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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, knowledge is nectar and yoga is fire. All your pain and sorrow will be removed by knowledge and yoga.
Question: What do you develop a taste for through knowledge and not through devotion?
Answer: The taste for liberation-in-life. No one can taste the sweetness of liberation-in-life by performing devotion. When the Father comes, the directionsHe gives to you children are knowledge and, you receive the sovereignty of heaven by following them.
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord!

Om shanti. The innocent Baba of the children is explaining to you children. He is called Shiva, the innocent Baba. Shiva is always called Baba. Whether they look at His image or not, they remember Shiva, the Innocent Lord. Shankar, Vishnu and Brahma cannot be called the Innocent Lord. By saying “Innocent”, it is the image of incorporeal Shiv Baba that enters the intellects of you children. You children now know this in a practical way. The mouth of no one on the path of devotion is sweetened by saying “Baba”, the Innocent Lord. No matter how much they praise Him, their mouths would not be sweetened. You children now remember Shiv Baba. By saying “Shiv Baba, the Innocent Lord”, your mouths are sweetened. Shiv Baba teaches us and makes us into the masters of the world. By saying “Baba”, you children surely remember the property. You children know that He is the one Shiv Baba. He is the Seed of the human world too. There is only one seed of a tree. So, He is the one Seed of the human world tree through which the human world is created, because He is the Father. All the rest are His children. The God of all the devotees is the one Father. Devotees remember God but they don’t know Him fully. This too is fixed in the drama. I make all you children ever happy with the power of this knowledge and yoga and then I hide away. There is only one Ocean of Knowledge. Similarly, there is one ocean of water, but it has been divided up: This ocean belongs to India, and that ocean belongs to so-and-so. There is actually just one ocean. In the golden age, this ocean cannot be divided up. There is just the one ocean and you are going to become the masters of that. There aren’t as many lands there. There is the one kingdom of the one Father. In this Bharat, there was just the one kingdom of the World Almighty Authority. The kingdom of deities is also called the kingdom of gods and goddesses. Those abroad call them “gods and goddesses“, but they don’t know when they used to rule or how they received their kingdom. The Ocean of Knowledge is only the one Father. He alone grants everyone salvation with knowledge. You children know that the Ocean of Knowledge is now sitting in front you. The Ganges of knowledge emerge from Him and give salvation to the whole world. This is also called the nectar of knowledge. Because of the word “nectar”, devotees wash the feet of their guru and consider that water to be nectar and drink it. In fact, that is not called nectar. Nowadays they also call a medicine the nectar that ends all pain. It isn’t like that either. The Father sits here and teaches you children yoga. Yoga is not called nectar. With the fire of yoga, all your illnesses will be removed for 21 births, not those of this birth. You will have to continue to suffer them till the end. This is a matter of yoga. The Father says: Have yoga and all your illnesses will be removed. Then you will never fall ill. You are making effort to receive health and wealth from the Father. There is no illness there. I teach you such actions that there won’t ever be any illness. They say that God Vyas wrote the scriptures. However, all of this is fixed in the drama. The name of Vyas has been mentioned. This drama is eternally predestined. Whatever you have seen is fixed in the drama. It is eternally predestined. It cannot be changed. The path of devotion begins with the copper age. No matter how much devotion people perform or how much they study the scriptures, they cannot return home. They definitely have to become tamopradhan from satopradhan. No one can leave this field of action. You know that all of us were satopradhan, and that we have now all become tamopradhan. We had to become that according to the drama. On the path of devotion it becomes dark as soon as the night begins. At first, there isn’t as much darkness as there is at this time. The night is also first satopradhan, then rajo and then tamo. As the degrees gradually lessen, there is extreme darkness. Now there is an unlimited eclipse over the world; there is extreme darkness. It is not a matter of this moon; it is a matter of the whole world. There is the eclipse of Ravan. The whole world begins to be eclipsed from the copper age. It becomes eclipsed little by little. It takes 2500 years for Bharat to become completely dark by the end. There is now extreme darkness. It is the Father who brings about total light, that is, the day. The Father makes impure ones pure. Maya, Ravan, then makes it into the night, extreme darkness. While doing devotion, people have been remembering God. God would not remember God. You should explain to those who believe in the notion of omnipresence that God, the Father, is One. He is the Seed of the human world tree. All the rest are the creation. There could never be such praise of creation. If someone says that a soul is the Supreme Soul, there can’t be any praise of God being sung. There is praise of only that one Father. He is the Purifier, the Seed of the human world tree, the Truth and the Living Being. He is the Ocean of Bliss and the Ocean of Knowledge. This praise cannot belong to any human being. You taste the sweetness of liberation-in-life in a second with knowledge. In the Gita, it says: God speaks. To hold sacrificial fires, do tapasya, go on pilgrimages, read the Vedas and scriptures etc. are all the path of devotion. No one can come to Me through any of that. All have to come to play their part s by the end. God, the Father, is One. He alone is Karankaravanhar. This is why He enables the golden-aged, original, eternal deity religion to be established through Brahma. Human beings cannot be called Karankaravanhar. God alone is called the Creator and Director. He continues to give directions to you children. Directions are called knowledge. He Himself sits here and explains to you children. The soul sees through these eyes. The soul resides in the centre of the forehead and speaks through the mouth. Only when the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes can He speak knowledge through the mouth. He says: I am sitting in the chariot as the Charioteer. I teach you easy Raja Yoga. You are Raj Rishis. There isn’t any human being who would say: Beloved children, you are Raj Rishis. No one except the Father has the power to say this. Only the Father says: O children. This one’s soul also listens. He says to this one too: O child, you are a Raj Rishi. I have to give you teachings for the kingdom. I gave you knowledge 5000 years ago. I come to give you teachings every 5000 years. No sage or holy man etc. can say this. Only the Father says this. He