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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to save you from all types of choking. You are now going from this cottage of sorrow to the cottage that is free from sorrow. You are going across this river of poison.
Question: When you are sitting in remembrance, what is it that causes you obstacles and what doesn’t cause obstacles?
Answer: When you sit in remembrance, sounds and noise don’t create obstacles. Those are obstacles in knowledge. However, Maya definitely creates obstacles in remembrance. It is at the time of remembrance that Maya causes obstacles. She brings many types of thoughts and sinful thoughts. This is why Baba says: Children, remain cautious! Don’t allow yourself to be punched by Maya. Remember with a lot of love Shiv Baba who gives you infinite happiness and who is the Saccharine of all relationships. Run fast in remembrance.
Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of the dawn is not far off.

Om shanti. Sweetest children are on the pilgrimage. Normally, those who are sitting cannot be said to be on a pilgrimage. This pilgrimage is so wonderful ! It is the pilgrimage of peace, the pilgrimage of going to the land of peace. In the kingdom of Ravan, you die choking. There is the story of Satyavan Savitri and how she brought the soul of Satyavan back from death. In fact, there is nothing like that in reality. For half the cycle, death comes. At the end there is choking. They don’t know that Ravan, whose effigy they burn every year, is their enemy. Baba says: I have come to remove you from the cottage of sorrow and take you to the cottage free from sorrow where there is no choking. Here, there are many types of choking. There is choking from the parents, from the husband and the children etc. The husband traps you in vice. The Father comes and frees you from all this choking and takes you to the new world. The wings of souls are now broken; souls cannot fly. Therefore, they are unable to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. This is truly a pilgrimage of the intellect’s yoga. It is written: Manmanabhav (Focus your mind on Me). They don’t understand the meaning of this being a pilgrimage. They say that Rama took an army of monkeys and that they built a bridge. How could monkeys build a bridge? A bridge of your pilgrimage of remembrance is being built with which you go across the river of poison. The Father teaches you how to swim this river. He is the Boatman. He takes you across the river of poison to Shivalaya. It is said: Why should we renounce nectar and drink poison? Knowledge is called nectar. There is salvation through knowledge. The scriptures are not called knowledge. That is the paraphernalia of devotion. The golden age cannot come by the scriptures being read; there cannot be salvation through that. Therefore, that is not called the nectar of knowledge; that is devotion. Through knowledge there is at first 100% salvation and then you gradually continue to come down. You can’t say that there is degradation in the golden age too. There is no mention of degradation there. In the iron age, everyone is in degradation. You know that it is only the one Father who has mercy for everyone and that He is called Shri Shri. People have then given the title “Shri Shri” to everyone. Deities are referred to as Shri: Shri Lakshmi and Narayan, Shri Rama and Sita. The One who makes such beings Shri (elevated) is called Shri Shri (doubly elevated). You promise the Father that you will never indulge in vice. If, after making a promise, you make a mistake, the Father’s right hand, Dharamraj, is also with Him. Dharamraj will not forgive anyone. The Father is incognito, knowledge is incognito and the status is incognito. Only you children know that it cannot be a human being who gives you shrimat. The Father creates creation through Prajapita Brahma. Prajapita cannot exist in the subtle region. He would definitely be here. You children understand that, at this time, Brahma is a Brahmin. He receives the sovereignty in the future. Deities cannot rule in the impure world. Therefore, there has to be destruction of the old world; destruction definitely has to take place. There is still some time left. Your sapling of the new tree has not yet taken root. Earlier, you used to sing: You are the Mother and Father… You used to sing this praise in front of them all, but you didn’t understand anything. OK, think about how Brahma can be a mother. Lakshmi and Narayan have their own kingdom. Therefore, they cannot be called Mother and Father. So, it is at this time that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, plays the role of the Mother and Father in a practical way. Then His praise will be sung on the path of devotion. In that too, it is first to Shiv Baba that they sing: You are the Mother and Father. Then, later, they continue to say this to everyone – to Lakshmi and Narayan and to Rama and Sita. They have no wisdom at all. Shiv Baba is the Saccharine. All human beings continue to cause sorrow on the devilish path, whereas in comparison to that I give everyone the maximum happiness. I am the Bestower. I give you children shrimat: Children, the more you stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and spin the discus of self-realisation and become like a lotus, the higher the status you will claim. No one else can explain the meaning of these ornaments. Only you adopt these ornaments. They have given these symbols to Vishnu. They have even given a third eye to the deities. In fact, you are the ones who receive the third eye. There are the words ‘trinetri’ and ‘trikaldarshi’. You souls have the meaning of these in your intellects at this time. Everything stays in the intellect of the soul. The body doesn’t say “My eyes, nose, ears”. It is the soul that says, “This body is my palace.” You souls are now aware that you have part sof 84 births recorded within you. These are such incognito matters. A soul is also called a rocket. When a soul has to shed his body and go to London, he will do so in a second. People have created such fast rockets that if you start your journey in the morning, you would reach there by the evening. Earlier, it used to take three or four months by steamer. Even now, it takes nearly a month by steamer. By aeroplane it just takes you a day. However, souls are such very fast rockets that they can reach anywhere in a second; no one can see them. You souls have a l l  round part s . OK, what is the part of the Supreme Soul? From the copper age onwards, My part is to grant visions. I fulfil the desires of whoever remembers Me with that love and devotion. My part now is to give knowledge; it is to make impure ones pure. I make you master knowledgefull, master gods, the children of God. Those who made effort in the previous cycle will do so again. You children say that you came here in the previous cycle. You are now once again claiming your inheritance. From whom? From the Mother and Father. Saraswati is everyone’s mother. Her mother is this Brahma. This one doesn’t have a mother. Shiv Baba Himself says: You are My wife. So I say: How can I eat without my Husband? OK, so Shiv Baba and I both eat together. I have that intoxication. You yourselves say that Baba has come as the Agent to engage you to Himself. By following shrimat, you enable everyone to become engaged to God. The Father cancels the bondage of vice with which the pandits bound you. The Father says: Sit on the pyre of knowledge and you will become beautiful. Why do you sit on the pyre of lust and dirty your face? You know the meaning of ‘Shyam-Sundar’. Shri Krishna was beautiful, but even he is ugly now. The Father has now come and given you His introduction. You are students of the Purifier, God, the Father. This is a school. One studies at school. You have to make effort. However, you don’t have to make effort in those other spiritual gatherings. There, you just listen to the Gita or the Granth and then go back home. There, no one tells you to become pure or to go on a pilgrimage. As you make further progress, all of those physical pilgrimages will end. If there is snow or if an accident takes place, no one will go, whereas your pilgrimage will be gathering speed. Our pilgrimage is to Shivalaya. We will first go to the Land of Shiva, Shivalaya and we will then go to the land of heaven established by Shiva. Both the lands of Shiva and Vishnu are called Shivalaya because Shiv Baba gives both liberation and liberation-in-life. Therefore, Shiv Baba establishes the golden-aged dynasty. Achcha.

