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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, at this time, God Himself is present in front of you. He has come with the gift of Paradise. Therefore, stay in limitless happiness.
Question: What blessings does the Father give His children?
Answer: To make the children as knowledge-full as He is Himself is His blessing. On the basis of this knowledge , you change from an ordinary human into Shri Narayan. Baba says: Children, I give you the teachings of Raja Yoga and make you into the kings of kings. No one, apart from Myself, can give you such blessings.
Song: Embrace me, my travelling Companion! How can I tell you how much I love You?

Om shanti. At this time, those who are in bondage are calling out because the whole world is unhappy. In that, the gopikas are the most unhappy. They sing that they are unable to tolerate any more. On the path of devotion, they continue to call out to God, but they don’t know who God is. The gopikas here know this but they are unhappy and in bondage. They want the Father to make them into a garland around His neck. The rosary of Rudra, of Shiva, is very well known. Brahmins want to stay around the neck of Shiv Baba because at this time all men and women are garlands around impure necks. All the daughters want to become the garland around God’s neck. It is definitely because the Father is present in front of them that they say this. When people take the oath they say that they will speak the truth knowing God to be present in front of them. Even important Government Ministers take the oath. They take the Gita in their hands because it is the religious scripture of Bharat. They take the oath in the name of the one God. They don’t say that all are God and that that is why they are taking the oath in the name of all! Therefore, the Father must surely have been present at some time. He is not here at this time. He is present everywhere just for you children, whom He is teaching. People celebrate the birthday of Shiva and so He must surely have come. How did He come? What did He do when He came? No one knows this. There is such a big temple to Somnath but people don’t know what He did because they have put Krishna’s name instead of Shiva’s name. They have removed the confluence age and written about the copper age. You children know that He is incorporeal. He doesn’t have a corporeal form like human beings do. He is now sitting in front of you. You see Him present here. He is truly knowledgefull and blissful. He gives knowledge;that is His bliss. With the bliss of this knowledge , you change from an ordinary human into Narayan. He Himself is teaching you through the body of Brahma. The Father Himself says: Beloved children, I teach you Raja Yoga and make you into the kings of kings. Krishna cannot teach you this. He himself became a king of kings. There won’t be just one Krishna or Lakshmi and Narayan there. There will be the whole sun dynasty there. Maya snatched their kingdom away. I have now personally come in front of you once again. I am now present in front of you Brahmins. The Father has come from such a faraway land and so He must definitely have brought you a gift. When a physical father returns from somewhere, he brings so many gifts. That One is the Father of all, whom everyone remembers so much. He comes from a faraway land and so He is not going to come here empty-handed. The Father says: I bring you a gift which no human being can bring. I bring heaven, Paradise. It is such a big gift! Baba gives you visions of how much happiness you have there. Every part of the body is very fragrant. Every part of the bodies of Lakshmi and Narayan is fragrant. This body, however, is full of germs. Baba takes insects and changes them into buzzing moths. The bodies here are diseased and full of germs. The bodies there are so beautiful. In the temples, they have such beautiful idols. There is so much difference between the bodies here at this time and those bodies. It is a matter of 5000 years. This Bharat was Indraprasth (Court of Indra). There, the soul was pure and the body was also pure. Baba changes you from earthenware vessels to golden vessels. The Father serves you fully and completely transforms you. What a part the Father has! He also plays the part s of the Teacher and the Satguru. He doesn’t have a father, teacher or guru. Your physical father would definitely have a father, teacher and guru. Shiv Baba says: I don’t have anyone. However, no one knows His occupation. Until they know about heaven, they can’t know that they’re in hell. You hear from the Granth scripture how God washes the dirty clothes. However, they don’t consider themselves to be that. The Father has come to give knowledge in order to make ugly ones beautiful. At this time, you are becoming the suns and moons of knowledge. Sannyasis cannot make the family path pure. They cannot say that they will make you into the kings of kings. They belong to the path of isolation. They renounce their homes out of fear, but there is no fear here. Children have come to the Father and they say: Baba, we have the strength to live together and remain pure. If a kumari is being beaten, then, in order to liberate her from that bondage, she can have a pure marriage: “We will not catch fire and die (as a result of lust). We will keep the sword of knowledge between us.” How can Brahmins who are brother and sister both drink poison? Pure marriage is mentioned in the scriptures, but they don’t understand the meaning of that. Sannyasis say that women are the gateway to hell. They don’t have the sword of knowledge that they could live together and remain pure. You are braver than they are. You have come off the pyre of lust and are sitting on the pyre of knowledge. Therefore, from ugly, you become beautiful. Sannyasis nowadays carry out marriage ceremonies; weddings take place in churches too. People ask (about Brahma): Who is this person who is asking us to become pure? There are difficulties. Here, Shiv Baba doesn’t experience any difficulty, but the long boot that He enters experiences them. While walking along minding his own business he became trapped. He is an old shoe. He doesn’t say that he is Krishna. He says: If I study Raja Yoga, I will change from an ordinary man into Narayan. However, he is not that at this time. In fact, you children have the faith that you will change from an ordinary man into Narayan and an ordinary woman into Lakshmi, that you will not fail and become warriors. Rama received 33% marks less and that was why he went into the moon dynasty. In fact, even those who are the sun dynasty then go into the moon dynasty. At that time (at the end of the golden age), Lakshmi and Narayan hand the kingdom over to Rama and Sita. Even Lakshmi and Narayan take rebirth and go into the silver age; they continue to take birth in royal families. Then the names of Sita and Rama continue and the names of Lakshmi and Narayan end. I am now asking you: What is the discus of self-realisation? (Baba asked one or two children.) Yes, this is the cycle of how deities become warriors and how warriors become merchants and then shudras. You have now come into the Brahmin clan. The more you spin this discus, the more your sins will be absolved. Ravan’s throat is cut with this. You children have limitless love for the unlimited Father. You say: Baba, we cannot bear to become separated from You. There are some daughters who are in bondage and are desperate because that One is the Mother and Father. One mother is Jagadamba whom everyone remembers, but who is the father of Jagadamba? No one knows that Brahma is the father of Saraswati. Worshippers don’t know that she then becomes Lakshmi. Then, after taking 84 births, she becomes Saraswati. Baba didn’t have this knowledge. If he had had knowledge he would surely have received it from a guru. He would then be singing the praise of that guru. In that case, there would also be disciples of that guru. They would also tell you these things. However, Baba doesn’t have a corporeal guru. The Father says: I am your Father, Teacher and Guru. I sit in this old shoe and teach you. Therefore, this one is the mother. This is why we are called the mother and Father. When you sing “You are the Mother and Father” you are not referring to Brahma and Saraswati. Brahma is not the creator of Paradise. The Father is the Father and this Brahma is your Mama (mother). It is this one (Brahma) who receives the urn first. However, in order to increase the praise of Saraswati, he places her in front. Saraswati’s name, ‘goddess of knowledge  is very well known. Even those who belong to the Vidhoot Mandali have the title of Saraswati. Achcha, Baba says: How much have I explained and how much more should I explain? Manmanabhav! That’s all! Simply remember Me and remember the inheritance you receive from Me and you will go to heaven! You will be numberwise there too. There are the royal maids and servants of the sun dynasty. There are also maids and servants of the subjects. There are then maids and servants of the moon dynasty kings and queens. They are all being created here. If you were to ask Baba what you would become if you were to leave your body now, Baba would tell you. OK, if you don’t understand anything, you can ask. Remember that if your yoga is not accurate, you won’t feel that happiness. You would be sitting in the cottage of sorrow. Heaven is the cottage free from sorrow. Sita was not in the cottage free from sorrow, but in the cottage of sorrow. Everyone is now sitting in the cottage of sorrow. People have the concern of what will happen when the war takes place. I simply say that when the war takes place, the gates of heaven will open. Achcha, remember that the Lord is pleased with an honest heart. If there is any devilishness inside, that will continue to cause obstacles. There will then be severe punishment experienced. Traitors always receive severe punishment. That One is the Supreme Judge. Look, (pointing to the picture of Krishna) so many allegations have been made against that one. Neither did he steal the clothes nor did he kill Kans or Jarasandha etc. They have still shown his (Krishna’s) face as ugly. Achcha.

