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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you must never miss this study. It is by studying that you win a scholarship. Therefore, imbibe the knowledge that you receive from the Father Himself.
Question: Whom would you call worthy Brahmins and what are their signs?
Answer: 1) Worthy Brahmins are able to recite the knowledge of Baba’s Gita by heart. 2) They make many others become like themselves. 3) They donate the wealth of this knowledge to many. 4) They never come into conflict with anyone. 5) Their intellects never become attached to any bodily being. 6) Brahmins means have no evil spirits in them; they make effort to renounce body consciousness and to remain soul conscious.

Om shanti. The Father has given the introduction of Himself and also the knowledge of the world cycle. It has entered the intellects of you children that the world cycle repeats identically, just as they create plays and make models. You children should turn this cycle around in your intellects. You are called spinners of the discus of the cycle of self-realisation, so all of this should spin in your intellects. Imbibe the knowledge that you receive from the Father. It should be imbibed to such an extent that, at the end, you only have the remembrance of the one Father and the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of creation in you. You children should make very good effort. This is an education. You children know that no one, except you Brahmins, knows this education. There are many different castes. People believe that everyone should come together and be united. Now, the whole world cannot become one. There does need to be one kingdom, one religion and one language in this world, but that can only exist in the golden age, where there is the world sovereignty of Lakshmi and Narayan who are the masters of that world. You should explain to people how there was peace in the world at that time. This is a question of Bharat alone. When it was their kingdom, there used to be peace over the whole world. No one, except you children, knows this. All are devotees and you can see the difference between their devotion and this knowledge. It is not that, ghosts and evil spirits will harm you if you don’t do worship; no. You now belong to the Father. Whatever evil spirits you do have inside you they will all be removed. The foremost evil spirit is the ego of body consciousness. In order for you to renounce this, the Father makes you soul conscious. When you remember the Father, no evil spirit would dare to come in front of you. None of the evil spirits will come for 21 births. The five evil spirits belong to that community of Ravan. The kingdom of Ravan and the kingdom of Rama are separate from each other. In the kingdom of Ravan, there is corruption whereas in the kingdom of Rama, souls are elevated. No one, except you children, understands this contrast. However, even among you, only the sensible and wise ones understand it very well because Maya, the cat, is no less. Sometimes, children stop studying or stop going to a centre and do not imbibe divine virtues. Their eyes deceive them: if they see something good, they’ll eat it. Therefore, the Father explains: This (Lakshmi and Narayan) is the aim and objectiveand you have to become like them and imbibe virtues like theirs. There, as are the king and queen, so the subjects; everyone has divine virtues. Devilish traits do not exist there; there are no devils there. No one, except you Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris, understands these aspects. You have pure pride because you have now become theists, because you belong to the sweetest, spiritual Father. You also know that no bodily being can teach Raj Yoga; no one else can teach this knowledge or the pilgrimage of remembrance. It is only the Father who can teach you this. You study this and then teach others. Perhaps they’ll ask you who taught you this and who your guru is, because teachers don’t teach these spiritual things; only a guru would teach these things. However, you children know that you have no guru other than the Satguru. He is also called the Supreme. According to the drama, the true Satguru, Himself, comes and gives His own introduction. Whatever He tells us is the truth and He takes us to the land of truth. There can only be the one Truth. To remember any bodily being is wrong. Here, you only have to remember the one Father. Just as all souls are tiny points of light, so the Father too is a point of light. Each soul has his own sanskars and karma; their sanskars cannot be alike. If their sanskaras were all alike, their features would also all be the same. However, their features can never be the same; there has to be some difference. There is only this one play and there is only one world, not many. To say that there is a world up above and a world down below or that there is a world in the stars are all tall stories. Baba asks: Who told you this? They then mention various scriptures. The scriptures must definitely have been written by human beings. You know that this drama is predestined. Second by second, whatever part is being played is also predestined in the drama. Children, it has also entered your intellects how this world cycle turns and how human beings play their parts. Baba has told you children that it is only you who have parts to play in the golden age. You come down, numberwise, in order to play your parts. Baba explains everything so well, and so you children have to explain all of this to others. Big centres will open, and then important people, as well as the poor, will also come. Generally, this knowledge enters the intellects of poor people quickly. When important people do come, they say that they don’t have time to study this because of their work. Children promise that they will study very well but if they don’t study they harm themselves. Maya would pull them to herself. There are many children who stop studying. If they miss their study, they definitely fail. Good students in a school would never take leave to go to a wedding or anywhere else, because their intellects would understand that they have to study well and get a good scholarship. This is why they study and would never think of missing their study. They would find nothing sweet but their study. They would understand that their time would be wasted unnecessarily otherwise. Here, there is only the one Teacher who teaches you. Therefore, you should never miss your study. Yes, students are numberwise according to how much effort they make and, if a teacher feels that his students are doing very well, he also enjoys teaching. Then, if they do well, the teacher’s name would be glorified, their grade would improve and they would attain a high status. Here, too, those who study very well will claim a high status. From the same class, some