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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Those who are truly co-operative are true yogis.

Today, Baba is looking at the love the children have for the meeting. Because they remained under the canopy of one faith and one strength, and had zeal and enthusiasm for meeting, no upheaval was able to shake their love, even slightly. You transformed obstructions and tiredness and experienced an easy path of love and arrived here. This is what it means by “when the children have courage, the Father helps.” Where there is courage, there is also enthusiasm. If there is no courage, there is no enthusiasm. The children who constantly maintain courage and enthusiasm claim number one through their constant stage. No matter how severe a situation may be, with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm and an elevated flying stage, you will experience in a second the biggest and most severe situation to be small and easy, because in front of the flying stage everything is experienced to be like little toys in a game. No matter how frightening some situations appear, you will experience them to be natural not frightening. You experience painful situations to make you determined. No matter how distressing the situations that come to you may be, the drums of happiness will not allow there to be any influence of the scenes of distress. Instead, with peace and power, you will help everyone else by working like cool water on their fire of pain and distress. At such a time, desperate souls need help. It is by receiving this co-operation that they will experience elevated yoga. Everyone will accept this true co-operation of yours to be that of true yogis. At such a time of distress, with the revelation of “Those who are truly co-operative are true yogis” and through their practised attainment, there will be cries of victory. There is the praise of such a time, “Thirsty for one drop…” This drop of the experience of one second’s peace and power will enable desperate souls to experience fulfilment. At such a time, the attainment of one second will give them the experience of having received the attainment and fulfilment of many births in a second. However, only a soul who has been practising having a powerful stage over a long period of time will be able to quench the thirst of thirsty souls in a second. Now check: are you able to be a master bestower of fortune, a master bestower of blessings and a master ocean and give in a second the experience of such a powerful stage in the midst of a fearsome and sorrowful atmosphere of sorrow and pain? If, at such a time, you become engaged in watching or listening to, “What has happened?”, you won’t be able to be co-operative. Even the slightest desire to watch or listen will not allow you to create the powerful stage in which you can fulfil everyone’s desires. Therefore, from now on, constantly practise the powerful stage of being ignorant of the knowledge of any temporary desires. Become those who are constant servers and constantly co-operative and yogi in their every thought and at every breath. Just as a damaged idol has no value and has no right to be worshipped, in the same way, a server or a yogi who is not constantly engaged in that doesn’t have the right to enable souls to claim a right at such a time. Therefore, the time for such powerful service is now coming close. Time is ringing the bells. Just as devotees ring bells to awaken their special beloved deities, and then put them to sleep and offer bhog etc., in the same way, time is ringing the bells and alerting you special deities. You have awakened but you have become busier in the pure household. Time is ringing the bells for you to quench the thirst of thirsty souls and is making preparations for you to practise creating a powerful stage to bring attainment for many births in a second. Time is invoking you complete especially beloved souls to open the curtains of revelation. Do you understand? All of you have heard the bell of time, have you not? Achcha.

To those who easily overcome all adverse situations with the flying stage, to the constant servers, constant yogis, constant master bestowers, embodiments of bestowers of blessings, who in a second enable souls to become fully satisfied with the attainment of a long period of time, to those who constantly fulfil all desires with the stage of being ignorant of the knowledge of desires, to such master almighty authority, powerful souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

(Gangaben related news of Kanpur to BapDada): You are a constantly unshakeable and immovable soul. You experience the Father’s canopy of protection in every situation, do you not? BapDada always keeps the children safe. You have always received a means of safety from the Father. This is why you always have the Father’s hand of love and His company. You have already practised “nothing new“. Whatever happened, it was “nothing new“. Whatever is happening, it is “nothing new”. You automatically continue to receive touchingsRehearsals are taking place. At such a time, what are the means of safety and service? What should your form be? Rehearsals are taking place for this. At the end, there will be the victory amidst the cries of distress. After the extreme, there will be the end and then the beginning of the new age. At such a time, the drums of revelation will beat in everyone’s mind even against their conscious wish. The scenes will be delicate but the drums of revelation will beat. Therefore, you have gone beyond rehearsals. You played your part as a carefree emperor. You did very well. You reached here and this is the form of love. Achcha. In terms of having thoughts, you are free from thoughts. Whatever happened, “wah, wah”. In this too, some will be benefited. This is why there is benefit in being burnt and benefit in being saved. You wouldn’t cry out in distress: Oh! I got burnt! No. There is benefit in that too. Just as you say “Wah, wah!” when you are saved, “Wah, I have been saved!” in this same way, let there be “Wah, wah”, even at the time of being burnt. This is called a constant and stable stage. It is your duty to save others, but something that is going to get burnt is going to get burnt anyway. There are also many karmic accounts in this. You are a carefree emperor anyway. One went and you received one hundred thousand-fold. This is the slogan of Brahmins. Nothing went, but you received. This is why you are carefree. It is probably because you are going to get something better. This is why it is a game to get burnt and it is a game to be saved. Both are games. What people will see is to what extent you are a carefree emperor, that you are getting burnt and yet you are a carefree emperor because you are under the canopy of protection. Those people become worried, “What will happen? How will it happen? Where will we get our food? How will we carry on?”, whereas children don’t have that worry at all. Achcha.

