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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, pay attention to the philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action and don’t perform any sinful actions with your physical sense organs. Make a donation and the bad omens of the eclipse will be removed.
Question: By following Father Brahma in which aspect do you children become seated on the throne in the future?
Answer: Father Brahma surrendered everything he had including his body and gave everything to serve the children in the name of God. He insured himself directly and thereby received the kingdom of the world. F ollow the father in the same way. You have to claim the certificate of being worthy. Become real children and serve with your bodies, minds and wealth. Become the Father’s true helpers. By insuring everything, you can claim a right to a kingdom for 21 births.
Song: Do not forget the days of your childhood .

Om shanti. You sweetest children heard the song. You children have now died alive and taken the lap of the Father in order to go from this world to that world. Which Father is He? “The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul”, means God. Whenever you explain, you mustn’t say that Baba is a Jyotilingam, or that He is the form of light, brighter than a thousand suns. To say this is, in fact, wrong. What should you say? God, that is, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, always resides in the supreme abode. The Supreme means the Highest on High, the i ncorporeal Father. He is the Father of all souls and this is why He is called the Supreme. He doesn’t enter the cycle of birth and death. He explains: Children, if I too entered the cycle of birth and death, who would uplift everyone? I alone come and take everyone beyond sorrow. I am the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, but no one knows this. On the path of devotion, people continue to sing: O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul! They definitely consider Him to be the Father, but they don’t know what their Father is like or what He is. He doesn’t have the form of a human being. People also remember Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. They can be seen with these eyes, but who is Shiva? People go to a Shiva Temple, but they don’t know why they remember Him. The Father sits here and explains: When the deities go on to the path of sin, they build the temple to Somnath. The only thing they understand is that He is Shiv Baba, but they don’t know that He is the Creator of heaven or that He is the One who makes us into the masters of heaven. If they knew this, they would tell others the biography of Shiv Baba. It is fixed in the drama for them not to know. To know means to receive the inheritance. Not to know means to lose the inheritance. The Father says: I, the Creator of heaven, give you happiness and make you pure. Then the five vices make you impure and the degrees continue to decrease. You then become ugly. At first, you were a 16 celestial degrees full moon; you were pure, but you are now eclipsed. Baba says: Make a donation and the bad omens of the eclipse will be removed. The five vices are said to be the eclipse of bad omens through which you souls become unhappy and ugly. The Father says: I am the Father of you Brahmins. O Brahmins, donate to Me the five vices that you have and the eclipse of the bad omens will be removed. After donating them today, don’t do anything with them. Many storms of Maya will come, but if you become angry, you would be committing sin through your physical organs. I explain the philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action. Your actions should not become sinful. I am making you children into conquerors of sinful actions. Those are the omens of Rahu. When you make a donation, the eclipse of the omens will be removed. The Father says: My sweet children, donate those five evil spirits. There is no question of any money etc. in this. He is the Father and you are real children. The Father surely has to help the real children. You serve with your bodies, minds and wealth. The Father’s duty is to serve you. The Father says: All of this belongs to you children. You have been giving to God on the path of devotion. However, God is not greedy. You are insuring yourselves. By your giving to God, God will then give to you in your next birth. This is insuring, is it not? You receive the fruit of it in your next birth. God is the Bestower. You are now insuring yourselves for 21 births. Those people insure themselves for one birth. Here, everything is insured for 21 births. It is said: Son shows the Father. Look, whatever the father (Brahma Baba) had, he used it in the name of God to serve the children. He made Shiv Baba his Heir. He gave his body, mind and wealth and because he did everything directly, he received the sovereignty of the world in return through his own efforts. By belonging to Me, you become the masters of heaven for 21 births, but you will receive the inheritance to the extent that you surrender yourselves. You have to surrender everything including your body. Those who follow the mother and father will sit on the throne. The Father says: Make a donation and the eclipse of the omens will be removed. If you take something back after you have donated it, you will become degraded. You have to make full effort. Effort-making students who study well claim a number. You too can make effort and claim a high number. There is no question of any difficulty in this. You simply have to remain pure. You receive power from Baba for this and the mercury of happiness also rises. We want to become deities and so we mustn’t have any defects in us. You have to become 16 celestial degrees full and fully viceless here and so you mustn’t have any defects. You have been vicious for half the cycle and so Maya says: You are now trying to become viceless and so I will once again make you vicious. This is the war with Maya that continues. This is the difficulty. You have to conquer Maya. Those people have then shown a violent war and falsified everything. You become the masters of the world by conquering Maya. You children understand that if you don’t donate the five vices to the Father, you won’t be able to marry Shri Lakshmi or Narayan. Therefore, you children should look into the mirror of your heart: Did I do anything wrong through my physical sense organs? The storms of Maya that come will be stronger than they were previously. When herbalists give medicine, they warn you that all the old illnesses will erupt before you get better. You mustn’t be afraid of this. These will come. That One is also the Surgeon. He says: When you become My children, you will have a big war with Ravan. Maya will attack you a great deal. Therefore, you mustn’t be afraid of storms. You belong to the Father and so don’t forget this childhood: this is your Godly childhood. You come into God’s lap once and then into the lap of deities for 21 