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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Making the laws through every step, thought and act of Brahmins.

Today, the Creator of the World is looking at His children who are creating the new world and who are the fortune of the new world. The fortune of you elevated, fortunate souls is the fortune of the world. You elevated children are supports for the new world. You are the special souls who have a right to the fortune and kingdom of the new world. Your new life renews the world. The world has to become elevated and full of happiness and peace. With the finger of this elevated determined thought of all of you, the sorrowful, iron-aged world changes into a world of happiness because you have become co-operative according to the shrimat of the Almighty Authority Father. This is why, together with the Father, the co-operation and the elevated yoga of all of you transform the world. Every step and every act of the easy yogi and Raj Yogi lives of you elevated souls at this time becomes a law for the new world. The methods used by Brahmins become the law for all time. Therefore, the children of the Bestower become bestowers, creators of fortune and law-makers. Even up to the lastbirth, devotees continue to ask for something from the images of you, who are children of the Bestower. You become such law-makers that, even now, at the time when the oath is taken, the Chief Justice makes everyone have remembrance of some form of God or the special deities before they take the oath. The power of the laws of you law-making children is still working even in the last birth. They don’t take an oath in their own name. They give importance to the Father or to you. You are the ones who are constant embodiments of blessings. They ask for different blessings from the different deities through your images. Someone is a deity of power, someone is a goddess of knowledge. You have become images that grant blessings and this is why the systems of devotion have continued from the beginning until now. Through BapDada you have constant happiness in your hearts and are embodiments of contentment and this is why, even now, in order to make themselves happy, they please the gods and goddesses believing them to be the only ones who will make them happy for all time. All of you have attained contentment, the greatest treasure of all, from the Father. That is why in order to be content, they worship the goddess of contentment. All of you are contented souls, Santoshi Maa, goddesses of contentment, are you not? All of you are content, are you not? All of you contented souls are images of contentment. You have attained success from the Father as your birthright and this is why they ask your images for a donation and blessings of success. However, because they have weak intellects and because they are weak souls, because of being beggar souls, they ask for temporary success. For instance, a beggar would never ask for 1000 rupees. He would only say: Give me a few paisas. Give me one or two rupees. In the same way, those souls who are beggars of happiness, peace and purity will only ask you for temporary success. “This task of mine should be accomplished; let there be success in this.” However, they ask for this from you souls who are embodiments of success. You children of the Father, who is the Comforter of Hearts, tell the Father, the Conqueror of your hearts, the things of your heart; you tell Him everything in your heart. Whatever you are unable to share with anyone else, you share with the Father. You become true children of the true Father. Even now, people go and share the things in their hearts in front of your images. Whatever secrets they want to hide, they will hide even from their most loving relatives, but they will not hide them from the gods and goddesses. In front of the world, they will say: I am this, I am honest, I am great. However, what would they say in front of the deities? Whatever I am, that is what I am. I am lustful, I am a cheat. Therefore, you are the fortune of such a new world. Each one of you has the fortune of the kingdom of the pure world in your fortune.

You souls are the most elevated fortune-makers, the bestowers of blessings and the lawmakers. All of you have the globe of the sovereignty of heaven in your hands. This is the butter. It is the butter of the fortune of the kingdom. Each one of you has a crown of light of the greatness of purity over your head. You are seated on the heart-throne. You have a tilak of self-sovereignty. So, do you understand who you are? You have solved the riddle of who you are, have you not? You studied this lesson on the first day, did you not? Who am I? I am not that; I am this. It is in this that all the knowledge of the Ocean of Knowledge is merged. You now know everything, do you not? Constantly have this spiritual intoxication with you. You are such elevated souls. You are so great. Your every thought, word and deed is becoming a memorial. It is becoming a law. Do everything in this elevated awareness. Do you understand? The vision of the whole world is on you souls. Whatever I do will become a law and a memorial for the world. If I come into upheaval, the world will come into upheaval. If I remain happy and content, the world will remain happy and content. All the souls who are instruments for the creation of the new world have this much responsibility. However, to the extent that the responsibility is great, it makes you that light, too, because the Almighty Authority Father is with you. Achcha.

