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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you should value this sacrificial fire of Rudra a great deal because it is through this sacrificial fire that Bharat becomes heaven. You are the protectors of this sacrificial fire.
Question: How and when do you children divorce the Father and the Teacher ?
Answer: When you forget the Father and the Teacher, when you miss the murli, when you don’t study or listen to it, it means you divorce the Father. Baba says: Children, never divorce Me!
Question: Why is it that people find it difficult to understand your true knowledge?
Answer: It is because this knowledge doesn’t continue from time immemorial; it is now to disappear. No one knows about this knowledge. This knowledge is new and this is why they find it difficult to understand.
Song: You are the Mother, Father, Helper, Swami, Friend and Protector of All.

Om shanti. People outside are now singing praise of the One with whom you children have yoga. You are sitting in remembrance of Him. You have to consider yourselves to be souls, renounce the arrogance of the body and stay in remembrance of the One alone. You have now become soul conscious. Previously, you were body conscious. In the golden age you didn’t know the Father because when you are in happiness you don’t remember the Father. When you are in sorrow here, it is then that you call out to Him. It is remembered that He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. In fact, the true Haridwar (Hari dwar-Gateway to God) is this. People refer to Krishna as Hari. They say that Vaikunth (Paradise) is the Haridwar of Krishna. You know that Krishna cannot in fact be called Hari. The One who removes your sorrow is called Hari. You know that Shiv Baba has come to open the door to Krishna, that is, the door to Vaikunth and the golden age. When a building is built, people have an opening ceremony. Therefore, Baba has come to carry out the ceremony of Haridwar. Kans, the Devil, doesn’t exist in Krishna’s kingdom. We are claiming our inheritance of heaven from the Father. The Father Himself has come and is now carrying out the ceremony of the establishment of heaven. Establishment is said to be a ceremony. First, the foundation of a building is laid and then, when the building is completed, a ceremony is held. So, the Father came to lay the foundation. He laid the foundation in 1937. You are now carrying out establishment once again. You have the happiness that Baba has come to establish the new world and that you are now going to the new world. There was heaven on this earth. We are now establishing that once again. We are giving everyone the message. The founder of a religion is called a messenger. It is I who give you the true message. Only I teach you Raja Yoga and I am now inspiring the establishment of heaven. The Father explains that He cannot be found in the Vedas and scriptures. All of those scriptures belong to the path of devotion. There is a lot of paraphernalia on the path of devotion. You have been performing devotion for birth after birth. Listen to knowledge now because you won’t hear it in the golden age. It is said that the darkness of ignorance was dispelled when the Satguru gave you the ointment of knowledge. There is no darkness in the golden age for which you would have to perform devotion. Take knowledge from the Father and then devotion won’t remain. You know what Ravan’s kingdom is and what Rama’s kingdom is. You have now received total light because the Father has awakened you. Now, look! Diwali is celebrated and so people make small and large earthenware lamps. You small and large lamps are now being ignited and are receiving the oil of knowledge. When a person dies, people continue to pour oil into a lamp so that that departed soul doesn’t stumble in the darkness. That is something limited whereas yours is unlimited. When Ravan’s kingdom begins, people begin to stumble. Now, day by day, they stumble a lot more. Previously, there was only the worship of One, whereas people now even worship human beings and perform devotion at T-junctions etc. There is a lot of paraphernalia of devotion, just like a tree that has many branches. Such a big tree emerges from its seed. There is just as much devotion. Knowledge is the seed. This world is eternal and imperishable; it is never destroyed, it continues to go around the cycle. There is just one Seed and one tree. It isn’t that there is a world up above in the sky, one down below, one on the sun and one in the moon etc. Scientists go to the moon and try to live there. However, they don’t know that the whole world is to be destroyed through science and that you will then claim the kingdom. You would say that this too is fixed in the drama. Others will not understand these things. You are to receive the kingdom because there is a connection between the land of Krishna and the land of Christians. They made the people of Bharat fight among themselves and made the land of Krishna into the land of Christians. The Father now says: The account has to be settled. They will fight among themselves and you will be given the butter, that is, He makes you into the masters of the world. They will definitely fight among themselves. One side believes that they are very strong and the other side believes that they are strong and that they will win. However, you turn out to be the strongest of all. You are to be victorious. It is said: Mahavir and mahavirni (female). The Father says: Storms of Maya will come, but you mustn’t put them into action. Establishment is taking place with the power of yoga whereas destruction takes place with physical power. While walking, moving around and sitting, you have to remember the Father. This is known as the power of yoga. Then there is also the power of knowledge. Why is it called the power of knowledge? Because there is no power in the scriptures. No one can receive liberation or liberation-in-life from those and this is why that is not called knowledge. They are called the scriptures of devotion. There are no scriptures of knowledge. All the books of Rama that have been written and all the scriptures etc. will be destroyed in the War. The true Gita and the false Gita will also be destroyed because you will have received salvation. All your desires will have been fulfilled. No desires will then remain. You now know the cycle of 84 births. You no longer speak of God being infinite. Atheists say that God is infinite. They speak of God, the Father, but they don’t know His name, form, land, time period or His tasks. You now know about His tasks of establishing