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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, to cause sorrow for one another is the work of ghosts. You mustn’t cause anyone sorrow. These ghosts don’t exist in the kingdom of Rama.
Question: In which aspect should you children not become unconscious but remain in happiness?
Answer: When illness etc. comes, don’t become unconscious. If you are caught up in body consciousness, if you don’t consider yourself to be a soul, if your attention is on your body throughout the day, it is as though you are dead. Baba says: Children, stay in yoga and your pain will reduce. Your sorrow is removed with the power of yoga; you remain very happy. It is said: When you grind your own ingredients, your intoxication rises. Remove the suffering of karma with yoga.
Song: You wasted the night in sleeping and the day in eating!

Om shanti. These things are also in the scriptures. They also explain them to one another but, nevertheless, they don’t stop wasting their time. Gurus give many types of direction. Very good devotees go and sit in a small room, keep their hand in a small bag called a gaumukh (cow’s mouth) and turn the beads of a rosary in that. That is also a fashion. The Father says: Now renounce all of that. The soul has to remember his Father. There is no question of turning the beads of a rosary in this. The best song is: Salutations to Shiva. It is in this song that it is sung: You are the Mother and the Father. God alone is called the Creator. What does He create? Those people think that He creates a new world. They sing: You are the Mother and Father. However, they simply sing it; they don’t understand anything. God is the Father and so a mother is needed. He cannot create without a mother. They just don’t know how He creates. Since you call Him the Mother and Father, you must be brothers and sisters. Therefore, there can be no vision of vice and the question of remaining pure doesn’t arise when you are soul conscious. It is not a question of brother or sister; you are then all brothers. Very good points are explained to you but Maya is such that she instantly makes you fall. When storms come, trees fall right over. Only banyan trees never fall in a storm. It is easy to explain this. Everyone sings: You are the Mother and Father. They sing of the past, the path of devotion. The Mother and Father creates the world. Since you become His children, He must definitely give you a lot of happiness. No one knows that He is the Mother and Father, the Teacher and also the Guru. People sing the praise: You are the Mother and Father. Therefore, you are brothers and sisters. So why do you indulge in vice? We have become His children once again and we know that, although we live at home, we remember Him alone. We children of Brahma are brothers and sisters. We are even called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. He is the One who also created Brahma. The Mother and Father comes and gives us happiness. We are now studying Raja Yoga in order to attain a lot of happiness from the Mother and Father. It is only in the golden age that there is a lot of happiness. We receive a lot of happiness from the Father who establishes the golden age. We receive teachings for going into happiness when we are in sorrow. That same Mother and Father comes and gives us happiness. Adam and Eve are very well known. They are definitely children of God. So, who then is God? This is the kingdom of Ravan, the ghost but they don’t know what Ravan is. The ghost (vices) is in everyone. It is his kingdom now. It isn’t just the ghost of anger; there are the ghosts of all the vices. When those people have something printed, Baba draws your attention to the fact that this is the kingdom of the devilish ghost. Similarly, you children should also pay attention and create methods with which to explain. You know that the knowledge Baba is giving is for those of all religions. However, the intellect’s yoga of everyone has broken away from the Father. Ghosts don’t allow your intellect to connect in yoga. Instead, they break the intellect’s yoga away even more. The Father comes and inspires you to conquer the ghost. Nowadays, there are many people in the world who have occult powers. They continue to cause one another sorrow. This is the world of ghosts. When they have the vice of lust, they continue to cause one another sorrow from the beginning of it through the middle to the end. It is the work of ghosts to cause sorrow for one another. Ghosts don’t exist in the golden age. The name ‘gh ost  is mentioned in the Bible. Ravan means a ghostGhosts don’t exist in the kingdom of Rama. There are cries of victory. There is a lot of happiness there. The song “Salutations to Shiva” is very good. Shiva is the Mother and Father. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar cannot be called the Mother and Father. Shiva alone is called the Father. Adam and Eve, Brahma and Saraswati exist here. There, they simply pray to God, the Father. Oh God, the Father! Bharat is the village of the Mother and Father. His birth takes place here. Therefore explain to them: You sing, “You are the Mother and Father”, and so you are brothers and sisters. Prajapita Brahma has adopted you. All the many children who have become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, Shiv Baba has them adopted. The new world is created through Brahma. There are many methods with which to explain, but you don’t explain fully. Baba has told to you many times to play the song “Salutations to Shiva” and explain it to people everywhere: He sits here and explains to us how we are the children of the Mother and Father. The new world was established through Brahma. It is now the end of the iron age and establishment is once again taking place. Your intellects have to imbibe these things. This knowledge is very easy. Storms of Maya do not allow you to sit in yoga; your intellects go into a spin. Otherwise, it is very good to explain. First of all, you should explain that there is one Creator and everyone calls Him the Father. He is incorporeal, beyond birth and death. