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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, your old enemy is Ravan. Your war is very dangerous. The more yoga you have with the One, the more power you will receive to conquer the enemy.
Question: How is the department of you Brahmins completely separate from that of human beings and which department is it?
Answer: The department of you Brahmins is to become pure and make others pure by following shrimat. You burn your sins away with the power of yoga. The Father fulfils all your desires. Whatever people do, it continues to bring them down. They learn all the occult powers etc. and yet continue to become impure.
Song: Our pilgrimage is unique.

Om shanti. While living in this old world, you children have no more connection with the old world. You are making effort to claim your inheritance from the unlimited Father for the new world. Until establishment takes place, although you are sitting in the old world, all your attention is on earning a true income for heaven. You can see signs of the destruction that has to take place. You know that the flames of destruction emerged from this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. This Mahabharat War definitely has to take place for our own benefit, that is, for the benefit of our Bharat. In fact, you are not battling with anyone now. You are doubly non-violent: you neither have the violence of lust nor of anger. The main violence is lust. This is the impure world. How did you become impure? Because of vice: the vice of lust has caused you sorrow from its beginning through the middle to the end. This is not said of anger. There is the question of purity and impurity. It is lust that deceives everyone. It is because of this vice that innocent ones are assaulted. If someone becomes pure and their partner does not, they fight. The Father says: Both have to promise to sit on the pyre of knowledge. They make you sit on the pyre of lust. The Father cancels that deal. The pure world is now being established and so that deal has to be cancelled. By sitting on the pyre of knowledge, you will become pure and the masters of the pure world. You too have a war. In fact, your war is more dangerous than any physical war because Ravan is your very old enemy; you have to conquer him. The more your intellect’s yoga is connected to the One, the more power you will receive. Everything depends on following shrimat. Shrimat says: While living at home with your family, become full of all virtues, 16 degrees full. It is souls that have to become this. Souls were 16 celestial degrees full and, while taking 84 births, they have continued to come down. You children know that there definitely was the kingdom of deities. The kingdom of Rama was established. They have given the name of Rama but, in fact, the name is Shiva’s. They say: Salutations to Shiva. They don’t say: Salutations to Rama. The name ‘Shiv Baba’ is absolutely right. No one calls Rama ‘Baba’. They call Shiva ‘Baba’. Rama means the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, not the King Rama of the warrior caste. People continue to repeat whatever they hear. Now, apart from you children, no one has accurate yoga with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. They believe that the Supreme Soul is the form of light or the brahm element and that He is beyond name and form. If they speak of brahm, they think that that too is His name. They don’t understand anything at all. The Father says: I am the Ocean of Knowledge. I am extremely subtle. There is nothing more subtle than He is. He is extremely subtle. Just as the seed of a tree is very subtle, it is tiny to look at, so the Seed of the human world tree is the most subtle of all. Poppy seeds are the tiniest of all; they are very fine. Their plants are very big. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is an even subtler point than that seed. The Father says: Among you too, you know Me, numberwise, who I am and what I am. Only a handful out of multimillions understand this secret. No human soul can have the praise of Shiv Baba. See how He comes and purifies the impure world! He personally comes here and teaches you children. They don’t know anything at all. They neither know Me nor the cycle. You now know, numberwise, according to your efforts. You don’t have any connection with the things of this old world. People are in extreme darkness. They have their own business and you have your own business. You are the incognito army with the power of yoga. That army is one of physical power. You know them, but no one knows you. Scientists try to go to the stars. They have seen them and so they think: Why can’t we go there? Why can’t we reach the bottom of the sea? This is why they continue to make effort. However, they cannot make effort for something that cannot be seen with these eyes. They only have physical things in their intellects and they continue to make effort for those things. They don’t know the most subtle One, the Supreme Soul, at all. He Himself comes and gives you children His introduction. You made a large image of an oval form of light and so that enters your intellects. The Father continues to explain to you children. Just as the ways and directions of the Father are unique, in the same way, your directions for salvation on the whole are unique. You don’t have any connection with anything else. You have become true Brahmins. There is no expansion of those brahmins. Those brahmins say: We are the children of Brahma. Brahma is Prajapita (Father of Humanity). Who is his father? No one knows this. They speak of Trimurti Brahma. How can there be three forms of Brahma? They are just three deities and the activity of each one is separate. The Creator is only the one Shiva. All of us are His creation and we reside there. The highest-on-high Father is the Supreme Soul. Only the one incorporeal Father is called the Supreme Soul. It isn’t that, because He is the incorporeal Supreme Soul and we souls are also incorporeal, that all are one, that all are His form; no. The Father is separate from the children. The Father has given you knowledge. It is not mentioned in the scriptures that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, sits and teaches Brahmins, the mouth-born creation of Brahma. God came and created the mouth-born creation of Brahma. When the cycle ends at the confluence age, the Father comes and brings about the end of the impure world and the beginning of the pure world. Therefore, He definitely has to come at the confluence age. It takes time to become pure. For half the