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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The way to become an easy yogi is to take the seat of the authority of experience (BapDada meeting k umaris).

Today, the Father, the Creator of the unlimited drama, is seeing a special scene of Madhuban in the divine scenes of the wonderful confluence age of the drama. On the stage of Madhuban at every moment so many entertaining, enjoyable parts exist; even whilst sitting far away, BapDada can see these as if they are close. Who are the hero actors on the stage at this time? The doubly-pure souls, the elevated souls, those who are pure in their worldly lives and also souls who are pure. So BapDada is extremely pleased to see the doubly-pure special souls acting hero part s on the stage of Madhuban. The plans you make, the thoughts you have, the upheavals you have – BapDada was seeing both the games of your courage and your upheavals. You maintain courage very well. You also have a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. However, along with that, you have a few mixed thoughts about whether to say “yes” or “no”. BapDada saw an amusing play. You have the very elevated desire that you definitely want to demonstrate something, but the desire of the enthusiasm in your minds is not visible on your faces in the form of a sparkle. Baba saw only a percentage of the sparkle of pure thoughts sparkling on your faces. Why was that? What is the reason for it? You have the pure thought, but there is only a certain percentage of power in that thought. There is the seed of the thought, but the powerful seed that gives the practical, visible fruit, which would reveal the sparkle in a practical way, is still lacking.

The way to bring about the maximum splendour and sparkle of zeal and enthusiasm on your face is to be full of the experience of every virtue, power and point of knowledge. Experience is the greatest authority of all. The sparkle of authority is automatically visible in one’s face and behaviour. BapDada smiled seeing the hero actors of the present time. You are dancing in happiness. However, when some dance, they make the whole atmosphere dance; there is that splendour visible in their act. You speak of this as “Making everyone dance by dancing yourself”. Therefore, you now have to show the sparkle of such splendour a lot more. You have heard what the basis of this is. You have become those who listen and tell others but, as well as that, you have to play the special part s of being embodiments of experience. Someone who has the authority of experience will never be deceived by any of the various royal forms of Maya. Experienced souls with authority will always experience themselves to be full and overflowing. They will never be empty of the power to decide, the power to tolerate or any other power. Just as a seed is always full, so they too will always be full of knowledge, virtues and powers. This is known as being a master almighty authority. Maya will bow down in front of such ones, not make them bow down. Everyone bows down to a special person who has a limited authority. This is because the greatness of authority automatically makes everyone bow down. So, what did Baba see in particular? That you are now being seton the seat of the authority of experience. You have taken the seat of a speaker, but you now have to take the seat of an authority of total experience. You were told that the people of the world have a physical throne, whereas all of you have the seat of authority. Remain constantly stable on this seat. You will then constantly be easy yogis, constant yogis and natural yogis.

Now, even the scenes of amrit vela are very amusing. Some get tired trying to reach their goal. Some swing in a double swing. Some sit down as hatha yogis. Some simply sit as a discipline. Some are even absorbed in that love. Now, pay special attention to becoming the embodiment of the meaning of the word “remembrance”. Let the sparkle of a yogi soul be visible on your face. Whatever is in your mind definitely sparkles on your forehead. Don’t think that you have a lot on your mind. The mirror of the power of the mind is your face. No matter how much you say that you are dancing in happiness, no one who sees your face looking unhappy would believe you. You know the difference between the face of someone who looks totally lost and someone who has attained everything, do you not? Let the sparkle of the happiness of having attained everything be visible on your face. Do not let your face look dry, but let it be a happy face. BapDada also sings the praise of the children who are hero actors. At least you have stepped away from the fashionable world with your mind and body and made the Father your Support. Many, many congratulations for this determination. Constantly continue to live with this thought. This is a blessing that BapDada is giving you. Out of happiness of this elevated fortune, you offer flowers of love. Together with that, BapDada is showing you the way to fulfil the pure thought of every child of becoming an authority who is full and equal to the Father. He congratulates you and also shows you the way. All of you have celebrated the ceremony.

