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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The qualifications of a servant and of some one with all rights.

Today, BapDada is looking at the gathering of Raj Rishis. A Raj means someone with all rights and a Rishi means a complete renunciate – a renunciate and a tapaswi. So BapDada is looking at all the Brahmin children to see to what extent each of you has become a soul with all rights and also a great renunciate. To what extent have you put into your life the practical form of both these aspects? Let there be the balance of being someone with all rights and also a renunciate: to have full rights and also to be a full renunciate. Are you able to be both of these simultaneously? You know this and you are also experienced in it. Are you able to attain a kingdom without having renunciation? Do you have all rights over yourself, that is, have you attained self-sovereignty? It was when you had renunciation that you became the master of yourself. You experienced this, did you not? You have already been told the definition of renunciation.

The first step of renunciation is the renunciation of body consciousness. Once you have renounced body consciousness, the second step is of renouncing all the relations of the body. What do you become when you let go of the consciousness of the body? The soul becomes bodiless, that is, he becomes a master. You become liberated from the bondage of the body, that is, you are liberated in life and have all rights to the kingdom. Since you have become a master of the self, all types of dependency finish, because, from being a servant of the body, you have become a master of the body; you have become free from serving. You cannot be a servant and someone with all rights at the same time. Being a servant is indicated by unhappiness in your mind and it is expressed on your face. Unhappiness is the sign of a servant whereas happiness is the sign of someone with all rights and a master of the self. He is constantly cheerful in the mind and the body. A servant is always upset. A master of the self is always seated on his throne. A servant gets confused over trivial matters in a second, whereas one with all rights will constantly experience himself to be in a state of comfort, that is, in a state of rest. Check yourself against these signs to see who you are: a servant or a master of yourself? Do adverse situations, people, physical comforts or the environment make you lose your respect? In other words, do they take you away from knowledge, that is, do they cause you distress? A servant is someone who constantly gets upset, whereas someone with all rights is constantly a master almighty authority, a destroyer of all obstacles and always stable in the pure pride of his stage. He maintains his honour and prestige and stays in a state of pleasure whilst continuing to observe adverse situations, people and physical comforts. A soul who is a servant constantly experiences himself to be surrounded by all types of tests. A soul with all rights is a boatman who takes his boat across happily through all the waves of tests as though they are games.

Seeing the wonderful games of the karma of the servant souls, BapDada, as well as being merciful, also smiles. In sakar days Baba used to tell an amusing story. Do you remember the story: “O servant soul, what are you doing?” You were told how a mouse would come and, when you removed the mouse, a cat would come. When you removed the cat, a dog would come. When you removed one, another one came. Then, when you removed the second, a third one came along. Such souls remain busy in the game of that karma because they are servant souls. Sometimes the mouse, in the form of the eyes, deceives you. Sometimes the cat, in the form of the ears, deceives you. Sometimes the lion, in the form of bad sanskars, attacks and thus the poor soul, the servant, is constantly miserable just trying to remove those sanskars. This is why BapDada feels mercy and is also amused. Why do you leave your throne? Do you automatically slip off? Set yourself with the magnet of remembrance and you won’t slip off! What do you then do? You place very big files of complaints and requests in front of BapDada. Some complain that they have been upset for a month. Some say that they have been fluctuating for the past three months. Some say that they have been thinking for six months, but that things are still the same. When all of these complaints are put together they become such a big file! However, just be aware that the bigger the file becomes, the bigger the fine you will have to pay! So, the easy way to finish complaints is constantly to fulfil the Father’s wishes. When you say, “My desire is this….”, then that desire of yours creates a file of complaints. Let it be: Whatever is the Father’s desire is my desire. What is the Father’s desire? That each soul becomes one who constantly maintains pure and positive thoughts, who always has pure and positive thoughts for others and is a benefactor of the self and of the world. Constantly keep this desire in your awareness and you will continue to move along without having to labour over anything. Just as they say, “Keep moving along with your eyes closed”, so don’t open your eye to such questions as, “It won’t be like this, will it?” “It won’t be like that, will it?” Keep this eye of waste thoughts closed and continue to fulfil the Father’s desire. That is, continue to follow in the Father’s footsteps. Is it easy or difficult to follow in someone else’s steps? So, constantly continue to follow the Father in this way. Don’t take new steps of following a sister or brother. By doing that, you prevent yourself from reaching your destination. Give them regard, but don’t follow them. Accept their specialities and virtues, but place your footsteps in the Father’s footsteps. Don’t do things with selfish motives at that time. You also talk about things based on selfishness in an entertaining way. BapDada will tell you about that dialogue some other time, because BapDada receives news from all the service stations. Baba receives the news of the whole world. Therefore, don’t become a servant soul!

