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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The Father, the Comforter of Hearts, meeting the beloved children.

Today, Baba has come to celebrate a special meeting with the children who maintain constant zeal and enthusiasm. Day and night, you have the thought of just celebrating a meeting. You do celebrate a meeting in the subtle form but, nevertheless, there is constantly the pure desire to celebrate a meeting in the corporeal form. You all continue to count the days till when it will be your turn to meet Baba. This thought of each one of you children reaches BapDada and BapDada continues to remember each of you children in order to give you the response of that. This is why, today, Baba hasn’t come to speak a murli, but to fulfil your thought of celebrating a meeting. Some children have sweet complaints in their hearts that they didn’t have a meeting with Baba through words. BapDada also wants to meet each of you children to your heart’s content. However, time and the bodyhave to be considered. In the subtle form, many can meet Baba at the same time for as long as they want, and there is no question of having turn s in that. However, when it is the meeting through the corporeal body in the corporeal world, everything has to be considered according to the corporeal world and the corporeal body. Is there a fixed day in the subtle region, that such-and-such a group will meet on that day or that you should come to meet Baba after an hour or half an hour? There is no bondage of this in the subtle region and the subtle body, that is yours and the Father’s. You are all experienced in celebrating a meeting in the subtle form, are you not? Even if you sit there for the whole day, no one would ask you to get up. Here, you are told: Now, go back! Or, now, come to the front! However, both forms of meeting are sweet. According to the drama, you double-foreign children and you children who live in this land, were not able to experience the practical form of sustenance through the physical form. Brahma Baba continues to remember all the children who have been searching for a long time and have now come and met Baba. Brahma Baba sings special praise of such long-lost and now-found children. You may have come late, but you still have the experience of the corporeal form through the subtle form. On the basis of such experiences you say that you don’t feel as though you haven’t met the corporeal form. You have taken sustenance through the corporeal form and are even now receiving it. To experience the corporeal form through the subtle form is the practical proof of the love in your intellect. You feel as though you are seeing the corporeal form in the subtle form. You experience this, do you not? This is the proof of the miracle of the children’s intellects. It proves that the beloved children of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, are close to the Comforter of Hearts. You are My beloved children, are you not? What song is constantly sung to the Beloved? Wah Baba! Wah my Baba!

BapDada remembers every child. Don’t think: “Baba remembered so-and-so. I don’t know whether He remembered me or not. He has more love for that one and less love for me.” No! Just think about it: BapDada has found you children 5000 years after you had become separated. Therefore, all the children will receive the love that has accumulated over 5000 years, will you not? He has to give you the love of 5000 years in just 5 – 6 years or in 10 – 12 years. Therefore, He gives you so much stock in such a short time! Only when He gives you the maximum is He able to give fully. The Father has such a stock of love for every child that that love can never diminish.

Secondly, BapDada constantly sees the specialities of the children, even if the children sometimes play games of fluctuation under the influence of Maya. Nevertheless, BapDada sees every child with the vision that the child will overcome with love the obstacle that has come and become a special soul and carry out a special task. Even in the obstacle, He sees your form of love. So, how could this love reduce? He constantly has the maximum love for every child and every child is constantly elevated. Do you understand?

BapDada meeting groups:

New York: To belong to the Father means to become a special soul. From the moment you belonged to the Father, you became the most elevated souls in the world and are remembered as worthy of praise and worthy of worship. You also see and hear about your worthiness in terms of your respect and worship in the living form once again. Do you experience this? There is such a vast difference between Bharat and America, and yet the Father selected you from the different corners and brought you into the one garden. Who are all of you now? You are the spiritual roses of Allah’s garden. It has to be said: Such-and-such a country but, in fact, all of you are spiritual roses from the one garden who are sustained by the one Father. Now, do you feel that all of you belong to the One and that all of you are walking along the same path to the same destination? The Father is also pleased to see each one of you. The good wishes of all and the tireless love of everyone’s service gave the visible fruit of everyone’s determined thoughts. The zeal, enthusiasm and co-operation from all directions have brought about a very good result. The sound from outside (abroad) will awaken the people of Bharat. This is why BapDada is congratulating you.

Barbados: BapDada constantly shows you children the way to become number one children. No matter how late any of you have come, as you make progress, you can claim number one. You don’t think whether you will have an elevated part or not, do you? You don’t ask how you will be able to move forward, do you? Whether you are those who came late, whatever country or religion you belong to, whatever belief you have, all of you have the same fullright. The Father is One, and so all of you have the same right. It is just a matter of courage and deep love. Never lose your courage! No matter how disheartened someone tries to make you or whether someone says: “I don’t know what has happened to you or where you got lost”, don’t get caught up in their matters. After careful consideration, you made a firm deal that you belong to the Father and the Father belongs to you. The Father considers every child to be a soul who has all rights. However much you want to take, there is no obstruction to that. None of the seats are booked as yet. All the seats are still empty. The whistle has not yet been blown, and this is why if you continue to maintain courage, the Father gives you multimillion-fold help.

Canada: What is the basis of flying constantly in the flying stage? Being double light. You are birds who constantly fly, are you not? A flying bird is never bound to anyone. When they come down, they are tied in bondage. Therefore, always continue to fly up above. A flying bird means to be free from all bondage and to be liberated in life. In Canada, science also teaches the art of flying, do they not? So, the residents of Canada are constantly flying birds.

