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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, continue to study and learn for as long as you live. You study in order to become pure for the pure world.
Question: The Father gives you teachings in order to make you equal to Him in which virtue?
Answer: Baba says: Children, just as I am egoless, so you children must become just as egoless as I am. Only the Father gives you teachings to become pure. Only by becoming pure will you become equal to the Father.
Question: When your intellect becomes good, what secrets will automatically sit within it?
Answer: Who I, the soul, am. Who the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is. What His part is. What the eternal part recorded in the soul is and which continues to be played. All of these things can only be understood by those who have good intellects.
Song: Have patience O mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Om shanti. You have found the unlimited Mother and Father and have thereby received patience. Who? Souls, that is, living souls, His children. A soul is a tiny point. The intellect of not a single person in the world is aware that a soul is a tiny point, like a star. You know that you are tiny souls and have part s of 84 births, of 5000 years, within you. Such big part s are not recorded in other souls. The intellects of people have become so weak that they don’t understand anything. You wouldn’t say of God that He takes 84 births or 8.4 million births; no. You children know that such a tiny soul has an imperishable part of 84 births recorded in him. This is called nature. A soul is such a tiny point and an imperishable part of all his births is recorded within him. It is never erased and never will be erased. It is such a great wonder!Among you, too, there are some who know these things, but who then forget. These things have to be imbibed in order for you to explain to others. The Father, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is called Karankaravanhar. He does everything to teach you. He is called the incorporeal and egoless One. No one can understand the meaning of this. Only you children are taught these virtues. You children too have to become as egoless. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and so He has to speak knowledge. He is the Purifier and so He would definitely come and give teachings to impure ones to become pure. Just as sannyasis give teachings to inspire renunciation, so here, too, you have to renounce the five vices. Only the Purifier comes and gives you these teachings. How else would we become pure? It is remembered that you have to study, to learn, for as long as you live. This is not said in schools. There, you have to experience the reward of your study in just this birth. Here, you are told: You have to study for as long as you live. You have to reach your karmateet stage by the end. Souls have to be made pure with yoga. To the extent that you stay in yoga, accordingly you souls will go to the golden age and then neither souls nor bodies will remain in the iron age. We are studying to go to the pure world. These are such deep matters that no one else can ever explain them to you. Look at what other people continue to do! Those with the arrogance of science continue to invent so many things. They even make effort to go to the stars and the moon. You understand that liberation-in-life cannot be received through that. Perhaps they receive temporary or momentary happiness. As well as giving happiness, aeroplanes also cause sorrow. If an accident takes place tomorrow, there would be sorrow. Steamers sink and trains have accidents. People have heart failure even while just sitting doing nothing. The land of happiness is separate. There, there is constant happiness. All the happiness in this world is temporary, like the droppings of a crow. You children have now received very good intellects. What am I, the soul and what is my Father, the Supreme Soul? What is His part and what is my part ? You have all of these secrets in your intellects. Among you children too, not everyone is said to take 84 births. Not everyone will collect together in the golden age. This is why you cannot say that everyone takes the full 84 births. They continue to come into the moon dynasty till the end. Expansion continues to take place and there continues to be fewer births. These are matters of detail. First have the old mothers make Alpha and beta firm. Alpha means Baba and beta means the sovereignty. This is something absolutely right. There was the sovereignty of heaven. Bharat was the master of the whole world; there were no other kingdoms. The rosary of Rudra then becomes the rosary of Vishnu. You children have received this knowledge; what a soul is; what the Supreme Soul is, what His form is, what His size is. You have all of these things in your intellects at this time. A soul is so tiny. Even God has to make so much effort on the path of devotion. You would say that His part continues from the copper age till the end of the iron age, or even till the end of the confluence age. You know all of these things. You say that all of this happened in the previous cycle. It also happened 5000 years ago. In a newspaper, they print everything that happened 100 years ago. It is easy to write about 100 years. They would quickly find these things in the newspapers and show you. That is the newspaper “Times of India“. Your newspaper is the “Times of the World“. These words are very good. You can write in this every day what happened 5000 years ago. Whatever happened 5000 years ago is what is happening now. When you write in this way, people will come to know the drama. You can also write in magazines. You children have all the secrets in your intellects. No human being has the knowledge of souls or the Supreme Soul. So, of what use are those human beings? You know that only human beings take 84 births. First of all, there is the Brahmin clan and then the deity clan; you go through the clans. The clans exist here. There is no question of clans in the subtle region. Brahma is called Prajapita (Father of Humanity). Vishnu cannot be called Prajapita. You are adopted through Brahma. Lakshmi and Narayan, the dual form of Vishnu, have their own children who sit on the throne. Even Shankar cannot be called the Father of Humanity. You also know that people receive visions according to their devotion. However, there is no question of a snake etc. there. There cannot be a bull there either. In the subtle region, there are only deities. When you go to the subtle region and you