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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The first and last effort.

Today, the unlimited Father has come to meet the elevated children who remain stable in an unlimited stage, those who have an unlimited intellect, unlimited vision, and an unlimited attitude, who are unlimited servers in the corporeal form, in the unlimited place of the corporeal world. The main essence of all four subjects of the whole knowledge of this study is just this one thing: “unlimited”. To stabilise in the meaning of the word “unlimited” is the first and last effort. First of all, to belong to the Father means to die alive. The basis of this is to go beyond my limited consciousness of the body and stabilise in the unlimited form of soul consciousness. The last thing is to become the angelic form, that is, to go beyond all limited relationships and to become an angel. So, what else is significant about these pairs? The beginning and the end, the effort and the reward, the aim and its qualifications, awareness and power? Unlimited. From the beginning to the end, what types of limitation have you gone beyond or do you still have to go beyond? You know this list very well, do you not? Only when you become an embodiment of the unlimited, beyond all limitations, in your unlimited home, an unlimited server, a victorious jewel who has gained victory over all limitations, can you become the form of the experience of the final karmateet stage.

Limitations are many, whereas unlimited is one. There are many types of limit, that is, many types of the consciousness of “mine”. All the different types of the consciousness of “mine” become merged in the unlimited consciousness of “mine is one Baba and none other”. The expansion then becomes the form of its essence. Is the expansion difficult or is the essence difficult? So, what is the lesson of the beginning and the end? Unlimited! Check how close you have come to this final destination. Whilst keeping the list of limited things in front of you, check how many things you have gone beyond. There is no need to mention this list. All of you have noted down in your notebooks this list that you have heard so many times! All of you have the maximum amount of treasures in your diaries and notebooks. All of you know this and you also speak about it very well. You know about it and you also do this. So, what else is there? BapDada also listens to the lectures of all the teachers and students. Does BapDada not have a video? This has only recently been invented in your world. However, BapDada has been seeing everything from the subtle region from the beginning. He continues to hear everything. Seeing your elevated way of giving knowledge through words, BapDada congratulates you, because you relate one point of BapDada’s in many entertaining ways. For example, it is remembered that the Father is the Father, but the children are the crown on His head. In the same way, you are the crown on the Father’s head, even in terms of relating everything. What else do you have to follow? The third stage is to go beyond. Whilst going beyond one or another type of barrier of limitations, some become attached to those limitations; some become stuck to them. Others have gone beyond and can be seen to be close to their destination. What would be the visible sign and what would be the experience of your going beyond any form of limitation? The sign of going beyond any limitation is that you go beyond and you go up above. To go up above is the sign of going beyond any limitation. The stage of going beyond is the flying stage. You become a flying bird and then land on the branch of the kalpa tree of action. You act in your powerful form of the flying stage and then fly off. You do not get trapped on the branch by any bondage of action. To get trapped in a karmic bondage means to get trapped in the cage of limitations. Instead of being free, it means that you are dependent. A caged bird would not be called a flying bird. Sometimes, flying birds, the elevated souls who belong to the Father, clutch onto the bondage of the different actions of the branch of the kalpa tree with the claws of their weaknesses. What do they do then? You have heard the story, have you not? This is known as lacking the power to go beyond limitations. There are four types of branch of this kalpa tree. But the fifth type is more attractive. There are the golden, silver, copper and iron branches, but the branch of the confluence age is that of diamonds. However, instead of becoming a hero, you hang on to the diamond (hira) branch. The actions of the confluence age are the most elevated. These elevated actions are the diamond branches. No matter how elevated the actions of the confluence age are, you still get trapped in the bondage of elevated actions, which you refer to in other words as golden chains. Limited desires in elevated actions are also golden chains. Even if it is a diamond branch or a golden chain, a bondage is still a bondage! BapDada is reminding all of you flying birds: Go beyond all bondages, that is, go beyond all limitations.

