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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Merge all expansion into a point.

BapDada comes into this corporeal body and world in order to take you all far away from your bodies and this world. The Resident of the faraway land comes to make everyone a resident of the far-away land. Those bodies will not go to the far-away land. Pure souls will go to their land with their Father. Are you ready to go with Him or is there still something remaining for you to pack up? When you move from one place to another, you pack up all the expansion and transform everything. So, what preparations do you need to make to go to the far-away land, your sweet home? All expansion has to be merged into a point. Have you imbibed the powers to accommodate and to pack up to this extent? According to the time, if you receive BapDada’s direction to go with Him in a second, would you be able to merge the expansion in a second? Are you able to become detached from all the different households of your body, your worldly households, the household of service, the household of your thoughts and sanskars of your own weaknesses that still remain and become loving in order to go with the Father? Or, would some households pull you to themselves? Have you moved away from all sides of all the different households or will some of those sides become your temporary support and distance you from the Father’s support and His company? When you have the thought that you now have to go or you receive the direction that you now have to go, then would you be able to fly by stabilising yourself on a double-light flying seat? Have you made such preparations or would you think that you still have to do this and that? Are you able to use the power to pack-up? Or will you remember the expansion of “my service”, “my centre“, “my students”, “my worldly family” or “my worldly work”? You won’t have this thought, will you? You present a drama in which you have different thoughts about the things that you have to do before you return. Just as in that drama, you won’t be deprived of the right to a seat to return back home with the Father, will you? At present, you are going into a lot of expansion. What is the sign of going into expansion? After a tree has grown fully, it merges into a seed. So, service now is growing very fast and it has to grow. However, to the extent that it is grows do not forget to become detached from the growth and be loving to the One they are going to go back with. Make sure that no strings of attachment still remain on any side. The strings on all sides should always be loose; that is, take leave from everyone in advance. For instance, before they die, people here arrange the final ceremonies that they want carried out. So, they have bidden farewell. In the same way, bid farewell to the bondages of your households in advance. Celebrate the final ceremony in advance. Keep the flying seat of the flying stage constantly ready. In today’s world, when a war starts in any country, they have everything in place for the king or president of that country to leave the country. At that time, there’s no margin even to issue an order to get something ready. As soon as they receive a signal of war, they run. What would happen otherwise? Instead of being a king or president, they would become jailbirds. Souls who are instruments and have temporary rights also have everything prepared in advance. So, who are you? You are the hero actors of this confluence age, that is, you are special souls. You also need to have all preparations ready before-hand, do you not? Or, will you make preparations at that time? You are only going to receive a margin of one second. So, what will you do at that time? You won’t even have any margin to think. Those who think, “Should I do this or not? I should do this… I should do that…”, will become part of the procession rather than companions. Therefore, is the stage of your vehicle of the subtle body ready? That is, is the vehicle of the stage of being free from the bondage of karma – karmateet – the final vehicle with which you will fly with the Father in a second, readyOr, are you counting how much time you still have? “This is still to happen, that will happen and, after that, this will happen.” You do not think in this way, do you? Make all your preparations. You may also adopt facilities for service. You may even make new plans. However, don’t tie strings to the sides and then leave them there. Whilst being involved in all the households, don’t forget to become a lotus! Don’t forget your preparations for returning home! When it comes to the facilities for service, don’t forget the vehicle of your final stage, that is, the elevated means of becoming loving and detached. Do plenty of service but don’t let go of the speciality of being detached. There is now a need to practise this. You either become completely detached or you become completely loving. Therefore, maintain a balance of being loving and detached. Do service but do it whilst being detached from the consciousness of “mine”. Do you understand what you have to do? You are now preparing new strings whilst the old ones are being broken. Even though you understand everything, you are tying new strings because they are sparkling strings. So, what do you have to do this year? BapDada sees, as the detached Observer, the children’s games. You are going ahead of each other in the race of the bondage of strings. So, in the midst of the expansion, maintain the form of the essence.

At present, the quantity of the result of service is very good, but now let the quantity also be full of qual ityQuantity is needed in the task of establishment. However, would you like it if there were an expanse of leaves on a tree but no fruit? Should there be fruit and flowers or just leaves? The leaves are the decoration of the tree and the fruit is the source of life for all time. So, make every soul into a form of instant and practical fruit, that is, pay special attention to making them into embodiments of the experience of virtues and powers. The growth is good but pay special attention to teaching them the method of become constantly powerful souls who are destroyers of obstacles. As well as enabling growth, also pay special attention to teaching them the way to become embodiments of success. They will become loving and co-operative according to their capacity, but you have to increase the special attention you pay to them, so that they become powerful souls who are able to face their obstacles and old sanskars and become mahavirs. Now increase the quantity of heir-qualitysouls who have a right to self-sovereignty and so world-sovereignty. Many have become servers, but now bring on to the world stage souls who are full of all powers and specialities.

This year, especially become an embodiment of experience and a mine of experiences and give the great donation of making all souls into embodiments of experience so that every soul becomes like Angad on the basis of their experience. Not that they are just moving along, just doing, listening, sharing etc. but, instead, let them sing songs of having attained the treasure of experience and swing in the swing of happiness.