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar have their subtle costumes. Human beings take 84 births. They do not experience them in the subtle region. You know that you are the new children of the Mother and Father that Baba has adopted. Brahma has many arms. They don’t understand the meaning of this at all. All the pictures and scriptures etc. that have been created are based on the drama. There was the day of Brahma and then the path of devotion began. That is now continuing. Only Baba comes and teaches this Raja Yoga. This should remain in your awareness. It is said: Grind your own ingredients and you will feel the intoxication. However, the intellect’s yoga has to be connected to the Father. Here, the intellect’s yoga of many is caught up elsewhere. They are either caught up with friends and relatives of the old world or they remain trapped in body consciousness. When a slight illness comes, they die. However, if you stayed in yoga, your pain would reduce. If you don’t have any yoga, how could your illness be removed? You should think about this: The mother and father who become pure are the first ones to become impure. They have to suffer a lot too but their illnesses are removed by them staying in yoga. Otherwise, their suffering would be the most. However, their pain is removed with the power of yoga and they remain in a lot of happiness. We are to receive a lot of happiness of heaven from Baba. Many children become completely unconscious when they have an illness; they don’t become conscious at all, and so it is understood that that person is caught up in body consciousness, that he doesn’t consider himself to be a soul and that his attention is on the body the whole day. It is as though he is dead. Baba comes and awakens you from the grave and teaches you the details of knowledge. You have to become nightingales of knowledge. The young daughters have become very active. Outside, young children reveal their parents. They glorify both the parents of this world and the Parent of the world beyond. You will also see how young daughters give knowledge to their parents. Kumaris are respected. All bow down to kumaris. In the Shiv Shakti Army, all are kumaris. Although there are also mothers, they too are called kumaris. Young daughters show the older ones. Some are very good daughters, but they have attachment and that destroys all truth. Attachment is very bad; it makes you like a monkey. You know how much attachment a monkey has. That attachment too is an evil spirit; it turns you away from the Father. The words “Mother and Father” emerge from here. In fact, although they show Radhe and Krishna in the temples, Radhe’s name is not mentioned with Krishna in the Gita. The praise of Krishna is separate: he is full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full. The praise of God is separate. They sing a lot of praise of Shiva in aarti (special form of worship with lamps), but they don’t understand the meaning. They have become tired from carrying out worship. You know that Mama and Baba and we Brahmins became worshippers and carried out the most worship. We have now come and become Brahmins once again. In that too, it is numberwise. There is the suffering of karma which has to be removed with yoga. Body consciousness has to be broken. Remember Baba and maintain a lot of happiness. We receive a lot of happiness from the Mother and Father. We receive the inheritance from Baba. Baba has taken my chariot on loan. Baba would offer special hospitality to this chariot. At first, this one used to think: I, the soul, am feeding this chariot. Now, he says: It is that One who is feeding me. Baba is feeding us and we feed Baba. Baba Himself says: I come and enter this one at the end of the last of his many births. He does not know his own births. I know them. You say that Baba is giving you knowledge once again. He is giving you your inheritance through this one. You receive your inheritance in the golden age. In the golden age there are kings and subjects. You have to make effort to claim your full inheritance from the Father. If you don’t claim it now you will miss it every cycle. You will then not be able to claim such a high status. This is a deal for birth after birth. Therefore, how much should you follow shrimat! This study is for cycle after cycle. You have to pay a lot of attention to this. You can take the aim (course) for seven days and then you can even study the murli at home. Even if you are going to America etc., you can still claim your inheritance from the Father. Simply imbibe this knowledge in a week and then go. There are difficulties with food and drink. However, there are many things you can take: you can eat bread with mango jam. You will then develop that habit. You will then not like anything else. All of you are the children of God. You are brothers and sisters. Even the children of Brahma are brothers and sisters. While living at home with your family, if you live as brothers and sisters you will remain pure. It is so easy! Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Become nightingales of knowledge and sweetly chirp knowledge to everyone to remove them from the grave. Reveal the Mother and Father.
  2. Don’t allow any ghosts to enter you. Even the ghost of attachment destroys all truth, everything. So, protect yourself from ghosts. Connect your intellects in yoga to the one Father.
Blessing: May you be a Brahmin free from all attractions and become an angel and thereby, a deity who is liberated-in-life.
At the confluence age, Brahmins have to become angels from Brahmins. An angel means one who has no relationship of any type of attraction to the old world, old sanskars or old bodies. Become free from all of that for this is why there is first the inheritance of liberation and then liberation-in-life in the drama. So, an angel means one who is liberated for only a liberated angel can become a deity who is liberated-in-life. Only when you become such Brahmins who become angels free from all attractions and so deities, can matter then also serve all of you with deep love from the heart.
Slogan: Make your sanskars easy and all tasks will become easy.

*** Om Shanti ***




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