Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Only those who have unlimited disinterest are true Raj Rishis.

Today, BapDada is seeing the court of all the Raj Rishis. Throughout the whole cycle, a court of kings takes place many times, but this court of Raj Rishis only takes place at this confluence age. You are kings and also rishis. This speciality of the court of this time is remembered. On the one hand, you have the kingdom, that is, you have a right to all attainments and, on the other hand, you are rishis, that is, you are those who have an attitude of unlimited disinterest. On the one hand, you have the intoxication of having a right to all attainments and, on the other hand, you have the alokik intoxication of having unlimited disinterest. To the extent you have elevated fortune, you have elevated renunciation. There is a balance of the two. This is known as being a Raj Rishi. Baba was seeing the balance of such Raj Rishi children. One moment you have the intoxication of being one with that right, and the next, you have the intoxication of having an attitude of disinterest. To what extent are you able to remain stable in this practiceThat is, to what extent do you practise both stages equally? Baba was checking this. All the children are numberwise in their practice anyway. However, according to the time, you must continue to increase even more the practice of both these stages as much as you possibly can. What does it really mean to have an attitude of unlimited disinterest? Disinterest doesn’t mean to step away but, that while having all attainments, no limited attractions attract your mind or intellect. Unlimited means to be a complete and perfect soul in an unlimited way, equal to the Father, to be the sovereign over all your senses and also to have a right over the subtle powers of your mind, intellect and sanskars. Let there not be any dependency even in your thoughts. This is what it is to be a Raj Rishi, that is, one with an attitude of unlimited disinterest, one who easily and constantly stays far away from all attractions, that is, from old bodies, the old world of bodies, from any grossness and from any physical possessions.

Just as the power of science is able to take you beyond the pull of the earth’s gravity, in the same way, the power of silence takes you far beyond these limited attractions. This is known as the complete and perfect stage that is equal to that of the Father. So, have you practised such a stage? The physical organs are very gross and it is still easy to become a conqueror of your physical organs. However, to become victorious over the subtle powers of your mind, intellect and sanskars requires subtle practice. To be able to make any thought or sanskar emerge at the time you want it to, is known as being victorious over the subtle powers, that is, it is the stage of a Raj Rishi. Just as you order your physical organs to do this and not to do that – “Put your hand down”, “Raise your hand”, and so it goes up; in the same way, let your thoughts, sanskars and the power to decide, which means the intellect, work according to your orders. When the soul, that is, the king, orders the mind, that is, the power of thought, to become stable and concentrated instantly, to become stable in just the one thought, then when the order of the king is obeyed in that way at that moment, that is the sign of one who has a right to the kingdom. Let it not be that your mind obeys this order after practising it for three to four minutes. Or, instead of becoming stable and concentrated, it first of all goes into upheaval and then becomes stable. What would you call that? Would you say that is someone who has a right? So, check in this way, because you have already been told in advance that, at the time of the final result, at the final time, there will be just one question of just one second. If you don’t have the practice of having a right over these subtle powers now, that is, if your mind obeys the orders of you, the king, after three seconds, instead of just one second, would you be called one who has a right to the kingdom? Or, would you pass the final paper of just a second? How many marks would you get?

