Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Become a jewel of good wishes and liberate the world from worry

Today, the Father, the Jewel Merchant is looking at His special jewels of good wishes everywhere. The jewels of the Father, the Jewel Merchant, are bringing light into the world with their rays of good wishes, because in today’s world of artificial sparkle, all souls are jewels of worry. With your power of good wishes, you jewels of good wishes are transforming such jewels of worry, who only sparkle temporarily. Just as rays of the sun dispel darkness over a long distance, in the same way, the sparkle and rays of good wishes of you jewels of good wishes are spreading everywhere in the world. Nowadays, many souls think that some spiritual light is carrying out its task in an incognito way. However, they don’t know from where this light is carrying out its task. They have begun to have a touching that there is someone. Eventually, by searching, they will gradually reach this place. So, this touching is of the sparkle of the elevated thoughts of you jewels of good wishes. BapDada is seeing the sparkle of the jewel on each child’s forehead, because you are sparkling numberwise. All of you are jewels of good wishes, but the sparkle is numberwise.

To be one who has good wishes is an easy way for you to serve with your mind every Brahmin soul and souls without knowledge and you can do this while walking and moving around. The vibrations of all of you well-wishers will very easily transform the atmosphere and the attitude of souls who are beads of worry. In the lives of human beings everywhere today, whether through people or possessions, because of having selfish motives, because of having some temporary attainment through their possessions, people experience some elevated attainment for a short time. However, that temporary happiness changes into worry after a short time; that is, possessions and people are not the means to end their worries but become instruments to create more worry. Souls who are distressed with one worry or another are able to see very few souls who have such good wishes. Even contact for a short time with souls who have good wishes becomes the basis of all their worries coming to an end. So, today, the world needs such well-wishing souls. This is why you souls, you jewels of good wishes, are extremely loved by the world. When they come into contact with you, they feel that they cannot see anyone else with such good wishes anywhere in world.

Pure thoughts are the main basis of always having good wishes. Those whose thoughts are always pure will definitely always have good wishes. If there are sometimes waste thoughts or thoughts of others, you cannot constantly have good wishes. Well-wishing souls are able to finish other souls’ waste thoughts and thoughts of others. So, the powerful treasure-store of pure thoughts of every elevated server, that is, of the jewels of good wishes, will be constantly full. It is because they are constantly full that they are always able to have good wishes for others. To be a well-wisher means to be full of all the jewels of knowledge. Only such souls are able to become bestowers who are full of knowledge and always have good wishes for others. Therefore, check: throughout the day, do I have more pure thoughts and good wishes or do I spend more time in thoughts of others? Someone who has pure thoughts will constantly stay in the intoxication of being full, and with his form of a well-wisher will be able to give these to others and fill them. Because someone who has waste thoughts and thoughts of others is always empty, he will experience himself to be weak and this is why he is unable to have good wishes or capable of giving them to others. At present, there is a need for jewels of good wishes who can become instruments to finish everyone’s worries, and be able to make souls experienced with the method of having good wishes instead of worries. Where there are pure thoughts, worries automatically end. So, you are constantly doing incognito service by being one with good wishes, are you not?

You have made plans for unlimited world service. The way to easily make these plans successful is to have the stage of a well-wisher. Many varieties of soul will come into connection and have a relationship with you. To have good wishes for such souls means to give wings of courage to such souls, because their wings of courage, zeal and enthusiasm have become weak from being on the pyre of worry. The good wishes of you well-wisher souls will fill their wings with power and, on the basis of your feelings of good wishes, they will begin to fly, that is, they will become co-operative. Those souls have become disheartened and wonder whether they have the power to create a better world. How would those who are unable to make themselves something make the world something? They consider it to be very difficult to change the world because they have seen the present results of all the different authorities and they therefore consider it to be difficult. Your power of good wishes will make the hearts of such disheartened souls, and souls who are sitting on the pyre of worry, happy. Just as the slightest support of even a straw makes a drowning soul happy-hearted and gives him courage, your stage of having good wishes will enable them to experience some support, and souls who are burning will have the experience of cool water.

The basis of receiving everyone’s co-operation is the stage of having good wishes. Those who have good wishes for all automatically receive everyone’s co-operation. The feeling of your good wishes automatically and easily creates the feeling in their minds of wanting to co-operate. They all have love in their hearts for souls who have good wishes, and it is this love that makes them co-operative. Where there is love, everyone is always ready to surrender their time, wealth and co-operation. So, someone who has good wishes will make others loving, and love will enable them to surrender themselves and give every type of co-operation. Therefore, be constantly full of good wishes and, as a well-wisher, make everyone loving and co-operative. A soul with good wishes is easily able to claim the certificate of contentment from everyone. Only those who have good wishes are always able to have the personality of contentment. They become special personalities in front of the world. People with personality nowadays simply become well known, that is, their names are glorified. However, you souls with a spiritual personality do not just become well known, that is, you do not just become praiseworthy but, as well as being praiseworthy, you also become worthy of worship. No matter how many people have become well known in the fields of religion, politics or science, they have not become worthy of being worshipped for 63 births like you with your spiritual personality. Therefore, the speciality needed to become worthy of worship is to give good wishes to all. When you give others the attainment of happiness, support, wings of courage and zeal and enthusiasm, then the blessings and good wishes of this attainment makes them into children who can claim their rights, whereas others become devotee souls. This is why you become worthy of worship for many births. To be a soul with good wishes means to become a worthy-of-worship soul for a long period of time. Therefore, as well as beginning this unlimited project, just as you have other programmes, also create a programme for yourself:

1) For all time and for all souls you will transform all other feelings and constantly just have feelings of good wishes.

2) You will constantly continue to give elevated co-operation to enable others to move ahead of you.