Today’s special gathering is of the mothers of Gaupal (in devotion, referred to as cowherd). Seeing such a huge gathering, Gaupal (the Father) is also pleased. BapDada salutes you sweet mothers because even Brahma Baba surrendered everything to the mother guru for the task of establishing the new world. The speciality and newness of this Godly knowledge is to keep the incarnations of Shaktis at the front. To establish the system of a having a mother as a guru is the newness here. This is why, in the memorial, there is also the worship and praise of Gaumukh (cow’s mouth). You are not limited mothers, but unlimited world mothers. You have this intoxication, do you not? You are the ones who benefit all the people of the world, you are world benefactors. You are not those who benefit just your homes. Have you ever heard the praise sung of “home benefactors”? You have heard the praise of world benefactors. So, the gathering of such unlimited mothers is an elevated gathering, is it not? Mothers are images of experience. Training has to be given to kumaris to protect them from being deceived. Because mothers are experienced, they cannot be deceived by anything limited. The majority of you are new. There is more love for new, young children. BapDada welcomes all of you mothers and says: “You are welcome!” Achcha.

To those who remain constantly stable in an unlimited stage, to the constantly flying birds who fly in the flying stage, to those who constantly experience the final angelic form, to those who are constantly karmateet, beyond any bondage of karma, equal to the Father, to such elevated souls who are close to the destination, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting a group of servers:

In what form does BapDada constantly see all of you instrument children? Instrument servers means those who follow the Father. The Father too comes here as the Server. All the different forms are for service, are they not? So the Father’s special form is also for service. Therefore, to be an instrument server means to follow the Father. BapDada sees every child with this vision. You are the original jewels in BapDada’s task of service, are you not? What did Baba give you as a gift as soon as you took birth? He just gave you service, did He not? You are the original jewels who have received the gift of service. BapDada knows everyone’s specialities. To receive a blessing from birth is also to have a hero part in the drama. In fact, all of you are servers, but to receive a blessing for service as soon as you take birth and become an instrument at a time of need is a speciality of only some. There is always a need for souls who are constant companions and servers at a time of need. Achcha.

All of you have your own specialities. If Baba were to speak about each one’s speciality, we would need so much time. But, each one’s speciality is constantly in front of BapDada. Each of you has so many specialities. Have you ever looked at yourself? Each one of you has your own specialities. However, BapDada repeatedly and constantly reminds you special souls of one thing. What is that? When any of you go on to the field of service or plan something and then make it practical, first plan it while remaining constantly stable in the stage of being equal to the Father and then put it into practice. The Father belongs to everyone. No one says: He is the Father of So-and-so or He is not the Father of So-and-so. Everyone says: He is “My Baba”. In the same way, the speciality of the instrument servers is that everyone needs to feel that they (the instrument servers) belong to them. No one should feel that they belong to some and not to others. Even if the sound that they belong to them doesn’t emerge from their lips, let the thought emerge in their minds that they belong to them. This is known as “following the Father”. Everyone should have a feeling of belonging. This is the Father’s first step. This is the Father’s speciality. It emerges in everyone’s mind: My Baba! Does anyone say: Your Baba? So, this one belongs to me, this one is my unlimited brother or sister, didi or dadi. These pure blessings should emerge in everyone’s mind. No matter where you live, all of you special souls belong to everyone in an unlimited way. You may be living anywhere as instrument servers, but you are unlimited servers. Do you make unlimited plans for the world or do you each make plans for your own place? You don’t do that, do you? You make unlimited plans. You make plans for this land and abroad. Therefore, to have unlimited feelings and unlimited, elevated desires is to follow the Father.

Now experience this in a practical way. All of you are now mature. To be mature means to be experienced. You are experienced in many things, are you not? How experienced are you? Firstly, you have your own experience. Secondly, you also become experienced on the basis of the experiences of others. To be an experienced soul means to be a mature soul. Generally, in the world today, when someone is mature, then he is called “father” or “uncle” (pitaji or kakaji). In the same way, become one with unlimited experience, that is, give everyone the feeling of belonging.