These physical senses are very tiny: the eyes and ears are so tiny, yet they create a very big trap. You must have seen how, although a little spider is so tiny, the web it spins is so large! The web of each of the physical senses is so large! They can trap you in such a way that you don’t even know that you are trapped in them. They are such magical webs that they make you unconscious to spiritual consciousness and the Godly codes of conduct. No matter how much souls who have come out of the web try to explain to servant souls and make them understand, what can unconscious souls understand? In a physical way too, no matter how much you shake an unconscious person, no matter how much you try to make him understand, even if you put huge earphones on his ears, would he hear you? Similarly, these webs too make you unconscious like that. So, what pleasure would there then be? When some are unconscious they speak a lot, but their words are meaningless! Many in the state of spiritual unconsciousness give their own explanations about everything, but all of them are meaningless! They continue to speak about things that are two or six months old, about things of here and there. Such is this spiritual unconsciousness! The situations may be very small, but the web of unconsciousness is very big. It also takes a long time to come out of it because you try to cut each string of the web. Have you have ever seen a net-trap? You also have one in one of the exhibition pictures. Remove that net! A spider eats its own web. Therefore, don’t go into expansion, but put a full stop to the expansion and merge it into a point. Become a point! Put a full stop! Merge into the point and all expansion and the whole net will become merged in a second and time will be saved. You will become free from having to labour. You will become a point and be absorbed in love for the Point. So just think about it: is the stage of being trapped in a net better or is the stage of becoming a point and remaining absorbed in love for the Point better? Therefore, what is the Father’s desire? For you to be absorbed in love.

Since the tree now has to be transformed, what remains at the end of a tree? The beginning starts from a seed and, at the end too, all that remains is a seed. Now, at this time of the transformation of the old tree, stabilise yourself in the stage of a master seed at the top of the tree. A seed is a point! The Ocean of all the knowledge, virtues and powers becomes merged in the Point. This is called the stage of being equal to the Father. Although the Father is the Ocean, He is a point. This stage of a master seed is so lovely! Remain constantly stable in such a stage. Do you understand what you have to do?

Look, this is the speciality of both zones. Karnataka means a play (natak). That has now come to an end. Therefore, now become absorbed in love. In U.P. there are many rivers. A river always merges into an ocean. So all of you must merge yourselves into the Ocean, that is, become absorbed in love. This is the speciality of both zones, is it not? Therefore, with pure pride, remain constantly seated in the stage of being absorbed in love. Don’t fluctuate! You have now finished the cycle of coming and going, have you not? Now sit down comfortably whilst maintaining your pure pride. Achcha.