To such constantly contented souls, to the children who are constant “master fortune-makers” and bestowers of blessings, to the souls who are constant embodiments of all attainments and are contented, to the elevated worthy-of-worship souls who, through remembrance, make their every act a memorial, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada, the Fortune-Maker and the Bestower of Blessings.

BapDada meeting different groups of kumars:

1. All of you are elevated kumars, are you not? You are not ordinary kumars, you are elevated kumars. You are those who use the strength of your bodies and the power of your minds for an elevated task. You are not those who use your power for a destructive task. An act through the vices is a destructive act whereas a Godly task is an elevated task. So, you are elevated kumars who use all your powers for the Godly task. You don’t use any of your powers for a wasteful task, do you? You have now received the understanding as to where you have to use your powers. With this understanding, you constantly perform elevated tasks. Those who always remain engaged in such elevated tasks claim a right to elevated attainments. Have you claimed such rights? Do you experience that you are receiving elevated attainments? Or, do you still have to attain them? You experience accumulating multimillions at every step, do you not? Those who accumulate an income of multimillions in one step would be so elevated. Those who have accumulated so much wealth would be so happy. Nowadays, even millionaires and multi-millionaires have short-lived happiness, whereas yours is an ever-lasting property. Do you understand the definition of an elevated kumar? It means one who always uses every power for an elevated task. Your account of waste has ended for all time. Have you accumulated in your elevated account? Or, are both accounts open at the same time? One account has ended. Now is not the time to use both. That one has now ended for all time. If there are both at the same time, you won’t be able to accumulate as much as you want. If you haven’t wasted anything, but accumulated it, then how much have you accumulated? So, you have ended the account of waste and accumulated in the elevated account.

2. A kumar life is a powerful life. You can do whatever you want in a kumar life. You can make yourself elevated or you can bring yourself down. This kumar life is one that becomes elevated or low. In such a life, you now belong to the Father. Instead of being tied in the bondage of karmic accounts with a temporary life companion, you have found the real Companion for your life. You are so fortunate. When you came just now, did you come alone, or did you come in the combined form? (Combined.) You didn’t spend money for a ticket, did you? So, that was also a saving. In fact, if you were to bring a physical companion, you would spend money on a ticket and you would even have to carry her luggage. You would have to earn and feed her every day. This Companion doesn’t even eat; He just takes the fragrance. Your food isn’t reduced, but is in fact filled with more power. So, you have the Companion who doesn’t incur any expense or effort for you and He is the ever-lasting Companion. You also receive His complete co-operation. He doesn’t make you work hard, but gives you co-operation. When a difficult task comes in front of you, you remember Him and you receive help from Him. You have experienced this, have you not? When He is the One who gives even the devotees the fruit of their devotion, would He not give His companionship to someone who becomes His life companion? Kumars have become combined, but, in this combined form, you have become carefree emperors. You don’t have any hassle; you are carefree. You don’t have any burden of “Today, the child is ill”, or “Today, the child has not gone to school.” You are constantly free from bondage. By being tied in bondage to the One, you have become free from many bondages. Eat, drink and be merry! What else do you have to do? You prepare it yourself and eat it. You can eat whatever you want. You are independent. You have become so elevated. You are also good compared with the rest of the world. You do understand, do you not, that you have become free from the complications of the world? Let alone the soul, you are even saved from karmic accounts in terms of the body. You are safe to this extent. You don’t have any desire to have a gyani companion, do you? Do you have the desire to benefit some kumari? That is not benefit, that is harm. Why? You tie one bond and many others bondages begin from that. That one bond creates many other bondages and so you won’t receive help. It would be a burden. To look at, it might seem like help, but it is in fact a burden of many things. To the extent that you consider it to be a burden, it is a burden. So, you have been saved from many burdens. Never think about this even in your dreams. Otherwise, you will experience such a burden that you will find it difficult even to wake up. If you tie yourself in bondage having been free, there will be multi-millionfold burdens. Those poor ones were tied unknowingly, whereas you tie yourself knowingly. So, there would be an even greater burden of repentance. None of you are weak, are you? Weak ones don’t experience salvation. They neither belong here nor there. You have experienced salvation, have you not? Salvation means elevated salvation. Do you have some slight thought? Your photo is being taken. If you fluctuate even a little, your photo will be taken. To the extent that you become strong, accordingly, both your present and future become elevated.

