this way, all are stars with different specialities. Because all you stars receive spiritual enlightenment from the Sun of Knowledge, you have become sparkling stars. However, the sparkle of the speciality of each type of star is different. Just as the influence of physical stars enable you to attain different varieties of fruit for a temporary period, in the same way, you spiritual stars of the Sun of Knowledge also have a relationship with all souls that gives imperishable attainment. With whatever speciality each star is filled, according to his or her speciality, that star becomes an instrument to enable others to attain fruit. To the extent that you yourself are close to the moon of knowledge and the Sun of Knowledge, to that extent you will bring others into a close relationship with you. Then, on the basis of the specialities you have received from the Sun of Knowledge, and also on the basis of the power of those direct specialities, you will bring them close into a direct relationship with the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge. You are such powerful stars, are you not? If you yourselves are not powerful or close, you cannot enable others to forge a direct connection. Because you yourself are distant, whatever power, relationship and connection others are able to attain through you, according to your speciality, they will continue to attain that according to their own capacity. They won’t have the strength to receive direct power. This is why, just as the Sun of Knowledge is the Highest on High, so the special stars are also high. Otherwise, they would be unable to experience an elevated stage. They are able to have attainment according to their capacity. They don’t experience as powerful a stage as they should.

The words constantly emerging in the minds and from the mouths of such souls are: This is how it should be, but it isn’t. This is what I should become but I haven’t yet become that. This is what I should do, but I am not able to do it. They are called souls who do everything according to their capacity. They are not souls who are filled with all powers. Such souls are unable to be destroyers of obstacles for themselves or for others. As soon as they move forward, an obstacle comes. They remove an obstacle, they have courage, they become happy and then another obstacle comes. The life line, that is, their line of effort, would not be clear all the time. They continue to move forward with the method of moving forward a little and then coming to a standstill and then moving forward a little again and they also continue to make others move forward in this way. Because of stopping and starting, they don’t experience a constantly fast speed. Sometimes it is the walking stage, sometimes the ascending stage and at other times the flying stage. They don’t experience a constantly stable or powerful stage. They are sometimes a problem and sometimes embodiments of solutions, because they work according to their capacity. They don’t have the power to imbibe all powers from the Sun of Knowledge. They definitely need support in-between. They are called souls who have everything according to capacity.

You come up the high mountain to come here and, whatever type of vehicle you come in, whether it is a bus or a car, because it has a powerful engine, you are able to come up directly at a fast speed without stopping for air or water. If the engine is weak, you have to stop to get some more air or water. You cannot then travel non-stop; you have to stop somewhere. In the same way, souls who have everything according to capacity are unable to reach their destination of the flying stage at a fast speed without the support of one soul or another, or some salvation or facility. Sometimes, they will say: Today, I wasn’t as happy. Today, my yoga was not that powerful. Today, I am weak in this particular dharna even though I understand everything. Today, I don’t have any enthusiasm for service. Sometimes, they need water, sometimes they need air and sometimes, they need a push. Would you call this powerful? I am one who has all rights. In claiming my rights, I am number one. I am no less than anyone else. Whereas, when it comes to doing something, what do you say? I am still young. I am still new. I am not that old. I have not yet become complete. There is still some time left. It is the senior’s fault, not mine. I am still learning, I will learn it. BapDada always says: Everyone should be given a chance. I too should receive this chance. You should listen to me. In claiming, you say that you should claim it, whereas in doing something, you say you will only do what the seniors do. In claiming your rights, you say that you want them now, whereas in doing something, you say that you will do it at some point. You become senior in taking and junior in doing. This is called a soul who does everything according to capacity.

Seeing this entertaining game, BapDada continues to smile. The Father is the cleverest of all, but those who are master clever ones are no less. Therefore, from being souls who are according to capacity, become master almighty authorities. Become those who do something. You will then automatically receive the fruit of powerful actions and the fruit of good wishes and pure feelings. All attainments will definitely follow you like a shadow. Simply continue to move along with the enlightenment you have received from the Sun of Knowledge and the shadow of all attainments will definitely follow you. Do you understand?

Today, Baba was seeing the splendour of the stars who are according to capacity and those who are powerful. Achcha.

Everyone has come running here fast. You have reached the Father’s home and so He says to you children: Welcome! Whatever and however much space you have, it is your home. The home would not expand in one day, but the number has increased, has it not? Therefore, they have to be accommodated. The space and the time have to be worked with according to the numbers. All of you have been accommodated, have you not? Of course, there will be a queue for everything. Nevertheless, you are still very, very lucky that you have all been accommodated in Pandav Bhavan itself and the buildings connected with it. The queue has not yet reached outside. There has to be growth, and there will be queues. Constantly, just remain happy and comfortable in every situation. You will never find the comfort of the heart you receive in the Father’s home anywhere else. Therefore, remain constantly content in every situation. Even three feet of the land of blessings of the confluence age is more elevated than the palaces of the golden age. You have received this much room to sit, and that too is very elevated. You will remember these days! Now, you are at least receiving drishti and toli. Later, you will have to become those who enable others to receive drishti and toli. Expansion is taking place and this is a matter of happiness. Stay happy with whatever you receive and however you receive it. Expansion means benefit. Achcha.

Those from Karnataka are especially loved, long-lost and now-found ones. Those from Maharashtra are also those who are great in number. Delhi has also raced. May you all continue to grow! U.P. is no less than anyone else. Each place has its own speciality. Baba will tell you about that at some other time.