All of you have celebrated the ceremony and are going back with the aim of becoming full, are you not? The ones from the beginning are the same old ones, but you are all becoming equal to God. Everyone’s photograph has been taken, has it not? The photograph has become a memorial here. Now Didi and Dadi will also see who remains stable on the seat of authority and to what extent they do so. It is not a big thing to live at a centre, but to play your part as a special actor is a wonder. Everyone would then say: Every soul in this group is full and equal to the Father. Don’t become empty! Something that is empty will shake. Become sensible, that is, become full! This is not just for the kumaris, but for everyone. Everyone has to become full. All of you who have come must take back with you the special gift of Madhuban, which is the seat of the authority of total experience. Don’t allow yourself to be separated from this gift. Have all of you received this gift or is it just the kumaris who have received it? Even the residents of Madhuban have received this gift today. No matter where you are sitting, you are personally in front of the Father.

To all the lotus flower children who have come and to the residents of Madhuban, to all the children of this land and abroad, to the elevated hero actors on the stage at present, to all of you, along with the blessing of becoming experienced, love, remembrance and namaste from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings.

The kumaris had a special thought. Have you become special souls by having these special thoughts? What special thoughts did you have? That you will constantly be a mahavir and remain victorious. This was the thought you had, was it not? Will you be victorious and a mahavir constantly, or only for a short time? After this, no type of Maya will ever come, will it? It has finished for half the cycle. There won’t be any conflict of thoughts, will there? Storms of waste thoughts will not come, will they? If you are repeatedly defeated by attacks of Maya, you become weak, just as the bones of someone who repeatedly falls down become weak. He then has to have plaster put on. So, never become weak and be defeated. To be a mahavir means to have a thought and to become an embodiment of that thought. It shouldn’t be that when you get back you say, “I’ll see about it! I’ll do it some time!” Don’t talk about doing things in the future. Remain firm in the thought that you had and the flag of victory will then keep flying. When so many of you go back to your centres with this determination there will be victory everywhere. Everything becomes easy with just a thought. Continue to water your thought. Write down your result every month. Never have weak thoughts. Finish this sanskar here before you leave! Before you leave, have the determination that you will make progress and be victorious. Achcha.

Have all of your desires been fulfilled? The desires of the kumaris have been fulfilled and the desires of mothers have also been fulfilled. This time only a few of you have come and so you have received a good chance. This time, the complaint of all the kumaris has now been removed. There are now no complaints. All of you are going back having become complete. We shall now see where the rivers flow and whether you become a pond, a big river, a small river or a well. A well is even smaller than a pond. So we shall see what you become. That result will be given, will it not? Seeing the kumaris, the feeling is that so many handshave emerged, whereas seeing the mothers, the feeling is that it is a little difficult for them to emerge. Therefore, now become a hand that is free from obstacles. It shouldn’t be that you do service but that you also take service from others as well. Don’t do that! If, as well as the service you do, there are also complaints, there won’t then be any fruit of service. This is why you have to become hands that are free from obstacles. It shouldn’t be that you become obstacles yourselves and keep coming in front of Dadi or Didi. Become a helping hand! Don’t take service for yourself. You will then remain constantly free from obstacles and make service progress without obstacles. Have such a firm thought before you leave. Achcha

BapDada meeting a group of k umaris:

