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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, devotees cannot feel as much happiness when they say “Bhagwan” or “Ishwar” as you feel when you say “Baba”.
Question: What desires do worldly children have due to greed, which you children cannot have?
Answer: Worldly children who are greedy wonder when their father will die so that they can become the masters of his property. You children can never have such thoughts about the unlimited Father because the Father is bodiless. Here, you receive the imperishable inheritance from the eternal Father.
Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart!

Om shanti. Om shanti. When it is said twice, first it is Baba saying it and the second time it is Dada saying it. One is called a soul and the other is called the Supreme Soul, that is, the One who resides in the supreme abode. That is why He is called the Supreme Soul (Paramatma). What is the relationship between souls and the Supreme Soul? The Father is one whereas the children are innumerable. When human beings call out in English, they say, “O God, the Father“. Therefore, He is the Father. By simply saying “Paramatma”, “Prabhu” or “Ishwar” there isn’t as much pleasure. By saying “Father” you receive happiness. The Father from beyond is the One who gives you happiness and that is why He is remembered so much on the path of devotion. God, the Father, means He is our Father. It is said: We are all brothers. It is also called a brotherhood. When the people of Bharat say that they are all brothers, their attention is not drawn to souls; it is drawn to body consciousness. They don’t understand that they are souls who are brothers. The Father of all of us is One. If God were omnipresent, you wouldn’t say that you are brothers. It is only when you consider yourselves to be souls that you say you are brothers. You children are now sitting personally in front of the Father and He is teaching you. You souls say: We have now found the Father. You have found the Father, which means that you have found everything. You receive the inheritance from the Father. As soon as a son is born, it is understood that an heir is born. As soon as the child says “Baba” it proves that he is an heir. Generally, daughters say “Ma, Ma”. They have greater love for their mother. A son would say “Ba, Ba”. A son would have greater lovefor the father. An inheritance cannot be received from the mother. An inheritance is received from the father. Here, all of you souls are brothers. All of you are claiming your inheritance from the Father. The Father’s shrimat is: Each one of you has to consider yourself to be a child of the Father and continue to give everyone the Father’s introduction and also explain the secrets of the world cycle. Only from the Father do you receive the inheritance of heaven. The unlimited Father says: You were residents of heaven, so how did you become residents of hell? How did you go around the cycle of 84 births? These are matters of detail. However, the Father has given you recognition of Himself and you will definitely receive the inheritance of the golden age from the Father. Achcha, who received it? There is that picture of Lakshmi and Narayan; they received the Father’s inheritance. So, where did it go? This is a matter of the cycle. You are now receiving the inheritance of the golden age and then you definitely have to take rebirth and take 84 births. You now have the cycle of 84 births in your intellects, numberwise, according to the effort you make and you also have the faith that this is your last birth. You have been around the cycle of 84 births and completed it. Now, when you go back, everyone else will follow you back. You children have already claimed your inheritance from the Father. You have already learnt Raja Yoga. Therefore, you know that you will come back to rule in the new world. At that time, none of those religions etc. will exist there; everyone will have gone back. Then we, who belong to deityism, have to come first. We belonged to the shudra clan and we now belong to the Brahmin clan. We will then belong to the sun and moon-dynasty clans. We are claiming our inheritance of the Brahmin, sun and moon dynasty clans – all three clans – from the one Father. In the golden and silver ages, no one comes to establish a religion. There is just the one religion of Bharat at that time. Then those of Islam and the Buddhists come later. Bharat is a very ancient land. At first there are just the deities. They have now been converted to other religions. There are so many different languages. Among the Europeans they have different languages. Americans have their own language and the French have their own language, even though all of them are Christians. Similarly, look at the Chinese. They all belong to the one Buddhist religion, but the language of the Chinese is different from that of the Japanese. They all belong to the Buddhist religion, but when growth takes place, they all become separate. They even have enmity for each other. Bharat has no enemies. It is those of other religions who come and fight here. They create conflict amongst the people of Bharat and makethem fight. Otherwise, war never took place between the people of Bharat. It was others who made them fight because of greed. This too is a play. The people of Bharat have forgotten that they were the masters of the world and that the Father had given them the kingdom. In the golden age you don’t have any knowledge of how you claimed your kingdom. You now know how you are claiming that kingdom. This Father sits here and explains to you. It is very easy, but people’s intellects are locked in such a way that they don’t even know who gave Lakshmi and Narayan their kingdom or when. They don’t even know how many children they had. In the golden age it was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. How long is the duration of the golden age? They say that it is hundreds of thousands of years old. Then, how many dynasties were there in those hundreds of thousands of years? How much expansion took place? How many emperors and empresses would there have been? In hundreds of thousands of years, there would have been countless. A hundred thousand years of the golden age and then hundreds of thousands of years of the silver age and they say that even the iron age has another 40,000 years. No one’s intellect works on these things. They have given them all such a long duration. You should know the CreatorDirector and the duration etc. However, no one knows this. It is said that 3,000 years before Christ, Bharat was heaven and that it used to be a kingdom of gods and goddesses. How many years did it last and how did it continue? They don’t know any of this. If Radhe and Krishna were the prince and princess of the golden age, they must have received their status from someone. If Krishna related the Gita, then when did he do that? Only the Father explains all of these things. At school, you are first taught alpha and beta. Then, you gradually passhigher examinations. So there is so much difference between the study of alpha and beta and the study later on. It is the same here. What is explained to you now is even easier than that which was explained to you earlier. As you progress further, even easier things will be explained to you. When a new person comes, he is first asked to fill in a form and then everything