cycle, there is a burden of sin on your heads. The alloy that is mixed in souls will be removed with the fire of yoga. You have to become satopradhan. We have become impure and will continue to become pure through remembrance alone. This is so easy! We have to go around the cycle of 84 births once again. You children have received this knowledge. The Father says: I have come to teach you Raja Yoga once again. The Father gives you the inheritance whereas Ravan curses you. Only the Father sits here and explains this. The Father comes at this time and fulfils all your desires. It is Maya who fulfils all impure desires. Those with occult powers earn a lot of money nowadays. Maya fulfils those desires of theirs. They have books about that too. You don’t have any books. You don’t have to study any scriptures etc. You have received the Father’s shrimat: Children, become pure and make others pure. You must never become impure. This department of yours is separate. Those who became Brahmins in the previous cycle will come and make effort. Look how the sapling of the deities is being planted. People continue to become Brahmins. Those who listen to even a little bit of knowledge will become part of the subjects; they will come into the kingdom. Death is just ahead. Conflict can become more intense or it can even stop. The intellect says that there is still some time left. The kingdom has not yet been established. You have not yet given knowledge to the kings or sannyasis. The intellect says that there is still time left before destruction. However, rehearsals will continue to take place. It is a wonder ! Those people have sacrificial fires to end wars, whereas God has created the sacrificial fire to transform the whole world. There will be a little peace and people will say: It is because we created a sacrificial fire. Once a sacrificial fire becomes successful, they would continue to have them. They create a sacrificial fire for it to rain and they become happy if it does rain. If it doesn’t rain, they would say that that is God’s will! When someone sheds his or her body, they say that he or she has become a resident of heaven. In that case, there is no need to mourn for that person. If that person has gone to heaven, then consider it to be his great fortune. Maya, Ravan, has locked everyone’s intellect. You know that you are making effort once again exactly as you did in the previous cycle. Bharat is the imperishable land and there are no other religions at that time. They were all created later on. This is also said to be the destiny of the drama. Rivers of blood flow here. They continue to fight with one another. Although they have been living as brothers for a long time, Hindus and Muslims still have separate religions. They came later and so they fight among themselves. You don’t have any connection with that. You have to remain engaged in your service. Simply take three feet of land and open this spiritual hospital. Then expansion will gradually continue to take place. The lake will be created drop by drop in this way. Also keep this picture in your home. Come and we will explain how you can claim your inheritance from the unlimited Father for 21 births. Death is just ahead. Now, simply remember the unlimited Father and the inheritance. This is called the land of death. The Father says: Remember Me and I will take you back with Me. This is why He says: I am the Death of all deaths; I am the Great Death. There is the immortal throne. You are immortal souls. You children understand that you are completely unique in this world. The One who is teaching you here is unique. He speaks to souls. It is souls that listen and souls that speak through their mouths. This soul is listening through these ears. I, the soul, am doing this through this body. It is the soul that experiences taste. It is the soul that says: This is sweet or this is sour. Sanskars are in the soul. The Father says to souls: You now have to return home. You have taken 84 births and you now have to shed those bodies and remove your attachment from them. A snake doesn’t have attachment to its skin. It sheds its old skin and takes a new one. Those are your old skins. They have to be shed in the same way. The example of the buzzing moth also applies to you. In fact, sannyasis cannot give this example. Everyone in this impure world is like a vicious insect. You Brahmins buzz this knowledge to them and purify them. You say: Remember Shiv Baba. This is the magic to change human beings into deities. All these are His names: The Magician, the Businessman and the Jewel Merchant. Achcha, I explain a great deal to you children. Nevertheless, you are told to remember the Father and the inheritance. The Father says: If you surrender yourselves to Me once, I will surrender Myself to you 21 times. This deal is very good, is it not? Shiv Baba is the Bestower. He shows you the way to remove attachment. While living at home with your family, continue to follow shrimat. Purity is first in this. This is a spiritual pilgrimage. Everything depends on this pilgrimage. Human beings go on so many physical pilgrimages. Yours is only the one spiritual pilgrimage. That soul sits here and teaches all souls this. All of this is a matter of the intellect. Sorrow cannot come to you children. You know that such great destruction is to take place for us. Therefore, you cannot feel sorrow inside. If you do feel sorrow, it means that you are weak or that you don’t have that full stage of knowledge. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Remove your attachment from the old skin of your body. Keep your intellect engaged in the spiritual pilgrimage.
  2. Don’t have any connection with anything of the old world. Sit on the pyre of knowledge, become pure and claim your full inheritance from the Father.
Blessing: May you be liberated in life and always maintain spiritual intoxication by having the awareness of your worthy-of-worship form.
The pleasure of Brahmin life is in the stage of liberation in life. The vision of those who constantly have the awareness of their worthy-of-worship forms cannot be drawn to anything except the Father. All persons and possessions bow down in front of worthy-of-worship souls. Those who are worthy of worship are not attracted by anything. Their minds and intellects are not subservient to bodies, relationships, possessions or sanskars. They can never be bound by any bondage. They constantly experience the stage of being liberated in life.
Slogan: A true server is one who is an instrument with humility.

*** Om Shanti ***



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