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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Become a constant and stable , perfect , sparkling star.

BapDada is looking at each child and is pleased to see each child’s present stage of being absorbed in love and in his future attainment. What were you, what have you become and what are you going to become in the future? Compared with the world, each child is a special soul. The star of fortune is sparkling on each child’s forehead. Let there be the practice of constantly looking at the star of fortune. Continue to increase this practice. Wherever you look, whoever you see, let there be the natural practice of seeing the body but not seeing it. Let your vision always go to the sparkling star. When your vision is naturally spiritual, then the vision of the world will fall on you sparkling stars of the earth. At present, souls of the world are still searching. They have begun to have the feeling and touching that some power is carrying out the task. However, although they are searching, they don’t know who it is or where it is. It is gradually becoming apparent that it will only be from Bharat that they will receive spiritual light. This is why the vision of the world has moved away from everywhere else and has fallen on Bharat. However, it is yet to become clear where in Bharat and who in Bharat the instrument to give that spiritual light will be. Everyone is ultimately trying to discover who in Bharat is the dharamatma soul and who is the Supreme Soul (Paramatma) out of all the so-called spiritual souls there. They are engrossed in the thought: “Is it that one? Is it this one?” They haven’t yet arrived at the decision that it is this One. Who will show such wandering souls the right goal and the right destination? You double foreigners think that you are the ones who will do this. So, why are you making those poor helpless souls wander around so much? Make your stage so constant that they constantly see a sparkling star. Your sparkling light needs to be visible from a distance. As yet, only the souls who come into contact and relationship with you experience this. However, this touching and vibration has to spread far into the distance. So, there is a need for this practice. At present, you have to invite them to come and experience this. However, what will happen when you sparkling stars remain stable in your perfect stage like the sun and the moon? When moths are naturally drawn to a physical lamp, the flame doesn’t go to invite them but the yearning moths go there by themselves from wherever they are. In the same way, souls who are wandering and searching will automatically come to you sparkling stars at a fast speed, in order to attain something and to meet you. Therefore, all of you will have to do the service of helping those souls receive their right to liberation and liberation-in-life from the Father in a second, at a fast speed. At this time, you are playing the part s of master bestowers. The part s of masterteachers are being played at this time. However, you now have to become the children of the Satguru and play your part s of bestowers of the blessings of liberation and salvation. Do you know what the form of a master satguru is? At the moment, the part of the Father and the Teacher is especially being played. This is why the Father is sometimes proud of you children, but He also has to watch your mischievous games. In the form of the Teacher, He constantly reminds you of the one lesson. The final blessing, in the form of the certificate of liberation and salvation, will be given in a second by the form of the Satguru.

The form of master satgurus means those who follow completely. They are the ones who completely follow every word of the Satguru. You will now experience such a form of the Father and also your own form in a practical way. The form of the Satguru means the One who makes you perfect and equal to Himself and takes you back home. The form of the Satguru and even a master satguru is the one that takes you beyond with a glance. As soon as you give directions, they are liberated. This is why a mantra given by a guru is very famous. When they receive a mantra in a second, they feel that they have attained liberation! A mantra means elevated directions. You will give shrimat with such a powerful stage that souls will feel that they have found the destination of liberation and salvation. Adopt such a powerful stage now! You all are stars, but now reveal yourself as a constant and stable, sparkling, perfect star. Did you hear what you have to do? You double foreigners are those who move at a fast speed, are you not? Or, do you stop and start? You don’t sometimes hide behind the clouds, do you? Do clouds come? If such perfect, sparkling stars sometimes hide in the clouds, then the souls of the world would not be able to see them very clearly. So, , have the thought of remaining constantly stable and constantly shine like the sun. Achcha.

To all the double-foreign children and all the serviceable children everywhere, to those who are equal to the Father and who constantly follow in thought, word and deed, to the children who are constantly seated on the Father’s heart-throne, to those who are master comforters of hearts and, as lighthouses, constantly show wanderings souls the path, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

Nairobi group : You are all number one in the race, are you not? The sign of number one is to win in everything, that is, to claim number one. Do not be defeated by anything; be constantly victorious. So you residents of Nairobi are constantly victorious, are you not? You don’t sometimes stop whilst moving along, do you? What is the reason for stopping? It is definitely when there have been some ups and downs in following a code of conduct or discipline that you stop. However, this confluence age is for becoming the most elevated beings who follow the highest code of conduct. You are not a man or a woman, but a most elevated being. Constantly stay in this awareness. Prajapita Brahma is said to be the most elevated man of all. Therefore, all of you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, the children of Brahma, have also become the most elevated beings, have you not? By staying in this awareness, you will constantly continue to be in the flying stage; you will not stop down below. Instead of walking, you will constantly continue to fly up above, because the confluence age is the age of the flying stage. In no other age is there the flying stage. So have the awareness that this is the age for the flying stage. The duty of Brahmins is to fly and help others fly. Your original stage is the flying stage. Those who have the flying stage will overcome all problems in a second. They will overcome them in such a way that it will be as though nothing happened. None of the things down below will disturb them; they will not cause any obstruction. When you fly in a plane, even the Himalayas don’t become an obstruction; you go across the mountains with enjoyment. In the same way, the biggest problems become very easy for those who are in the flying stage.

