Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The Lord is pleased with a true heart

Today, BapDada, the One who uplifts all souls of the world, is looking at His elevated children who uplift others. At present, many souls want to be uplifted. They have the desire to uplift themselves, but they neither have the courage nor the power. You children who uplift others are the instruments to uplift such weak souls. Can you children, who benefit others, hear the calls of souls or are you busy just uplifting yourselves? Those who only uplift themselves cannot claim a right to the kingdom of the world. Only souls who uplift others can claim a right to the kingdom. Upliftment takes place by having a true heart. Relating knowledge can take place simply with your lips, without your heart. To relate knowledge is a matter of using an unlimited head and of having the practice of speaking. So, there is a difference between the head and the heart. Anyone who wants to experience love from someone wants love from the heart. BapDada’s title is Dilwala (Conqueror of Hearts) and Dilaram (Comforter of Hearts). The head is gross whereas the heart is subtle. In your interaction, you always say: I am saying this with a true heart; remember the Father with a true heart. It is not said: Remember Him with a true head. It is said: The Lord is pleased with a true heart. It is not said that He is pleased with an unlimited head. To have an unlimited head is definitely a speciality, for you are able to imbibe points of knowledge very well with this speciality. However, those who remember the Father with their hearts become point forms. Those people are able to repeat the points, but they would be second in becoming the forms of a point. Sometimes, they become the point forms easily whereas at other times, they are able to stabilise in the point-form after making effort. However, those who have true hearts are able to become points in a second and remember the Father, the Point. Because the children with true hearts please the true Lord, they receive special blessings from the Father. Even though some may not have such broad intellects (good heads) in comparison to others, because of the power of their honesty, according to the time, their intellects would automatically work in a yuktiyukt and accurate manner. According to the drama, because of receiving blessings, their intellects will have touchings for accurate actions, words and thoughts, for they will have pleased the Father, the Intellect of the Wise. Those who please God automatically become those who understand all secrets (raazyukt) and those who are wise (yuktiyukt) in every way.

Check whether you are moving forward in having remembrance and doing service on the basis of having an unlimited head (intellect) or on the basis of having a true heart and an accurate head. You were told earlier too that those who serve with their heads only strike the heads of others with the arrow. Those who serve from their hearts reach the hearts of others. You saw in service at the beginning of establishment what the speciality of those who served in the first group was. They didn’t have the speciality of language or of giving lectures. Nowadays, you give very good lectures, you tell very good stories and give many examples. The language of the first group was not like that, but what was it? It was the sound of a true heart. This was how the sound from the heart became instrumental in making many others belong to the Comforter of Hearts. Their language was mixed, but the language of their eyes was spiritual. This was why, no matter what their language was like, they changed thorns into roses. When you check the success of the service of the first group against the expansion of the present time, you can see a difference, can you not? One generally speaks of the majority. In the second and third groups too, there are some with true hearts, but that is a minority. The riddle of the beginning is continuing even now. Which riddle? Who am I? Even now, BapDada says: Ask yourself: Who am I? Do you know how to solve this riddle? Or, are you only able to solve the riddle when someone else tells you? Even if someone were to tell you, you would try to convince yourself, “Not like this, but like that.” Therefore, only look at your own self.

Some children check themselves, but there are two types of vision in checking the self. In that too, some check with the vision of an unlimited head, but their spectacles are those of carelessness. In every situation, they would feel that however much renunciation they have had, however much service and transformation they have done, it is enough. They feel, “I am much better than this one or that one”. “It is not easy to do even this much. Even well-known ones have a few weaknesses. In comparison to them, I am better.” This is wearing the spectacles of carelessness. The other type is wearing the right spectacles for self-progress. Those with true hearts have these. What do they see? That they have to have the thoughts, words and actions that the Father, Dilwala, likes. Those who are wearing the right spectacles only see the Father and the self. They do not see what the second or third person is doing. They are always concerned about changing themselves. They would not say: “I will change when others change.” Or, “I will change 80 percent they should at least change 20 percent.” They would not think of transformation to this extent. They would think: “I have to change myself and become an example to make it easy for others.” This is why there is the saying: Those who take the initiative are Arjuna. Arjuna means an alokik (unique) person. This is known as wearing the right spectacles and having accurate vision. In the world, there are two main things in human life: hearts and heads. Both should be fine. Similarly, in Brahmin life too, you need an unlimited intellect and a true heart. Those who have true hearts receive the lift of their intellects and this is why you always need to check whether you pleased the Lord with your true heart, or whether you just pleased yourself or just pleased a few souls. There are many signs of pleasing the true Lord. Churn this and have a heart-to-heart conversation. BapDada will then also tell you something. Achcha.

Teachers are sitting here today. Teachers are also contractors. You have taken a contract, have you not? You definitely have to bring about world transformation by having self-transformation. You have taken on such a huge contract, have you not? People of the world say: When you die, the world is dead for you. If you haven’t died, the world is not dead. In the same way, self-transformation is world transformation. Without self-transformation, no matter how much effort you make on other souls, there won’t be any transformation. Nowadays, people don’t change by listening to others, but by seeing the change in others. Why are souls, no matter what they were like, able to change themselves in Madhuban? You tell them this at the centres too, but when they come here, they see it for themselves and, by seeing it, they are able to change themselves. Some husbands were able to change themselves when they see the transformation in their wives who were in bondage. When they tried to give them knowledge, they would not listen to it. However, when they saw the transformation, the impact of that brought about transformation in themselves. This is why you were told that today’s world wants to see it. So, this is the special duty of the teachers. To demonstrate something by doing it means to demonstrate this by changing yourself. Do you understand?

