Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 5 May 2020

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, your love is for the one Father because you receive the unlimited inheritance from Him. You say to Him with love, “My Baba!”
Question: Why can no words spoken by human beings be compared to those spoken by the Father?
Answer: Because every word that the Father speaks is an elevated version. Those who hear these elevated versions become great; they become the most elevated humans. The Father’s elevated versions make you into beautiful flowers. Words spoken by human beings are not elevated versions. In fact, it is because of them that you have been coming down.
Song: Even though the world may change, we will remain constant.

Om shanti. The first line of the song is meaningful, but the rest of the song is useless. It’s similar to how the terms in the Gita “God speaks”, “Manmanabhav” and “Madhyajibhav” are correct. That is called a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour. You children know very well who God is. Shiv Baba is called God. Shiv Baba comes and creates Shivalaya. Where does He come? Into the brothel. He Himself comes and says: O My sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found spiritual children. It is you souls who listen to Him. You souls know that you are imperishable and that your bodies are perishable. We souls are now listening to these elevated versions spoken by the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, speaks the elevated versions which make us into elevated human beings. None of the great souls and gurus etc. speak elevated versions. When they say, “Shivohum”, that too is not a true version. You are now listening to elevated versions from the Father and becoming beautiful flowers. There is so much difference between thorns and flowers! You children now know that it is not a human being who is speaking to you. Shiv Baba is present in this one. He too is a soul, but He is called the Supreme Soul. Impure souls now call out: O Supreme Soul, come! Come and purify us. He is the Supreme Father, the One who makes us into supreme beings. You are becoming the most elevated of all human beings, those who are called deities. The term “Supreme Father” is very sweet. When they refer to Him as omnipresent, there is no sweetness. Very few of you have remembrance of the Father inside you with a lot of love. Physical husbands and wives remember one another physically. Here, you souls have to remember the Supreme Soul with a lot of love. On the path of devotion, they cannot worship Him with as much love. There isn’t that love. How can they love Him when they don’t know Him? You children now have a lot of love for Him. You souls say: My Baba. All souls are brothers. Each brother says that Baba has given us His introduction. However, that wouldn’t be called love. You would have love for someone from whom you receive something. Children love their father because they receive an inheritance from him. The greater the inheritance, the greater the love his children would have. If their father doesn’t have any property, but their grandfather does, there wouldn’t be as much love for the father. There would be more love for the grandfather, because they believe that they will receive some money from him. Now, this One is the unlimited Father. You children know that the Father is now teaching you. This is a matter of great happiness: God is my Father. No one knows that Father, the Creator. Because of not knowing Him, they call themselves the Father. If you ask a child who his father is, in the end, he would say, “I am.” You children now know that that One is definitely the Father of all fathers. The unlimited Father whom we have now found has no father of His own. That is the highest-on-high Father. Therefore, you children should have a lot of happiness inside you. When people go on those pilgrimages, there isn’t that much happiness because there is no attainment there. They simply go there to have a vision. They stumble along so much for nothing. They wear out their foreheads and they also use up all their money. They spend a lot of money and yet attain nothing. If there were an income earned on the path of devotion, the people of Bharat would become so wealthy. They spend billions of rupees on building temples etc. You didn’t just have one temple to Somnath; each king had a temple. You were given so much wealth. Five thousand years ago, you were made into the masters of the world. Only the Father says this. Five thousand years before today, I taught you Raja Yoga and made you become like them. Look what you have now become! Let this enter your intellects. We were so elevated! Having taken 84 births, we have now fallen to the floor; we have become as worthless as shells. We are now going to Baba who is making us into the masters of the world. This is the only pilgrimage where souls meet their Father. Therefore, there has to be that love inside you. When you children come here, your intellects should have the awareness that you are going to that Father from whom you are once again to receive the sovereignty of the world. That Father gives us the teachings: Children, imbibe divine virtues! Remember Me, the Father, the Almighty Authority, the Purifier! I come every cycle and tell you: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. Let it enter your hearts that you are going to the unlimited Father. The Father says: I am incognito. The soul says: I am incognito. You understand that you are going to Shiv Baba and Brahma Dada; they are combined. We are going to meet the One who makes us into the masters of the world. Let there be unlimited internal happiness. When you leave your homes to come here to Madhuban, happiness should be bubbling inside you. The Father has come to teach us and He is showing us the way to imbibe divine virtues. When you leave your homes you should have this happiness inside you. When a girl is going to meet her future husband, she puts on jewellery etc. and her face blossoms; her face blossoms for receiving sorrow! Your faces blossom for receiving constant happiness. Therefore, there should be so much happiness in coming to meet such a Father. We have now found the unlimited Father. When we go to the golden age, our degrees will decrease. You Brahmins are now the children of God. God sits here and teaches you. He is our Father and also our Teacher. He is teaching us and purifying us and He will then take us back home with Him. We souls are now being liberated from this dirty kingdom of Ravan. There should be a lot of happiness inside you. Since the Father makes you into the masters of the world, you should study very well. When students study well, they pass with good marks. Children say: Baba, I will become Shri Narayan. This is the true story of becoming the true Narayan. It is the story of changing from an ordinary human into Narayan. You have been listening to those false stories for birth after birth. Only once, at this time, do you listen to the true story from the Father. That then continues on the path of devotion. It is said that Shiv Baba took birth at night and so they celebrate