3) In order to create a better world, that is, an elevated world, you will co-operate with everyone with your elevated wishes.

4) You will finish waste thoughts and thoughts of others for all time. This means you will put a full stop to the past, become a point, a jewel, and continue to give light to everyone in the world with the rays of your elevated feelings, elevated wishes and feelings of love and of making them powerful.

This programme for the self is the foundation of the success of the whole programme. Always keep this foundation strong and the sound of revelation will automatically be heard. Do you understand? All of you are instruments for this task, are you not? Since you are making the world co-operative, you are instruments for this first. The young, the old, whether they are ill or healthy, elephant riders and horse riders are all co-operative. There are none of the infantry here. So, everyone’s finger is required. Each brick is important. Some are bricks of the foundation and others are bricks of the wall, above the surface, but each brick is important. Do all of you feel that you are doing this programme or do you feel that those who are creating the programmes are doing the programme, that it is the programme of those who have created the programme? You say that it is your programme, do you not? Seeing the unlimited project and the programme, BapDada is pleased. There is very good zeal and enthusiasm for the unlimited task in this land and abroad. Every Brahmin soul has mercy for souls of the world. You have the compassion to want all of your brothers and sisters to hear the sound of the Father’s revelation – that the Father is carrying out His task. Whether they come close, come into a relationship, claim a right, become worthy-of-worship deities or become part of the 330 million of those who glorify the name, let them definitely hear the sound. You have such enthusiasm, do you not? As yet, you have not even prepared 900,000. So, do you understand? It is your programme. It is this feeling of belonging that will enable you to create your world with your programme. Achcha.

Today, groups have come from five directions. People speak of the Triveni (meeting of three rivers), but this is the meeting of five rivers. Rivers from five directions have come and met the Ocean. The meeting of the rivers with the Ocean is an elevated meeting. All the new and old ones are dancing in happiness. When someone has hope after having felt hopeless, there is greater happiness. The older ones too were suddenly given a chance and so there is even more happiness. They were just sitting, thinking, “We don’t know when we will be able to meet.” You had not thought that you would be able to meet now. The experience of happiness is more unique when the question of “When?” changes into “Now”. Achcha. Today, Baba is giving special love and remembrance to those from abroad. A special server (Jayantiben) has come. She was the first instrument for service abroad. Seeing the tree, one remembers the seed. This family was the seed that became an instrument for world service. Baba is giving remembrance to the first instrument family.

All the server children who are instruments in lands abroad are always engaged in trying to reveal the Father with zeal and enthusiasm, day and night. The sound that is repeatedly echoing in their ears is: We have to reveal the Father in Bharat with a loud sound from abroad. This sound constantly continues to enable you to move forward in doing service. The reason for zeal and enthusiasm for doing special service is that you have love for the Father in your hearts. At every step and at every moment, the sound “Baba, Baba” continues to emerge from your lips. Whenever anyone sends a card or a gift, there is definitely an image of a heart in that. The reason for this is that they always have the Comforter of Hearts in their hearts. They have given their hearts and received the heart. You are clever when it comes to this give and take. This is why those who make a deal from their hearts and who remember the Father with their hearts send a heart as their symbol. It is this remembrance from the heart and love from the heart that gives the majority of you the experience of being close even though you may be far away. The particular speciality that BapDada sees is that you have deep love for Father Brahma. You very easily experience the deep secret of Bap and Dada. Although you didn’t play a part in receiving sustenance from sakar Brahma Baba, you do experience the avyakt sustenance very well. Because of the speciality of experiencing a relationship with both the Father and Dada, you are very easily moving forward successfully. So, those from each country should feel that Baba is mentioning your name first. Let each child personally accept love and remembrance from BapDada by name. Do you understand?

You are making plans. There is of course a little difference between the systems in this land and those abroad, but because of love, the systems also feel the same. Whether it is a plan from abroad or a plan from this land, there is just one plan. It is just that, sometimes, the ways things are done have to be a little different. The co-operation between this land and lands abroad will constantly allow this unlimited task to be constantly successful. Success is constantly with you children. The zeal and enthusiasm of this land and of the lands abroad is making this task move forward and it will always continue to move forward. Achcha.

The pure thoughts and the pure sound of love and co-operation of all the constantly loving and co-operative children from everywhere in Bharat continue to reach BapDada. This land and the lands abroad are ahead of each other. The speciality of each place is its own. Bharat is the land where the Father incarnates and it is the land where the sound of revelation will be heard loudly. The parts of the beginning and the end take place in Bharat. The co-operation from abroad will enable revelation to take place in Bharat and the sound of revelation in Bharat will reach the lands abroad. This is why the speciality of the children of Bharat is always elevated. Those from Bharat have become the basis of establishment. The images of support for establishment are the children from Bharat and this is why everyone sings praise of the fortune of the children of Bharat. You are constantly moving forward in having remembrance and doing service with zeal and enthusiasm and you will continue to move forward. This is why every child of Bharat should accept love and remembrance from BapDada personally by name. To the unlimited, serviceable children from this land and abroad, the unlimited Father’s love, BapDada’s remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be a master seed who gives all souls the donation of powers.
Donate once again to all the devotees, to the souls, the leaves who have dried up and wilted, the donation of powers with your stage of the seed form. The basis of enabling them to experience all attainments is your stage of “being ignorant of the knowledge of all desires.” When you yourself are ignorant of the knowledge of all desires, you will then be able to fulfil everyone’s desires. To be ignorant of the knowledge of desires means to have an extremely powerful stage of the seed form. So, become a master seed and hear the call of the devotees and enable them to have some attainment.
Slogan: To stay constantly under the canopy of protection of the Supreme Spirit is to experience the safety of your alokik life.


*** Om Shanti ***

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