the new world and of making impure ones pure. People burn an effigy of Ravan. You are now amused by all of that. You too used to burn Ravan for birth after birth. Ravan’s kingdom is now to be destroyed and then there will be Deepawali. There is extreme light there. That is called the kingdom of Rama (God). Everyone says that they want there to be the kingdom of Rama, but they don’t know the kingdom of Rama. You are now receiving knowledge. The kingdom of Ravan is now to be transferred into the kingdom of Rama. Before that, you will become part of the rosary of Rudra. The souls who belong to the religions of Islam and Buddhism will remain in liberation for half the cycle. Devotion will begin when your reward of the golden age comes to an end. Then the copper age is called Ravan’s kingdom because they forgot their deity religion. This definitely has to happen. They give the example of a banyan tree. You children know that the foundation of the original eternal deity religion has disappeared. Everyone has become corrupt in their religion and their action. Only when the deity religion is established will all the other religions be destroyed. It is said: Destruction of the many false religions and establishment of the one true religion. You are making effort here to claim your inheritance. Those who imbibe this and inspire others to do so will receive a high status. The Father says: You definitely have to imbibe the main thing that the incorporeal Father is teaching you. It isn’t Krishna who is teaching you. Pictures have been made in which there is an image of Krishna on one side and an image of Shiva on the other side. Ask them: Now, tell us: Who is the God of the Gita? Judge for yourself! It will be very easy for you to explain that the God of the Gita is not Krishna, but Shiva. You know that the Father is once again giving you the knowledge of the Gita. You also sing in the song: You have to tell us the knowledge of the Gita once again. You didn’t compose those songs. It was human beings who composed those songs, but they don’t know the meaning of them. They say that the God of the Gita sat in a horse chariot and gave knowledge. A horse chariot would not come for Krishna. If it were Krishna, then the best car would be brought for him. Many wealthy people would come. Here, look at that One: He doesn’t even have His own motor (body). I enter an impure body. Therefore, this is incognito. It is not a question of Krishna. However, you then pay Me so much respect on the path of devotion. You build the Somnath Temple to Me. There wouldn’t be just one temple; there would be many of them and they would then be looted. You now know the unlimited history and geography. The Father is called knowledgefull. Here, you are given knowledge. An education is also given here. Knowledge is “Manmanabhav” and you receive salvation through that. Then you are taught “Madhyajibhav”. The parts of the Teacher and the Guru continue side by side. You are taught the history and geography of the whole world. You are true nuns because you remember the One. Nuns wear a cross around their necks. They remember Christ and believe that Christ was the son of God. The Father comes and establishes three religions. You Brahmins are the highest topknot because you do the highest service of the world. You give human beings knowledge of souls. You souls receive the inheritance from the Father. The Father truly comes at the confluence age of the cycle to give you the inheritance. In the scriptures they have written that He comes in every age. They have removed the word ‘cycle’ from that. He is called the Purifier. So, what would He do coming in every age? He comes once in the cycle, purifies you and then goes back. The Father says: Don’t divorce Me! Nowadays, women divorce their husbands. Previously, a Hindu wife would never divorce her husband. You definitely have to listen to the murli. When you don’t listen to the murli, it means that you have forgotten the Father and the Teacher. This is like divorcing Him. You have to pay so much attention. If you fail now, you fail every cycle. At the end, everyone will know how much each one of you has studied. Everyone says that they want peace, that is, they want liberation. It is said that everyone remembers God at a time of sorrow. Therefore, there is happiness for half the cycle and sorrow for half the cycle. The play of happiness and sorrow is based on Bharat. You say that you were the deities, you were the warriors… No one knows the meaning of ‘hum so’. The Father says: “Manmanabhav”, “Madhyajibhav”! If you yourselves imbibe it and then inspire others to do so, that is then your great fortune. Only by having remembrance will your sins be absolved. There is a vast difference between bathing in the Ganges and staying in yoga and becoming pure. You children should have a lot of value for the money of the yagya because it is through this that Bharat becomes heaven. The Father is the Lord of the Poor. Only when every penny of the poor is used will they become wealthy. In heaven you have healthwealth and happiness. When you have health and wealth, you also have happiness. If you have health, but no wealth, there cannot be happiness. In the golden age they have health and wealth and so they remain constantly happy. They never cry there. Therefore, you too mustn’t cry here. However, storms of Maya make you wilt. You receive health at the hospital and wealth through the study. So, just look how poor My children are! They open a hospital on three feet of land where everyone can receive health and wealth. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Never wilt because of storms of Maya. Remain constantly happy.
  2. Maintain the intoxication that the incorporeal Father is teaching you. Don’t have any desires in this false world.
Blessing: May you be free from all attractions and with your double-light stage, experience the flying stage.
The time for the ascending stage has now finished and it is now the time for the flying stage. The sign of the flying stage is being double light. The slightest burden would bring you down. Even if it is the burden of your own sanskars, the atmosphere, a connection and relationship with any soul, any type of burden will bring upheaval. Therefore, let there not be any attachment to anyone. Don’t let the slightest attraction attract you. When you become free from attraction and double light, you will be able to become perfect.
Slogan: Become a magnet of love and then even those who defame you will come close to you and shower you with flowers.

*** Om Shanti ***




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