is explained to him. He is asked: What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? He is definitely the Father of all. Only those who are to understand these things will understand them. This is when they have the deep faith in their bones that they can claim their inheritance from only the unlimited Father. The Father creates heaven. Therefore, He would definitely give you the inheritance of heaven. These things will sit in the intellects of those who had faith in the previous cycle. You can see how some children are unable to wake up in the morning. They have been making effort for 10 to 15 years and, in spite of that, they are unable to wake up on time. At least wake up at 3.00 or 4.00 am! Even devotees wake up early and sit in meditation. They chant something in the name of Hanuman or Shiva, but there is no benefit in that. Although some develop a good character through that, they cannot receive liberation or liberation-in-life through that. It is their stage of descent. Lakshmi and Narayan, who used to rule in the golden age, then continued to come down in their second and third births etc. It continued to be their stage of descent. Then, when half the cycle was over, they went onto the path of sin and the path of devotion began. So many temples were built. Even now, there are so many temples. Some have even been demolished. There are the images of their going onto the path of sin. They are wearing the costume of deities. In fact, their dress was different and it continued to change later. Some would have one type of turban and others would have another type. Some would have one type of crown and others another type. The way the crowns were worn was also different. The style of dress of the sun-dynasty kings was their own. That is the turban of so-and-so. Baba has had visions. Dwarikadhish (an emperor) wore his turban at an angle. The whole drama that takes place will repeat in the same way from the beginning to the end. You will go onto the path of sin and there will be differences of opinion between everyone. The customs and systems will be different; those of the sun dynasty will be different from those of the moon dynasty. This play is predestined and has to repeat. You know that you are the ones who are receiving liberation and salvation from the unlimited Father once again. The old world has to be destroyed. The unlimited Father is teaching you Raja Yoga. The world doesn’t know that He is teaching us Raja Yoga. You children know this very well and you also love the Father. Not everyone can have the same love. Even on the path of ignorance, not everyone has the same love. Out of greed, some say: Let my father die so that I can receive his property. Here, Shiv Baba doesn’t have a body. Baba is imperishable. He has taken this body on loan. You know that you have taken the full 84 births. Baba doesn’t take rebirth. He enters this body when He comes. Otherwise, should He enter the body of Lakshmi or Narayan? However, they are masters of the pure world. This is the impure world and an impure body because it has been created out of poison. Baba tells you in exactly the same way that He did in the previous cycle: I enter an ordinary body. I definitely need an experienced chariot. Good actors receive good prizes. This chariot of Baba’s has also been remembered. It is said that establishment takes place through Brahma. They have portrayed Brahma as old. The forms of Prajapita Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are all different. The form of Brahma is absolutely accurate. The Father has named this one Prajapita Brahma. He has taken the full 84 births. You would say that all of you have also taken the full 84 births. This is why you have come and met the Father first. Our kingdom is being established once again. You also have to explain: You say “Supreme Father, Supreme Soul! O God!” Therefore, the Father must surely be considered to be God. However, people are unable to understand that the Father of all souls is the incorporeal One. It is because He is the Father that everyone remembers Him on the path of devotion. It is because souls received happiness that they remember Him at times of sorrow. You too have been remembering the Father for half the cycle. The Somnath Temple is built at the beginning. Therefore they would definitely remember the Father. You know that that is the Father’s temple. The Father Himself gave you the inheritance. Therefore, they first of all built a temple to the Father. You have now become the Father’s heirs. The Father is the Creator of the world. Only from Him do you receive that inheritance. What did all the rest do? Why do we worship them? They take 84 births. However, devotion also has to become adulterated. All the paraphernalia of devotion is required for half the cycle. There is no need for that paraphernalia in the golden and silver ages. All of this has to be imbibed by your intellects. In fact, there is no need to write anything down. If the intellect is solvent, you are able to imbibe very quickly. However, you take notes in order to relate it to others. There is also no need to keep books etc. Who would study our books later on? The scriptures of others continue after them. There are people who read them. You don’t have to study any of that; you will have received your reward. There is nothing of any of the scriptures for half the cycle. This knowledge vanishes. All the scriptures are destroyed. First of all, explain to everyone that you have two fathers. You have your physical fathers and they too remember that Father. It is remembered that everyone remembers God at a time of sorrow. This applies to Bharat. The Father only comes in Bharat; there is the birthday of Shiva. You would also say that you are celebrating such-and-such a birthday of your Father. Since there are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, the Father must definitely have come. This is the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Shiva. So Brahmins are definitely needed. Where did Brahma come from? Brahma is adopted and then, when children are born, they are created through his lotus lips. First of all, give everyone the Father’s introduction. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Wake up early in the morning and instil the firm habit of remembering the Father with a lot of love. Wake up in the morning at least at 3.00 am or 4.00 am.
  2. Have true love for the unlimited Father. Follow shrimat and claim your full inheritance.
Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority filled with all powers and use each power in your tasks.
The children who are always filled with all the powers are master almighty authorities, ones with all the powers. If any power is not being used at the right time, you cannot be called a master almighty authority, one with all powers. If even one power is missing, you will then be deceived when the time comes and you will fail. Do not think that you have all the powers anyway and so what does it matter if you lack one power? Even one matters, because that would be the one that will fail you. So, do not lack even one power for when each power is used at the right time, you can then be called a master almighty authority, one with all powers.
Slogan: To forget your attainments is to get tired. Therefore, always keep your attainments in front of you.

*** Om Shanti ***


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