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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, only those who do good service according to shrimat receive the prize of the kingdom. You children have now become the Father’s helpers and you therefore receive a very big prize.
Question: In front of which children is the Father’s dance of knowledge performed very well?
Answer: The Father’s dance of knowledge is performed very well in front of those who are keen on knowledge and who have the intoxication of yoga. Students are numberwise, but this is a wonderful school. Some don’t have any knowledge at all. They just have love and faith and they claim a right to the inheritance on the basis of that love and faith.

Om shanti. The spiritual Father explains to the spiritual children. This is called spiritual knowledge. Only the one Father has spiritual knowledge. No human being has spiritual knowledge. It is only the One who gives you spiritual knowledge and He is called the Ocean of Knowledge. Every human being has his own individual speciality. A barrister is a barrister and a doctor is a doctor. Each one’s duty and part is separate. Every soul has received his own individual partwhich is imperishable. A soul is so tiny. It is a wonder! They sing: A wonderful star shines in the centre of the forehead. It is remembered that a body is the throne of an incorporeal soul. It is a very tiny point and is an actor with all other souls. The features of one birth cannot be the same as those of another. The part of one birth cannot be the same as that of another. No one knows what he was in the past or what he will become in the future. Only the Father sits here at the confluence age and explains this to you. In the morning, when you children sit in the pilgrimage of remembrance, the lights of souls that were extinguished become ignited. Because souls are covered with a lot of rust, the Father also does the work of the Goldsmith. He purifies impure souls who have alloy mixed in them. Alloy does become mixed in, does it not? Silver, copper, iron etc. are the names given to the ages. Golden age and silver age; you are satopradhan and then you go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. No human being or guru would explain these things. Only the one Satguru explains these things. They speak of the immortal throne of the Satguru. That Satguru needs a throne. Just as you souls have your own thrones, in the same way, He also has to take a throne. He says: No one in the world knows which throne I take. Those people have been saying, “Neti, neti” (neither this nor that). We don’t know. You children also understand that you didn’t know anything previously. Those who don’t understand anything are called senseless. The people of Bharat believe that they were very sensible. The fortune of the kingdom used to be theirs. They have now become senseless. The Father says: Although you have studied the scriptures etc. and everything, you now have to forget everything. Simply remember the one Father. You may live at home with your family. Followers of the sannyasis also live at home. Those who are true followers live with them. Some live somewhere and others live somewhere else. The Father sits here and explains all of these things. This is called the dance of knowledge. Yoga is silence, but there is the dance of knowledge. You have to remain in complete silence in yoga. They speak of dead silence: three minutes’ dead silence. However, no one understands the meaning of that. Sannyasis go to the forests for peace, but they cannot receive peace there. There is the story of a queen who was looking for her necklace which was around her neck. That refers to peace. The examples that the Father gives at this time then continue on the path of devotion. The Father is changing the old world at this time and making it new. He is making it satopradhan from tamopradhan. You can understand that this world is tamopradhan and impure because all are born through vice. Deities are not born through vice. That is called the completely viceless world. They speak of the viceless world but they don’t understand the meaning of that. You become worthy of worship and then worshippers. You would never say this of Baba; the Father never becomes a worshipper. People say that God is in every particle. This is why the Father says: Whenever there is such defamation of religion… Those people simply read the verses like that without understanding their meaning. They think that it is bodies that become impure and that souls don’t. The Father says: It was souls that became impure first. This is why bodies have become impure. Alloy is mixed into gold. Then the jewellery made out of it is like that. However, all of that is the path of devotion. The Father explains: There is a soul present in every body. The expression is ‘Living being’, not, ‘Living Supreme Being’, and ‘Great soul’, not ‘Great Supreme Soul’. It is each soul that adopts different bodies and plays his part. So, yoga is complete silence. This is the dance of knowledge. The dance of knowledge of the Father takes place in front of those who are keen. The Father knows how much knowledge each one has, and how much intoxication of yoga each one has. A teacherwould know this. The Father also knows who the very good virtuous children are. It is the good children who are invited everywhere. Children are numberwise. Subjects too are created numberwise, according to their efforts. This is a school or a pathshala (place of study). All are always seated numberwise in a pathshala. You can understand that so-and-so is clever and that so-and-so is of a medium standard. This is an unlimited class. You cannot seat anyone numberwise here. Baba knows when someone sitting in front of Him doesn’t have any knowledge in him, that he just has that love and faith. He neither has knowledge nor remembrance; he just has the faith that this is Baba and that he has to claim his inheritance from Him. Everyone is to receive the inheritance but the status in the kingdom is numberwise. Those who do very good service receive a very good prize. Here, they continue to give prizes to everyone. Those who give advice and beat their heads receive a prize. You now know how there can be true peace in the world. The Father has told you: Ask those people when there was peace in the world. Have you ever heard of it or seen it? What type of peace are you asking for? When did it exist? You can ask these questions because you know the answers. What would you call those who