3. All of you are powerful kumars, are you not? Are you powerful? Whatever thoughts constantly powerful souls have, whatever words they speak or actions they perform, they will all be powerful. The meaning of powerful is: those who end all waste. You are those who finish your account of waste and accumulate in your account of powerful. You never have any waste, do you? If you had a wasteful thought, spoke wasteful words or wasted time, how much would you lose in a second? At the confluence age, one second is so important. It is not one second, but one second is equal to one birth. You didn’t lose one second, you lost one birth. You are powerful souls who know the importance of time, are you not? Always have the awareness that you are the children of the powerful Father, that you are powerful souls. You are instruments for a powerful task. You will then always continue to experience the flying stage. Those who are weak are unable to fly. Powerful ones constantly continue to fly. So, which stage are you in: the flying stage or the climbing (ascending) stage? You become breathless climbing. You become tired and you also become breathless. However, in the flying stage, you reach the destination and become an embodiment of success in a second. When you are in the climbing stage, you will definitely become tired and breathless. To ask: “What should I do? How should I do this?” is to become breathless. In the flying stage you go beyond all of that. You receive touchings to do something; it is already accomplished. So, you are those who attain the destination of success in a second. This is known as being a powerful soul. The Father is pleased that all of you children are those in the flying stage. Why should you labour? The Father would want His children to remain free from labouring. Since the Father is showing you the way and He is making you doublelight, why do you come down? “What will happen? How will it happen?” This is a burden. There will always be benefit. Everything will always be elevated. Always move along in the awareness that success is your birthright.

4. Kumars have to fight to give a test-paper. When you have the thought that you have to become pure, Maya will begin to fight with you. A kumar life is an elevated life. You are great souls. Kumars now have to show wonders. The greatest wonder of all is to become equal to the Father and to make others the Father’s companions. Just as you have become the Father’s companions, in the same way, you have to make others the Father’s companions. You are servers who make the companions of Maya into the companions of the Father. Make them belong to the Father with your images that grant blessings and your good wishes and pure feelings. By using this method, you will constantly attain success. When you use an elevated method, you definitely achieve success. A kumar means one who is constantly unshakeable, not one who fluctuates. Unshakeable souls also make others unshakeable.

5. All of you are victorious kumars, are you not? When the Father is with you, you are constantly victorious. With any task you carry out with the constant support of the Father, you will experience it to take less effort and give you greater attainment. If you move away from the Father, even a little, there will be greater effort and less attainment. So the way to become free from labouring is to have the Father’s companionship at every second and in every thought. When you have this companionship, success is guaranteed. You are such companions of the Father, are you not? Let your steps be according to the Father’s orders. Let your steps be the Father’s footsteps. There is no need to think about whether you should place your foot here or not, whether this is right or wrong. If it were a new path, you would have to think about it, but since you have to place your steps in His footsteps, there is no need for you to think about anything. Always continue to move along with your steps in the Father’s footsteps and the destination will be close. The Father is making everything so easy for you. Shrimat is the footstep. Place your steps in the footsteps of shrimat and you will always stay free from having to make effort. You will receive total success as a right. Young kumars can also do a lot of service. Never cause mischief. Let your behaviour and way of speaking and interacting be such that everyone asks which school you go to. Service would then be done, would it not? Achcha.

Blessing: May you tighten the reins of shrimat with the awareness of being a master and a child and thereby control your mind.
People of the world say that the mind is like a very fast running horse, but your mind cannot run around here and there because the reins of shrimat are very strong. When your mind and intellect become engaged in looking at sidescenes, your reins become slack and so your mind causes mischief. Therefore, whenever any situation arises, or your mind causes mischief, tighten the reins of shrimat and you will reach your destination. “I am a child and a master”. With this awareness, you can become one with the right to control your mind.
Slogan: Always have the faith that whatever is happening is good and that whatever is going to happen will be even better and you will then remain unshakeable and immovable.


*** Om Shanti ***

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