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30/04/17 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 24/03/1982

“The speciality of Brahmin life is purity.”

Today, BapDada is seeing His pure children. He is seeing from each one’s chart the extent to which each Brahmin soul has become pure. The speciality of Brahmins is purity. To be a Brahmin means to be a pure soul. What is the instrument for measuring the extent to which you have imbibed purity? You remind everyone of the mantra “Become pure!” but to what extent have you put this mantra into your life according to shrimat? “Life” means forever. You constantly live, do you not? So, to put this into your life means to adopt purity. Do you know the instrument with which to measure this? All of you know this, for you say that purity is the mother of peace and happiness, that is, where there is purity, there is definitely the experience of peace and happiness. Check yourself on this basis! The sign of having purity in your thoughts is that your mind will constantly experience being an embodiment of peace and happiness. If your mind ever has waste thoughts, then, instead of peace, there will be upheaval. Because of the many questions such as “Why?” and “What?”, you will not be able to experience the stage of being an embodiment of happiness, and your need to understand will be ever increasing. “This shouldn’t happen! That should happen! This should be like this, and that should be like that!” You will keep trying to solve these issues. Therefore, where there is no peace, there won’t be any happiness. So, constantly check that no type of confusion becomes an obstacle to your attaining peace and happiness. If there are the questions “Why?” and “What?”, then your mind can have no power of concentration. Where there is no concentration, there can be no experience of peace or happiness. According to the present time, you are coming close to the angelic stage and the stage of being equal to the Father. Therefore, according to this, you must understand that the definition of purity is extremely subtle. Complete purity is not just to be celibate but, together with being celibate, you need to be someone who follows Father Brahma as well. You must be one who follows Father Shiva and one who follows Father Brahma too. To place your footsteps in his steps means to place your feet in the footsteps of every action he performed. This is known as being one who follows Father Brahma. Therefore, check very subtly whether you have attained constant purity and whether you do experience peace and happiness. Are you always resting comfortably on the bed of happiness? That is, do you remain an embodiment of peace? This is the picture of one who follows Father Brahma.

For someone who is always resting on the bed of happiness, the vices become a canopy of protection. That enemy changes into one who serves you. You have seen your picture, have you not? So, it is not a bed of snakes but a bed of happiness. The sign of constant happiness and peace is to remain constantly cheerful. The form of a very clear soul is constant cheerfulness. You never see a confused soul looking cheerful. His face would always be that of someone lost, whereas the other will have a face that shows that he has attained something. When you lose something, the sign of that is “Why?”, “What?”, “How?”, etc. Anyone who loses his purity of the spiritual stage also has the confusion of “Why?”, “What?” and “How?” inside him. So, do you understand how you have to check yourself? Check the purity of your mind on the basis of being an embodiment of the attainment of peace and happiness.

Secondly, if other souls don’t experience peace and happiness through your mind, that is, if the impact of your pure thoughts does not reach others, then check the reason for that. If you imbibe the slightest weakness of other souls, that is, if you absorb any impurity in your mind, that impurity will not then allow other souls to experience peace and happiness. There will either be wasteful or impure feelings towards another soul or your own mind will lack some percentage of the power of purity. Due to this, there will be no impact of your attainment of purity on others; it would only reach you and not others. You become a light but not a searchlight. Therefore, the definition of the perfection in purity is “for oneself to be a constant embodiment of peace and happiness and also to enable others to experience the attainment of peace and happiness.” On the basis of this attainment, such pure souls will constantly spread rays of happiness, peace and coolness. So, do you understand what complete purity is?

The power of purity is so great that, with your pure thoughts, that is, with your pure attitude, you are able to transform matter. The practical proof of the power of pure thoughts is the transformation of matter. The transformation of matter is done through self-transformation: people before matter. So, there is the transformation of people and also of matter. The power of purity has such a huge impact on thoughts.

Today you were told very clearly about the power of purity in thoughts. Later you will be told the definition of purity in words and deeds, that is, the definition of complete purity in relationships and connections. What will you have to become if your percentage of purity is 14 celestial degrees instead of 16 celestial degrees? If you don’t have 16 celestial degrees purity, that is, if there isn’t complete purity, how could there then be the attainments of the facilities of complete peace and happiness? As the age changes, so too does the praise. One is called satopradhan and the next is called sato. The sun dynasty is the perfect stage; 16 celestial degrees means the full stage. To be complete in every aspect of dharna, that is, to attain the full stage is the sign of the sun dynasty. Therefore, you have to become full in this aspect too. If you are sometimes on a bed of happiness and sometimes on a bed of confusion, that is not called being complete. It means that there is sometimes the tilak of the bindi (point) and sometimes the tilak of questions. “Tilak” means awareness. Constantly apply the tilak of the three dots. The tilak of the three dots is the complete stage. Do you not know how to apply this? You do know how to apply it, but, sometimes, the hand of attention shakes. You are amused at yourself, are you not? When you have a powerful aim, you easily have all qualifications; you are liberated from making effort. When you are weak you have to make more effort. Become an embodiment of power and all your efforts will be over. Achcha.