To those who constantly uplift all souls, to those who constantly please the true Lord with a true heart, to those who keep a balance of an unlimited intellect and a true heart, to those who always make themselves instruments for world transformation, to the elevated souls who transform themselves, to the souls who consider themselves to be elevated servers and thereby move forward, to all the special children everywhere, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s meeting the Delhi group:

All of you have love for the Father merged in your hearts. Love has brought you here. Love of the heart has brought you to the Comforter of Hearts. There cannot be anyone except the Father in your heart. Since the Father is your world, then for the Father to be in your heart means the Father is your world. This is why you have one direction, one strength and one support. Where there is oneness, there is success in every task. Do you find it easy or difficult to overcome any problem? If you look at others, if you remember others, then, even with just two, there wouldn’t be unity. It would then become difficult. The Father’s direction is: Remember Me alone. If you obey His orders, then you obedient children receive the Father’s blessings and everything becomes easy. If you don’t obey the Father’s orders, you don’t receive the Father’s help or blessings and this is why it becomes difficult. So, you are always obedient, are you not? In worldly relationships too, there is so much love for obedient children. That is temporary love whereas this love is eternal. The blessings of this one birth will be with you for many births. So, you have become worthy of receiving eternal blessings, have you not? You find this life of yours to be sweet, do you not? It is such an elevated and lovely life. Brahmin life is a lovely life; if it is not a Brahmin life, you won’t find it to be a lovely life, but a life of distress. So, is it a lovely life or do you become tired? Are you thinking about how long the confluence age will continue? The body is not well, you are unable to do service; you don’t get distressed by all of that, do you? This life of the confluence age is the most elevated of all lives. This is a life of attainment. Later, it will be a life of experiencing the reward; it will be a life of everything decreasing. Now, it is a life to fill yourself. You become 16 celestial degrees full now; 16 celestial degrees means full. Do you experience this life to be extremely lovely or are you sometimes fed up with life? You are not fed up and thinking that you now just want to leave, are you? If the Father takes you somewhere to do service, that is a different matter, but you mustn’t go having got fed up. If you have a part to do service in the advanced party and you go according to the drama, you would not go distressed, you would go with honour; you would be going for the sake of doing service. So, never get fed up with your children or yourself. Mothers, do you ever get fed up with your children? Since they are children born of tamopradhan elements, how can they show their satopradhan nature? They are also under an influence. You too sometimes forget the Father’s orders, do you not? Since you make mistakes, what does it matter if the children also make mistakes? Since they are called children, what does it mean when you say “children”? Sometimes, even adults become children, that is, they become senseless. Therefore, never get distressed seeing others distressed. No matter how much they distress you, why do you let go of your honour? Is it the children’s weakness or yours? In that case, they would have felt courageous because they were able to remove you from your honour and cause you distress. So, never allow yourself to become distressed, even in your dreams. That is, do not let go of your elevated honour. Do you not know how to sit on your seat of honour? So, from today, never get distressed, whether with your illnesses, with your children, with your sanskars or with the sanskars of others. Sometimes, you get annoyed with others, do you not? Some say: Everything is fine with everyone except with just this one with whom I get annoyed. So, those who distress you should not become courageous; you have to be courageous. Whether there is one or ten opposing you, you are a master almighty authority, not weak. So, constantly keep the blessing in your awareness that you will always stay in your elevated honour, not one who will get distressed. You are those who remove the distress of others. You always remain seated on the throne of your honour. Look, nowadays, they just have a chair (position), whereas you have a throne. They would die for a chair (position) whereas you have received a throne. So, you are those who are seated on the immortal throne of your elevated honour; you are the souls who are seated on the Father’s heart-throne. Always maintain this honour. So, constantly remain happy and distribute happiness. Achcha. Delhi is the foundation of service. If the foundation is weak, everyone becomes weak. Therefore, always remain strong. Achcha.

Warangal: Do you always experience yourselves to be double light? The souls who are double light have might, that is, they have the Father’s power with them. So, you are double light and also have might. Can you use the powers at the appropriate time or is it that the time passes by and you then remember? Because, no matter how many things you have, if you don’t use them at the right time, what can be said? Whatever power is needed at any time, to be able to use that power at that time – this practice is now necessary. Some people say: Maya came. However, why did she come? She came because you didn’t use the power to discern, did she not? If you recognise from a distance that Maya is coming, you will chase her away from a distance, will you not? Maya has come; you gave her a chance to come and this is why she came. If you chased her away from a distance, she wouldn’t come. If Maya repeatedly comes, and you then battle to chase her away, you will then develop sanskars of battling. If you have sanskars of battling over a long period of time, you will then have to become part of the moon dynasty. “Sun dynasty” means one who is victorious over a long period of time and “moon dynasty” means one who is sometimes victorious and sometimes has to work hard, while battling. So, all of you are part of the sun dynasty, are you not? It is the sun that provides light even for the moon. So, the sun would be said to be number one, would it not? The moon dynasty is two degrees less. Sixteen celestial degrees means full pass. When you never fail in your thoughts, words, relationships, connections and in your sanskars, you are said to be the sun dynasty. Are you part of the sun dynasty in this way? Achcha. Are all of you content with your efforts? To pass fully in all subjects means to be content with your efforts. Check yourself in this way. Remember: I am a flying bird who is going into the flying stage, not one who is going to be trapped down below. This is your blessing. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a firm and unshakeable self-sovereign who constantly experiences supersensuous joy.
The children who receive the inheritance of supersensuous joy at the confluence age for all time, that is, those who have full rights over the Father’s will are the ones who have will power. They constantly experience unshakeable supersensuous joy. Such heirs, that is, those who have a full right to the inheritance receive a constant and unshakeable self-sovereignty.
Slogan: When there is the consciousness of “mine”, the intellect is completely turned around.


*** Om Shanti ***

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