Today Murli : 28 april 2017 daily murli (english)

28/04/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, everyone in the iron age is bound by the chains of Ravan. Everyone is in a life of bondage. Now make them liberated in life.


What inheritance is received by all other human souls as well as by you Brahmins?


Everyone receives the inheritance of liberation in life. You children of Brahma become Brahmins and this is why you receive the inheritance of liberation in life for 21 births. All others first receive liberation in life, which means happiness, within their particular religion and then they receive sorrow. Everyone experiences happiness for the first half of their time and sorrow for the other half. Not everyone can experience the happiness of heaven because, in order to achieve that, one has to become a Brahmin and study at this school and gain victory over Maya.


See your face in the mirror of your heart!  

Om Shanti

Who said, “Look in the mirror of your heart to see how much sin and how much charity you have accumulated”? That is, to what extent have you conquered the five vices? Have you become worthy of marrying Shri Narayan? The king and queen as well as the subjects become the masters of liberation in life (heaven). Therefore, look at yourself in the mirror and ask whether you are able to do as much service as the mother and father. Only you Brahmins understand that this is the iron age and that everyone is in a life of bondage. Not a single person is liberated in life. You too were in a life of bondage, but the Father inspires you to make effort to achieve liberation in life. The Father has explained that everyone is in a life of bondage, because this is the iron age. They are bound by the chains of Ravan. The iron age is a life of bondage, whereas the golden age is a life of liberation. In the kingdom of Rama, the king, the queen and the subjects all have liberation in life. In the kingdom of Ravan, the king and queen and the subjects all have a life of bondage. At present all human beings are in a life of bondage. They are tamopradhan and experiencing sorrow. Everyone now has to become satopradhan. The satopradhan stage starts with the golden age. Each soul has to play his own individual part. When a soul first enters his own religion from the land of peace, he has a life of liberation. In the golden and silver ages, no one has a life of bondage, because there is no kingdom of Ravan there. It is the kingdom of Ravan in the iron age. Throughout the whole earth, it is the kingdom of those who have a life of bondage. Even the one who was number one in the original eternal deity religion is now in a life of bondage. However, it is at this time that he is becoming liberated in life. Liberation in life does not mean that everyone will go into the golden and silver ages; no. Liberation in life means to be liberated from the sorrow of Ravan. No human being can give liberation or liberation in life to another human being. Only Baba takes everyone into liberation, that is, to the land of nirvana. Everyone will first go to liberation and then to liberation in life, numberwise, according to their religion. Just because they do not go to the golden age it does not mean that they cannot be known as those who are liberated in life. All of those who come at the beginning of their religion are liberated in life. Souls have to be satopradhan at first and then go through the stages of sato and rajo. Everything changes from new to old and old to new. At this time, sages and holy men all have lives of bondage. It is the iron age until the Father comes. He is known as Baba. Whether you call Him Mahakal (the Great Death) or something else, His original name is Shiv Baba. You call out to Him Baba, Baba. You say: God, the Father, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The Father explains: I come and give you children liberation as well as liberation in life. Those who come in the beginning will definitely go into happiness and will later experience sorrow. After liberation, you go to liberation in life; then, later, there is a life of bondage. In the beginning, you definitely experience happiness. The Father gives everyone the inheritance of happiness, but some may have happiness for just one birth. They will come and experience happiness for a short while and then die. They only have that much part in the drama. The number of human beings continues to increase. Even now they are continuing to come, but, they are not going to stay here for long because destruction is just ahead. Even new ones who come in the iron age will not experience sorrow to begin with. They will definitely have a good status of some kind. From liberation, one must first go to liberation in life. After being liberated from the bondage of Maya, you will first come down into happiness and later go into sorrow. At this time, everyone has reached a state of decay. Having played their parts of happiness and sorrow, everyone will go into liberation and liberation in life. Liberation is via. You will go and then definitely come down again. All the human beings of the whole world will come again into whichever religion they came before. King Janak too received liberation in life. It doesn’t mean that there is no kingdom at this time. They too will definitely come at the end and take knowledge. All of you receive liberation in life but, numberwise, according to effort. It can also be said of all of those who belong to other religions that they too receive liberation in life, numberwise, according to their effort and according to their religion. All of those of the deity religion who have gone into other religions will emerge. Everyone has to return home. You first have to become Brahmins. In fact, all are the children of Brahma, but not everyone will become a Brahmin. Those who become Brahmins receive liberation in life for 21 births. Raja Yoga has to be studied in order to claim the throne of a kingdom. This is a school and, in a school, you have to study. There are also many rules. Once you have an aim, you can even go abroad and continue this study. We are definitely the children of Shiv Baba. You must definitely claim your inheritance from the Father. Some write, “Baba, the evil spirit of Ravan is harassing me, and there is sometimes a slight intoxication of lust or anger.” The Father says: You must gain victory over that. This war of yours is for the power of yoga. You try to stay in remembrance, but Maya breaks your intellect’s yoga. Baba has explained that everyone will receive liberation in life, but this doesn’t mean that everyone will go to heaven. Everyone wants to be liberated. Those who come to play their parts at the end will be liberated for that