Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, everything of yours here is incognito, and this is why you mustn’t have any external show. Maintain the intoxication of your new kingdom.
Question: What effort do you children make to establish your elevated religion and divine actions (dharma and karma)?
Answer: You are now making effort to renounce the five vices because these vices have corrupted everyone. You know that, at this time, all have become corrupt and have moved away from their divine religion and actions. The Father gives you shrimat and establishes your elevated religion and elevated, divine actions. You conquer the vices by following shrimat and having remembrance of the Father. You give yourself the tilak of sovereignty through this study.
Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world. The earth and the sky all belong to us.

Om shanti. You sweetest, spiritual children heard this song. Only the spiritual children say: Baba. You children know that He is the unlimited Father, the One who gives you unlimited happiness, that is, He is the Father of all. All the unlimited children, souls, continue to remember Him; they remember Him in one way or another. However, they don’t know that they can receive the sovereignty of the world from that Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You know that the sovereignty of the golden-aged world that the Father gives you is constant, unshakeable and immovable. That sovereignty of ours lasts for 21 births. There is our kingdom over the whole world and no one can snatch it away from us. No one can loot it. Our kingdom is unshakeable because there is only one religion there; there is no duality there. That is the undivided kingdom. When you children hear this song, you should feel intoxicated about your kingdom. You should have such songs in your home. Everything of yours is incognito, whereas important people have a lot of external show. You don’t have any external show. You can see that the one whom Baba enters is also very ordinary. You children understand that all human beings here perform unrighteous and dirty actions and that this is why they are said to be senseless; their intellects are completely locked. You were so sensible, you were the masters of the world. Maya has now made everyone so senseless that they are no longer of any use. People do a lot of penance and hold sacrificial fires etc. to find God, but they don’t attain anything. They simply continue to stumble along in that way. Day by day, they become increasingly unfortunate. The more tamopradhan human beings become, the more misfortune there is. Rishis and munis who are remembered used to remain pure. They would say, “Neti neti” (neither this nor that). Now that they have become tamopradhan, they say, “I am Shiva, and the same applies to you” (Shivohum! Tatwam!). Or, that He is omnipresent and in everyone. Those people simply say, “Supreme Soul”. They never say “Supreme Father”. To call the Supreme Father omnipresent is wrong. This is why they say “Ishwar” or “Supreme Soul”. The word “Father” never enters their intellects. Even when some people do say it, that is just for the sake of it. If they truly believed Him to be the Supreme Father, their intellects would be sparkling. The Father gives you the inheritance of heaven. He is Heavenly God, the Father. So, why are we still in hell? How can we now attain liberation and liberation-in-life? This doesn’t enter anyone’s intellect. Souls have become impure. At first, souls are satopradhan and sensible. Then souls go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo and become senseless. You have now become sensible. Baba has now reminded you that when there is the new world of Bharat, it is your kingdom. There is just one direction, one language, one religion and the kingdom of one emperor and empress. Then, in the copper age, the path of sin begins and everything then depends on each one’s karma. You shed a body and take another according to your karma. The Father says: I am now teaching you such actions that you attain sovereignty for 21 births. Although you have limited fathers there, you don’t have the knowledge there that you have received that inheritance of the kingdom from the unlimited Father. Then, in the copper age, the kingdom of Ravan begins and relationships become vicious. The birth you receive is according to your karma. In Bharat, there are worthy-of-worship kings and also kings who perform worship. In the golden and silver ages, all are worthy of worship; there is no worshipping or devotion there. When the path of devotion begins in the copper age, the king, queen and all the subjects become worshippers and devotees. The greatest of all kings who belongs to the sun dynasty and is worthy of worship then becomes a worshipper. The reward for your becoming viceless now lasts for 21 births. Then the path of devotion begins. They build temples to the deities and worship them. This only happens in Bharat. The story of 84 births that the Father tells is also only for the people of Bharat. Those of other religions come later. Then, as the population grows, there are many of them. The features of the variety of religions are different in every respect. Their customs and systems are different too. All the paraphernalia is also needed for the path of devotion, just as a seed is tiny and the tree that emerges from it is huge. Just as the leaves, etc. of a tree cannot be counted, in the same way, there is so much expansion in devotion. They continue to produce so many scriptures. The Father now says to the children: All the paraphernalia of the path of devotion has to end. Now remember Me, the Father! There is a lot of influence of devotion. It is so beautiful and there is so much dancing, external show, singing and expense, etc. The Father says: Now remember Me and your inheritance. Remember your original, eternal deity religion. You have been performing many different types of devotion for birth after birth. Sannyasis consider the home of souls, the element of light, to be God. They remember the brahm element. In fact, when sannyasis are satopradhan, they go and live in the jungles in peace. It isn’t that they are going to merge into the brahm element. They believe that by shedding their bodies in remembrance of the brahm element they will merge into that element. The Father says: No one can merge into the brahm element; souls are imperishable. How can a soul merge into anything? They beat their heads so much on the path of devotion, but then some say that God will definitely come in one form or another. Now, who is right? They say that they will have yoga with the brahm element and merge into it. Those on the path of the household religion say that God will definitely come in one form or another to purify the