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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, always have the intoxication that you are being showered with the rain of knowledge by the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, and that you will become pure by this and return to your great home.
Question: On what basis will the faith of you children continue to become even stronger?
Answer: As chaos increases in the world and your divine tree continues to grow, the more your hearts will move away from the old world and the stronger your faith will continue to become. Service will happen at a very fast pace. If you continue to pay attention to dharna, the enthusiasm will increase in your intellects and you will stay in limitless happiness.


Om shanti. It is not necessary to tell the children every day to remember Shiv Baba. You children understand that you are Shiv Baba’s children; there is no need to tell you. Shiv Baba is teaching us through this one. This is the rain of knowledge from the Ocean of Knowledge. It is in the children’s intellects that there is now the rain of knowledge over them. I shower the rain of knowledge over only those who become Brahmins. I come face-to-face with the children and the children are now sitting face-to-face with Me. Baba repeatedly increases your intoxication of sitting face-to-face with Him. Maya then brings the intoxication down. She reduces the intoxication of some a little and that of others completely. You children understand that you have come to the Ocean to be refreshed, that is, to imbibe points from the murlis and take directions. We are sitting in front of Him. The rain of this Ocean of Knowledge only occurs once. The Father comes to purify the impure. People also sing this praise: O Purifier, come! You will not call out in this way in the golden age. There, you will have already become pure through the rain of knowledge from the Ocean of Knowledge. Together with knowledge, there is disinterest. Disinterest in what? The intellect has disinterest in the old, impure world. The intellects of you children understand that you are now going to the new world and that you must renounce the old world. People have used the word ‘disinterest’, for this. When Baba builds a new home, the intellect’s yoga is removed from the old and attached to the new. You feel that the old one should be finished so that you can go to the new one. You children also feel inside that heaven should be established soon so that you can go home quickly and then be happy. First of all, we will return home with the Bridegroom. This is the parents’ home; it is the small home. That one is the great home of the Great Father. You know that that is the home of all souls. This is in the intellects of only you children, not in anyone else’s intellect. Previously, there was darkness and now there is light. You also understand that not everyone will take this knowledge. Everyone will definitely return home. It is in the intellects of you children that you are now returning to your home. You are becoming worthy by following shrimat. You have to become worthy to go to heaven. Firstly, remember Me so that your sins can be absolved, and secondly, spin the discus. How does the world cycle turn? What is its duration? Who comes at what time? The Father sits here and explains all of this. When they say that human beings take 8.4 million births, does that mean that everyone takes that many births? You now understand that there are only 84 births and that there is this calculation. Not everyone will take 84 births. Souls continue to take rebirth from the beginning. At the end, there are even those who only take one or two births. Those who come at the beginning take 84 births: for instance, Lakshmi and Narayan. People go to their temple, but they do not know anything. They simply say they are going to have a glimpse of the god and goddess. They do not even know how their kingdom is established, nor do they know the occupation of those they worship; so of what use is that worship? This is why it is called blind faith. They do penance, tapasya and go on pilgrimages, etc., thinking that they will find the path to meet God, but no one can find God through any of that. Some come here and also go to the Jagadamba Temple for a glimpse, and so Baba understands that nothing has entered their intellects. All of your desires are now being fulfilled. The part of Jagadamba is now being played accurately. Definitely, the part of Jagadamba is very high. First is Lakshmi and then Narayan. This is your last birth and the karmic accounts are being settled here. You have to become free by settling all karma and also stay in remembrance of the Father. In fact, you children should only remember the one Father. If you remember a bodily being, your time is wasted. It is not possible for anyone to remember Baba constantly. There are no such things that could be remembered constantly. Even a wife cannot remember her husband constantly. Surely, when she is preparing food or taking care of the children, she is not remembering her husband. However, here, you have to practise being in constant remembrance so that your stage will be such at the end that you only remember the One. This is an important examination. There is great praise of the eight jewels: when people experience bad omens, they wear a ring of eight jewels. At the end, there should be remembrance of only the one Father. For that, the line of your intellect has to be absolutely clear and no one else should be remembered, for only then will you be able to become a bead of the rosary. There is a lot of praise of the nine jewels. So, now, let there be the practice of constant remembrance. At the moment, scarcely anyone remembers Baba for even two or three hours. As the chaos in the world increases, to that extent you will continue to have faith and your hearts will continue break away from the old world. Many will die. The intellect says that Maya is a very old enemy. There is no place where there are no enemies. You children are now changing from dirty to clean. You have the understanding that you must not eat food cooked by impure people. It is also said: As is the food, so the mind. Sin accumulates in those who buy bad things, for those who prepare it and also for those who eat it. The Father explains everything very clearly. You children return after being refreshed here. Throughout the day, the world cycle should turn around in your intellects and you should also remember your home. When you return from here to your worldly homes, your stage is affected because you receive such company. Even while sitting here, the intellect’s yoga of some wanders outside and this is why they are unable to have dharna fully. The unlimited Father sits here and explains to you souls: You are a soul and you are performing actions through the body. You understand that you are taking shrimat from Baba and claiming your fortune of the kingdom once again. So, how happy you should be! It is remembered: Ask the children of the Lord of the gopis about supersensuous joy. As your stage becomes higher, as expansion continues, the mercury of your happiness will