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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, constantly move along considering yourself to be a Raj Rishi and all your days will pass in happiness and you will be saved from being choked by Maya.
Question: What chance do you have now but will not have again later?
Answer: You now have a little time in which you can make effort and claim a high status by studying. You will not receive this chance again. This life is invaluable and this is why you should never have any thought of dying soon so that you can be liberated. Only those who are troubled by Maya or have some suffering of karma have such thoughts. You have to become a conqueror of Maya by having remembrance of the Father.
Song: Have patience o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Om shanti. You children heard the song. Who said this and who heard it? The unlimited Father said it and the children at all the centres heard it. Look how the Father’s yoga of the intellect goes to all the children. At all the centres, all the children who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, spinners of the discus of self-realisation and Raj Rishis, should have the awareness that they are Raj Rishis. You are making effort for the kingdom in which all your days will be spent in happiness. In the iron age, your days are not spent in happiness. You Raj Rishis should spend your days here in happiness. Only when you consider yourselves to be Raj Rishis and have unshakeable and immovable faith all the time is this possible. Otherwise, when you repeatedly forget, Maya makes you choke a great deal. You children know that you are studying Raj Yoga with the Father and claiming your inheritance of constant happiness, that is, you are changing from an ordinary man into Narayan. No one, apart from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, can make you this. When you say, “the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul,” your intellect doesn’t go to a corporeal or subtle being; you remember the incorporeal Father at that time. The Father gives you patience: Children, there are only a few more days. This iron age, hell, will change and become heaven. The establishment of heaven and the destruction of hell have been remembered. God Himself sits here and teaches you Raja Yoga. No human being, whether of hell or heaven, can teach you Raja Yoga. You children know that you mouth-born creation of Brahma, the decoration of the Brahmin clan, are spinners of the discus of self-realisation. We souls have the knowledge of the world cycle. Deities don’t know this. Why have they given the discus of self-realisation to Krishna and Vishnu? Because you Brahmins have not yet become perfect; you continue to fluctuate. The discus of self-realisation is a symbol of the final stage. Today, you spin the discus of self-realisation and tomorrow, you would be defeated by Maya and fall. Therefore, how could those ornaments be given to you? The discus of self-realisation has to be permanent, and this is why it is given to Vishnu. These are very deep matters. You can go and explain at the Vishnu temples or at the temples to anyone portrayed with the discus of self-realisation. They even give the discus of self-realisation to Krishna. They don’t show the discus of self-realisation in the combined picture of Radhe and Krishna. In fact, Krishna is not a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. The decoration of the Brahmin clan are the spinners of the discus of self-realisation. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, makes them into spinners of the discus of self-realisation and seers of the three aspects of time. When they become deities, they cannot be called trinetri, trikaldarshi or trilokinath, because it is now that they are ascending the staircase to heaven. From the golden age onwards we will be coming down the ladder. This knowledge doesn’t exist there. If you were aware of this there you wouldn’t be able to rule the kingdom because you would be worried. The Father gives you children patience: Don’t be afraid. You have to conquer Maya. Storms of Maya will definitely come and there will be obstacles. The cure for this is to stay in yoga. Maya will break your yoga, but you have to make effort to stay in yoga. The lifespan of those who stay in yoga will increase. The longer your lifespan is, the more you will be able to have yoga with the Father and claim your inheritance from Him at the end. By having yoga, you improve your health. This is why the Father says: May you be yogi! Constantly remember Me alone! The more effort you make, the more the reward you will receive in heaven. The Father says: Children, stay in yoga so that your sins are absolved. There is very little time left. You mustn’t say that destruction should take place soon so that you can go to heaven, because this life is invaluable. It is not that you will shed your body now and then take a new body and be able to study. You would still be in your childhood stage and destruction would have begun. You wouldn’t even be able to reach your youth stage because everyone here, young and old, is to be destroyed. Only those who are troubled by Maya or who have some suffering of karma would say that they should die soon because they want to be liberated from all of that. However, you will not receive this chance again. This is why you should occupy yourself in making effort. When the time comes, then, even against their conscious wish, everyone will have to go back because the Father will take everyone back on the spiritual pilgrimage. It isn’t that He will only take one or two million souls back with Him, just as one to one and a half million souls go to the Kumbha mela. This is the mela of souls with the Supreme Soul. The Father Himself has become the Guide and has come to take you back. Countless souls will follow Him. However, it is not that everyone will go back soon. If annihilation were to take place, the land of Bharat would not remain. However, this Bharat is an imperishable land; many will still remain here. Then, in the golden age, there will be just the one established sun-dynasty kingdom. You have a little time in between establishment of the golden age and destruction of the iron age when a few people remain to make their new kingdom. However, there is just this little time for making effort. This is called the beneficial age. The other confluence ages cannot be called beneficial because you continue to come down at that time. You have now come from complete happiness to complete sorrow. No others have this knowledge in their intellects. Previously, we too didn’t know anything. We used to worship everyone with blind faith. Now we receive all kinds of shrimat. You are doing the business that is rarely done by other businessmen. It is like learning an art. This is the art of changing human beings into deities. You have to pay attention to this. The Father comes at amrit vela every day and teaches you, and so, at that time the children of all the centres are in front of Him. The Father says: I remember all of you children. Maya doesn’t cause Me any obstacles in this. You children repeatedly forget Me because Maya creates obstacles for you. Some children write to Baba: Baba, do not forget us children. However, I never forget you. I have to take everyone back home. I give you love and remembrance every day. I send treasures to you children. I continue to challenge all of you: Follow the Father’s shrimat and make effort to claim your unlimited inheritance. Don’t be careless or make excuses about this. Some say that they have karmic bondages. Those are your karmic bondages, so what can the Father do? The Father says: Stay in yoga and your karmic bondages will continue to be cut away and you won’t commit any sin. You will be liberated from sin for half the cycle. You also have to do service to claim a high status. Look how well Mama and Baba explain! Some children do very good service. When someone asks you what your aim and objective is, put this cardin his or her hand. From that, everyone will know what business you are engaged in. They will say: These are great businessmen. You have to feel each one’s pulse. The best thing to explain is the cycle. No matter what a person is like, when he sees the cycle he would understand that this truly is the iron age and that the golden age is now about to come. You can even explain to Christians that this is hell and that heaven is being established. Surely, H eavenly God, the Father, would do that. However, people’s intellects have become such that they don’t even consider themselves to have become residents of hell. They say that so-and-so has become a resident of heaven, and so they should understand that they are definitely in hell. It is now the iron age, so rebirth would also definitely be in the iron age. Where is heaven? Baba tells you to go and explain at the cremation grounds. However, children become tired very quickly. You should explain that it is now the iron age. If you want to take rebirth in heaven, then come and understand this. We are also making effort so that hell will no longer remain. Do you want to come to heaven? You won’t find poison there. You will have to renounce that here. How? Baba is showing you methods. In Nepal, on the day of Vijaya Ashtmi (Festival of the Goddesses), all, young and old, go hunting (conquering the animal instincts, the vices). You too have to explain to everyone. There definitely have to be the pictures of Shiva and Lakshmi and Narayan in every home. You have to explain to your servants, carpenters that death is just ahead. Remember the Father and you will receive your inheritance. The Father fulfils everyone’s desire for heaven. When you have yoga, the Father can even grant you visions. The Father is the Benefactor, and so you children also have to become as benevolent as He is. Only the poor benefit themselves. Hardly any wealthy ones do this. Well-known sannyasis will come at the end. Now, it is poor and ordinary ones who take knowledge. The Father too comes in an ordinary body, not in a poor person’s body. If he too were poor he wouldn’t be able to do anything. How could a poor person look after so many? Therefore, look at the tactic that has been created. It is only the ordinary ones who are able to surrender themselves and are also able to sustain so many. Together with this one, many others also surrendered themselves and became heirs. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Engage yourself in the art that the Father has taught you of changing human beings into deities.
  2. Don’t make mistakes and don’t make excuses for not following shrimat. In order to be liberated from your karmic bondages stay in remembrance.
Blessing: May you be seated on your throne of tapasya and service and thereby claim the future throne of the fortune of the kingdom.
The children who are close on the throne of service will be close to the throne of the kingdom in the future. To the extent that you are co-operative in service here, you will accordingly be constant companions in the kingdom. Here, you have the seat of tapasya and service and there, you have the throne of the fortune of the kingdom. Just as you are BapDada’s companion in remembrance here, similarly, there, you will be a companion in every action from childhood to the time of ruling the kingdom. Those who are constantly close, constant companions, constantly co-operative, constantly doing tapasya and seated on the throne of tapasya are the ones who will be seated on the throne in the future.
Slogan: Spiritual roses are those who spread the fragrance of spirituality into the atmosphere with their spiritual attitude.