All of you kumaris consider yourselves to be special souls, do you not? “Special souls” means those who are instruments for a special task. Each one of you is an instrument for a special task. Each of you kumaris is one who will uplift 21 clans. Whenever you receive an order to go anywhere, you are ready. You are such servers who are free from obstacles, are you not? Whatever service you receive at any time, you are ready. To do service means to eat instant fruit. When you receive instant fruit, then, by eating that fruit, you receive power. By eating instant fruit, the soul becomes powerful. When you receive such attainment, that that is what you should do, is it not? In the world, after working for a month, you receive your salary at the end of the month. Here, you receive instant fruit. Of course, it is accumulated for the future, but you also receive something in the present. So, for whatever service you receive double fruit, that should be done first, should it not? BapDada, Dadi and Didi sometimes give directions to many to do service. So, by doing that according to shrimat, you are no longer responsible. When you do that out of your own attachment or due to your own weakness, then that cannot be elevated. During your trial, if you remain content and also make others content, you will receive a certificate. Have the aim of moving along in harmony with others. Think, “I have to change”. Those who have the intention of changing themselves become victorious in all situations. Those who wait for others to change become deceived, and this is why it is you yourself who always has to change. You have to do this. First, put yourself first in every respect, not out of ego, but when it comes to doing something and then there will be success and only success.

BapDada m eeting a groups:

BapDada has already praised the specialities of the children. Where does BapDada always keep the children who are constant servers, like Himself? (In His eyes.) In the body, the eyes are the most subtle and, even in the eyes, the light (pupil) of the eyes is so subtle – it is just a dot. So, those who remain merged in the Father’s eyes are those who are extremely subtle, totally detached and loving to the Father. You are experiencing this, are you not? According to the drama, you have received a very good chance. Why do you say that it is good? Because to the extent that you remain busy, you will accordingly become a conqueror of Maya. You have found a good way to remain busy, have you not? Service is a means to remain busy. When any obstacle of Maya comes at any time, and at that time anyone who has to be served comes in front of you, you would put yourself right and serve them. No matter what has happened, you would get ready and go and read the murli, would you not? While reading the murli to others, you would also read it to yourself. By serving others, you will also receive help and therefore you have received a very, very elevated method. One thing is to make your own effort and the other is to receive co-operation from others. So, it has become double, has it not? You are fulfilling the responsibility of service while looking after your household and so that is also doublebenefit. This is like receiving the sovereignty from God, your Friend while moving along. Double attainment and double responsibility. But while having doubleresponsibility, by considering yourself to be double light, your mundane responsibility will not tire you because you are trustees, are you not? How can trustees get tired? If you consider it to be your household and your family, there would then be a burden. If it is not yours, then how can there be a burden? Do the Pandavas ever feel your mundane interaction and the mundane atmosphere to be a burden? Completely detached and loving; a child and a master, do you have such intoxication? The intoxication of being a master is unlimited. Unlimited intoxication will continue into the unlimited, whereas limited intoxication will only last for a limited period. Always keep this unlimited intoxication of what the Father has given you in your awareness. Keep the treasures you have been given in front of you and look at yourself to see whether you have become filled with all treasures. If not, then what treasure is lacking, and why have you not been able to imbibe it? Then check everything in that way and imbibe it. What period is this? The Father is elevated, the attainment is elevated and you yourself are elevated too. Where there is greatness, there is definitely attainment there. If there is ordinariness, then the attainment is also ordinary. Achcha.

Question: Which children is the Father very proud of?

Answer: The children who are going to earn an income. The Father is very proud of the children who earn such an income. In each second, you can accumulate an income greater than multimillions. When you place a zero in front of “1”, it becomes 10, add another zero and it becomes a 100. Similarly, remember the Father for a second and after a second has passed, a zero is added. Only at this time do you earn such a huge income and you will then continue to eat from that for many births.

Blessing: May you be free from obstacles and set your mind and intellect on the seat of experience with the practice of concentration.
The power of concentration easily makes you free from obstacles. For this, you have to set your mind and intellect on the seat of experience. The power of concentration easily gives you the experience of belonging to the one Father and none other. Through this, your stage easily becomes stable and constant. You then have an attitude of benevolence for everyone. With the practice of concentration, there is the vision of brotherhood. Such a soul cannot get upset by any weak sanskar, any soul, form of matter or any type of royal Maya.
Slogan: Only the practice of merging the expansion into its essence in a second will bring you final certificate.


*** Om Shanti ***




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