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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The significance of the point and the drop.

Today, the Father, the Innocent Lord, has come to meet His innocent children in order to celebrate the day of the incarnation of the children and the Father, that is, to celebrate the unique spiritual birthday. Those most loved by the Innocent Father are the innocent children. “Innocent” means constantly to have an easy nature, to have pure feelings and honesty and cleanliness in both your mind and actions – such innocent children attract the Father, the Innocent Lord, to themselves. The Father, the Innocent Lord, constantly continues to turn the beads of the rosary of the virtues of the innocent children who have such easy natures. All of you turned the beads of the rosary in the name of the Father for many births and now, at the confluence age, the Father is giving you children the return. He turns the beads of the rosary of the children’s virtues. The Innocent Lord loves all the innocent children so much. To the extent that you are embodiments of knowledge, knowledge-full, and powerful, to that extent you are innocent. God too loves innocence. You know this elevated fortune of yours, do you not? That you have even attracted God; you made Him belong to you.

Today is the day for both the devotees and the children especially to celebrate. Devotees are making preparations and are invoking Him, whereas you are personally sitting in front of Him. The Father is smiling on seeing the divine activities of the devotees and He is pleased to see the games of the meeting of the children. On one side are devotee souls who are apart (viyogi) from Him and on the other side are you easy yogi children. Both are loved as a result of their own love. Devotees too are no less. Tomorrow, tour around in your angelic form of the special, beloved deities and see everything. Together with the Father, even the saligram children will be especially worshipped. Look at the devotees worshipping you children with the Father. Now, even at the end, there are some very staunch devotees who perform devotion with real love and who experience the fruit of their love in their devotion for a temporary period. Tomorrow is the day of the devotees’ special love for devotion. Do you understand?

Will all of you celebrate the Father’s birthday or your own birthday? Throughout the whole cycle, is it possible that the birthday of a father and his children falls on the same day? Although it may be the same day, it cannot be the same year; there would be some difference between the father’s and the children’s. However, the alokik birthday of the Father and the children is at the same time. You would say that you are celebrating the Father’s birthday and the Father would say that He is celebrating the children’s birthday. Therefore, it is a wonderful birthday, is it not? You are celebrating your own birthday as well as the Father’s. Given this, just consider how much love the Father, the Innocent Lord, has for you children that even the birthdays are on the same day. So you have attracted the Innocent Lord to this extent, have you not? Devotees become intoxicated with the intoxication of their devotion, whereas you maintain the happiness of having attained everything and you celebrate, sing and dance with Him. There is a lot of significance in the memorial that has been created.

In their worship and in the images, they have two particular specialities. One is the speciality of the point and the other is the speciality of every drop. In their method of worshipping, they give importance to every drop. At this time you children remain stable in the meaning of the point. The essence of the whole of knowledge is especially merged in the one word “point”. The Father is a point, you souls are points and in order to imbibe the knowledge of the drama, whatever has happened has ended, that is, you apply a full stop. You experience the knowledge of the drama of all three – that is, of the Supreme Soul, the soul and matter – as a game, as a point in your practical life. This is why even in devotion, importance is given to the point in the middle of the image. The second is the importance of the drops. When all of you sit in remembrance and make others sit in remembrance, what method do you use? Drops of thoughts. You sprinkle the first drop: I am a soul. The second drop: I am a child of the Father. You experience the success of a meeting from the drops of pure thoughts. So, first is the drop of the awareness of pure thoughts. The second is when you have a heart-to-heart conversation; you sprinkle drops of the pure thoughts of every type of praise of the Father and the attainments. “You are like this. You have made me this!” You sprinkle such sweet, cool drops on the Father, that is, you have a heart-to-heart conversation. You say each point one at a time and you then think about it. You don’t think about everything together. Thirdly, all the children put in drops of co-operation of their bodies, mind and wealth. This is why you especially speak of the lake becoming full drop by drop. All the co-operation that all of you give for such a big task of world transformation, for the unlimited task of the Almighty Authority, is said to be like drops of co-operation. However, with a drop of everyone’s co-operation, it becomes an unlimited ocean of co-operation. This is why they have shown the importance of drops in their worship.

They show a special method of worshipping for a fast. They hold a fast. In order to be co-operative with the Father, you observe the fast of not taking any food of waste thoughts, that you would never take impure or waste thoughts into your intellect. You hold this fast, that is, you have this determination, whereas devotees hold a fast of not eating impure food. As well as this, you become ignited lights for all time whereas as a memorial of this, they stay awake the whole night. The imperishable, spiritual, introspective methods of you children have been taken by the devotees as physical external methods. However, they have copied all you children. Because of them having rajopradhan intellects, they created such methods from whatever they were touched by. Even in terms of being the rajoguni number one devotees, and in terms of devotion, being the satoguni devotees, it is Brahma and all of you special souls who become instruments for this. However, firstly, because of having love in your mind and also because of the power of the mind, the first devotion that begins is of the feelings in the mind. Those physical methods gradually begin later on. Nevertheless, seeing His creation of devotee souls and their methods, the Father, the Creator, says: It is the wonder of the touching of the intellects of those devotees. Even so, by keeping their intellects busy with those methods, they have at least been protected a little from indulging in vice. Do you understand the method of your real success that has continued in devotion? This is the importance of the memorial.