His birthday year after year. However, no one knows when He came or what He did when He came. Achcha, they also celebrate the birth of Krishna. They don’t know when he came, how he came or what he did either. They say that he came in the land of Kans. How could he take birth in an impure land? You children should be so happy that you are going to the unlimited Father. Some relate their experience of how so-and-so shot an arrow at them and told them that Baba has come. Ever since that day, they have continued to remember the Father alone. This pilgrimage is for you to go to the greatest of all Fathers. Baba is living and He comes to meet His children. Those pilgrimages are physical. Here, the Father is living. Just as we souls speak through our bodies, so the Father, the Supreme Soul, also has to speak through a body. This study is for your livelihood of your future 21 births. Other studies are just for this one birth. So, which study should you study and which occupation should you have? The Father says: Do both! You mustn’t leave your home and families and go to live in the forests like the sannyasis do. This path is the family path. This study is for both. Not everyone will study. Some will study very well and some a little less. An arrow will instantly pierce some, whereas others will continue to speak as though they are crazy. Some say: Yes, I will try to understand. Others say: I have to understand these matters by sitting in solitude somewhere. Then they go off and disappear. If an arrow of knowledge strikes someone, he would immediately come to understand everything. Some say that they don’t have time. You can understand from that that an arrow didn’t strike them. Look how Baba instantly left everything when an arrow pierced him! He believed that he was going to receive a sovereignty. Therefore, he thought, “What is all of this compared to that? I want to claim the kingdom from the Father.” The Father says: Now, carry on with your business etc., but come and understand all of this very well for one week. You have to look after your family and sustain your creation. Those people (sannyasis) create their family and then leave home and run away. The Father says: You created your creation. Therefore, look after them very well. If your wife and children listen to you, they are obedient and worthy. If they don’t, they are disobedient and unworthy. You can tell which ones are worthy and which ones are unworthy. The Father says: If you follow shrimat, you become elevated. Otherwise, you cannot receive the inheritance. Become pure, become a worthy child and glorify the Father’s name. Once an arrow has struck them, they will say: That’s it! I will now earn a true income. The Father has come to take you to Shivalaya. You also have to become worthy of going to Shivalaya. There is effort in this. Tell them: Now remember Shiv Baba. Death is standing just ahead. They too have to be benefitted. Tell them: Now remember the Father and your sins will be absolved. It is the duty of you daughters to uplift both your family and your in-laws’ family. Since you have been invited there, it is your duty to benefit them. Become merciful. Show impure and tamopradhan human beings the way to become satopradhan. You know that everything definitely becomes old from new. In hell, all souls are impure. Therefore, they go to bathe in the Ganges in order to be purified. However, first of all, they have to be made to understand that they are impure and that they therefore have to become pure. The Father says to souls: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. Give all the sages and holy men My message: The Father says: Remember Me! The alloy will continue to be removed from souls with this fire of yoga or pilgrimage of remembrance. You will then be purified and come to Me. I will take all of you back home with Me. A scorpion continues to move along until it comes to something soft. Then, it will sting there. What would it achieve by stinging a stone? You can also give the Father’s introduction. The Father has told you where His devotees are. They are at the temples to Shiva, the temples to Krishna and the temples to Lakshmi and Narayan. Devotees continue to worship Me. They too are My children. They also received the kingdom from Me but have now become worshippers from being worthy of worship. They are devotees of the deities too. The number one worship is the unadulterated worship of Shiva. While gradually falling, they started to worship the elements. It is easy to explain to the worshippers of Shiva: This is Shiv Baba, the Father of all souls. He gives us the inheritance of heaven. The Father says: Now remember Me and your sins will be absolved. I am giving you this message. The Father says: I am the Purifier, the Ocean of Knowledge. I am giving you this knowledge. I also teach you yoga in order to purify you. I give you this message through the body of Brahma: Remember Me! Remember your 84 births! You will find the devotees in the temples and at the kumbha melas. You can explain there whether the Ganges or the Supreme Soul is the Purifier. Therefore, you children should have the happiness of who it is you are going to. He is so ordinary! What splendour should He reveal? What should Shiv Baba do so that He seems like a great person? He cannot wear saffron robes. The Father says: I take an ordinary body. Advise Me what to do! How should I decorate this chariot? When they ride the horse of Hussein, they decorate it so beautifully. Here, they portray Shiv Baba’s chariot as a bull. They also put a round image of Shiva on the forehead of a bull. How could Shiv Baba enter a bull? Why have they shown a bull in the temples? They say that that is the chariot of Shankar. Would Shankar have a chariot in the subtle region? All of that belongs to the path of devotion and is fixed in the drama. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Promise yourself that 1) You will now earn a true income. 2) You will make yourself worthy of going to Shivalaya. 3) You will become a worthy child by following shrimat and glorify the Father’s name.
  2. Become merciful and make tamopradhan human beings satopradhan. Benefit everyone. Remind everyone of the Father before death comes.
Blessing: May you become great in serving with the lesson of “Ha ji” (yes indeed) and become worthy of receiving everyone’s blessings.
While doing service in happiness and with enthusiasm, also pay attention to the way you do service so that you also receive everyone’s blessings because where there are blessings, there will not be hard work. Now, simply have the aim of receiving blessings from those you come into contact with. The lesson of “Ha ji” is the means of receiving blessings. Even if some are wrong, do not push them down further by saying that they are wrong, but give them support and enable them to stand up. Be co-operative and you will receive blessings from their contentment. Those who become great in receiving blessings become great automatically.
Slogan: As well as being a hard worker, also keep the aim of becoming hard (strong) in your stage.

*** Om Shanti ***

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