BapDada constantly gives love to the co-operative souls in return for their co-operation. You are co-operative, that is, you are constantly worthy of love. So, what would you give? You would only give everyone love. Let everyone have the feeling that you are a treasure-store of love. Let love be experienced at every step and in everyone’s vision. This is the speciality. Make a plan like this of what you now have to do. What is the special duty of special souls? What is the special activity of theirs that is, of necessity, other than ordinary? Even though you feel that you are equal to everyone, you still have to have the speciality of being seen as special souls. Let speciality be experienced in your every step. Others would then accept that you are special souls, that you are the special souls who do something special. You are not only those who talk about something, but also those who do it.

Mahavir children are constantly healthy because their minds are healthy. Bodies continue to play games. If there is some illness of the mind, the mind is said to be ill. When the mind is free from illness you are constantly healthy. Simply churn knowledge whilst lying on a bed of snakes, like Vishnu, and remain cheerful. This is a game. Just as sakar Baba used to play Vishnu whilst sitting in the lotus position, in the same way, when anything happens, that too is just a game. Churn, because by using the power of churning, you get a chance to go to the bottom of the ocean. If you go into the depth of the ocean you would definitely be missed on the surface. So, you are not in the room, but at the bottom of the ocean. You have gone to the bottom of the ocean to bring up new jewels.

To gain victory over the suffering of karma and to stay in the stage of a karma yogi is known as being a victorious jewel. Always have the awareness that it is not suffering but planning for the new world. You do have time, do you not? When you are free, what else do you have to do? Just make new plans. Your bed also becomes a place for planning.

BapDada meeting a group of mothers:

Do all of you experience your star of fortune to be now sparkling? On seeing you sparkling stars, other souls are also inspired. You are such stars, are you not? The sparkle of you stars never fades, does it? You are the imperishable stars of the eternal Father, are you not? Are you always constant or are you sometimes flying and sometimes at a standstill? This is the age of the constantly flying stage. At the time of the flying stage, if someone is still in the climbing stage, that is not nice. If you were to have a plane ride, would you like any other mode of travel? So those who are in the period of the flying stage mustn’t come down. Stay constantly up above! You are not caged birds. The cage is broken and just a few bars now remain.

If even one string is left, it pulls you to itself. If you have broken ten strings and just one remains, then that too would pull you. Unlimited flying birds, who break all strings and go beyond all boundaries must not become trapped in limitations. You have kept getting trapped for 63 births. So now, in this one birth, go beyond all limitations. This one birth is for going beyond all limitations and you have to do everything according to the time. Is it good if it is time to wake up and someone is still asleep? So, constantly go beyond all limits, into the unlimited. Mothers have a tilak of the imperishable suhaag (symbol of being married) applied. Just as in the physical world, a tilak is a sign of constantly being married (suhaag), in the same way, have the tilak of constant remembrance. Such married women are constantly fortunate. You are the fortunate souls of every cycle. You have such fortune that no one can snatch it from you. You are souls who constantly have a right. You are the masters of the world, for the kingdom of the world belongs to you. The kingdom is yours, the fortune is yours and God is yours. This is known as being a soul who has all rights. When you have all rights, there is no dependence.

Question: In what way is the income of you children infinite and imperishable?

Answer: You are earning such an income that no one can snatch it away from you. There can be no complications. There is fear about any other income. If anyone wanted to snatch this income of yours away, you would be happy, because that person would also become one with an income. If someone comes to loot you, you would be even happier and would ask him to take it from you. This will do even more service. You are elevated souls who earn such an income! Achcha. Om shanti.

Blessing: May you be constantly happy-hearted and remain ever healthy, wealthy and happy by eating the instant fruit of service.
People today say: Eat fresh fruit and you will stay healthy. They show fruit as a means of staying healthy and you children are those who eat instant fruit at every second. This is why when someone asks you how you are, you tell them: I am happy and I move in the way that angels do. I am healthy, wealthy and happy. Brahmins can never get upset.
Slogan: A pure soul is a mirror of cleanliness and truth.


*** Om Shanti ***




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