There cannot be any obstacles of noise in remembrance. It is in listening to knowledge that noise creates a disturbance. People say: Be quiet, otherwise there will be a disturbance in remembrance. However, noise doesn’t create a disturbance in yoga. It is Maya that creates obstacles. You children are battling against Maya. You children should not be defeated on the battlefield. Maya will continue to punch you. When Maya punches you on the nose, you fall. You then get up and she punches you on the nose again and you fall again. Therefore, the Father says: Maya punches you with anger and lust. You have to remain very, very careful about this. Don’t allow yourself to be punched by her. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Adopt all the ornaments of knowledge and become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation, trinetri and trikaldarshi, that is, become a master god.
  2. While remaining aware of Dharamraj the Father’s right hand, don’t perform any sinful acts. Having made a promise to become pure, don’t indulge in vice.
Blessing: May you be one with elevated fortune and constantly eat and serve others the nourishment of happiness of Brahmin life.
We are the children and the masters of the One who is the Master of the World. Constantly stay in this Godly intoxication and happiness. Wah my elevated fortune, My elevated destiny! Constantly continue to swing in the swing of this happiness. You constantly have the fortune of happiness and you also eat and serve others the nourishment of happiness. You give others the great donation of happiness and make them fortunate too. Your life itself is happiness. To remain happy is to live. This is the elevated blessing of Brahmin life.
Slogan: Be tolerant in every situation and you will continue to experience pleasure.

*** Om Shanti ***

Invaluable Versions of Mateshwari – 23/01/57

The whole world knows that God is One and some consider God to be a Power. Some say He is nature (kudrat). In essence, people believe in God in one form or another. Whatever they believe in, that thing must exist for that is why it has a name. However, there are as many opinions about God as there are people in this world, even though it is just one thing. People generally have four types of opinions. Some say that God is omnipresent. Some say that the brahm element is everywhere, they say that there is only the brahm element everywhere. Some say God is the Truth and that Maya is an illusion. Some say that there is no God, and that there is only nature; such people do not believe in God. These are some of many opinions. They think that the world is matter and that there is nothing else. They believe in the world, but they do not believe in the Master, God, who created the world. There are as many opinions as there are people in the world. Ultimately, it is God Himself who comes and makes a decision about all of these opinions. God comes and decides about this world, that is, only the One who has all powers, can explain about His creation expansively. He alone gives us the introduction of the Creator and then He also introduces His creation to us.

Some people even ask: What proof is there that we are souls? This can be explained: Since we say that we are souls, the children of that God, then this is something to ask yourself about. When I continue to say “I, I”, throughout the day, what power is that, and what to us is the One whom we remember? When we remember the One, it is definitely because we want something from that One. It is only when we remember Him at every moment that we can have some attainment. Look, whatever human beings do, they definitely have one or another pure desire in their mind. Some desire happiness and some desire peace and so, whenever a desire arises, there is definitely one to receive and the One who fulfils that desire. That must definitely be the One who gives, for that is why He is remembered. So, now the significance as to who He is has to be understood fully. The power that is speaking is I, myself the soul, whose form is like a point of light. When a person leaves his physical body, that light moves out of the body. Although it is not visible with these eyes, it proves that it does not have a physical form, but people definitely do realise that that soul has left the body. We would only call that a soul, the soul which is a form of light. Therefore, God, the One who creates the soul would surely also be the same as the soul. Whatever someone is like, whatever He creates would be the same. So, why do we say of the Supreme Soul that He is Supreme compared to us souls? This is because He has no effect of Maya on Him, whereas we souls are definitely affected by Maya because we enter the cycle of birth of death. That is the difference between souls and the Supreme Soul. Achcha.




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