You will now have to make preparations, will you not? Don’t think about your leaving, but think about taking everyone with you. You will grant everyone visions, make everyone satisfied, beat the drums of revelation and then leave. Why should you leave before that? You will return together with the Father. You will go having experienced the wonderful scenes of revelation. Why should you miss out on this? This devotion in the mind, the worship in the mind, the flowers of love – these final scenes are very wonderful. It is a different matter as to who has a part in the advanced party. However, it is very essential to see these scenes. Those who complete something are said to have accomplished the whole task. This is why the Father comes at the end, and so He has done everything, has He not? So, why don’t you also see this wonderful scene with the Father and return with Him? Only some have this part. Therefore, don’t have any thought of going (dying). If you had gone, that too would have been fine. If you are still here, that is also good. If you go alone, you will still have to serve in the advance party. Therefore, don’t think that you have to go. Think that you have to take everyone with you. Achcha. This is also an experience that has been added. Whatever happens adds a degree to your experience. Just as others have a higher degree in their study, to experience this means to increase your degree.

BapDada meeting groups:

Do all of you consider yourselves to be masters of the self? You are now masters of the self at the confluence age, and in the future you will have the kingdom of the world. Only those who are masters of the self become those who have a right to the kingdom of the world. Do you always consider yourself to be one who has a right to self-sovereignty, that those physical organs are your workers and that you make them function with a right over them? Or, do the physical organs become the king sometimes? Are you yourselves the kings or do the physical organs sometimes become the kings? Do the physical organs sometimes deceive you? If you are deceived by anyone, then you have taken sorrow. Deception brings you sorrow. If there is no deception, there is no sorrow. Therefore, you are those who stay in the happiness, intoxication and power of being masters of the self. The intoxication of being a master of the self is the intoxication that takes you into the flying stage. Limited intoxication causes harm but this unlimited intoxication – unique, spiritual intoxication – is one that enables you to attain happiness. So the true kingdom is the kingdom of a king, and the kingdom of the subjects is a kingdom of chaos. From the beginning, it has been a kingdom of kings. In this last birth there is the kingdom of the people. So, you have now become those who have a right to the kingdom. You were beggars for many births and now, from being beggars, you have become those who have a right. BapDada always says: Children, remain happy, remain fruitful and prosperous. The more you consider yourself to be an elevated soul, and perform elevated actions, speak elevated words and have elevated thoughts, then, with these elevated thoughts, the more you will claim a right to the elevated world. This self-sovereignty is your birthright. It is this that will enable you to claim a right for birth after birth.

Inspirational, invaluable elevated versions from Avyakt BapDada

1. Everyone is waiting for one thing; what is that? The riddle from the beginning has been: Who am I? That will still be there till the end. Till the end, everyone is waiting (to know): Ultimately, who am I? Or, where am I in the rosary? When will this waiting end? All are talking to one another about who will be in the eight, who will be in the 100, for there is no question about who will be in the 16,000. Ultimately, it is: Who will be in the eight or the 100? The foreigners are thinking: Which rosary will we be in? Those who came at the beginning are thinking: Those who have come last are going fast. We don’t know whether we will have a place or whether those who have come last have it. What is the final account? The Father has the book, does He not? Nothing has been fixed yet. When you had the art competition, how did you choose the painting? You first selected a few and then from those you chose the first, second and third numbers. If you were to select from the beginning, they would be fixed, numberwise. So now, they have been chosen, but not yet fixed. What will happen to those who come at the end? There are always some seats kept available till the end. Even when reservations are made, there are some quotas left till the lastmoment, but those are a handful out of multimillions and a selected few from that handful. Achcha.