impure. However, it isn’t that He will teach from up above through inspiration. Would a teacher sit at home and inspire everyone? There is no such thing as “inspiration”. Nothing happens through inspiration. Although it is said that destruction takes place through the inspiration of Shankar, it is in fact fixed in the drama. They have to manufacture those missiles, etc. That is just a praise for the sake of it. None of them knows the praise of their ancestors. They even call the founders of religions their gurus. However, they simply establish their religions. A guru is one who grants salvation. Founders of religions come to establish their religions and then their dynasties (followers) come after them. They don’t grant salvation to anyone. Therefore, why should they be called gurus? There is only the one Guru who is also called the Bestower of Salvation for All. Only God, the Father, comes and grants salvation to everyone. He grants liberation and liberation-in-life. No one can stop remembering Him. No matter how much a wife loves her husband, she still calls out, “O God! O Ishwar!”, because only He is the Bestower of Salvation for All. The Father sits here and explains that all of that is creation and that He is the Creator, the Father. Only the one Father gives happiness to everyone. A brother doesn’t give an inheritance to a brother. An inheritance is always received from a father. I give all of you unlimited children your unlimited inheritance. This is why everyone remembers Me, “O Supreme Father, forgive Me! Have mercy for me!” They don’t understand anything. On the path of devotion, they praise Him in so many different ways. He also plays His part according to the drama. The Father says: I don’t come when they call Me. This drama is predestined. The part of My coming is fixed in the drama. I inspire establishment of the one religion and destruction of innumerable religions, that is, establishment of the golden age and destruction of the iron age. I come by Myself at My own time. The part of the path of devotion is also in the drama. It is because the part of the path of devotion has now come to an end that I have now come. Children say: I now understand that I have met You once again after 5000 years. Baba, You entered the body of Brahma in the previous cycle too. You only receive this knowledge at this time. You don’t receive it again. This is knowledge and that is devotion. The stage of ascending is the reward of knowledge. It is said that you can receive liberation-in-life in a second. Janak received liberation-in-life in a second. Was it just one Janak who attained liberation-in-life? Liberation-in-life means a life liberated from this kingdom of Ravan. The Father knows that all the children have now become degraded. They are now to receive salvation. From degradation, they receive a high status of liberation and liberation-in-life. First, you will go into liberation and then into liberation-in-life. From the land of peace, you will go to the land of happiness. The Father has explained the secrets of the whole cycle. The other religions come after you, and the human world population also continues to grow. The Father says: At this time, the human world tree has become tamopradhan and reached the state of total decay. The whole foundation of the original eternal deity tree has decayed. All the other religions still exist. Not a single person in Bharat considers himself to belong to the original, eternal deity religion. They belonged to the deity religion, but at this time they don’t believe that they belonged to the deity religion because deities are pure. They think that they are not themselves pure. How can we impure beings call ourselves deities? The system of calling themselves Hindus is a system created according to the dramaplan. Even in the population census they put us down as belonging to the Hindu religion. Even if they are Gujaratis they will be entered as Hindu Gujaratis. At least ask them where the Hindu religion came from. No one knows. They simply say that their religion was established by Krishna. When? In the copper age. It was in the copper age that they forgot their religion and started to call themselves Hindus. This is why it is said that their divine religion and actions became corrupt. There, everyone performs good actions. Here, everyone performs dirty actions, and that is why it is said: The divine deity religion and actions became corrupt. The elevated religion and elevated divine actions are now being established once again. That is why you are told to continue to renounce these five vices. These vices have existed for half the cycle. You now have to renounce them for one birth. Effort is needed for that. You cannot receive the sovereignty of the world without making some effort. Only when you remember the Father will you give yourself the tilak of sovereignty, that is, only then will you become worthy of a kingdom. The more you stay in remembrance and follow shrimat, so you will accordingly become the kings of kings. The Teacher has come to teach you. This is the school to change from a human being into a deity. He tells you the story about changing from an ordinary human into Narayan. This story is very well known. It is also called the story of immortality, the story of the true Narayan and the story of the third eye. The Father explains the meaning of all three to you. There are many stories on the path of devotion. So, look how good this song is! Baba is making us into the masters of the whole world in such a way that no one can snatch away from us that status of being “the masters”. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Always be aware that you are instruments to establish one direction, one kingdom and one religion. Therefore, you have to become united and follow one direction.
  2. In order to give yourself the tilak of sovereignty, make effort to renounce the vices. Pay full attention to the study.
Blessing: May you have a right to supersensuous joy and to keeping yourself safe from Maya’s attack with your trikaldarshi stage.
The special blessing of the confluence age and the speciality of Brahmin life is supersensuous joy. This cannot be experienced in any other age. However, in order to experience this happiness, you have to keep yourself safe from Maya’s attack with your trikaldarshi stage. If you are repeatedly attacked by Maya, you will not be able to experience supersensuous joy, even if you want to. Those who experience supersensuous joy cannot be attracted by the happiness of the senses; because of being knowledge-full, they find that to be very tasteless.
Slogan: When there is a balance between service through karma and through thoughts, you will be able to make the atmosphere powerful.

*** Om Shanti ***

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