Nairobi is claiming a number ahead, is it not? Now claim a number ahead in the servi ce of VIPs. The number there is good, but we shall now see who brings VIPs here for the conference. Now claim a number in this. Now BapDada will see the race of everyone who brings the number one VIPs.

BapDada’s signals for the artists who are to paint the pictures in the new hall of Om Shanti Bhavan:

Do you paint the pictures just as artists or do you stabilise yourselves in that stage whilst painting them? What do you do? When other artists paint pictures, they just make ordinary pictures. What is the aim of painting the pictures here? When you paint the Father’s painting, what speciality should it have? The painting should reveal the life. As soon as people go in front of the painting they shouldn’t experience it to be a painting but as if they are seeing the living being. In any case, the speciality of a painting is that it is experienced to be real although it is just a painting. It is on this basis that a prize is received. With those paintings they have different intentions. However, the aim of a spiritual painting is that the painting should reveal the living spirit; it should give the experience of spirituality. You are unique artists, not worldly. Worldly artists will look at the physical things: eyes, features, etc, but here you must make a painting that will give the experience of spirituality. (We want blessings.) Let alone blessings, you have reached the Mine of Blessings! There is no need to ask for them. You have reached the place where you can claim your right. Since you can attain them as your inheritance, why settle for just a few blessings? What would you say if someone were to go into a mine and come out with only a couple of handfuls? The Father Himself is the Ocean. Therefore He would also make the children master oceans, would He not? There is nothing lacking in an ocean; it is always full. Achcha.

BapDada meeting a group from Sweden:

Constantly stay in the intoxication of being a victorious jewel who has faith in the intellect. The foundation of faith is constantly strong. Have faith in yourself, in the Father and in the drama and continue to move forward, on this basis. Keep in front of you all your specialities, not your weaknesses, and you will have faith in yourself. Don’t think about your weaknesses too much and you will continue to move forward in happiness. Have the faith that you are holding on to the Father’s hand because those who hold on to His hand continue to move forward constantly. Since the Father is the Almighty Authority, those who are holding His hand have almost reached their destination. Even though you may be weak, your Companion is strong, is He not? This is why you will be able to go across. Constantly maintain the awareness of being a constantly victorious jewel with this faith in the intellect. The past is the past! Put a full stop to that and move forward!

Hardeviben from Pune taking leave from BapDada to go abroad

What will be the special method? You have taken sustenance, so give that sustenance to everyone. Sustain everyone with both love and peace. Everyone wants love and everyone wants peace. Take these two gifts for everyone. Simply give drishti with love and speak a few words and they will automatically continue to come close. You have taken sustenance and so you are an embodiment of the experience of that sustenance, are you not? So give the experience of that sustenance to others. You don’t have to give lectures on topics, for the topmost thing is: “The experience of love and peace”. So, give them these two topmost things so that every soul has the experience that they have never received such love from anywhere else nor ever seen such love. Love is such that, from the experience of love, they are automatically pulled to come here. It is very good. An original mahavir is going. Sati and Kunj (dadis) have also gone, have they not? Embodiments of sustenance are going. Very good. Relationships with sakar Baba will be very easily forged through them because the Father’s sustenance is merged in their every vein. So, while walking and moving, whatever is merged inside them is what they would see. Through you, they will experience the Father’s sustenance. You may go in happiness. BapDada is happy about the children going because you are not those who are just going to tour around, sightseeing. You are those who give your bones in service for the yagya. Service is merged in your every step and this is why BapDada is pleased when children travel around the world (go out on service).



BapDada’s love and remembrance for all the children was recorded on tape:

Together with love and remembrance to all the children who remain lost in love, BapDada is happy to see the zeal and enthusiasm of all the children. BapDada has received letters of love and remembrance and zeal and enthusiasm for effort and for becoming destroyers of obstacles. BapDada is giving all the children who are destroyers of obstacles love and remembrance. Constantly be conquerors of Maya, remain constantly stable on the seat of the awareness of being master almighty authorities, be double light, fly and enable others to fly. To all the children everywhere, not just the foreigners, but all the children who are seated on the heart-throne, lots and lots of remembrance from the Father, the Comforter of Hearts. Om shanti.

Blessing: May you be bodiless and claim a “pass with honours  certificate with the stage of being detached.
In order to claim a certificate of “pass ing with honours , you need to have the practice of remaining beyond the sound of both your words and your thoughts and stable in the stage of an embodiment of peace. Let the soul become merged in the Ocean of Peace. You enjoy the experience of sweet silence. The body and mind both receive rest. At the end, only the practice of being bodiless will be useful. When the body is playing games, become bodiless and detached and observe the part of your body and this stage will make you victorious at the end.
Slogan: In order to claim a right to all virtues and all powers, become obedient.

 *** Om Shanti ***



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