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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 27 June 2017

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, in order to be saved from sinful actions, practise being bodiless again and again. It is this practice that will make you into conquerors of Maya and enable your yoga to remain constantly connected.
Question: Which aspect of faith should be so firm that your yoga does not break?
Answer: We were pure in the golden and silver ages and we became impure during the copper and iron ages. We now have to become pure once again. If this faith is firm, your yoga will not break. Maya will not defeat you.
Song: The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved.


Om shanti. You sweetest children have understood the meaning of this song. It is not a question of physical rain: that applies to the ocean and the rivers, whereas this is the Ocean of Knowledge. When He comes and showers the rain of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance is removed. Who is able to understand this? Those who consider themselves to be Prajapita Brahma Kumars or Kumaris. You children understand that Shiva is your Father, that He is the Grandfather of all the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris and that He is incorporeal. Since you have the faith that you are Prajapita Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, you should not forget this. All the children are with the Beloved; not only you, they all listen to the murli. The shower of knowledge is only for the children; it is the knowledge with which the immense darkness is removed. You understand that you were in immense darkness and that you have now received light. You are coming to know everything. You know the biography of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Those who do not know the biography of Shiv Baba, raise your hands! Everyone knows the life story of God, not only of this birth. Do you know how many births there are in Shiv Baba’s biography? Do you know what part Shiv Baba has in this drama? You know Him and His biography from the beginning through the middle until the end. I definitely have to give the return of the faith with which people perform devotion on the path of devotion. Those images do not exist in the living form now. I alone grant visions. You understand that devotion continues for half the cycle and that your desires of devotion are now finished. You have now become the children, so you definitely receive the inheritance. A father gives an inheritance to his children; this is a law. Your faces are now turned towards salvation. You know about the incorporeal world, the subtle region and the corporeal region and who the main Actor of this unlimited drama is. He is the Creator, then the Director and Karankaravanhar. He gives directions and He also teaches. He says: I have come to teach you Raja Yoga. This is action and I also inspire others to act. For half the cycle you have been performing false actions under the influence of Maya. This is a play about victory and defeat. Maya makes you perform false actions. How could someone who makes you perform false actions be called God? God says: I am the only One who teaches everyone how to perform true actions. It is now the time of settlement for everyone. Everyone has to be awakened from the grave. Everyone is buried in the graveyard. The Father comes and awakens everyone. Death is just ahead. Shiv Baba explains everything to us through the body of Brahma. You now know the biography of everyone including that of Shiv Baba, so you are elevated. Those who do not know anything bow their heads in front of those who recite the scriptures. You must not bow your heads. This is a very easy thing. You children understand that you will become residents of the incorporeal world, the land of peace and that you will then go to the land of happiness. You are now Prajapita Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. You are the grandchildren of Shiv Baba. By remembering Shiv Baba you will receive the inheritance of happiness. You children have this faith: We were pure, we became impure and we have to become pure once again. If there isn’t this faith, you are not able to have yoga and you will not receive a good status. A pure life is good. There is great regard for kumaris, because you kumaris do a great deal of service at this time. You remain pure; the purity of this time is worshipped on the path of devotion. This world is very dirty. There is a story of Kichak (a villain from the Mahabharata). People come with very dirty thoughts and they are called Kichak. This is why Baba says: Be very careful! This is a very dirty world of thorns. You should have the great happiness: that we will go to the land of peace and then go to the land of happiness. We were the masters of the land of happiness, and we then went around the cycle. You should have this faith. You must instil in yourselves the habit of becoming bodiless. Otherwise, Maya will eat you up, your yoga will break and your sins will not then be absolved. You should make so much effort to stay in remembrance. You will only become ever healthy by remembering Baba. Become bodiless as much as possible and remember the Father. The Father of us souls, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching us. He teaches us cycle after cycle and gives us our fortune of the kingdom. You are establishing your kingdom through the power of yoga. A king rules a kingdom, and his army fights for his kingdom whereas you here are making effort for yourselves, not for the Father. Baba says: I don’t even rule the kingdom. I show you the way to claim the kingdom. All of you are in your age of