Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 27 May 2018

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The elevated fortune of the Brahmins of the confluence-age.

Today, the Father, the Jewel Merchant is seeing His children, who are businessmen. All of you children have made a deal. With whom have you made a deal and which of you have made a deal? In terms of the world, you are very innocent children, but you innocent children have recognised the cleverest of all Father. So, does that make you innocent or clever? In contrast to the people of the world who consider themselves to be clever in many things, all of you are considered to be innocent, but you call all of them innocent because they don’t have the understanding or cleverness to know the cleverest Father of all. You children know the roots whereas they are going into the expansion. All of you have attained multimillions from the One whereas those people are still counting the millions and billions. Who attains the eye of recognition, which is also called the eye of elevated knowledge, every cycle? All of you innocent souls. Those people remain lost whilst searching in the expansion of questions, such as, “What?”, “Why?”, “If not like this (aise), then how (kaise)?”, whereas all of you said, “My Baba, He alone is my Father”, to Him and made a deal with the Jewel Merchant. Call Him the Ocean of Knowledge or the Jewel Merchant, He is giving you trayfuls of jewels. You play with those jewels. You are sustained with those jewels, you swing in jewels, you have nothing but jewels. Can you count how many jewels you have received? At amrit vela, as soon as you open your eyes, you celebrate a meeting with the Father and play with jewels, do you not? What business do you do throughout the day? You do the business of jewels, do you not? You count the points of the jewels of knowledge in your intellects, do you not? So you are the businessmen who deal in jewels and the masters of jewel mines. The more you use them, the more they increase. To make a deal means to become very prosperous. So, have you learnt how to make a deal? Have you made a deal or are you going to make a deal? Are you businessmen numberwise or are all of you number one? The aim of all of you is number one, but someone who is number one would keep himself so constantly busy with the jewels that he wouldn’t have any time for seeing, listening to or thinking about anything else. Even Maya would see that he was busy and would go away. He wouldn’t need to make the effort of repeatedly chasing Maya away. Today, BapDada was seeing all the very important children who call themselves knowledgefull and seeing what they were doing. They have the understanding of many things, but not of one particular thing. He was seeing the Brahmin children in contrast to them. BapDada too was singing a song when He saw the difference between the two types. You too sing that song. Brahma Baba used to love that song. BapDada was singing that song about you children. Today, Father Brahma was singing that with a lot of playful intoxication (masti). How innocent and lovely you sweet children are! Just as all of you sing it about the Father, so the Father also sings this song about you children. Who else would sing this song for you children: Who finds you sweet and who loves you? This awareness makes you constantly humble and enables you to remain stable in the intoxication of your self-respect. There is no harm caused by this intoxication. Do you have this much intoxication? For half the cycle you sang songs about God and now God is singing songs about you. Seeing both types of children, BapDada feels both mercy and love for them.

Today, Father Brahma was especially remembering the unknown children of Bharat and the lands abroad. People of the world call them VIPs, whereas the Father calls them VIP which means a Very Innocent Person. This is how He sees them. You are saints and they are innocent, but now you have to give them a drop. Do you know how to give them just a drop? In your line, is their number at the back or at the front? What do you think? (BapDada conducted a drill of silence.)

Give the special power of silence to those souls in this way. Now, they have the thought that they should find some support or some new path. Their desire is now being awakened. It is now the duty of all of you to show them the path. Unity and determination are two ways in which you can show them the path. The good wishes of the gathering will become instrumental in giving those souls the fruit of their loving feelings. The pure thought of all of you will create the thought in those souls to carry out an auspicious task. Adopt this method from now on. Even so, a big task is successful when everyone’s pure thought is offered. Do you understand? BapDada says to everyone: Let no child be deprived of anything. All of you have become prosperous, have you not? Achcha.

To the great businessmen who make an elevated deal, to the master jewel merchants who are constantly sustained by jewels and play with jewels, to those who are extremely loving, constantly co-operative, long-lost and now-found children who have the eye of recognition of the Father, to the constant servers who constantly sing the song of “My Baba”, to such special souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting a group:

Madras residents: All of you have zeal and enthusiasm, do you not? All of you have the same zeal and enthusiasm in your mind about how to reveal the Father, do you not? You are now also preparing the stage. You are preparing the stage to hoist the flag of revelation. All others also hoist physical flags, but what flag will you hoist? Will you hoist a material flag? What will you do? That is just in name, but what is the real flag that you will hoist? That of revealing the Father. You will hoist the flag which will spread the sound that the Father has come. You are making preparations for this, are you not? Let all souls who are deprived receive light and be shown the path. This is the effort that all of you make and have to make in the future too. If you spread this wave from now on, you will be able to spread this wave everywhere at that time. You have made such preparations, have you not? Always think that you will do what hasn’t yet happened anywhere else and show everyone. You have to do something new. The new thing is to let all souls receive the introduction and think, say and experience that the Father has come. Achcha.

