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28/04/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 19/11/84

The attainment of success through having an attitude of unlimited disinterest.

Today, the World Creator is looking at His elevated creation and the ancestor souls of creation. Worthy-of-worship ancestor souls from everywhere are in front of BapDada. With the support of the ancestor souls, all the souls of the world receive power and peace and they are to receive it. All souls remember the worthy-of-worship ancestor souls whilst calling out to them as bestowers of peace and power. At such a time, you souls who have become children of the Bestower of the Waves of Peace, master oceans of peace and master suns of peace, do you give everyone rays and waves of peace? Have you practised doing this special service? Or, have you become so busy in other types of service that you don’t have time to do this special service and you lack this practice? Are you able to adopt a form of service according to the time? If someone is thirsty for water and you give him very delicious food, would he be content? In the same way, at present, there is a need for peace and power. With the power of your mind, you are able to make souls experience peace of mind? With words, you are able to make the sound reach their ears but, as well as with words, by serving through your minds, you can reach their minds. The sound of the mind reaches the mind. The sound of the mouth only reaches the ears and mouth. By only serving with words there is the power of speech, but with the mind there is the power of churning and the power of becoming a totally absorbed form: both of these powers are attained. They just become those who listen whereas the others become those who are going to become the form. There is a difference between the two. So, let both always be together in service: words and the mind.

At the present time, in what state did Baba see the people of Bharat? Now, they all have an attitude of temporary disinterest (like when someone has died). In order to inspire unlimited disinterest in those who have just this temporary disinterest, you yourselves have to become those who have unlimited disinterest. Check yourself: Are you sometimes interested and sometimes disinterested, or have you become those who have constant, unlimited disinterest? To be one with unlimited disinterest means to be homeless, even without the home of the body. Even the body belongs to the Father, it is not yours. Remain detached from any awareness of the body to this extent. Someone who has unlimited disinterest is never influenced by sanskars, nature or facilities. He is a detached master and becomes an embodiment of success whilst using the facilities. He makes the facilities the means. He will attain success in self-progress by using the right method. He will attain success in making progress in service. He will make use of a support just in name but will not be dependent. To depend on a support means to be influenced. The meaning of the expression “to be influenced” (vashibhoot) is similar to when a soul is possessed and troubled by an evil spirit (bhoot). When you are influenced by a facility, sanskars, nature or contact, it means you are possessed or influenced as you would be by an evil spirit. Someone who has unlimited disinterest has constant intoxication that Karavanhar is making him do everything and he would be a flying yogi – an even higher stage than that of an intoxicated yogi. With the limited methods of hatha yoga, they seem to be seated high above the land, fire and water. They are considered to be those who are embodiments of success through yoga. That is temporary success through the method of hatha yoga. In the same way, those who have the method of an attitude of unlimited disinterest would be above any awareness of the land of body consciousness, beyond the fire of the many different types of vice of Maya and they would be detached and saved from being swept away by the bad company of many different facilities. Just as a current of water makes you belong to it and pulls you towards itself, in the same way, let no type of temporary current attract you to itself. To remain beyond a current of water is called being a flying yogi. All of these different forms of success are attained with the method of having unlimited disinterest.

To have unlimited disinterest means to have an unlimited attitude, awareness, good feelings and pure wishes in your every thought and word and in service. Let every thought be surrendered to unlimited service. Let every word have selfless feelings. Let everyone experience the vibration in your every act that Karavanhar is making you act. This is known as being one with unlimited disinterest. To be one with unlimited disinterest means to finish any awareness of the self. Instead, let there be the awareness of “Baba” in everything. Just as you chant the unlimited chant, in the same way, be an embodiment of awareness who is beyond all limits. Let there be the unlimited awareness and Baba merged in your every thought and breath. Therefore, you now have to become bestowers of peace and power and make souls who have limited, temporary disinterest, as when someone has died, into those who have unlimited disinterest. So, according to the present time, BapDada saw on the TV the result of the children, while the children watched the TV about Indira Gandhi. It’s OK if you saw it at that time for knowledge or for news. However, do not watch it with the feeling, “What happened? What will happen now?” Be knowledge-full and see every scene with the awareness of the previous cycle. So, what did BapDada see in the children? The scene of the children was also entertaining. Baba saw three types of result.

