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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The Power of Silence

Today, at amrit vela, BapDada went on a tour to see all His children everywhere. Whilst on the tour, BapDada looked at the preparations made by the Shakti and Pandav armies to see to what extent the armies have become ever ready and powerful with all the weapons. Are you waiting for the time or are you making preparations to keep yourselves constantly full? Therefore, today, BapDada, the Army General, went to see the armies. The main thing is: The power of silence is victorious over the power of science Baba was seeing to what extent you have attained the power of silence both collectively and individually. With the practical fruit of the power of silence to what extent are you able to or have already transformed yourself, the atmosphere, your attitude and sanskars? Today, Baba checked the power of silence in the laboratory of all you soldiers in the armies to see how much you are able to experiment.

It is necessary to maintain self-awareness and also to speak knowledge but, according to the present time, all souls want to see some visible fruit. They want to see some visible fruit, which means the practical proof. Therefore, you experiment on your body using the power of silence. In the same way, souls of the world want to see to what percentage you are able to experiment with the mind, with actions, with relations and contacts. All Brahmin souls want to experience themselves to constantly be the most special of all special souls in the form of visible proof. The result, according to the importance of the power of silence, is that there is less systematic experimentation with this power. There is great desire and there is also knowledge, but you must now continue to move forward by experimenting. Whilst experiencing the refined attainment of the power of silence, and using it for yourself and others, you now have to pay more attention to this. Souls of the world and souls who come into contact and relationship with you have to realise that they are receiving rays of peace from this special soul or special souls. All of you should give the experience of being a mobile sacred place of peace (shantikund). Within your creation, a tiny firefly, is able to give the experience of light from a distance, so that anyone who sees it, even from a distance, would say that it is a firefly coming and going. In the same way, let their intellects experience an incarnation of peace coming to give them peace. All the peaceless souls everywhere should be drawn to the sacred place of peace on the basis of the rays of peace. Just as a thirsty person is automatically drawn to water, in the same way, let souls be drawn to you souls who are incarnations of peace. Now, experiment with this power of silence even more. The power of silence can enable your thoughts to reach other souls even faster than a wireless. The power of science is able to bring about transformation, growth, destruction, creation, upheaval and also give comfort. However, the special tool for the power of silence is a pure thought. With this tool, you are able to see the successful form of whatever you want. First of all, experiment with this on yourself. Experiment with any illness of the body. Then, with the power of silence, any form of karmic bondage will be transformed into the form of a sweet relationship. Bondage is always bitter, whereas a relationship is sweet. With the power of silence, this suffering of karma, the bitter bondage of karma, will be experienced as a line drawn on water. You won’t have any feeling of being one who is suffering, of being one who is going through that suffering, but you will continue to see that scene of karmic accounts as a detached observer. It is because of the double illness – that of the body together with the weakness of the mind – that it becomes visible as a very severe form of suffering. However, you will experience double power by becoming totally detached and loving to the Father. This double power will then enable you to be victorious over the power of any karmic account. No matter how severe the illness is, there won’t be any experience of pain or suffering. You refer to this in other words as experiencing a crucifix to be a thorn. Experiment in this way at such a time and see for yourself! Some children do do this. You should continue to experience this with your body, mind and sanskars and continue to move forward. Research it in this way. Don’t look at one another and ask: “What is this one doing?” “What did this one do?” Don’t look at whether the older ones are doing it or not, that the older ones don’t do it but the younger ones do – don’t look at any of that. Go ahead in the experience of “I first”, because this is a matter of your own internal efforts. When you engage yourself in experimenting in this way by yourself and continue to move forward, then the combined power of silence of each one will create an impact on the world. You have now taken the first step and given an invitation for the World Peace Conference. However, only when the treasure of the power of silence is revealed collectively will you receive invitations: “O incarnation of peace and incarnation of power, come to this place of peacelessness and give us peace!” Nowadays, in service, whenever there is an occasion of peacelessness (on someone’s death), people invite you to come and give peace. It is gradually becoming more and more well known that only the Brahma Kumaris can give peace. In this way, you will receive invitations for every situation of peacelessness. Just as during an illness you don’t remember anyone but your doctor, so too, no one, except you incarnations of peace, will be visible in any type of situation of peacelessness. Therefore, now, the Shakti Army and the Pandav Army, should especially experiment with the power of silence. Experiment with this and demonstrate it to others. Reveal the source of the power of silence. Do you understand what you have to do?

Nowadays, in the name of the double-foreign children, even all the other children continue to receive treasures. Wherever all of you children have come from, BapDada is pleased to see the deep love of all the children everywhere. BapDada is seeing all the children who have come from all the different countries of all five continents. All of you have performed wonders. You have all brought about the practical form of the effort that you aimed for. How many VIPs came from abroad in total? (75). And, how many VIPs came from Bharat? (700) Bharat has a very good speciality in the form of journalists, and, 75 coming from abroad is not a small thing! Many have come. Next year, many more will come. The gate for coming has now opened. Earlier, the teachers from abroad used to say that it was very difficult to bring VIPs from abroad; that no such people were visible. Now you have seen them. Let there be obstacles! If there were no obstacles (vighan) in the task of Brahmins, there couldn’t be that fire of love (lagan). Otherwise, you would become careless. This is why, according to the drama, obstacles come to increase your love. Many will now receive that enthusiasm when they hear the sound from each one individually.

