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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, come together and remove the roof of sorrow from this world of the iron age. Perform the charitable act of remembering the Father.
Question: Even though children have the imperishable reward of knowledge, instead of accumulating in their account of charity, some finish that account. Why is this?
Answer: 1. Because they commit sins in between performing the charitable act. Even though they are enlightened souls, they become influenced by bad company and thereby commit sin. Due to those sins, their account of charity that they had previously accumulated is finished.
2. If, after belonging to the Father, a soul is hurt by the vice of lust and lets go of the Father’s hand, that soul becomes even more sinful than before. Such ones defame the name of the clan. They experience very severe punishment. Because they defame the Satguru, they cannot reach a high destination.

Om shanti. The spiritual Father has a heart-to-heart conversation with you spiritual children. You souls understand that only our Father is the one unlimited Father. You children have understood this. The destination is liberation and liberation-in-life. In order to receive liberation, the pilgrimage of remembrance is absolutely essential and, it is absolutely essential for liberation-in-life to know the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. Both are very easy. The cycle of the world, that of 84 births, continues to rotate. It should remain in the intellects of you children that our cycle of 84 births is now coming to an end. We now have to return home. No one can return home yet because all souls are sinful. Sinful souls cannot go into liberation or liberation-in-life. You should have such thoughts. Those who do something will receive the return of that and remain happy. You will also be able to take others into happiness. You children have to have the mercy of showing others the path. You have to explain: You souls have now changed from satopradhan to tamopradhan and this is why you are not able to return home. They even call out: O Purifier! You children understand that it is now the most auspicious confluence age. Some are able to remember this very well, whereas others are not able to remember; they repeatedly forget. If you remember the confluence age, your mercury of happiness remains very high. When you remember the Father and the Teacher , too, your degree of happiness remains high. Some come across big obstacles in between and others come across minor obstacles; everyone comes across difficulties. Some climb up very high and then fall back down again. The stage of some is very good and so they climb onto Baba’s heart, but when they fall again, all their income is finished. In the world outside, people give so much in donations and do so much charity in order to become charitable souls. However, if, in between performing charitable acts, souls begin to perform sinful acts, they become sinful souls. Your act of charity is to have remembrance of the Father. It is only by having remembrance that a soul becomes a charitable soul. When you forget the Father and become influenced by someone’s company, then, by committing a lot of sin, whatever charity you had performed is finished. Supposing someone gives a donation or performs charity today and opens a centre but turns away tomorrow, then he falls even lower than he was before because he commits sin. Therefore, instead of the account accumulating, it is wiped out. Previously, they did very good service, don’t even ask! However, later they fall right down. They even get married and become even worse than they were before. Once the sin is committed, the burden of that sin continues to increase. There is an account of profit and loss. However, those who want to understand these things will understand. There are light sins and there are also very heavy sins. The worst sin of all is lust. Anger is secondand greed less than that and attachment is less again; they are all numberwise. By being defeated by lust, instead of experiencing profit, souls go into loss because they defame the Satguru. Such souls cannot reach their destination. They climb down from the (Baba’s) heart. They belong to the Father and then they leave the Father. It also depends on their actions. What is the reason for their leaving? Because they weren’t able to follow. Mostly it is lust that hits them the hardest. This is the main enemy. Have you ever heard of an effigy of an angry person being burnt? No, the effigy is created of one who is lustful. It is Ravan. The Father says: By conquering lust, you will become the conquerors of the world. You have been completely defeated. So, instead of being victorious, you are defeated. They call out to the Father: O Purifier, come! It is because of lust that people suffer a great deal, and then they say: Baba, I have made my face dirty. Baba says: You have become someone who defames the clan. This would not be said because of anger or attachment. Everything depends on lust. They call out: O Purifier, come! The Father has come and yet the soul continues to become impure, and so what can the Father say? Everyone – sages, holy men etc. – call out “O Purifier, come!” but no one understands the meaning of that. Yes, some actually believe that God will come and establish the new world. However, because they have given the cycle a very long duration, they have fallen into immense darkness. There is knowledge and ignorance. The Father explains that those on the path of devotion don’t even know the One they worship, and so what use is such devotion? Because they don’t understand, whatever they do is fruitless (unsuccessful). People think that fruit is received by making donations and performing charity, but that only happens for a temporary period. Temporary happiness, like the droppings of a crow, is received. Sannyasis, too, say that whatever happiness is received in this world is like the droppings of a crow and that all the rest is sorrow, nothing but sorrow. The Father says: Remember Me alone and all your sorrow will be removed. Just think: How much do I remember Baba so that the old karmic accounts can be settled and new ones accumulated? However much someone accumulates is not a question in terms of money etc. Here, it is a question of removing sins. The main aspect is that of becoming pure. Don’t think that by your writing to Baba about it, the sins of many births will be settled. There is a great burden of sins of many births. They will not all be cut away, but yes, the burden of those that have been committed in this birth can be lightened. However, you do have to make a great deal of effort. The more you stay in remembrance, the more the burden of sin will be lightened. Some children make a lot of effort; they show the path to hundreds and thousands of people. They explain the cycle of 84 births. You know what the account of the different births is. Just think: How much yoga power do I have and when will I take birth? Will it be at the beginning of the golden age? Those who make a lot of effort will