Today Murli : 29 april 2017 daily murli (english)

Today Murli 29/04/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to make your stage firm, wake up early in the morning, sit in solitude and think: I am a soul; I now have to return home; this play is about to end.


What does it mean to sacrifice yourself completely?


To sacrifice yourself completely means to keep your intellect in yoga in one direction. Neither your children nor any other bodily beings should be remembered. Body consciousness has to be broken. Those who sacrifice themselves in this way receive their inheritance from the Father for 21 births. Those who are trapped in the name and form of one another defame their own names and the Father’s name.


What mercy does the Father bestow on all the children?


The Father has the mercy of changing shells into diamonds. Mercy is automatically bestowed on children who take advice at every step and who don’t hide anything from Him.


Who created this play, did everything Himself and then hid Himself away?  

Om Shanti

Those who composed this song do not know the meaning of it. The Father has explained to you children: Look, I gave you a very good inheritance when I created you. Heaven is the new creation. The world does not know how the creation of heaven takes place. Look how Maya, in the form of five vices, then takes over! Every aspect is new for the new world. No one knows what the golden age is. If they do not know what the golden age is, how would they know any of this? This knowledge is not in any scripture. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Himself, comes and gives knowledge and then this knowledge later disappears. Through this knowledge you study Raja Yoga and claim the kingdom, that’s all! This is known as spiritual knowledge. Spiritual means the spirit, that is, the soul. The Father is known as the Supreme Spirit. He is given many names. People even say, “We want spiritual knowledge.” Knowledge of the scriptures is known as philosophy and that can be understood by studying the scriptures. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, doesn’t study the scriptures. He is known as the One who is full of knowledge. People think that He is the Knower of the Secrets within. However, it is not like that. According to the drama, they have to receive the fruit according to the type of actions they perform. The philosophy of karma, neutral karma and sinful karma, that is, when actions become neutral and then sinful, has been explained to the children. There are no bad actions in heaven that they would become sinful actions because the kingdom of Ravan doesn’t exist there. This is why actions become neutral actions. The effect of an action is left on the soul when he performs sinful actions. It is Ravan that makes you commit sin. Now, the Father explains to you children. People do not know about this, and so they ask how children can take birth without vice in the golden age. Many people say that there is definitely vice there too, but not as much. Here, too, (in the world) gurus say that you may indulge in vice once a year or once a month, but the Father instantly says: Children, lust is the greatest enemy. You have to conquer it fully! Become completely viceless! There is no Ravan there, so how could there be vice? The Sikh people sing that God comes to wash the dirty clothes. Therefore, everyone has become like dirty clothes. This is not defamation of anyone; they would surely be told what they are. A thief would be called a thief. Explanations have also been given in the Granth (Sikh scripture). Guru Nanak praised the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. They say, “Remember the Master and you will receive happiness.” The Father says: Remember Me! You should experience so much happiness if you find something for which you have been searching for half the cycle. However, it is those who continually consider themselves to be souls who experience happiness. If you consider yourself to be a soul you develop love for the Father. At this time, souls don’t know who their Father is. Those who belong to the Father but do not know His occupation are called foolish. They relate the story of Prahlad and how God emerged from a pillar to save him, but where is God? People do not know God’s address. You children now know. You are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. The name Prajapita, Father of People, is famous. There is no wife through whom he would create children. Surely, they must be a mouth-born creation. You can also explain: We are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Have you heard of Prajapita Brahma, the Father of People? The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, creates creation through Brahma. Brahma was created first and the rest of creation took place through Brahma. The Father explains: Look how many of my mouth-born creation there are! Everyone receives his inheritance from Shiv Baba. The ones that have been adopted must definitely have been poor. Brahma was adopted first and then the mouth-born creation were created through Brahma. Those brahmins born through vice teach physical pilgrimages whereas, here, the mouth-born creation of Brahma teach the spiritual pilgrimage. Even though they make effort to go to the land of nirvana, none of them knows about this spiritual pilgrimage. Therefore, the pilgrimage of their intellects is to the brahm element. That is the pilgrimage to the brahm element. They think that they will merge into the brahm element. In that case, what need is there to go on a physical pilgrimage? It is surely the pilgrimage to the land of nirvana. It cannot then be said that the light merges into the light or that the bubble merges into the ocean. Souls make this pilgrimage. They go to the brahm element. This is the spiritual pilgrimage. All others are physical pilgrimages. They don’t even know who will take them to the land of nirvana. Now, the unlimited Father says: I take everyone back home. The Father becomes everyone’s Guide and takes everyone home. There are very few human beings in the golden age. All other souls definitely return home. The Father is the One who tells you righteous things. You are now on the true pilgrimage: You are souls. The play is now about to end and we have to return home. This should be very firm. Sit in solitude and think such thoughts: I am a soul. Baba has come to take me back home. This costume is dirty. Talk to yourself in this way. This is known as churning the ocean. The Father has given you permission to perform actions, but stay awake at night and practise this and it will help you to keep your stage good during the day. Practising at night will be useful for you during the day. Awaken at night after 2 a.m. because the time between 9 and 12 is very dirty. That is why you should churn in the morning: I am a soul. I now have to go to Baba. I will shed this costume and take another one. This is the way to talk to yourself. Eighty four births have been completed and a few days remain. This is the