In the same way, have a right over your intellect, that is, over your deciding power. So, to be able to make a decision when the situation happens, according to the situation at that moment, is known as having a right over your intellect. Let it not be that when that situation or that moment has passed, you then decide that that shouldn’t have happened, that it would have been much better if you had decided that earlier. So, to be able to make the right decision at that time is a sign of a soul who has a right to the kingdom. So, throughout the day, check to what extent you had a right to the kingdom, that is, to what extent you were making your subtle powers work under your orders. Every day, hold a court of your workers. Check whether the workers – the physical organs and the subtle powers – were under your control or not. The sanskars of being a sovereign at this time will enable you to have a right to the kingdom for many births. Do you understand? In the same way, do your sanskars sometimes deceive you? Your original and eternal sanskars: your eternal sanskars are pure and elevated sanskars. The original sanskars are to be an embodiment of all virtues, to be a deity soul who has a right to the kingdom, to be an embodiment of all attainments. These are the natural sanskars you need in order to become complete and perfect. So, to be a sovereign over the power of your sanskars means that your original and eternal sanskars are always emerged. Let these be your natural sanskars. Do not let the sanskars of the middle period, that is, the sanskars that came in from the copper age onwards pull you towards themselves. Do not be compelled by your sanskars. You speak of your old sanskars. In fact, your old sanskars are your original and eternal sanskars. The others are of the middle period, the sanskars that came in the copper age. So, are your old sanskars of the beginning or of the middle period? If any sanskar of limited attraction pulls you, would you be said to have a right over your sanskars? If, within your kingdom, even one power or one worker, one of the physical organs, does not work under your orders, would you be said to have full rights over your kingdom? All of you children issue the challenge that you are the ones who will establish the one kingdom, one language, one religion and one direction. All of you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris issue this challenge, do you not? So, when will that be established? Will it be established in the future? Who are the instruments for establishment? Is it Brahma or Vishnu? Establishment takes place through Brahma, does it not? Where there is Brahma, the Brahmins are with him too. When will establishment through Brahma, that is, through the Brahmins take place? At the confluence age or in the golden age? There, there will be the sustenance. Establishment through Brahma and the Brahmins has to take place now. So, first of all, look in your own kingdom and see whether there is the one kingdom, one dharma (dharna) and one direction. If even one of your physical organs is under a different direction of Maya’s, it would not be said to be one kingdom or one direction. So, first of all, check whether you have established the one kingdom in terms of your own kingdom and your own dharma, or whether Maya sometimes sits on the throne and sometimes you sit on it. Check whether you have put the challenge into a practical form. You wish to have the eternal sanskars but, instead of those, the sanskars of the middle period emerge. In that case, that is not having a right, is it?

So, a Raj Rishi means one who has a right over the kingdom of the self. You will constantly and easily have a right to the kingdom when you are a Rishi, that is, when you have the practice of an attitude of unlimited disinterest. Disinterest means that there is no attachment and that your love for the Father is constant. This loving nature enables you to become detached. To love the Father and to be detached before you start to act is called being an unlimited renunciate. If you do not love the Father, you cannot even become detached – there will be attachment. Those who love the Father cannot love anyone else or any material things. They would always be beyond that attraction, that is, they would always be detached. This is called the stage of being immune, the stage where no trace of any limited attraction affects you. You make use of the creation and facilities whilst remaining immune. Have you become those who have such unlimited disinterest, such true Raj Rishis? Don’t think that there are just one or two weaknesses remaining now, that just one subtle power or physical organ is not sufficiently under control, but that all the rest are fine, for where there is even one weakness that is the gate for Maya to enter. Whether it is a small gate or a big gate, it is a gate. If the gate is open, how would you become a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world?

On the one side, you are invoking the beautiful golden world of one kingdom and one religion but, as well as that, you are also invoking weaknesses, that is, Maya. Therefore, what would the result be? You will be in a state of confusion. So, do not consider this to be a small thing, thinking: “There is still some time left; I’ll be able to do it later; there are still so many weaknesses in others, but there is just this one thing in me”. While looking at others, make sure you yourself don’t get left behind. It is said: See Father Brahma. It is said: Follow the Father. Definitely be loving and co-operative with everyone, definitely become one who picks up virtues, but follow the Father. You saw the last stage of Father Brahma, the stage of a Raj Rishi – being so loving to the children. Seeing them in front of him, you saw that detachment. You saw the stage of unlimited disinterest in a practical way. Whilst going through the suffering of karma, he had a right over his physical organs, that is, he became a Raj Rishi and gave the experience of the perfect stage. This is why you are told to follow the Father. So, always check your sovereignty and check your workers in the kingdom to see that no worker in the kingdom is deceiving you. Do you understand? Achcha.

Today, you have all come from many places, and arrived at the one place. This is called the mela (meeting) of the Ocean with the rivers. In a mela, you meet one another and you also receive lots of treasures. This is why you have all come to this mela. This is the last group of new children of the season. The older ones have also received a chance with the new ones. Nature too is still co-operating with love. However, do not take advantage of it. Otherwise, nature is also clever. Achcha.