Which rosary are all of you in? Have hope in yourself. There will be something or other so wonderful on the basis of which all your hopes will be fulfilled. The speciality of the eight jewels lies in one special aspect. Just as there is the practical memorial of the eight jewels, so each of the eight powers will be practicallyvisible in their lives. If even one power is less visible practically in their lives, it is like a damaged arm of an idol and so the idol is not worthy of being worshipped. In the same way, if even one power is visible to a lesser extent, then that one could not be said to be fixed in the list of the special eight deities. Secondly, the eight deities are considered to be the special beloved deities of the devotees. “Especially beloved deities” means those who are greatly worthy of worship. Devotees receive from their special beloved deities total success and the way to achieve it. Here, too, those who are special jewels, in front of the whole Brahmin family they are the specially beloved, that is, they are the ones who show through their every thought and every activity the path to success and the method. Even now, they would be considered to be such great images in front of everyone. So, they would have the eight powers and would be specially beloved in front of the family, that is, they would be in the form of elevated souls, great souls and blessed souls. This is the speciality of the eight jewels. Achcha.

2. The method to remain safe from the vibrations of the world and safe from Maya: Those who always maintain deep love for belonging to the one Father and none other remain safe from every type of attack of Maya. Just as during a war, everyone goes underground when bombs are dropped and so are not affected by them, in the same way, when you are lost in the love of One, you remain safe from the vibrations of the world and from Maya. Maya would not have the courage to attack you. So, remain lost in love. This is your means of safety.

3. The sign of jewels who are close to the Father: Those who remain close to the Father would be coloured with the colour of the Father’s company of truth. The colour of the company of truth is spirituality. So, the close jewels would always be stable in a spiritual stage. While being in bodies, they would be detached and stable in their spirituality. While seeing bodies, they would not see them and the soul that is not visible would be seen in a practical form; this is the wonder. Only those who stay in their spiritual intoxication can make the Father their Companion because the Father is the Spirit.

4. The easy way to stay beyond all the attractions of the old world: Always maintain the intoxication that you are the masters of the imperishable treasures. Whatever the Father’s treasures are – knowledge, happiness, peace, bliss – they are all your virtues. A child is automatically a master of his Father’s property. A soul who has all rights would have the intoxication of his rights, and he forgets everything else in that intoxication, does he not? He has no awareness of anything else. Let there only be one awareness – the Father and I. With this awareness, you will automatically go beyond the attractions of the old world. The goal would always be very clear in front of those who maintain their intoxication. The goal is to become an angel and a deity.

5. The wonderful game of one second with which you can pass with honoursThe game of one second is to come into the body in a minute and to stabilise yourself in the avyakt stage in the next minute. Do you have the practice of this game of a second? To be able to stabilise yourself in the stage that you want when you want. The final paper will be of only one second. Those who are caused upheaval in a second would fail and those who remain unshakeable would pass. Do you have such controlling power? Now, you have to practise this at a fast speed. To the extent that there is upheaval, accordingly, your stage would be extremely peaceful. Just as an ocean is externally full of sound and absolutely peaceful internally – you need to have such practice. Only those who have controlling power are able to control the world. How can those who are unable to control themselves rule the world? You need the power to pack up. In one second, go from the expansion to the essence. And in a second, go from the essence to the expansion. This is the wonderful game.

6. Continue to swing in the swing of supersensuous joy: Souls become happy from unhappy when they see all of you souls swinging in happiness. Let your eyes, your mouths, your faces all give happiness. Become such bestowers of happiness. Those who become such givers of happiness cannot experience waves of sorrow even in their thoughts.

Blessing: May you be a constantly powerful soul who achieves total success by concentrating the mind and the intellect.
In order to attain total success, increase your power of concentration. This power of concentration will easily free you from obstacles. There will be no need to work hard. One Father and none other: there will be easy experience of this and your stage will easily become constant and stable. There will be the attitude of benevolence and the vision of brotherhood for everyone. However, in order to concentrate, become so powerful that your mind and intellect constantly work according to your orders. Let there not be any upheaval for even a second, even in your dreams.
Slogan: Remain detached like a lotus and you will become worthy of receiving God’s love.


*** Om Shanti ***

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