To the specially invited group of brothers and sisters:

All of you consider yourselves to be special souls, do you not? Are you special souls? Or, do you have to become that? You are not those who speak the language of “I will, I will” (ge, ge), in the future: “I will do it, I will see about it, I will think about it”, are you? Know your importance and realise how important all of you are. You children don’t constantly remember your importance to the same extent that the Father knows your importance. You know it, but you don’t remember it. If you did remember it, you would be constantly powerful and would also be instruments to make others powerful and increase their zeal and enthusiasm. Therefore, you are instruments, are you not? You have made the past the past. You have forgotten the past and filled your present and future with constant zeal and enthusiasm. Whilst moving along, you experience yourselves to be those with an ordinary life, but you are not ordinary; you are constantly elevated. You have come into relationships with others, you have studied, you have looked after your families: That is not a speciality; it is also just being ordinary. Even those in the last number do that. So, what would be special if the original jewels do the same thing as those in the last number? To be an original jewel means to be special compared with others in your every thought and deed. In comparison with the people of the world, all of you have become unique. However, even in the alokik family, you are special compared with ordinary effort-makers. In terms of the world, even the last number is special, but in God’s family you are the original jewels, you are special. Look at yourself in this way. The old and mature ones are those who always give the youngest of all the best and easiest advice and show them the path. In the same way, you are not those who simply speak through their mouths, but those who demonstrate it by doing it in a practical way. So your every step and every act has to be such that it appears to be special to the souls of God’s family. This is the duty of special souls, is it not? Whoever sees you special souls are especially reminded of the Father. For instance, even now in Madhuban, when you see Didi and Dadi in the corporeal form, what do you see especially merged in their actions? You can see the father, can you not? You are also souls in corporeal forms, are you not? They are not special actors like Brahma, they are not even like incorporeal Father Shiva, they are not like Brahma, but they are Brahmins. They are Brahmins and you are Brahmins. They became special instrument souls, but how did they become instruments? They think it is their responsibility, do they not? It is responsibility that has made them special. You too experience yourselves to be the same, do you not? You are also responsible, are you not? Or, are just Didi and Dadi responsible? In the field of service, you too are instruments, are you not? Everywhere, BapDada has made all special souls instruments. Some are in one place and others are in another place. Let there constantly be the awareness of this much responsibility. Just as you see Didi and Dadi as instruments, in the same way, let others experience the same from you. Let them feel that you are original jewels and that they receive special inspiration for zeal and enthusiasm from you. It isn’t that they say they are Didi and Dadi and that everyone should accept them as such; their actions automatically attract others. In the same way, let the special actions of all of you attract everyone. You have this much responsibility. You are not slack, are you? “What can I do? How can I do this? I have double responsibility!” You are not those who say this. You let go and became free. You saw the father having such unlimited responsibility. You also saw the physical responsibilities. Put aside the question of Shiv Baba, you saw Father Brahma in the physical form. No one had as much responsibility in a physical way as Father Brahma did. You may think: What can I do when I am living in such an atmosphere? The vibrations are bad. The storks keep pecking at me. There is the devilish community everywhere. However, Father Brahma demonstrated being detached and loving whilst in the midst of the devilish community, did he not? Therefore, follow the Father.

What will you do now? When you go back from here, let everyone experience that their pillar who increases their zeal and enthusiasm has come. Do you understand? You are such stars of the Father’s hopes. Don’t keep things of little ones in your hearts. The hearts of old and mature ones are generous and big. They don’t have small hearts. Just as Father Brahma merged everyone’s weaknesses and made each one elevated, so you too are instruments in the same way. Never think: This one is doing this. This one never listens. It is your duty to make those who don’t listen to anyone listen to you. They are young and you are senior. The older ones have to change. Little ones are mischievous anyway. So, don’t look at their weaknesses. Be mature and become those who merge everyone’s weaknesses, those who are equal to the Father. All of you have this much responsibility. You have been invited here to remind you of your responsibilities once again. Do you understand? You are children of the Ocean, are you not? What does an ocean do? It merges everything. It merges everything of everyone and refreshes them. So you are also those who merge everything of everyone and refresh them. Let anyone who comes experience being coloured with a special colour by coming into the company of a special soul, that they have received co-operation. You are not those who constantly say, “Give me co-operation, give me co-operation”, are you? You are those who give co-operation. Since you have been co-operating from the beginning, you will be companions who give co-operation till the end, will you not? If all of you give co-operation, the young ones will fly. Any place you go to will become a place that flies. You go as a magic flying carpet so that anyone who sits on it, who comes into connection with it, also flies. BapDada is very pleased. About what? There are so many companions. When He sees those who are equal to Him, when He sees such equal children, the Father is very happy. Now, only a few have come, but there are many more. However many have come, the Father is happy to see them. Now, become a magic flying carpet and make everyone fly. Your brothers are making so much effort, and so you do feel mercy for them, do you not? Give them co-operation and make them fly.

This is the service of special souls. You explained to students, you gave the course, you organised the fairs and also inspired others. Everyone does this all the time. In the gatherings too, let them see the speciality of you special souls. As soon as you stand up, everyone becomes enthusiastic. The ones who do the work only need the special co-operation of zeal and enthusiasm. Now, many of your younger brothers and sisters who will do the work have come. It is the duty of you senior ones to look at those companions with love and to extend your hand of zeal and enthusiasm. When they see you, let them remember the Father. Let it emerge from everyone’s lips that you are the image of the Father, just as it emerges for these two (Didi and Dadi), that they are the image of the Father, because they perform the practical actions in service. In the same way, you must definitely celebrate this ceremony of determined thought. What did you understand? You people don’t get caught in storms, do you? You are those who go beyond storms, not those who get caught in storms. You are examples, are you not? When they see you, everyone feels that this is how they too have to move along, that this is how it happens. Therefore, let there be this much attention. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority who makes the atmosphere powerful with your obstacle-free stage.
Your service is first of all to make yourself free from obstacles and then to make others free from obstacles. If you yourself continue to be affected by obstacles, then, at the end, you will not be able to remain free from obstacles. Therefore, make your stage obstacle-free over a long period of time. Make weak souls powerful with the power that you have received from the Father. Experience the stage of being a master almighty authority, for only then will the atmosphere become powerful.
Slogan: Royalty is visible in every activity of the royal children of the royal Father.


*** Om Shanti ***

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