length of time; they have so much peace; they live in peace for 4,500 to 4,750 years. Such are their parts! You live in both peace and happiness. You people shouldn’t want peace like theirs, for they simply sit there. It can’t be received by asking for it, for this drama is predestined and nothing in it can be changed. Many have a deep desire for peace; they receive much more peace than the happiness that you receive, but you receive both peace and happiness. Here, there is only temporary happiness and no peace; it is the land of sorrow. To go and sit down in a forest is not real peace. If it were peaceful there, they would stay there. Why do they come to the cities and build so many flats etc.? In the golden age, there is nothing but peace. Those who come at the end may think that there is only peacelessness here, but they themselves experience peace. They consider others to be peaceless. These are matters to be understood. Everyone receives liberation in life. You rule the kingdom for 21 births; the rest come later. They remain up above in peace. Someone who comes at the end of the golden age or in the silver age also comes from the land of peace. There, there is no sorrow. You will come numberwise; there is an account. People think that science is very powerful. We say that our silence is very powerful. We receive power by having remembrance of Baba. They attempt to go to the moon with the power of science, whereas you go beyond the sun and the moon in a second. There is nothing beyond the subtle region and the incorporeal world. The incorporeal world and the subtle region are very far beyond the sun and the moon. However, no one can know this; all of these are the details. If it is not in their fortune to be a sun-dynasty king or queen, they are not able to understand or explain anything to others. No one can say: I have the knowledge of liberation and liberation in life (like the example of King Janak). Everyone has been put in jail. At this time, everyone has been put in jail by Ravan and Rama now comes and liberates everyone. You have been made instruments by the Father to liberate everyone from the clamp of Ravan and to give them liberation in life. Your name, the Shiv Shakti Army, is well known. Towards the end of this drama, your name will become very elevated. Since the Father came, the status of the mothers has been uplifted greatly. In earlier times, mothers had a high status abroad. There, if a girl is born to someone, they become very happy, whereas here, if a girl is born, they turn the bed upside down, and they do not even celebrate her birthday. They say that Kannaiya (a title for Krishna) belongs to the kumaris. In fact, you are all kanyas (kumaris). This is your new birth. Everyone is numberwise in the study. Souls are not larger or smaller in size; bodies become large or small. Some understand quickly but, because it is not in everyone’s fortune, others are not able to understand. Both liberation in life and a life of bondage refer to this corporeal world. You are liberated in life in the golden age, and you receive a life of bondage from the copper age onwards. Everyone has now forgotten the times of happiness and is experiencing sorrow. There is no one who can say, “We experienced happiness for 21 births.” Because it is now the kingdom of Ravan, everyone has become like dirty clothes. There, there is no kingdom of Ravan, so how could they be called dirty clothes? ‘Yog-bal’ (power of yoga) and ‘bhog-bal’ (power of the vices) are also mentioned. There, children take birth through the power of yoga. You children know the customs and systems; there is no question of anyone else knowing. Americans know about their own customs and systems and we now know about our customs and systems. We are those who reside in the golden age and all our customs and systems there will be new. We will follow those as we did a cycle ago. Whatever happened before is now to happen again. Some children go into trance and see the customs and systems, but you also have to make effort to claim a high status. Those who saw those customs and systems (in trance) are no longer here, and so there was no benefit through that. Therefore, everything depends on the study of yoga and knowledge. Yoga means to remember the Father, and knowledge means to spin the discus. This is easy. The Father says: You have to come to Me and you must therefore remember Me. At the time of their dying, people are told to remember Rama (God), but they do not understand the significance of that. They are not able to reach there by merely calling out the name Shri Krishna, because it is the Father who takes everyone home. How can you return home without having had your sins absolved? Now is the time of settlement for everyone. Then, everyone will return here at their own time. You have to imbibe these points. Note them down! You have to follow the mother and father. Mama never caused anyone distress. Baba receives many reports about the teachers, saying they do not have any manners. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching you; so, you should be clever. Everyone loves those whose behaviour is good. However, some cause great distress. Then they slap themselves and thereby destroy their own status. There is also the saying, “The Hindu people slapped themselves.” They have called God, the One who gives the fortune of the kingdom, omnipresent. By slapping themselves, they have reached this state. The scriptures say, “God speaks: I am omnipresent.”, but God, Himself, says: I am not like you that I would slap Myself! Am I in the cats and dogs? The Father says: You have defamed Me, but this too is the drama and it will happen again. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Do not indulge in any wrong activity. Imbibe the virtues well. Follow the mother and father.

2. Use the power of yoga to finish even the slightest intoxication of lust and anger. Become instruments and do the service of liberating everyone from the chains of Ravan.


May you be a master creator and make an impact on the atmosphere by staying in the stage of a carefree emperor.

The Father has such a huge family and yet is carefree; knowing and seeing everything, He is carefree. Follow the father in the same way. You may make an impact on the atmosphere, but do not let the atmosphere influence you because the atmosphere is the creation whereas you are master creators; the creator has to influence the creation. When any situation arises, remember that you are a victorious soul. By doing this, you will be constantly carefree and not be afraid.


Experience coolness with the shade of happiness and you will remain pure, gentle and humble.


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