BapDada is personally present in front of you children. You would say that He is in front of your eyes. I have entered the impure boot. God Himself says: I have entered the impure boot so that you can become pure. It is now the night of Brahma. So, Brahma would also exist in the night. Then, when he becomes Vishnu, it will be the day. Achcha.

Baba is giving love and remembrance to the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children. You can call this one Dada or the incognito mother. It is a wonderful secret. Why does BapDada say “To the sweetest children, numberwise, according to the efforts they make.”? You know that Baba will love you when you continue to do service like Baba. However, those who help will also become part of the subjects. There are numberwise wealthy subjects too. Achcha. Good morning. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to please the true Lord, have a very honest heart. Don’t create obstacles.
  2. In order to experience happiness, let your yoga be accurate. By spinning the discus of self-realisation, have your sins absolved.
Blessing: May you have a right to blessings by performing charitable acts through your every thought, word and deed.
Have the determined thought in yourself that you will be a charitable soul throughout the day and perform charity through your thoughts, words and deeds. The instant fruit of charity is blessings from every soul. So, accumulate blessings through your every thought and word. Let thanks for co-operation emerge from the hearts of those in connection and relationship with you. Only those who have a right to such blessings can become instruments for world transformation. Only they receive a prize.
Slogan: Remain constantly in the company of the one Father and make the Father your Companion. This is greatness.

*** Om Shanti ***

Inva luable versions of Mateshwariji

A soul can never be a part of the Supreme Soul

Many people think that we souls are a part of the Supreme Soul. A part is referred to as a piece. On the one hand, they say that God is eternal and imperishable, and so how can they put the imperishable Supreme Soul into pieces? How can the Supreme Soul be cut into pieces? Souls are immortal and imperishable, and so the One who creates souls is also definitely immortal. To put the Supreme Soul into such pieces means to say that the Supreme Soul is perishable, but we know that we souls are the children of the Supreme Soul. So, we are His progeny, that is, His children, and so how can we be parts of Him? This is why the Supreme Soul’s elevated versions are: Children, I, Myself, am immortal, the constantly ignited light. I am the Flame that never extinguishes, whereas the lamps of human souls ignites and then extinguish. I am the One who awakens all of them, for I am the One who gives them light and might. However, there is definitely a difference between the light of I, the Supreme Soul and the lights of souls. Just as some bulbs have more power than others, so some souls have more power and some souls have less power. However, the power of the Supreme Soul cannot be any less than that of anyone else for this is why it is said of God that He is the Almighty Authority, that is, He has more power than all souls. He comes at the time of the end of the world. If someone believes that God comes in the middle period, that is, that He comes in every age, or that God comes in the middle, how could He then be the most elevated of all? If someone says that God comes in every age, then can we understand that God uses His energy every now and then? That the power of the Almighty Authority is to this extent? If He were to give everyone power or salvation through His power in between, His power would have to last all the time; so then, how come you receive degradation? This proves that God does not come in every age, that is, He does not come in between. He comes at the end of the cycle and grants salvation to everyone with His power. Because He carried out such huge service, such a huge Shiv lingam has been constructed as His memorial and He is worshipped just as much. So, God definitely is the Truth, He is the Living Being and He is also the Embodiment of Bliss. Achcha.



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