unlimited drama. By keeping this in your intellect, the consciousness of the body will break; only the Father and the inheritance will be remembered. The Father comes and teaches us. Otherwise, how could we become so elevated and pure? There is a lot of corruption now. This is why there is the committee of religious-minded people. These things did not exist previously. This corruption etc. has started now. Ministers etc. accept many bribes. There is so much corruption! In the golden age there is elevated government. You are becoming very elevated. There is no trace of sin there. The Father comes and makes us worthy for heaven. He makes all the dirty ones beautiful. He establishes heaven and grants everyone salvation, but He Himself disappears. My part is to grant everyone salvation. Look what I change the world into from what it is now! People also say that war is going to take place. Forecasts are printed in the newspapers: This will happen within five years, that will happen. Achcha, if destruction does take place, what would happen afterwards? Why is it going to happen? They should give a reason. You now understand that the Father is establishing heaven and that hell will definitely be destroyed. The Father comes and changes the old world and makes it new. Untimely death doesn’t take place there. There is no fear of death there. They have the knowledge of soul, one sheds a body and takes the next. We also understand that those who come later will surely take fewer births. Our 84 births have been completed. The world does not know this. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, sits here and explains to you souls. The children of the Father of People are brothers and sisters. Therefore, they cannot perform sinful actions. People even say that the Hindus and the Chinese are brothers. So, how can they then indulge in vice? It’s very easy to say this, but they don’t understand the meaning of it. The term ‘brotherhood’ refers to souls. When there is the relationship of brother and sister, there will not be any vicious vision. In a worldly relationship, if someone marries a close relation, it causes an uproar. The Father explains: You were deities. You were elevated but you have now become corrupt. We are becoming elevated once again. We were elevated, 16 celestial degrees pure, and we then became 14 degrees. Having become corrupt, we then became even more corrupt and tamopradhan. This is written clearly in the picture of the cycle. They too create a picture of the different castes, but they do not show the Brahmins as the topknot. They neither show Shiv Baba nor the Brahmins. They show the deities, warriors, merchants and shudras. You now know that we are playing the game of somersaulting. We Brahmins are now becoming deities. This is why we are imbibing divine virtues. We now have to return home and the whole world then becomes heaven for us. The earth will receive water. If you churn knowledge very well at night, it will help you during the day. We are now returning to the sweet Father. For this, we have been stumbling from door to door. We did not find the path anywhere. Now, although you make effort to claim your inheritance, but Maya is very powerful. She deceives you a lot. She gets hold of you by the ear or nose and you become corrupt. The intoxication of lust comes and souls are trapped in the name and form of someone like a lover and beloved. They are deceived a great deal. Greed, too, totally defames one’s name. All of this continues to happen. The Father explains: Children, stay in yoga. If good yogis do not eat for four or five days, it doesn’t bother them; they still remain very happy. Your stage should also be such. Check whether you have greed for anything. Have the aim of passing fully. This is the game of each and every cycle. Keep a check on yourself: Have I become worthy of marrying Lakshmi, that is, worthy of claiming the kingdom? If there are any defects, they should be removed. Defects will not remain hidden. Your connection is now with Shiv Baba. Baba may give drishti to someone to uplift him. The Father gives a lot of help but the Brahma Kumari teacher then thinks that she did that, or that she conducted the murli very well. Such ego makes their stage fall. Good children understand that they received Baba’s help. Some fall because Maya enters them. Here, you need to be completely soul conscious. Your vision should not be drawn towards bodies. Baba continues to give you instructions that you must continue to transform yourselves. Do not be deceived by Maya. Otherwise, you will lose your status. You remember very well the husband who gives you poison to drink, whereas you do not remember this Father who gives you nectar and thereby changes you from a shell into a diamond. You should remember such a Father so much. Make effort by following shrimat. If there is anything, you can ask Baba, “Baba, what defects do I have?” Break the consciousness of the body. Those who totally sacrifice themselves receive the inheritance for 21 births. To sacrifice oneself completely means that the intellect remains in only one direction. The intellect should be removed from all those children etc. Baba says: In return for that, you will receive everything new. People say that they have a son due to the mercy of God. Now, God Himself says: That is temporary mercy. I now have a lot of mercy for you. You are being changed from shells into diamonds. Stay in your households, but have the consciousness that everything belongs to the Father. Take shrimat at every step. The Father is the only One who gives advice. He will not allow you to perform any wrong actions. He will not allow you to give to those who indulge in vice. Do not hide anything from the imperishable Surgeon. Ask at every step. Many children do ask. Some write, “Baba, these are the vices that harass me”, whereas others, even after dirtying their faces, do not tell Him. If you continue to hide things, you become even uglier. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. In order to pass fully, remove all weaknesses and traces of vice. Do not have ego about anything.

2. Make your vision very pure and clean. Don’t become trapped in the form of any bodily being. Become fully soul conscious.


May you be content and filled with all attainments and remain merged in love for the one Father.

The Father is not separated from the children who remain constantly merged in love for the one Father and they are not separate from the Father. At every moment, as a return of Father’s for the love, they remain filled with all attainments and content and this is why they are not attracted by any other type of support. Because souls who are merged in love are always full of all attainments, they easily stay in the experience of belonging to the one Father and none other. For souls who are merged in this way, the one Father is their world.


Instead of running after limited respect and honour, to keep your self-respect is to have elevated honour.

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