To the children from everywhere who are always Raj Rishis, to the children who rule themselves, to the children who have a right to the kingdom and who are constantly victorious and run the kingdom obstacle-free, to all the rishi kumars and kumaris who always have an attitude of unlimited disinterest, to those who are always loving to the Father and who remain detached while performing actions, to such loving and detached children, to the faithful children who always follow Father Brahma, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting groups:

1. Do you experience yourselves to be souls who have been victorious countless times? Do you find it difficult or easy to be victorious? Whatever you find easy, you can do all the time; whatever you find difficult, you cannot do all the time. Whatever tasks you have performed countless times automatically become easy. When you carry out a new task, you find it difficult at first, but once you have done it, that same difficult task then becomes easy. So, all of you are not victorious just this once, but you have been victorious countless times. To be one who is victorious countless times means to be one who always experiences victory easily. Those who are easily victorious experience at every step that all of these tasks are already accomplished, that at every step victory is already guaranteed. There cannot even be a thought of whether it will happen or not. When you have the faith that you have been victorious countless times, there is no question as to whether it will happen or not. The sign of faith is intoxication and the sign of intoxication is happiness. Those who have intoxication will always be happy. So much happiness is experienced in limited victory. Whenever anyone gains victory in anything, there are so many bands and so much music is played. Those who have faith and intoxication would definitely be happy; they would always be dancing in happiness. Anyone can dance physically, but to dance in the mind – even those who are ill in bed can dance in this way. No matter who it is, it is easy for everyone to dance, because to be victorious means for the bands of happiness to play automatically. When a band is playing, you automatically begin to tap your feet. Even those who don’t know how to dance will be sitting and dancing. Their feet and shoulders will be moving. So, all of you have been victorious countless times, always continue to move forward in this happiness. Everyone in the world needs happiness. Even when they have all attainments, they don’t have the attainment of happiness. Therefore, constantly continue to distribute the imperishable happiness, which people in the world want.

2. While considering yourself to be fortunate, do you experience your elevated fortune at every step? Because, at this time, the Father has become the Bestower of Fortune and has come to give you your fortune. The Bestower of Fortune is distributing fortune. At the time of distribution, everyone can take as much as they want. Everyone has a right; you can all take as much as you want. So, at such a time, check how much fortune you have made. Because, if not now, then never. This is why the Father has given all the children the pen with which to draw this line of fortune at every step. You have the pen in your hand and you have full permission to draw the line as long as you want. It is such a wonderful chance. So, you are constantly aware of the importance of this fortunate time and you accumulate as much accordingly, do you not? It isn’t that you wanted to do a lot but were unable to do so, that you wanted to do a lot, but you only did this much, is it? Let there not be this complaint about yourself. Do you understand? Therefore, constantly continue to raise the line of your fortune and also continue to enable others to recognize this elevated fortune. “Wah my elevated fortune!” Constantly continue to sing songs of this happiness.

3. Do you always experience yourselves to be the elevated souls who are spinners of the discus of self-realisation? The discus of self-realisation is what liberates you from all the spinning of Maya. The discus of self-realisation enables you to claim your right to the fortune of the kingdom and to be a ruler of the globe. It is only at this confluence age that you receive the knowledge of the discus of self-realisation. You are Brahmin souls and you are therefore spinners of the discus of self-realisation. Brahmins are always shown as the topknot. Topknot means the highest. Brahmins means those who always perform elevated actions. Brahmins means those who always have elevated dharma – dharna. Have you become such Brahmins? Not Brahmins just in name, but Brahmins in your actions, because Brahmins are remembered so much even now at the end. The memorial of you true Brahmins continues to this day. When an elevated task has to be performed, people call a brahmin priest because only brahmins are that elevated. So, at what time did you become so elevated? You become that now, and this is why, even now, the memorial of the elevated task still continues. Always stay in the awareness that you are the elevated Brahmins, the spinners of the discus of self-realisation, those whose every thought, word and deed are elevated. Achcha.

Blessing: May you become supremely worthy of being worshipped by keeping the worship of you in your awareness and by making every act of yours worthy of worship.
Every power of you children is worshipped in the form of the deities: the sun deity, the wind deity, the earth deity. In the same way, the power of fearlessness is worshipped in the form of the goddess Kali. The power to face is worshipped in the form of the goddess Durga. The worship of the power of remaining content and making others content is in the form of the goddess Santoshi Maa. The worship of the power of being as light as the wind is in the form of the son of the wind (Hanuman). So, keep this worship of you in your awareness and make every act of yours worthy of worship and you will then become supremely worthy of worship.
Slogan: To have a balance of contentment and easiness in life is the biggest speciality of all.


*** Om Shanti ***

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