1. These are the souls who are asleep in the sleep of carelessness whilst moving along. When there is suddenly a loud noise or when someone shakes them, then those who are asleep quickly wake up, but they only wake up for a time with the thought, “What happened?” and then they gradually go back to sleep in the sleep of carelessness. They would pull over them the sheet of, “This happens all the time”, and go back to sleep. “This is just a rehearsal, the finale is yet to happen in the future”, and, with this, they pull the sheet up and cover their face.

2. These are those who are sleeping in the sleep of laziness. “All of this was going to happen” and it happened. We are making effort anyway and we will do so in the future too. We have to make effort at the confluence age anyway. We have done some of it and we will do some more in the future. They wake up and continue to watch others, just as a person who has woken up would poke his head up from under the sheet and look around to see who are still asleep around him. “Those who are very well known are also moving along at the same speed as we are.” Seeing the weaknesses of others in this way, they follow their sisters and brothers instead of following the Father and they even follow them in their weaknesses. Those who have such thoughts, and are sleeping in the sleep of laziness, definitely do wake up. On the basis of their zeal and enthusiasm, some even renounced their sleep of laziness; they even took steps forward for self-progress and progress in service. The upheaval shook them and they did move forward, but the sanskar of laziness pulls them every now and again. Nevertheless, the upheaval did shake them and made them move forward.

3. These are the ones who remained unshakeable on seeing the upheaval. With elevated thoughts of service, they make different plans for service and fulfil them. These are the ones who give the whole world the help of peace and power, the ones who maintain courage and give others courage. Baba still saw such children. However, do not move along in a wave of temporary zeal and enthusiasm, temporary intense effort or disinterest in weaknesses. Always maintain the awareness of being world transformers who transform adverse situations with the power of your original stage. When adverse situations make your stage progress, when the atmosphere rules you master almighty authorities, or when the temporary disinterest of the graveyard of human souls makes you into those who have unlimited disinterest for a temporary period, those are not the actions of ancestor souls. When time, the creation, makes master creators move forward, that is a weakness in the master creators. Your elevated thoughts will transform time. Time is co-operative with you world transformer souls. Do you understand? You are not those who move forward when time shakes you, but you move yourselves forward and bring the time close. The question has arisen in many: What will happen now? However, change that question into a full stop. That is, make yourself full in all subjects. This is the full stop. “What will happen at a time like this?” Let this question not arise, but ask yourself instead “What do I have to do? What is my duty at this time?” Engage yourself in this service. Firemen engage themselves in putting out a fire. They don’t ask, “What happened?” They engage themselves in their service, do they not? In the same way, the duty of you spiritual social workers is to engage yourselves in spiritual service. Let the people of the world also experience something unique. Do you understand? Even so, according to the time, you have still arrived here. No matter what the situations were, the drama still enabled the gathering of the meeting to take place. You became even more lucky to arrive here. You are happy that it is in your fortune to have arrived here, are you not? Welcome! All of you children are the beauty of Madhuban. The decoration of Madhuban has arrived in Madhuban. It isn’t just Baba of Madhuban; there are also the children of Madhuban. Achcha.