San Francisco: Do all of you play your part s whilst considering yourselves to be hero actors who play a special part in the world? (Sometimes.) BapDada is amazed when He hears the children say, “Sometimes”. Since you have the constant company of the Father, you would also have constant remembrance of Him. Apart from the Father, who else do you remember? You have experienced what you attained by remembering others and where that led you. Since you have already experienced this, what else other than the Father can you remember? Have you experienced all relationships with the one Father or is there any relationship still missing? When you are able to experience all relationships with the One, there is no need to go in any other direction. This is called one Strength and one Support. Achcha, all of you made very good effort and brought special souls into contact. Those who co-operated in service will continue to receive the return of co-operation for many future births. The effort of one birth liberates you from effort for many births. You will not make any effort in the golden age. BapDada is pleased to see the children’s courage and their awareness of being instruments. If you don’t do everything as an instrument, there can be no result. Achcha.

05/11/2017 Avyakt BapDada 27/02/83

The sweet alokik decorate d mela of the c onfluence age.

Today, the Father and the children are celebrating a meeting. In a mela, there is a lot of variety, many beautiful things are very beautifully decorated and they meet one another. What is BapDada seeing in this sweet meeting? Apart from at the confluence age, this alokik decorated mela cannot be celebrated by anyone else. Each one is more beautifully decorated than the next invaluable jewel. You know your decoration, do you not? Such a beautiful crown of light is sparkling on each one’s head. In the middle of this crown of light is sparkling so much the symbol of the soul, like a jewel! Do you see your crowned form? Each one is such a beautifully decorated image, decorated with divine virtues. You have such beautiful decoration with which all the souls of the world are automatically attracted to you even against their conscious wish. Are you decorated with such elevated imperishable decorations? As a memorial of the decoration of this time, the devotees will constantly continue to decorate your non-living images with the most beautiful decorations. The decorations of now will be used for the living deity souls for half the cycle and for the other half of the cycle they will be used to decorate the non-living images. All the children have now been imperishably decorated by BapDada. Today, BapDada is pleased to see all three forms of each and every child – the present form, the deity form of your kingdom and then the images of the memorial on the path of devotion. All of you also now know your three forms, do you not? You have seen all three forms with your eye of knowledge, have you not?

Today, BapDada has come to fulfil the complaint about meeting Him. It is a wonder of the children that you bind the One who is free from bondage. You even teach BapDada on what account you have to meet Him. So, who is the magician? The children or the Father? Children cast such magic of love on the Father that the Father cannot think of anything other than you children. He constantly remembers you children. When all of you eat, you invoke the One. So, He has to eat with so many children! You call Him to eat so many times. When you eat, when you walk, and as you walk, you walk hand in hand, you also sleep with Him together. So, when He has to eat, sleep and walk with so many children, would He have time for anything else? Even when you perform any actions, you say: “It is Your work and I am just an instrument. You have to do it and inspire us and we will use our hands just in name.” So, He has to do that too. Then, when there is a little storm, you say, “Now, You have to take care of it.” You give the Father the task to finish the storm. You even give the burden of action to the Father. You also constantly keep His company, so who is the greater magician? Nothing can happen without the co-operation of the arms, and so this is why the rosary is turned, is it not? Achcha.

The children who reside in Australia have had very good renunciation and they have renunciation every time. They always come last and go fast and come first. The more they renounce and make others go ahead, they (those from Australia) accordingly receive a little share of however many they meet and make them move ahead. So, did you renounce something or claim fortune? Along with them, the group from UK is also big. Both of these are the first instrument centres and they are big centres. The children there are such that from one, the Father is revealed in many other places and this is why the seniors in both Australia and UK have to place others ahead of them. All of you are happy in the happiness of others, are you not? It has been seen that the servers, the co-operative and loving children, at both places are generous hearted, in all respect. In this respect too, children are great donors in being co-operative. BapDada remembers all the children. He will meet all of you. BapDada is pleased that children come from so far away to their sweet home with the enthusiasm to meet. You come flying here. Physically, you may have come from any land, but all of you are residents of the one land. All are one (united). One Father, one country, one direction and you are stable in one stable stage (ek-ras – constant). It is just for identity that the name of the country is mentioned for the short time that you meet but all of you belong to the one country. In terms of the physical too, at this time, all of you are residents of Madhuban. It feels good to consider yourself to be a resident of Madhuban, does it not?

The basis of success in service at a new place:

Whenever you start service at a new place, do all types of service at the same time. Have good wishes in your mind; in your speech, speak elevated words with pure feelings to forge a relationship with the Father. By coming into a relationship and connection, attract everyone with your form of love and peace. By doing all types of service in this way, you will achieve success. Not just in words but do all types of service simultaneously. Make such a plan because, in order to do any serv ic e, you especially have to stabilise yourself in that stage. No matter what the result of service is, let there be benefit merged in every step of service. If even one person comes here, this success is also merged within it. You are instruments to draw the lines of fortune for many souls. Continue to serve in this way while considering yourself to be such a special soul. Achcha. Om shanti.

Blessing: May you be multimillion times fortunate and with the power of God’s love, make the impossible possible.
Multimillion times fortunate children remain constantly merged in God’s love. The power of God’s love transforms any external situation (paristhiti) into an elevated stage (shresth stithi). An impossible task becomes possible. Something difficult becomes easy because BapDada’s promise is that He will continue to fulfil the responsibility of love in your overcoming every problem. However, do not become those who only sometimes have love. Become those who always fulfil the responsibility of love.
Slogan: Accumulate blessings through your elevated actions and activity and you will experience a situation as big as a mountain to be like cotton wool.


*** Om Shanti ***


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