*** Om Shanti ***

Invaluable versions of Mateshwari – 27/ 0 1/57

Eternally created programme of God’s coming.

People have been singing the song, “O God of the Gita, come to fulfil the promise You made.” Now, the God of the Gita, Himself, has come to fulfil the promise He made in the previous cycle. He says: O children, when there is extreme defamation of religion in Bharat, it is then that I definitely come to fulfil the promise I made. However, My coming does not mean that I come in every age. There isn’t defamation of religion in all ages. Defamation of religion takes place in the iron age, and so you have to understand that God comes in the iron age. The iron age comes every cycle, and so you understand that I come every cycle. There are four ages and that is called the cycle. For half the cycle, in the golden and silver ages, they are satopradhan, so there is no need for God to come then. The third age is the copper age when other religions begin, and, at that time too, there isn’t extreme defamation of religion; this shows that God does not come in the three ages. Then the iron age remains, and there is extreme defamation of religion at the end of this age. God comes at this time and destroys the irreligiousness and establishes the religion of truth. If He had come in the copper age, then, after the copper age, it should now have been the golden age, so why is it the iron age? It would not be said that God came and established the darkest iron age. It cannot be like that and this is why God says: I am One and I only come once and destroy the irreligiousness, finish the iron age and establish the golden age. Therefore, My time of coming is the confluence age.

2) God creates fortune (kismet) and human beings themselves destroy their fortune (kismet).

We know who it is that creates the fortune of human souls and who it is that spoils their fortune. We would not say that it is God who creates fortune and destroys fortune. But it is definitely God who creates fortune and human beings themselves who destroy their fortune. How can this fortune be created and how has it fallen? All of this is explained. When people know themselves and become pure, then they create their fortune which was spoilt. Since we speak of the fortune that is spoilt, it proves that, at some point, our fortune was good, and that it has now become spoilt. Now, God Himself comes and puts right the fortune that was spoilt. Some may say that God is incorporeal, and so how could He create fortune? It is explained how incorporeal God puts right our spoilt fortune through the corporeal body of Brahma with imperishable knowledge. It is God’s duty to give this knowledge, but human beings cannot awaken the fortune of one another. It is the one God alone who awakens our fortune and this is why there is His temple as a permanent memorial. Achcha. Om shanti.




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