BapDada gives all His children who have arrived here from everywhere, through their thoughts, love and angelic forms, the inheritance and the blessing of, “May you always be unshakeable, always those who have unlimited disinterest and always be flying yogis.” To those who are constant embodiments of unlimited awareness, to those who are conquerors of the sleep of carelessness and laziness, to those who are constantly unlimited embodiments of remembrance, to such ancestor and worthy-of-worship souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Dadiji and Jagdishbhai gave BapDada news of their tour abroad and gave love and remembrance. You gave everyone an experience by giving them the message. You increased their love and relationship. Now, they will come forward to claim their rights. The part of benefiting many souls is merged in your every step. With this fixed part, you gave zeal and enthusiasm to everyone’s heart. You played a very good part of service and love. BapDada is Karavanhar and also the One who observes as the detached Observer. He made you do it and He also watched you. BapDada is proud of the children’s zeal and enthusiasm and their courage. In the future too, the sound will be heard even more loudly. Such a loud sound will be made that all the Kumbhakarnas will open their eyes to see what has happened. The fortune of many will change. You came back having prepared the land and sown the seeds. Now, the seeds will quickly bear fruit. The fruit of revelation is definitely going to emerge; that time is coming closer. You went there, and as a result of the service you did there, they themselves will come running here. They will experience it to be like a magnet pulling them from far away. The feeling will be as though someone is pulling them. In the beginning, many souls had a spiritual pull, as though someone was pulling them and that they should go somewhere. In the same way, all of those people will come here having been pulled. You experienced the spiritual pull increasing, did you not? With this increase, they will be pulled and they will come flying here. That scene is also going to take place. This is all that now remains. The message carriers go to give the message, but the last scene is when they themselves come to the true pilgrimage place. The land is now ready for that, the seed has also been sown and the fruit is now about to emerge. Achcha. You went to both sides. Everyone’s courage, zeal and enthusiasm reaches BapDada. Because the majority have zeal and enthusiasm for service, they are easily moving forward in becoming conquerors of Maya. When you are free, there is also an attack of Maya, but when you remain busy with your heart – not as a duty – then, because you remain busy in service with your heart, you easily become conquerors of Maya. So, BapDada is pleased to see the children’s zeal and enthusiasm. There, the facilities are easily available and they are also able to obtain them. They have the aim, they make effort and they easily have the facilities available. Because of all these three things, they are easily claiming a number ahead in the race. It is good. However, it is no less in this land either. Each one of you is moving ahead on the basis of your own zeal and enthusiasm. The name has to be spread from this land. The success of the lands abroad also depends on this land. They are very much aware of this and consider it to be their duty and they are aware that they have to glorify the name. Bharat has to be awakened with the sound from abroad. You have made this aim firm and are also fulfilling it. You are preparing them but, as yet, the sound has only reached the lands abroad. For the sound from abroad to reach this land, it has to come flying here. They are now flying. The sound is still travelling. It will arrive flying here. The sound is now spreading very well abroad, but the sound of the lands abroad has yet to reach this land. Achcha, whatever part you played, you played it well. You have co-operation and the blessing of constantly moving forward. Each soul has his own part. The more experienced you become, the more you will continue to move forward on the basis of that experience. Whatever Karavanhar made happen through whomever, He made it happen according to the drama, it was the best of all. He inspires service to happen through an instrument. So He inspired you to serve and you became instruments. You accumulated and you will continue to accumulate in the future. Achcha.

BapDada meeting groups: You are those who constantly stay in the mela (gathering) of a meeting, are you not? This gathering of a meeting makes you experience the imperishable gathering of a meeting. No matter where you live, you are in a gathering. You are never far from a gathering. A gathering means a meeting. So, there is always the gathering of a meeting. So, who would be so fortunate as to be constantly in a mela? Generally, a mela starts and then it ends, for no one stays in a mela all the time. You fortunate souls constantly remain in a mela; always in a mela of a meeting. What happens in a mela? Meeting and swinging. You also swing, do you not? So you are those who constantly swing in the swings of attainment. There isn’t just one swing, but many swings of many attainments. Sometimes you swing in one swing and at other times you swing in another swing, or you are in a mela. It is a swing that always gives you the experience of happiness and all attainments. You are the fortunate handful of souls out of multi-millions of souls. Previously, you used to listen to the praise and now you have become great. Achcha.


May you be an easy yogi who makes the impossible become possible with the power of silence.

The power of silence is the most elevated power of all. All other powers have emerged from the power of silence. The impact of the power of science also happens through the power of silence. You can do whatever you want when you have the power of silence. You can also make the impossible become possible. What people in the world consider to be impossible is possible for you. And, because it is possible, it is easy. Imbibe the power of silence and become an easy yogi.


Give everyone happiness and peace through your words and you will become worthy of being praised.

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