BapDada also has to consider the restraint of time because He has to take the support of the corporeal body. It is after all a body He has taken on loan; it is not His own body. BapDada becomes responsible for the body. Therefore, the Master of the Unlimited is bound by the limited. It is unlimited in the subtle region. Here, Baba has to consider the routine, time and the strength of the body. Come into the unlimited and celebrate a meeting. There, no one would tell you: Come now, and go back now. Or: Come numberwise. You have an open invitation, that is, you have full rights. You can come at 2 o’clock or 4 o’clock. Achcha.

To all the constantly elevated, powerful souls, to the special souls who are always close and equal and who remain stable in the highest stage, like the Sun of Knowledge, to the courageous souls who constantly have the zeal and enthusiasm to say, “me first”, when it comes to performing every action, to all the close children who make all souls powerful, love, remembrance and namaste from the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge.

BapDada meeting the Dadis:

BapDada is proud of you children. What is He proud of? The Father is always proud to see the children who are equal to Him. How proud would the Father be when His children carry out an even more special task than the Father Himself? Day and night, you just have deep love for both remembrance and service. However, the speciality of the mahavir children is that they place remembrance first and then service. The horse riders and the infantry place service first and then remembrance. This is why there is a difference. If there is first remembrance and then service, there is success. When you place service first, then, whatever happens in service, whether it is good or bad, you become affected by that, whereas when you place remembrance first, you are easily able to be detached. So the Father is also proud of such children who are equal to Him. Who in the whole world would have such children who are equal to Him? If Baba were to speak of the speciality of each one, a Bhagawad would be created. If Baba were to speak of the speciality of each maharathi from the beginning, a Bhagawad would be created. In Madhuban, when the Sun of Knowledge and the stars sparkle together, the beauty of the sky in Madhuban becomes so elevated. Together with the Sun of Knowledge, the stars are also definitely needed.

BapDada meeting groups of couples:

1) Those who stay on the rails going in one direction would be those who have a fast speed, would they not? The one direction of both – this one direction – are the wheels. Those who move along on the basis of one direction constantly move at a fast speed. Both wheels have to be elevated. It isn’t that one is slow and one is fast, is it? Both have to be equal. In making intense effort, are the Pandavas number one or are the Shaktis? To enable one another to move forward means for the self to move forward. Let it not be that you enable others to move forward but that you yourself get left behind. To enable others to move forward means for the self to move forward. All of you are lucky souls, are you not? The residents of Delhi and Mumbai are especially lucky, because even while moving along the path, you receive many treasures. You receive the company, co-operation and teachings of special souls. This is also a blessing which you receive without an invitation. Other people make so much effort. In the whole of their Brahmin life or in the life of service, such elevated souls go to their places two to three times with difficulty, but whether you invite them or not, they easily come to you. So, the colour of the company, which is well known, the company of special souls brings you enthusiasm. You are fortunate souls who receive fortune so easily. Constantly continue to sing the song, “Wah my elevated fortune!” The return of the attainment you receive is to have a constantly flying stage. Not those who come to a standstill or those who walk, but those who are constantly flying.

2) Do you constantly experience yourselves to be under the Father’s canopy of protection? Remembrance of the Father is the canopy of protection. Those who stay under the canopy of protection always remain safe. When it rains or when there are storms, you go under a canopy. In the same way, remembrance of the Father is the canopy of protection. Those who stay under the canopy of protection easily become conquerors of Maya. To forget having remembrance means you come out from under the canopy of protection. Let remembrance of the Father always be with you. Those who stay under the canopy of protection in this way always continue to receive the Father’s help. They constantly continue to receive the help of every power. They can never become weak and be defeated by Maya. Maya doesn’t sometimes make you forget to have remembrance, does she? For 63 births, you have continued to forget; now, the confluence age is the age to stay in remembrance. Do not forget at this time. By forgetting, you stumbled and received sorrow. So, how can you now forget? You are now those who stay in remembrance all the time.

At the time of farewell:The confluence age is the time to meet. The more you meet, the more your expectation to meet will increase. Let there be the pure desire to meet because it is the pure desire to meet that will make you into conquerors of Maya. This pure thought of meeting constantly enables you to have remembrance of the Father. Let this happen. When this is fulfilled, the confluence age will finish. All other desires have been fulfilled, but to remain constantly merged in remembrance is the pure desire that will enable you to move forward. It is like that, is it not? So, you will constantly continue to celebrate the mela of a meeting, whether through the corporeal or the avyakt form. The avyakt meeting is unique in its own way and the corporeal meeting is unique in its own way; it is good to meet. Achcha. The morning will always be pure and elevated. Those people simply say, “Good morning”, but here, it is pure and also elevated. Every second is pure and elevated. Therefore, congratulations for every second. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority who easily observes the original religion of purity with the Father’s company.
The original dharma (religion, way of life) of souls is purity for impurity is an external dharma. When you have faith in your original dharma, the external dharma cannot shake you. However, if you recognise the Father accurately and keep Him with you, then it is very easy to adopt your original dharma of purity because your Companion is the Almighty Authority. Impurity cannot come in front of master almighty authorities, the children of the Almighty Authority. If Maya comes, even in your thoughts, then some gate is definitely open or something is lacking in your faith.
Slogan: Those who are knowers of the three aspects of time never see anything with one aspect of time; they consider there to be benefit in every situation.


*** Om Shanti ***

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