This year, as well as enthusiasm for service, let enthusiasm for the flying stage also increase. Together with enthusiasm for service, celebrate such a festival that your enthusiasm remains unsuppressible. Do you understand? Constantly have enthusiasm for the flying stage and increase everyone’s enthusiasm.

This year, each one of you has to keep the aim of serving souls of different professions and make each one of them belong to the Father, and bring a bouquet of souls of the variety of professions in front of the Father. However, all of them have to be spiritual roses. The tree can be of a variety in which there are VIPs, souls of different occupations, ordinary people and also villagers. However, with the mine of experiences, make everyone into an embodiment of experience and attainment and bring them to the Father. Such ones are called spiritual roses. Make a bouquet, but don’t allow there to be any consciousness of “mine”. “My bouquet is the best of all.” They would not then be able to become spiritual roses. When you have any consciousness of “mine”, the bouquet wilts. Therefore consider them to be Baba’s children. Forget that they are yours. If you make them yours, you will distance those souls from their unlimited rights. No matter how great a soul is, a soul cannot be said to be omniscient (one who knows everything). They are not called oceans. So, don’t deprive any souls of their unlimited inheritance. Otherwise, later on, those souls will complain that those who made them belong to them in so doing deprived them of it! At that time, you won’t be able to bear their cries of sorrow. Their cries of sorrow will be coming from hearts filled with sorrow. So, pay special attention to understanding this special aspect. You may do special service. Use whatever powers you have – the power of your body, the power of your mind, the power of your wealth, the power of co-operating, even the power of time – for a powerful task. Don’t think about the future. You accumulate however much you use. Do you understand what you have to do? Use all your powers! Constantly fly in the flying stage and also take others into the flying stage. You have also received a slogan for enthusiasm, have you not?

This year, celebrate a double festival and all of you also prepare a bouquet of spiritual roses. Those who have come here today are also a variety bouquet. Souls have come from everywhere. This is now a variety bouquet from this land and abroad, is it not? Double foreigners have also claimed a share in the last dip. BapDada is congratulating you for coming here. All of you have received congratulations and so all of you have met, have you not? Have all of you met? You have received congratulations, so what else remains? Toli! Therefore, all of you make a line and take your toli! Such a time will also come. Since you are building such a big hall, what will the condition then be? The same system cannot continue for all time. This time, Baba especially satisfied the complaint of the children from Bharat. Every season has its own customs and systems. Just see what will happen next year. If Baba were to tell you now, there would be no pleasure in it. All of you will come with a bouquet, will you not? Bring quality because, together with quantity , you will be given a number on the basis of the quality. Even the politicians are very clever at gathering a crowd. Let there be quantity, but with quality. Bring such a bouquet. Don’t bring a bouquet of just leaves. Achcha.



To those who are ever ready with their final vehicles, to those who are great donors when it comes to making all souls into embodiments of experience, to the souls who are constant instruments to give others the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father, the Bestower of Blessings and the Bestower of Fortune, to those who, as well as making souls into servers, also make them powerful, to those who achieve success and expansion by using the right method, to those who do service equal to that of the Father and are detached from service and loving and who will go back with the Father, to such close and equal souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Meeting servers:

There are instrument servers who give souls the Father’s introduction and enable them to claim a right to their inheritance, and there are servers of the yagya. At this time, all of you are playing a part in serving the yagya. You know very well that the importance of serving the yagya is so great! How much importance is there in each grain of the yagya? Each grain is as valuable as a gold coin. If someone does as much as a grain of service, he earns and accumulates an income as valuable as a gold coin. So, you didn’t do service, but accumulated an income. Firstly, you servers who are present received the chance to stay in Madhuban, the land of blessings and, secondly, you received the fortune of being in a constantly elevated atmosphere, and, thirdly, you received the fortune of constantly accumulating an income. You servers automatically receive so many types of fortune! Do you souls do service considering yourselves to be such fortunate servers? Does your awareness have such spiritual intoxication, or do you forget this whilst you are serving? Servers with their own elevated fortune can become instruments for making others enthusiastic. All the servers remained free from obstacles for as long they remained engaged in service – free from obstacles even in their minds. When there is no type of obstacle or upheaval, that’s what it is to be an embodiment of success in service. No matter how much upheaval of sanskars and situations there may be, those who are constantly with the Father and who constantly follow and see the Father, remain constantly free from obstacles. However, if you look at other souls or follow other souls, there will be fluctuation. The basis of attaining success in the service that servers do is to see the Father and follow the Father. So, did all of you serve with an honest heart? How was your chart of remembrance whilst serving? Achcha, you made your fortune elevated. The result is good. You are very fortunate souls because you received the chance to serve the yagya. Therefore, perform such a task that your memorial is created and that, whenever there is a need, only you are called. Those who serve tirelessly accumulate fruit for the present and also the future. All of you played your part s very well.

Blessing: May you be an image that attracts and with the awareness of constant victory, stay happy and give happiness to others.
“I am a victorious soul every cycle”. Let the tilak of victory constantly sparkle on your forehead for this tilak of victory will also give happiness to others because the face of a victorious soul is always cheerful. Everyone who sees a cheerful face is attracted by that happiness. At the end when no one will have time to listen to anyone, your image that attracts others and your cheerful face will serve many souls.
Slogan: To spread the light of the avyakt stage everywhere is to be a lighthouse.


*** Om Shanti ***

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