births. After your Godly birth you go to heaven. You each have to claim the certificate. Baba, am I a worthy child or an unworthy child of yours? Baba can tell you which number worthy child you are. Baba can tell you what is still lacking in you. You yourselves can understand: If I am not doing service, how can I claim such a high status? Achcha, Baba tells you what to do: Open a hospital-cum-college. You may not go there, but when many people receive a cure there, you will receive the reward of that. Human beings build dharamshalas so that many people can rest there, and so they would receive a very good palace in their next birth. Many children come to Baba and say: Open this hospital and we will help you. Open a big hospital. If you don’t have time to take this knowledge, then just take three feet of land and open this hospital-cum-college. Through the hospital you will become ever healthyand through the college you will become ever wealthy. When many people become this, you will accumulate the charity of that. There is not a lot of expense in this. People nowadays earn so much money. They have properties worth millions. Will their sons and grandsons etc. eat from that? They won’t even get the dust. Everything is to be destroyed. The poor ones receive a kingdom. Baba is the Lord of the Poor. This Baba was a number one ordinary person. Someone who just has one or two thousand would be called a poor person. Here, even the poor can claim a high status. What would you do with a hundred thousand or a million of someone’s? Establishment is carried out with every penny of the poor. Gandhiji used to receive so many donations, and yet so many people died in that. They endured so much difficulty. You don’t have any difficulty. The Father says: First of all, study Raja Yoga and the kingdom will be given to you. This kingdom here is like a mirage. There is the story of Draupadi inviting Duryodhan to her palace and when he came, he saw a lake and began to take off his clothes. So, Draupadi told him: Blind child of the blind, that is just a mirage. They all think that they have received their independence, but there is so much sorrow. People are so unhappy. Death is standing just ahead. The Father says: All are already dead. This is a graveyard and you have to make it into the land of angels. You will build palaces studded with diamonds and pearls. Here, it is the land of stones, whereas there, it will be the land of gold. Therefore, the Father explains: When you make a donation, the eclipse of the omens will be removed and you will then become 16 celestial degrees full. You are now impure. Human beings are so unhappy. When war takes place, people lose their sleep; they are unable to sleep. They sleep by taking sleeping tablets. This is the kingdom of Ravan. They will now burn Ravan on Dashera. They will continue to burn it till the end, until destruction takes place. After destruction, Ravan’s image will not be burnt. Then, in the copper age, they will again create Ravan in order to burn him. They burn Ravan every year, but he just doesn’t die. You celebrate Raksha Bandhan and have a rakhi tied every year and yet you also become impure again. Lakshmi and Narayan had so much wealth. They are worshipped so much. They don’t worship Lakshmi alone; they worship the four-armed image. Both are included in that. Together with Lakshmi, Narayan is also needed; they worship both of them. How could anything function without a couple? This is the family path. You become the masters of the world. Children say that other people tell them: If you don’t worship Lakshmi at Diwali, wealth will not come to you. Therefore, Baba advises you: Children, just play your parts as detached observers. Otherwise, there will be conflict. Baba says: If you have to get your daughter married, simply play your part as a detached observer. Otherwise, there will be a quarrel. If the daughter doesn’t want to remain viceless, then, in those desperate circumstances, get her married. If she doesn’t want to remain pure, then just let her go; don’t harass her. A kumari is one who uplifts 21 generations. All of you are Brahma Kumaris and your business is to make everyone into a master of heaven. Ask your heart: How many do I make the same as myself? This is a mission. Here, you change human beings into deities and so you have to make a lot of effort. You are God’s helpers. I liberate you from sorrow and make you into the masters of heaven. I am altruistic. I give you the kingdom and go into retirement. I have no desire to rule a kingdom. I give you the kingdom. You can take your fortune of the kingdom once again. You know that you were deities. You went through 84 births and today you are part of Ravan’s community. People always burn an effigy of Ravan. They never worship Ravan. Those who give happiness are worshipped. They make an image of Ravan and then burn it; he always causes sorrow. How can you praise someone who causes you sorrow? Shiv Baba is the Bestower of Happiness. People go and offer flowers to Him every day, but they don’t know His occupation. Nowadays, there is a lot of blind faith. Baba says: You mustn’t forget the Father who gives you the happiness of heaven. Otherwise, you won’t be able to receive the abundant happiness of heaven. Since you say “Mama, Baba” you will go to heaven, but you will become maids and servants. You children have understood the meaning of the song. After belonging to God, don’t forget this childhood. You have changed from devilish children into Godly children and you are to become deity children. This is your Godly birth. At this time you are servers. You are spiritual social workers. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. After taking a Godly birth don’t perform any wrong actions. Become a worthy child. Remove the defects and imbibe divine virtues.
  2. Become Godly helpers and make others equal to yourselves by doing spiritual service. Take three feet of land and open a spiritual hospital-cum-college. Become a full helper with your body, mind and wealth.
Blessing: May you be free from bondage and celebrate the completion ceremony by finishing your old karmic accounts.
When all you souls in this foreign world are bound in bondage, the Father comes and makes you free from bondage by reminding you of your original form and original land. He makes you into masters of the self, self-sovereigns, and then takes you to your original land. So, in order to go back to your original land, celebrate the completion ceremony of finishing all karmic accounts. When you celebrate this ceremony now you will then be able to celebrate the perfection ceremony at the end. Only those who have been free from bondage over a long period of time are able to attain the status of liberation in life over a long period of time.
Slogan: To make weak souls powerful with the co-operation of your zeal and enthusiasm and sweet words is to have pure and positive thoughts for others.

*** Om Shanti ***

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