To all those who constantly have all rights and are full renunciates, to those who are constantly free from the web of unconsciousness, to those who are free from coming and going, to those who remain absorbed in love whilst stable in the master seed stage, to the Raj Rishi souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting teachers:

All of you are instrument souls, are you not? Do you constantly move along whilst considering yourselves to be souls who are instruments for service? By considering yourself to be an instrument soul, two specialities are constantly visible in a practical way. 1. There is constant humility whilst you continue to be constructive. 2. You constantly eat and serve others the fruit of contentment. By considering yourself to be an instrument, you experience yourself to be detached and loving to the Father. You never even say “I did this.” The word “I” finishes. Instead of “I”, it is “Baba, Baba!” When you constantly say “Baba, Baba” everyone’s intellect goes to the Father. When the intellects of the souls who come are directed to the One who made you an instrument, they will experience special power because their yoga will be connected to the Almighty Authority and they will experience themselves to be embodiments of power. Otherwise they just remain weak. So, the speciality of a server is that he moves along whilst considering himself to be an instrument. Look, the greatest of all Servers is the Father. However, His speciality is that He considers Himself to be an instrument. Although He is the Master, He considers Himself to be an instrument. Because of considering Himself to be an instrument, He is loved by all. Therefore, as you move along, constantly have the awareness that you are an instrument, detached and loving. All of you are doing service. This is the lottery you have won. However, it is in your own hands as to whether you increase the lottery you have won or whether you leave it as it is. The Father has given it to you and it is now your duty to increase it. An equal fortune has been distributed to everyone, but some look after it and increase it and others don’t. It is through this that you become numberwise. Therefore, constantly make yourself move forward and also help others to move forward. To help others move forward is to move forward yourself. You saw the father: he kept the mother at the front and yet he became the number one Narayan. She became Lakshmi, the second number, but he moved forward by helping others move forward. To help others move forward doesn’t mean you move backward: to help others move forward means to move forward yourself.

All of you servers are making very good efforts. BapDada is pleased to see your efforts, but you have to serve while considering yourselves to be instruments and service will then multiply four fold. You have been given the seat of being equal to the Father. Now remain set on this seat and increase service. Achcha.

BapDada meeting groups:

1. In order to become a special soul, see everyone’s specialities.

BapDada constantly sings praise of the specialities of all the children. Just as the Father sees the specialities of all the children, so, you special souls continue to make yourself into special souls while also seeing everyone’s specialities. The duty of special souls is to see specialities and to become special. Whenever you come into contact with other souls, let your vision fall on their specialities. Just as a bee’s vision is constantly on flowers, so let your vision be on everyone’s speciality. Whilst looking at every Brahmin soul, constantly sing the praise: “Wah elevated soul! Wah!” When you look at the weaknesses of others, you become weak yourself. Let your vision not fall on the stone of anyone’s weakness. You holy swans constantly have to pick up the pearls of virtues.

2. Keep the importance of yourself and this time in your awareness and you will become great.

Every second of the confluence age is the basis for creating your reward for the whole cycle. Do you always take every step while understanding the importance of this time? Just as this time is great, so you too are great, because every child has received from BapDada the inheritance to become a great soul. Therefore let every thought you create, every word you speak and every action you perform be great while knowing your own importance. Always remain aware that you are a great child of the great Father! With this awareness, you can create as elevated a fortune as you want; the confluence age has this blessing. Constantly continue to play with the treasures you have received from the Father. Can you count how many limitless treasures you have received? Therefore, constantly continue to play with the jewels of knowledge and the treasures of happiness and powers. Let jewels constantly emerge through your lips and let your mind be constantly engaged in churning knowledge. Remain an embodiment of dharna in this way. Always remember: This is the elevated time; I am a great soul! Achcha.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of remembrance and reach your destination by flying in the happiness of having all attainments.
Bring into your awareness the list of all the attainments you have received from the beginning of Brahmin life up to now and, in short, it would be said that there is nothing lacking in Brahmin life and that all of these attainments are imperishable. Keep these attainments emerged in your awareness, that is, become an embodiment of remembrance and you will easily reach your destination while flying. The happiness of your attainments will never bring you down into upheaval, because fullness makes you unshakeable.
Slogan: In order to stay in the awareness of your point form, become an ocean of knowledge, virtues and dharna.


*** Om Shanti ***



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