To the souls who have constantly attained all rights to success as their birthright, to those who experience and enable others to experience peace and happiness through their constant and perfect purity, to those who use the instrument of experience and who put the experience of the mantra “Be pure” into the lives of others, to those who remain stable in the experience of complete purity, peace and happiness, to those who are as angelic as the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

True spiritual roses are those who constantly spread the fragrance of spirituality.

Are all of you children true spiritual roses who constantly maintain spiritual intoxication? Roses are very popular. Similarly, you souls are spiritual roses. To be a spiritual rose means to be someone who spreads the fragrance of spirituality everywhere. Do you consider yourselves to be spiritual roses like this? The speciality of a spiritual rose is constantly to see the spirit and constantly to converse with the Master of spirits. Whilst constantly seeing the body, you have made the lesson firm of seeing the soul, the spirit, have you not? By having the practice of seeing the spirit, you have become spiritual roses. You are special flowers in the Father’s garden because you are number one spiritual roses. You are those who constantly stay in remembrance of the One, that is, you constantly have the aim of claiming number one.

Didiji taking leave from BapDada before going to the opening of the Delhi mela:

You are going to make everyone fly, are you not? You are going to make everyone fly in remembrance, love and co-operation. These are by-plots in the drama. Therefore, it is good that the soul has become a plane. Just as it is not difficult to come and go by plane, so the soul too has become a flying bird. This is why it is easy to come and go. It is also a hero part in the drama to give others a lot of experience in a short time. So, you are going to play this hero part. Achcha, give remembrance to everyone and constantly continue to move forward by having the pure thought of becoming an embodiment of success. Come back having made everyone into an embodiment of this awareness. The sound is yet still to emerge in Delhi. Everyone’s mike has to reach Delhi. When the sound emerges from the Government, completion will take place. The politicians of Bharat will then wake up. You are going to make preparations for that, are you not? Achcha.

Questions and Answers from Avyakt murlis

Question: Who can become a justice to judge their own thoughts and the thoughts of others?

Answer: Those whose needle of the intellect is stable, who have no upheaval, who have a stage that is free from any negative thoughts and who have a balance of love and law and love and power in their actions. Only such justices are able to make an accurate judgment. Such souls are easily able to discern others.

Question: What is the responsibility of a worldly justice and of you spiritual justices?

Answer: If a worldly judge gives a wrong judgment, one birth or some time of that soul is then wasted. He can become an instrument to cause many types of damage. However, if you spiritual judges are unable to discern someone accurately, you become instrumental in damaging the fortune of many souls for many births.

Question: Which main dharna is the basis on which the needle of your intellect can remain stable?

Answer: The needle of the intellect of those who are stable in the stage of being ignorant of the knowledge of desires will remain stable and they are the ones who are able to fulfil anyone’s desires. They are able to discern the desire of any desperate or thirsty soul who comes in front of them and they will fulfil that desire. Only those who have such stable intellects can give an accurate and perfect judgement.

Question: When can you have the stage of being ignorant of the knowledge of any desires?

Answer: When you are full of wisdom, full, knowledge-full and constantly successful, that is, when you are an image of success. Only after becoming full do you have the stage of being ignorant of the knowledge of any desires. There is then nothing lacking. Only such a stage is called the angelic or karmateet stage. Those with such a stage are able to discern all souls accurately and can enable other souls to attain something.

Question: What are the four main relationships? And with which dharna and slogans connected with these four will you easily become complete?

Answer: 1) Father. 2) Teacher. 3) Satguru. 4) Bridegroom. There are four main aspects of dharna connected with these four relationships. These are the four main slogans to keep in your awareness:

1) Father: Follow instructions. “Son shows Father”, that is, I have to become worthy and give the proof of that.

2) Teacher: Honest and trustworthy. I have to study for as long as I live.

3) Guru: Obedient. Wherever You make me sit, however You make me sit, whatever You tell me and however You tell me, however You make me move, however You make me sleep.

4) Bridegroom: Faithful. In my every breath I sit with You, I eat with You and I stay with You. Remind yourself of all these things and check your efforts and you will become complete.


May you constantly be a detached observer and, instead of making any facilities your support, simply use them for namesake.

While moving along, many children leave the Seed and get attracted by the branches. Some make other souls their support and others make facilities their support. Because the colour and form of the seed is not beautiful and the colour and form of the branches are very beautiful, Maya transforms souls’ intellects in such a way that they experience false supports to be real. This is why you now have to increase the company of the Father in the corporeal form and also the stage of a detached observer. Do not make the facilities your support. Simply use them for namesake.


Maintain your spiritual pride and there will be no feeling of ego.

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