retirement. It is the time of death for everyone; there is no question of young or old. Don’t think that a young child will receive an inheritance from his father. This world will no longer exist for them to claim an inheritance. People are in immense darkness. They have a desire to earn a lot of money because they think that their grandchildren will be able to use it. However, that desire will not be fulfilled for any of them. Everything will turn to dust. This world itself will be destroyed. Everything will be destroyed by just one bomb being dropped. There will be no one to save anyone. Gold mines etc. have now become completely empty. They will all become full again in the new world. Everything in the new world will be new. The cycle of the drama is now being completed and it will start once again. Enlightenment has now come. It is also said that when the sun of knowledge emerges, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. It is not a question of that sun. People offer water to the sun. Although it is the sun that enables water to spread over the entire world, they offer water to the sun. It is a wonder of devotion! They then say: Salutations to the sun deity, salutations to the moon deity. How can they be deities? People here change from devils into deities. They cannot be called deities; they are the sun, the moon and the stars. People hoist a flag with an image of the sun. In Japan, they speak of the sun dynasty but, in fact, everyone belongs to the dynasty of the Sun of Knowledge. However, they do not have knowledge. There is such a difference between the Sun of Knowledge and that sun. They create inventions of science here but, in spite of that, what is the result? Nothing at all! Destruction will definitely take place. S ensible ones understand that they will destroy themselves with that science. Theirs is science and yours is silence. They bring about destruction through science and you establish heaven through silence. This is hell and everyone’s boat has sunk. On that side, there are those armies, and you are the army on this side with the power of yoga. You salvage them. You have such a great responsibility, so you should become complete helpers. This old world is going to be destroyed. You have now understood the drama. It is now the time of the confluence. The Father has come to take our boats across. You understand that when the kingdom is fully established, destruction will take place. However, rehearsals will take place in between. Many wars are taking place; this is a dirty world. You understand that Baba will send us to the beautiful world. We have to shed these old costumes and put on new costumes. The Father gives a guarantee: I take you all back home cycle after cycle. This is why My name is the Death of all Deaths. I am also known as the Purifier, the Merciful One. You understand that you are making effort to go to heaven by following shrimat. Baba says: If you remember Me, I will send you to heaven but, as well as that, you also have to earn your livelihood. No one can stay without performing actions. It is not possible to renounce action. Having a bath etc. is also performing action. Everyone will receive the full knowledge by the end. They will understand that when they say that Shiv Baba is teaching them, that is right. Incorporeal God speaks. God is only one. This is why Baba continues to say: Ask everyone what relationship they have with incorporeal Shiva. All are brothers, so, surely, brothers must have a father! Otherwise, where would they come from? People sing: You are our Mother and Father. This is the Father’s praise. The Father says: I am the One who teaches you, and you then become the masters of the world. Even while sitting here, you have to remember Shiv Baba. You only see the body through those eyes, but you understand with your intellects that Shiv Baba is the One who is teaching us. This Raja Yoga and rain of knowledge are for those who are with the Father. It is the Father’s task to purify the impure. He is the Ocean of Knowledge. You understand that you are the grandchildren of Shiv Baba and the children of Brahma, and that Shiva is Brahma’s Father. The inheritance is received from Shiv Baba and He is the One who has to be remembered. You are now to go to the land of Vishnu. You are raising your anchors from here. The boat s of the shudras are standing still, whereas your boat s have moved. You will return straight home. You have to leave the old clothes behind. The play is now about to be completed, you have to shed your costumes and return home. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Do not perform any false actions. Death is just ahead. It is the time of settlement and you must therefore awaken everyone from the grave. Do the service of becoming pure and making others pure.
  2. Do not have any desires in this dirty world. Become the Father’s complete helpers in salvaging everyone’s sunken boat.
Blessing: May you constantly give and receive happiness in Brahmin life and claim a right to supersensuous happiness.
Those who have claimed a right to supersensuous happiness constantly swing in the swing of happiness with the Father. They never have the thought: So and so has caused me a lot of sorrow. They promise that they will not cause sorrow or take sorrow. Even if by force, someone tries to cause them sorrow, they do not accept it. Brahmin souls means those who are constantly happy. The duty of Brahmins is to give happiness and receive happiness. They are the souls who constantly stay in the world of happiness and are embodiments of happiness.
Slogan: Be humble and people will bow down to you and co-operate with you.

*** Om Shanti ***




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