take birth at the beginning of the golden age. Those souls will not remain hidden. Don’t think that all of you will go to the golden age. Some will come at the end and claim a little something. Those who earn a great deal of income are the ones who come earlier. Those who earn less income come later on, and this is why you have to remember the Father a great deal. It is very easy. Those who remember Baba very well experience a great deal of happiness knowing that they will very soon go to the new world. If you want to become a king, you have to create subjects. If you don’t create subjects, how would you become a king? Some open a centre and earn a lot of income through that. When there is benefit, they even open two or three centres. Baba also continues to open centres. The account of those who do something is created. You have to come together to remove the roof of sorrow. Everyone’s shoulders come together, and so you all receive your share. To whatever extent you make effort, to that extent you claim a high status. You will also experience a great deal of happiness. It is seen how many have been uplifted. Some continue to do very good service. Mama became the example of doing very good service and she therefore experienced a great deal of benefit. The main thing is to do service. Yoga is also service. You continue to receive directions on how to stay in remembrance. Baba has also explained the significance of the point and, as time goes by, He will continue to explain more. Day by day, progress will take place; new points will continue to emerge. It is not very difficult, but then it is not very easy either. Those who remain on service catch the points very quickly. Nothing sits in the intellects of those who don’t remain engaged in service. They continue to say “bindi, bindi” (point), but how do you remember a point; how can a point be seen? It is very easy. You don’t have to remember Baba by keeping a point in front of you. This is something that has to be understood. A soul is such a tiny point. No one else can tell you the name, form, land or time of a soul. They ask what God’s name, form, land and time period are. Senseless human beings neither understand the soul nor the Supreme Soul. Here, too, there are some who don’t understand fully. They continue to say, “Baba, Baba”. They neither study knowledge nor do they do any service; they just continue to eat. Sannyasis also have such followers who don’t do anything but keep eating. At least they have become renunciates and freed themselves from vice! That is not a small thing. The religion of sannyasis is separate. Knowledge is for you children. Baba explains that you were pure and that you have now become impure. You are the ones who have been around the cycle of 84 births. People are unable to understand these things. Devotion is completely separate from knowledge; there is the difference of day and night. You know that you have to make effort and become like Lakshmi and Narayan, and so you have to follow shrimat completely. This requires effort. However, that sickness etc. will continue to come. Signs of it will remain until the end and it will then vanish and no sorrow will remain at all. The Father is known as the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. They say: O Liberator, have mercy on us so that we become liberated from all sorrow! It is at a time of sorrow that human beings remember God. At a time of sorrow, everyone calls out: O God! O Rama! They remember God, but who is God? No one understands this. They simply say: Remember God, the Father ! Or: Remember Khuda! (God). You understand very well that He is our Father. The Father is the One who teaches us: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me. On the path of devotion, it isn’t said: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father; no. There are so many different varieties of devotion but there is only one knowledge. People think that, having performed devotion, they will meet God. When does devotion begin and who does the most devotion? No one knows this. Will we still continue to perform devotion for 40,000 years? For how long will devotion continue? You now understand for what length of time devotion continues and for what length of time knowledge continues. Devotees don’t know these things. You hold so many exhibitions in order to explain to them. Only a handful out of multimillions emerge from exhibitions. As time goes by, more will emerge. Countless people come here. There are very few of you true Brahmins who remain pure, and only those who are regular should come here. However, we cannot make an accurate account of how many true Brahmins there are because there are also false ones. The task of a brahmin (priest) is to relate stories. Baba also continues to relate stories. You too have to relate stories. As is the Father, so the children. The duty of you children is to relate the Gita, but not everyone does this. You know that the book of knowledge is just the one Gita; it is the jewel of all the scriptures. Everything is included in that. The Gita is the mother and father. The Father is the One who comes and grants salvation to all. You can also write that the birth of Shiv Baba is like a diamond and that the birth of everyone else is as worthless as a shell. Everyone remembers the Father. Iron-aged human beings worship golden-aged deities. Who made them like that? Only the one Father. However, only those who understand this very well will be able to explain to others. No one explains systematically. Baba says: Instead of construction, many of My children cause destruction. There are some who are maharathis, some who are cavalry and some who are infantry. What will those who are infantry do? They will have to bow down and work for those who have studied. What would you call those who neither bow down in front of others, nor study or teach others? Ostriches! Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. The Father is a point. Understand this accurately and remember the Father. Don’t become confused and just say “bindi, bindi” (point). Remain engaged in service.
  2. Listen to the true Gita and relate it to others. In order to become true Brahmins, remain pure and definitely study regularly.
Blessing: May you be equal to the Father and reveal the actions of Father Brahma with the mirror of your elevated actions.
Each of you Brahmin souls, you elevated souls, is a mirror of Father Brahma’s actions in your every action. Let Father Brahma’s actions be seen in the mirror of your actions. The speaking, moving, getting up and sitting down of the children who perform every action with such attention will be like those of Father Brahma. Their every action will be worthy of blessings and they will always have blessings emerging through their lips. Then, speciality will be visible even in ordinary actions. So, when you claim this certificate, you will be said to be equal to the Father.
Slogan: In order to experience the avyakt stage, renounce becoming extroverted, be introverted and remain in solitude.

*** Om Shanti ***



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