ask the questions but do not know the answers themselves? You can ask them in the newspapers: What type of peace are you looking for? Peace exists where all of us souls reside. The Father says: First, remember the land of peace and second, remember the land of happiness. Because of not having full knowledge of the world cycle, they have told so many lies etc. You children know that we are becoming doublecrowned. We were deities and have now become human beings. Deities are called deities. Because they have divine virtues, they are not called human beings. Those who have defects say: I am without virtue; I have no virtues. They simply continue to sing about the things they have heard in the scriptures. They sing praise just like parrots are taught to speak. They say: Baba, come and make all of us pure. In fact, Brahmlok cannot be called a world. You souls reside there. In fact, this is the only world where you play your parts. That is the land of silence. The Father explains: I sit here and give you children My introduction. I enter the one who doesn’t know his own births. You hear this now. I enter this one. This is the old impure world, the world of Ravan. The one who was the foremost pure one has become the last number impure one. I make him My chariot. The first one has now come here at the last (end). He has to become the first once again. It is also explained in the pictures that I carry out establishment of the original, eternal deity religion through Brahma. It is not said that I come into the deity religion. The soul of the body that I enter and sit in then becomes Narayan. There is no other Vishnu – that is the pair of Lakshmi and Narayan or Radhe and Krishna. No one knows who Vishnu is. The Father says: I tell you the secrets of the Vedas, the scriptures and all the pictures etc. The one I enter then becomes this. This is the family path. This Brahma and Saraswati then become Lakshmi and Narayan. I enter this one (Brahma) and give knowledge to Brahmins and this Brahma also hears it. He hears it first. This is the big River Brahmputra. A mela of the ocean and the Brahmputra River takes place. A big mela takes place where there is the meeting of the ocean and the river. I enter this one. This one then becomes that. It takes one second to become that (Brahma to Vishnu). He had a vision and immediately had the faith that he was to become that. “I am going to become a master of the world. So, why should I carry on with this donkeyship?” He let go of everything. When you first came to know that Baba had come and that this world was going to end, you quickly came running. Baba did not abduct you. Yes, a bhatthi had to be created. They say that Krishna abducted them. OK, if Krishna abducted them, he made them into queens. So, you become the emperors and empresses of the world through this knowledge. This is good. There is no need to be insulted. You then say: Only when you are defamed do you become Kalangidhar (one with peacock-feathered crown). It is Shiv Baba who is insulted. They defame Him so much. They say: I, the soul, am the Supreme Soul and the Supreme Soul is the soul. The Father now explains: It is not like that. I, the soul, am a Brahmin at this time. The Brahmin clan is the most elevated clan. It cannot be called a dynasty. A dynasty is where there is a kingdom. This is your clan. It is very easy. We Brahmins are going to become deities and this is why we definitely have to imbibe divine virtues. Bhog of cigarettes, tobacco, etc. is never offered to deities. At Shrinathdware they offer very rich and nourishing bhog. They make so much bhog that they can then sell it at a shop where pilgrims buy it. People have a lot of love and devotion for that. Such things do not happen in the golden age. There will not be any flies etc. there that would spoil anything. There will not be any such illnesses etc. there. Important people have a lot of cleanliness. Such things do not exist there. There are no diseases etc. there. All of these illnesses emerge in the copper age onwards. The Father comes and makes you everhealthy. You make effort to remember the Father through which you become everhealthy. You also have a long lifespan. It is only a matter of yesterday when you had a lifespan of 150 years. Now, it is a lifespan of 40 to 45 years, on average, because those people were yogis whereas these people are bhogis (those who indulge in sensual pleasures). You are Raj Yogis and Raj Rishis and this is why you are pure. However, this is the most auspicious confluence age. It is not a confluence month or year. The Father says: I come every cycle at the most auspicious confluence age. The Father continues to explain to you every day. Nevertheless, He says: Never forget one thing. If you want to become pure, then remember Me. Consider yourselves to be souls. Renounce all religions of bodies. You now have to return home. I have come to make you souls pure and clean through which you will also receive pure bodies. Here, people are born through vice. When you souls become completely pure, you will shed your old shoes and receive new ones. It is remembered of you: Salutations to the mothers. You also make the earth pure. You mothers open the gates to heaven, but no one knows this. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to ignite the light of the soul, sit in the pilgrimage of remembrance early in the morning. It is only by your having remembrance that the rust will be removed. The alloy that is mixed in the soul has to be removed with your remembrance and you have to become real gold.
  2. In order to claim the prize of a high status from the Father, together with having faith and devotion, also become knowledgeable and virtuous. Demonstrate this by doing service.
Blessing: May you be a powerful soul who makes Maya surrender on the basis of one strength and one support.
To have one strength and one support means to be constantly powerful. Where there is one strength and one support, no one can shake you. Maya becomes unconscious in front of such souls and surrenders herself. When Maya surrenders, you are always victorious. So, always have the intoxication that victory is your birthright. No one can take away this right. Let this awareness emerge in your hearts: We Pandavas and Shaktis have been victorious every cycle, we are victorious and we will always be victorious.
Slogan: With the awareness of the new world, invoke all virtues and move forward at a fast speed.

*** Om Shanti ***

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