continue to rise and your faith will continue to become stronger. As you continue to pay attention to your dharna, the enthusiasm in your intellects will continue to increase. As time goes by, service will move at a very fast pace. You have to create such methods that someone will be struck by an arrow. The main thing is to give the Father’s introduction. You receive an unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. He is also the Ocean of Knowledge. It is only with knowledge that human beings become pure. That same Father is the Purifier. Just take up the one point of how devotion cannot continue with the notion of omnipresence. This has to be explained very clearly. Those people say that destruction takes place through our knowledge. You also say that the flames of destruction will emerge from this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. Therefore, they are also right! However, even if they do not understand, what else would there be other than destruction? Destruction took place a cycle ago too. God speaks: All of this will be sacrificed into the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. Those people think that your knowledge is like this, and that is why they oppose you. They believe that they will find God by doing a lot of devotion. We also say that those who have done a lot of devotion have found God. However, people need a lot of effort made on them to understand these things. A cycle ago, too, you children changed hell into heaven with the Father’s help, and so the destruction of hell must also have taken place. Only when hell is destroyed can heaven be established. You can also explain that Bharat truly was pure. People of all religions would agree that there definitely was heaven. ‘Ancient’ means that which is the oldest, and so that must have been heaven. That which has become old also has to become new; this is in the intellects of you children. There was definitely the kingdom of deities, but it no longer exists. They are once again carrying out establishment of the original deity religion. With whose help? Of the One who is the incorporeal Bapuji (Father) of all souls. He is the Father of all souls. You understand all of these things. You are so ordinary! The Father says: I am also the Lord of the Poor. You are poor. What do you have? You have sacrificed everything for Bharat. Your war with Ravan is so great! You are the Shakti Army. It is also sung: Salutations to the mother. Impure ones praise the pure ones, so which mother are they referring to? They think that it is Mother Earth, but it refers to those who live on earth. There is Jagadamba, and so there are also her children. The Dilwala Temple is the memorial that has been built. There are kumaris and also half-kumaris, who are also called mothers. You say: Baba, we are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, so call us Your children, not mothers. We are kumaris. These are deep things that require understanding, but people are not able to take them in. The consciousness of previous births is instilled and does not break. It is in your intellects that Shiv Baba is sitting in front of you and is speaking to you souls. The Father has entered this body. Baba comes and performs divine, alokik activity. He teaches in order to purify impure ones. There has to be accurate remembrance. Shiv Baba, the Purifier, is teaching us. The Purifier is the highest of all, He is the Father and also the Teacher. The first word that emerges should be ‘Purifier’. People remember Him and say: O God, the Father, come! Come and teach us Raja Yoga once again! The Father also says: I am teaching you easy knowledge once again. There is no question of books etc. in this. However, people have mentioned these names. The Father is now teaching you to make you worthy. You are given new points every day. The Gita and Granth etc. do not contain any addition or editing; they say the very same things. Here, however, there are additions and some things are also edited. You are given new points every day. This knowledge is very wonderful! It is not contained in any scriptures. Lust is the greatest enemy. God speaks: Forget everyone as well as your own body and only remember the One! I will take all of you souls back home. I am the Immortal Image, the Death of all Deaths. I have come to take all the children home, so you should be happy. You understand that you are now to return home. Become clever quickly and claim your inheritance from Baba. The war will not begin until then. The Baba says: I cannot do anything. Rehearsals will take place first. As yet, the rulers have not come. You can also explain about Rajasthan (Land of Kings). Ask them: Do you know why this term Rajasthan is used? It used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in Bharat. That Rajasthan (Land of Kings) has to be established once again, and so it is being established now. We know this, but only when this enters your intellects will the mercury of happiness rise. On the path of devotion, they build temples to those deities. There was so much wealth in Bharat. We are once again making it into the divine land of kings. Come and understand these matters. Let there be such enthusiasm in explaining this. This is also a seminar. Baba has explained how you should do service. The kumaris, the mothers and also the brothers all listen together. One God, not Krishna, is the Highest on High. So, you can explain about Rajasthan. Definitely, there was Rajasthan, the land of kings, and temples have been built to them. We are creating that once again. The Father is teaching us Raja Yoga. You must also try this. Then, for half a cycle, you will not need to cry. By following Rama’s shrimat you are conquering Ravan. If they listen to such words it will touch them and those who are struck by the arrow will come to understand. Baba holds this unlimited seminar every day. This is the seminar between souls and the Supreme Soul. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to become free from the suffering of karma, stay in remembrance of the one Father. Don’t waste time by remembering any bodily being. Keep the line of your intellect very clear.
  2. Eat very pure food. As is the food, so the mind. Therefore, do not eat food prepared by impure people. You must make your intellect clean.
Blessing: May you know the deep philosophy of karma and experience alokik pleasure in Brahmin life.
Brahmin life is a life of pleasure but staying in pleasure does not mean that you can do whatever you want and remain intoxicated. The pleasure of temporary happiness and pleasure of temporary relationships and connections are different from the pleasure of a constant stage of happiness. “I say whatever I want, I do whatever I want; I am always in pleasure”. Do not please yourself with temporary pleasure in this way. Stay permanently spiritual and alokik pleasure: this is the real Brahmin life. Together with this pleasure, also be aware of the deep philosophy of karma.
Slogan: Instead of being caught up in the ego of “I” (Ahem) and doubts (veham), have mercy (reham) for everyone.

*** Om Shanti ***





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