see a garden and flowers etc., is there really a garden there? Baba just gives you a vision, for those things don’t exist there. The intellect says that there cannot be trees etc. in the subtle region. You definitely have visions. Visions of the things here would be granted. All of those are visions and they are called games of magic. It is not knowledge. Human beings make human beings into barristers etc. That is not called magic. They simply give knowledge. Changing you from human beings into deities for the new world is called magic. Because Baba has the key to divine vision, He is called the Magician. Those people say that they had a vision of an idol due to the blessings of their guru. There is no benefit in that. Here, effort is made and you become Lakshmi and Narayan or Rama and Sita etc. You have come here to become the royal family of the sun and moon dynasties. The first and foremost thing is to give the Father’s introduction to any new person who comes. The element of brahm is the great element. Incorporeal Shiv Baba cannot be called the brahm element. Every word has a meaning. You are the children of God. It isn’t that all are a form of God. The Father sits here and explains to you. However, visions etc. are just chit-chat, so you mustn’t have any desire for them. Some think that Baba Himself has come now, and so He can grant a vision. However, all of that is useless. Then, because some don’t have visions they become disheartened and stop studying. When you see a prince in your visions, you understand that you are to become that and you become happy. Generally, many people have visions of princes. If you think about it, all would be wearing crowns. There is no difference between males and femalesFemales have longer hair and their features are slightly different. There are so many souls. No two souls have the same name or form. A soul has an imperishable part recorded within him and it can never change. This is such a wonderful play that has been created! Souls have received eternal part s. Baba explains to you so easily. Simply go and sit in front of the picture of the Trimurti and the whole cycle will enter your intellect. This is Shiv Baba and this is Brahma through whom Brahmins are created. It is now the iron age and then the golden age has to come. By having the picture in front of you, it is as though the play of the whole world enters your intellect. You know everything about how the cycle turns, who is in the play etc. Continue to look at the pictures every day. Continue to churn the ocean of knowledge. This is hell and that is heaven; this is the confluence age. It is so easy! By practisingthis every day, your intellects will become enlightened. Also write about Lakshmi and Narayan and Radhe and Krishna. You receive the inheritance of the golden age through Brahma. How did Lakshmi and Narayan receive their reward? It would definitely be at the confluence age that they performed such deeds. They received that reward of theirs by making effort in their final birth. You should have such thoughts in your intellects and there will then be no need for pictures. All the secrets will be in your intellects. These pictures have to become imprinted on the paper of your hearts. Baba shows children at the centres methods to make them open their mouths and speak knowledge. Continue to look at the pictures and speak about them in your mind. You have to know the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. The picture of the tree is also very clear. You are doing tapasya of Raja Yoga here. You change from human beings into deities. Then, how does the path of devotion begin? Whatever religion everyone belongs to, that is the religion they will enter. It is so easy! It also has to be explained what a soul is and what the Supreme Soul is. An eternal part is recorded in them. In the golden age, we will play our part s of happiness and take this many births. You can even go to the cremation grounds and explain to people there. They continue to have a satsang (spiritual gathering) until the corpse is completely burnt. No one will stop you. Tell them: Come and we will explain to you. They will be very happy to hear this. The one who speaks should be very sensible and clever. Go anywhere and explain. Baba explains to you children very well. You have the truth under your arms whereas people have a false Gita under their arms. You have the history and geography of the whole world under your arms. You can explain very well using the picture of Shri Krishna: “Why is he called Shyam Sundar? Come and we will tell you the story.” They will become very happy when they hear it. Bharat was the golden age. It is now the stone age ; it has become dark. By sitting on the pyre of lust, the face becomes ugly. By explaining in this way, you can show many wonders. You can have all three pictures with you. Explain one picture and then explain a second picture. It is very easy. It is simply a matter of making effort. You have a lot of time. Go to the temples in the morning. “Come and we will tell you the life story of Lakshmi and Narayan. By having sacrificial fires, doing tapasya and going on pilgrimages on the path of devotion, you have become completely like shells. Therefore, how have the scriptures helped? We are telling you the truth. It is only the truth that helps you.” Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Pay full attention to the study. Don’t have any desires for visions etc. Never become disheartened and stop studying.
  2. While looking at the pictures, churn the ocean of knowledge and imprint everything on your heart. You have to do the tapasya of Raja Yoga.
Blessing: May you remain free from obstacles and be unshakeable with the balance of being detached and loving in a gathering.
The Father has the biggest family of all and yet, however big the family is, He is detached and also loving to all to that extent. Follow the Father in the same way. While being in a gathering, in order to remain constantly free from obstacles and content, to the extent that you serve, remain just as detached. No matter how much someone may try to shake you, or someone may disturb you from one side and another person from another side, even if you don’t receive any salvation (facilities), even if someone insults you, remain unshakeable in your thoughts, and you would then be said to be a soul who is free from obstacles.
Slogan: Only those who finish all upheaval of the body and mind with the stage of soul consciousness can remain unshakeable and immovable.

*** Om Shanti ***



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