is also called the Boatman. He truly liberates you from the ocean of poison and takes you to the ocean of milk. You will remain seated there in great comfort. You now know that the Father says: I enter the body of Brahma. Then this Brahma and Saraswati become the form of Vishnu. You become the masters of the land of Vishnu. These are incognito matters. Only you children know them. No one else knows them. When someone comes, first of all explain to him that God, the Father, is One, and so all the rest are surely His children. There is only the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He is the Seed of the human world tree. The God of all the devotees gives everyone happiness. Here, in the iron age, everyone is very unhappy. Human beings are crying out in distress. In the golden age, there is no question of sorrow. Here, there are so many devotees throughout the whole world. All of these temples and mosques etc. are the paraphernalia of the path of devotion. They don’t exist in the golden age. That is the devotion cult and this is the knowledge cult. When the night begins, they first build the temple to Somnath. Therefore, when someone comes to you, first of all explain: God, the Father , is One. It is only in Bharat that they sing: You are the Mother and Father. This is the Mother Father country There are both the World Mother and the World Father. The Dilwala Temple has been built accurately. The images of Lakshmi and Narayan have been created accurately in the temples, but no one can make an image exactly like the original. They select an actor’s image and use that. Those people ruled the kingdom in the golden age. People say that it used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in the golden age. There is no history of the childhoods of Lakshmi and Narayan. There is the history of Radhe and Krishna. They celebrate the birthday of Krishna, so what happened to the birthday of Narayan? They have then shown Krishna in the copper age. Radhe and Krishna are a princess and prince. Both live in their own kingdoms. They must definitely have married, then sat on the emperor’s throne. There is no kingdom of Radhe and Krishna. There are the sun and moon dynasty kingdoms. The sun-dynasty Krishna cannot enter the moon dynasty. People are very confused. Therefore, first of all, explain that God, the Father, is One. All of those other fathers are limited. A wife was adopted and then children were born. He adopted the wife; He didn’t give birth to the wife. The unlimited Father says: I enter this one and adopt him. How did God create the world? No one knows this. It isn’t that annihilation takes place and that he then comes on a leaf in the ocean. If it were like that, how could Krishna alone create the world? In that case, a couple would be needed. A female would also be needed. However, there is nothing like that. The Father says: I adopt this one. All of you say: Baba, we are Your mouth-born creation. I take the support of this mouth. I say: O child! You also say: O Shiv Baba! We were Your children and have become this once again. The Father says: I have brought the gift of Paradise for you children. You are sitting here in order to become the masters of heaven. This is Raja Yoga and a kingdom is being established. Other preceptors would not say: I establish the Christian kingdom or I establish the Sikh kingdom; no. You are receiving teachings to claim the kingdom of the new world. This is a wonder, is it not? God, the Father, is the Creator of heaven. So, we surely have the right to claim the kingdom of heaven from Him. You had the kingdom in the golden age. You now know how He creates the human world. God speaks: This is My mouth-born creation. All the rest are the physical creation of Ravan. Those brahmins are born through the womb whereas you are the mouth-born creation. You can explain that the children of Brahma are definitely Brahmins. Brahma is Prajapita Brahma, and so his children are also Brahmins. The children of Brahma are Brahmins. You Brahmins are the real children of Brahma. Brahmins are the highest of all. Brahmins are placed as the topknot. Just as they have omitted God, Shiv Baba, the Highest on High, from the Trimurti, in the same way, they have also omitted the highest-on-high Brahmins’ topknot. They don’t show Brahmins in the variety-form image. They simply speak of deities, warriors, merchants and shudras. First of all, there are you Brahmins. You do so much service. The Highest on High is God and then there are you children who have been created by Him. Shiv Baba doesn’t go to the new world; you go there. Shiv Baba says: I give you the kingdom and My name then disappears; I hide away. No one knows what I did or how I created the world. When a new person comes, you mustn’t beat your head too much with him. First of all, give him the Father’s introduction. He is the Creator of heaven. Deities were the masters of heaven. Then, after taking 84 births, they are now in the shudra clan. They are then made Brahmins. There are the different clans. There is also the picture of the variety-form image. Along with the topknot of Brahmins, you have to show Shiva. Just as you show Shiva above the Trimurti, in the same way, you also have to show Shiva above the Brahmins. You have to explain that Shiv Baba creates Brahmins through Brahma. Then, from Brahmins, they become deities, then they become warriors, then merchants and then shudras. First of all, explain about Alpha to anyone who comes. That Father creates the world through this Brahma, and so all become brothers and sisters. All souls are children of Shiva. Then the human world is created. Therefore, first of all, there are Brahma and Saraswati, the Brahmins, and then they become the deities, warriors etc. This human world tree grows in this way. Everyone has forgotten that Father. Look, BapDada explains so clearly! Children also have to study. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. We are Raj Rishis. Maintain the intoxication that God Himself teaches us Raja Yoga and gives us our inheritance of the kingdom.
  2. Burn your sins with the fire of yoga and become free from all illness for all time. Settle all the suffering of karma of this birth by staying in yoga.
Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority and consider adverse situations to be side scenes , overcome them and move forward.
Constantly maintain the awareness of your form of a master almighty authority and all adverse situations will be experienced as side scenes. When you consider it to be an adverse situation, you will be afraid, but by considering it to be a side scene, that is, a scene along the path, you will easily overcome it because when you watch scenes, you become happy and are not afraid. Obstacles are then not obstacles, but a means of moving forward. By taking an exam, you move forward and this is why you must never be stopped by any situation. By constantly having the awareness of being a master almighty authority, you will continue to experience the flying stage.
Slogan: Become such an easy yogi that, as soon as others see you, they are able to have yoga.

*** Om Shanti ***

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