Children have performed very good wonders. You have shown very good proof of service. You have become instruments to give them a chance for service. The sound of one has easily spread to others. Those from America have worked very hard. You maintained courage well. According to the drama, it was those from abroad who brought the instrument who would spread the most sound of all. The children from Bharat also made very good efforts and, as a result of those efforts, a good number of people have come. Now, the special souls of Bharat will also come. Achcha.

To all the children who have come from abroad and to all the children from everywhere in Bharat, to all those who have the one special pure thought of hoisting the flag of the Father’s revelation in every corner of the world, to those who have such pure thoughts, to the world-transformer, world-benefactor souls, to the most elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

Having come to the land of blessings, have you taken blessings? To experience the self to be constantly with the Father is to receive the greatest blessing of all from the Father. To be constantly in remembrance of the Father means to stay constantly with Him. You will then be constantly happy. Whenever any thoughts about a situation come take the Father’s company and everything will end and you will continue to dance in happiness. Therefore, always remember this method of remaining constantly happy and also continue to show others this method. Also give others the means to remain happy. All souls will then consider you to be a deity of happiness because the world today needs happiness the most. Continue to give that. Remember your title of being a deity of happiness.

You will continue to receive blessings from the Father by having a balance of remembrance and service. Maintaining a balance is the greatest art. When you have a balance in everything you easily become number one. It is this balance that will give visions of a blissful life. By constantly being aware of keeping a balance, and experiencing all attainments, you yourself will move forward and you will also help others move forward. Constantly maintain the awareness that you are the souls who have been remembered as the handful out of multimillions, those who know the Father and have attained the Father. Stay in this happiness and your faces will become mobile service centres. Just as people come to a service centre to receive the Father’s introduction, so too, they will continue to receive the Father’s introduction from your cheerful face. BapDada considers every child to be worthy in this way. So many service centres have been created! Therefore, always remember that whilst walking, moving around, eating and drinking, you just have to do the Father’s service through your face and behaviour. You will then easily become constant yogis. You children have been giving co-operation with your zeal and enthusiasm for service from the beginning. BapDada will also give co-operation to you souls for 21 births and keep you comfortable. You will not have to make effort but will eat, drink and enjoy your fortune of the kingdom of heaven. For half the cycle, the word “effort” won’t exist. You have come to create such fortune!

BapDada meeting kumars:

Kumars have a lot of energy in their lives; they can do what they want. This is why BapDada is especially pleased to see the kumars, because you use your energy for the task of construction instead of for destruction. Each and every one of you kumars is using your energy for making the world new. You are carrying out such an elevated task! One kumar can carry out ten tasks. Therefore, BapDada is proud of you kumars for how you have made your kumar lives worthwhile. You are such special souls, are you not? You have made a decision for your life at a very good time. You haven’t made a mistake in taking this decision, have you? You are sure, are you not? What if someone were to pull you, saying that this is wrong? Even if the unlimited souls of the world stay on one side and only you are on the other side, what would happen? You say, “I am not alone, but the Father is with me!” BapDada is happy that you have created your lives and have become instruments for many others to create their lives.

Whilst giving a response of the letters, BapDada recorded a message for all the children. BapDada heard, not just the letters, but also all the sweet melodious sounds of the songs of the hearts of all the long-lost and now-found, loving, co-operative and serviceable children. The more you children remember Baba from your heart, so BapDada remembers you children multimillions times more. He makes you emerge and gives you love and feeds you toli. Even now, the toli is in front of you. Now, you children are in front of the Father, the cake is being cut, all of you children are eating that cake. BapDada heard all the news of the stage and of service of all the children. All of you have good zeal and enthusiasm for service. Whatever little obstacles of Maya you face now they are nothing new! Maya just comes to give you a test paper. Don’t be afraid of Maya. Consider her to be a toy and play with her and she won’t attack you. Instead, she will bid you farewell and go to sleep comfortably. Therefore, don’t think too much about what happened. It happened, and so put a full stop and whatever else remains to be done, fulfil that multimillion-fold. Continue to move forward and enable others to move forward. BapDada is with you, and Maya’s games will no longer work. Therefore, don’t be afraid. Dance and sing in happiness! Your kingdom is now about to come. O souls, who have a right to self-sovereignty, your fortune of the kingdom of the world is waiting for you! Achcha.

BapDada is giving all of you lots and lots of love and remembrance and a blessing for you to be free from obstacles. BapDada is also remembering the children who have not been able to come here due to a lack of money. Although you have little money, you are emperors because what the kings of today don’t have, you souls have accumulated eternally and that is for birth after birth. BapDada is giving lots of love and remembrance to such emperors of the land without sorrow and the emperors of the future world. Such children are here with their hearts and there with their bodies. This is why BapDada gives personal love and remembrances on seeing all the children to be personally in front of Him. Achcha. Om Shanti.

Blessing: May you be a world transformer who orders matter with your stage of perfection.
When you world-transformer souls collectively have the thought of world transformation with your complete and perfect stage, matter will then begin the dance of complete upheaval. The upheaval of air, earth, ocean and fire will cleanse everything. However, matter will accept your order swhen your own co-operative physical senses – the mind, intellect and sanskars – accept your orders. Along with this, have such a high stage of powerful tapasya that everyone has the collective thought for transformation – and matter will then become present in front of you.
Slogan: Constantly continue to remind others of God and create the fortune of others through your elevated fortune.


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