attain a high status and others less, and so their income would not be equal. Everything depends on the intellect. There, human beings teach human beings. However, here, you know that it is the unlimited Father who is teaching you. Therefore, you should study very well and not be careless. You should never leave this study. Sometimes, some become traitorsby saying topsy-turvy things to one another. You should not follow the dictates of others. No matter what someone says about shrimat, you have the faith that the Father is teaching you, and so you should never leave this study. You children are numberwise, whereas the Father is always number one, the first. If you leave this study, where else could you go? You can’t obtain this study anywhere else. You have to study with Shiv Baba. You also have to make a deal with Shiv Baba. Some say topsy-turvy things and turn the faces of others away. This is Shiv Baba’s bank. For instance, some of you may want to start a spiritual gathering outside; you want to accumulate for Shiv Baba’s bank, but how are you going to do that? Children come here and give whatever they can to Shiv Baba’s bhandari. If even one penny is given, they receive the return of that one hundred-fold. Shiv Baba says: In return for that, you will receive a palace. The whole of this old world is going to be destroyed. Many come from wealthy families but none of you could say that you are not being sustained from Shiv Baba’s treasure store, because all of you are being sustained here. Some are poor and some are wealthy. The poor are looked after by the wealthy. There is no question of fear in this. Many children want to belong to Baba, but they also have to be worthy, they have to be healthy and be able to give knowledge too. Even the Government checks everyone out thoroughly before they are taken on. Here, too, everything first has to be examined. Are they able to do service? All are numberwise. Each of you is making your own effort. Some make effort well, but then become absent. Due to one reason or another, they stop coming and then this affects their health. You are taught all of this so that you can become everhealthy. Those who are interested do understand that it is only by having remembrance that their sins can be cut away. They make very good effort. Some only come here to pass their time. You have to examine yourself about this. The Father explains: If you make a mistake, it would be known that you would not be able to teach anyone. Baba says: You have to become a worthy Brahmin within seven days, not just a Brahmin in name. A real Brahmin is one who is able to remember Baba’s knowledge of the Gita by heart. Brahmin priests are also numberwise. Here, too, it is the same. If you don’t pay attentionto this study, what would you become? Each of you has to make effort and give the proof of service. It would then be understood what status you will attain and this will be fixed for cycle after cycle. If you don’t study and teach others, you should understand inside: I haven’t studied very well and this is why I am not able to teach anyone. Baba says: Why haven’t you yet become worthy of teaching others? For how much longer must a Brahmin teacher be sent to you? You have to make others become similar to yourself. Those who study very well should help but many of you have some sort of conflict with each other, or you become attached to one another and stop studying. Those who make effort will receive the fruit of that. Why do you become influenced by what someone says and stop studying? This too is in the drama. It is not in their fortune. Day by day, the study is becoming more intense and more centres continue to open. This is not Shiv Baba’s expense; all the expenses are taken care of by the children. This is the best donation. When others make donations they only receive limited, short-lived happiness in return, whereas whatever you donate here, you receive the reward of that for 21 births. You know that you have come here to become Narayan from an ordinary human, so you should follow those who study well. You should study regularly. Generally, it is due to body consciousness that many of you fight with each other; you sulk over your own fortune. This is why the mothers are in the majority. It is the name of the mothers that is glorified. This advancement of the mothers is predestined in the drama. Therefore, the Father says: Sweet, sweet children, consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me alone. Remain soul conscious. Without a body, how would you listen to what others say? Have this firm practice: I am a soul and I must now return home. Baba says: Renounce everything else and just remember the Father. Everything depends on this. The Father says: By all means, do your business etc. Do eight hours of business, have eight hours rest and do eight hours service for this Government. It is not that you serve Me; you serve the whole world. This is why you should make time for this. The important thing is the pilgrimage of remembrance. You shouldn’t waste your time. What do you receive by working eight hours for that Government? Maybe one, two or five thousand. By serving this Government, you become multimillionaires. Therefore, you should serve from within your heart. Those who want to become one of the eight jewels must definitely have remembrance of Baba for eight hours. Those on the path of devotion have so much remembrance, but they are wasting their time;they don’t receive anything. By bathing in the River Ganges, chanting and doing penance etc., they cannot meet the Father through whom they would receive the inheritance. It is here that you receive your inheritance from the Father. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Do not disobey shrimat by following the dictates of others. Do not listen to wrong things and turn your face away from the study. You must have no conflict with anyone.
  2. Examine yourself and ask: Do I make mistakes anywhere? Do I pay full attention to this study? Do I waste my time? Have I become soul conscious? Do I do spiritual service from within my heart?
Blessing: May you be a double-light angelwho remains free from the attraction of old sanskars and relationships of the old world.
To be an angel means to be free from any attraction of the old world – not to be attracted by any relationship neither of your body nor any bodily person or possession. In the same way, you have to be free from the attraction of old sanskars. Let there not be any attraction to sanskars in any form of thoughts, attitude or words. When you become free from all attractions, that is, from wasting time, from wasteful company and a wasteful atmosphere, you will then be said to be a double-light angel.
Slogan: Spiritual social workers are those who sustain all souls with the power of silence.

*** Om Shanti ***

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