Double-foreign children do not see so much devotion. However, they are devotees of all of you. You children should experience the divine activities of the devotees, how devotee souls, even today, worship and invoke you worthy-of-worship souls. Do you experience this? Do you ever experience the call of devotees? Do you feel mercy for the devotees? You have a very clear understanding of devotees, do you not? If devotees are calling out and you don’t understand it, what would become of the devotees? This is why you should know the significance very clearly of what the devotees are, who the worshippers are and who the worthy-of-worship souls are. You know the significance of being worthy of worship and of being a worshipper, do you not? Achcha. Do you experience the call of the devotees? Do you Pandavas also hear it or is it only the Shaktis who hear it? There are many saligrams – there are hundreds of thousands of them – but there are not hundreds of thousands of deities. There would be thousands of gods and goddesses, not hundreds of thousands. Achcha, Baba will tell you the significance of this some other time. All the double foreigners who came at the beginning and who became the examples at the beginning, whether they are Shaktis or Pandavas, also have a speciality. First of all, the Father is the greatest Foreigner of all. Who stays in a foreign land the most? The Father stays there the most.

Now, day by day, as you make further progress, you will very clearly experience the sound of the invocation of the devotees and their feelings. You will also know who their specially beloved god or goddess is. Become a little bit stronger and then, through the touching of a divine intellect, you will experience it as though you are clearly seeing it all in a divine vision. You are being decorated at the moment and this is why the curtain of revelation is not opening. The curtain will open when you become decorated and you will then be able to see yourself. It will then emerge from everyone’s lips that such-and-such a goddess has come; such-and-such a deity has also come. Achcha.

To the innocent children who have easy and light natures and are easy yogis and who belong to the Father, the Innocent Lord, to the souls who are embodiments of constantly imbibing in their lives the significance of the point and the drop, to the enlightened souls who observe the fast of determination in their thoughts, words and deeds, to the worthy-of-worship souls who remain stable in their stage of being worthy of worship, love, remembrance and namaste from the Father, the Innocent Lord, the Bestower of Blessings and the Bestower of Fortune.

BapDada’s sweet versions after hoisting the flag:

The Father says: The children’s flag is always great. What would the Father do if it weren’t for the children? You say that the Father’s flag is always great (The song, “The flag of Shiva is always great”, was played.) and the Father says that the children’s flag is always great. The flag of victory is constantly hoisted on the forehead of all the children. The flag of victory is hoisted in everyone’s eyes and on everyone’s forehead. BapDada sees that it is not one flag that has been hoisted but that an imperishable flag of victory has been hoisted on everyone’s forehead. Congratulations for the wonderful birthday of the Father and the children.

Congratulations for the wonderfulbirthday of the Father and the children:

Congratulations for the birthday of this alokik Brahmin life to all the extremely loving children everywhere, the service companions and the children who constantly place their feet in the Father’s footsteps. In return for the love, remembrance and greetings of all the children, BapDada constantly congratulates all the children by garlanding them with His loving arms. Every soul of the world has been celebrating this alokik birthday of all the children as a memorial, because all souls received the co-operation of lots and lots and lots of happiness, peace, joy and power from the Father as well as all the children, in their Brahmin lives. It is because of this co-operation that everyone celebrates the birthday, of Shiva, Shiva Jayanti, and the saligrams with a lot of love in their hearts. To such saligram children, multi-million fold greetings constantly from both Father Shiva and Father Brahma. Constant congratulations to you. May you constantly progress and continue to achieve success by using the right method. Achcha.

At the time of taking leave: Everyone says, “Good morning”, but your morning is with God, and so it is a Godly morning. You spent the night with God and you are now celebrating the morning with God. Therefore, always remember both God and good. Having remembrance of God makes you good. If there isn’t remembrance of God you cannot become good. All of you constantly have a Godly life and this is why your every second and every thought are good. So, it isn’t just good morning, good evening and good night, but your every thought and every second are good because of your remembrance of God. Do you have this experience? Your life itself is nowgood because your life is with God. You perform every deed with the Father, do you not? You don’t do anything alone, do you? You eat with the Father, or do you eat alone? Always remember the relationship between God and good and put this into your life. Do you understand? Achcha. Special immortal love, remembrance and namaste at amrit vela to everyone from BapDada.

Blessing: May you be “master merciful” and generously distribute the treasure of happiness as a great donor.
People spend so much time and money on experiencing temporary happiness but, even then, they do not find real happiness. At such a time of need, you souls have to be great donors and generously give the donation of happiness. For this, let the virtue of mercy emerge. Your non-living images are granting visions and so, you too, in the living form, have to be merciful and continue to distribute, because those souls are under another influence. Never think that this one is never going to listen: you simply have to be merciful and continue to give. Your good wishes will definitely give them fruit.
Slogan: Those who make all their physical senses work under their orders with the power of yoga are masters of the self, self-sovereigns.


*** Om Shanti ***

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