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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you have to pay a great deal of attention to this spiritual study. There is a big burden of sins on your heads. Therefore, don’t wasteyour time.
Question: What are the signs of the children who pay attention to their spiritual income?
Answer: They never waste their time gossiping. Even while doing everything for the livelihood of their bodies, they occupy their time earning a spiritual income. They wake up early in the morning and remember the Father with a lot of love. The souls continue to fly in remembrance. They are merciful like the Father and have mercy for themselves and for everyone else. They give everyone the Father’s introduction.
Song: You are the Mother and You are the Father.

Om shanti. You children heard the praise of the Mother and Father in the song. In a family at home, there are the children, the mother and father and the grandfather. You receive an inheritance from your grandfather through the father because the property of the grandfather always belongs to the elders. Therefore this one (Brahma Baba) too, is the eldest of all. People of the world don’t know this, but you children do. “You are the Mother and You are the Father.” These words apply to Dada (Grandfather). Therefore, His introduction has to be given. Whether personally, with pictures, or through a projector , it is absolutely essential to give the grandfather’s introduction. A physical grandfather is corporeal. Now, who entered your intellect first? Dada. Even if you explain using a projector, show the pictures, numberwise, one by one. First of all, give the explanation of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? Then ask: What is your relationship with Prajapita Brahma? First of all, show them the picture of Shiva and then the writing that is explained at the exhibitions and in the magazines. So, first of all, give His introduction. It is written in the Gita, “God speaks”. Therefore, first of all, give God’s introduction. The intellects of all of you have gone up above. The highest of all is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, incorporeal Shiv Baba. Then, there are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Then, when you come here, it is like a home where the mother and father and the Grandfather are sitting. That is limited and this is unlimited. All of the pictures should have an explanation on them. You should also show the difference between all the many human beings who have been teaching hatha yoga and the one Supreme Soul who teaches Raja Yoga through which you receive liberation and liberation-in-life. Here, it is just a matter of the versions of the one incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva. Just as children keep their physical mother, father and grandfather in their intellects, so it is like that, identically, in your intellects. It is just that this is the Parlokik and that is the lokik. You have the faith that this is Shiv Baba. He is our Father and so we should remember Him. However, you children forget this; you waste a lot of time. You mustn’t waste time because there is a big burden of sins on your heads. Souls are filled with alloy. Therefore, you should write who the Supreme Soul is. You should repeatedly explain the pictures of the Supreme Soul and Krishna. The globes of heaven and hell are very well known. On the globe of hell, write: This is the kingdom of Ravan, the corrupt world. On the globe of heaven, write: This is the elevated world. You should also write the duration: Heaven lasts for this long and hell lasts for this long. There is also the picture of the stage of ascent and the stage of descent, because it takes 5000 years to come down whereas you ascend in a second. So, this is a jump. This is the main thing to explain, and then there is the variety-form image in which the topknot of Brahmins is God’s community. Your Brahmin clan, created through the mouth of Brahma, is very well known; it is the most elevated. Therefore, it is essential to have these pictures in order to explain to everyone. The tree of the variety of religions is also very good. You children have to become spinners of the discus of self-realisation. You also have to give knowledge of the cycle and how it turns. How are the parts of Brahma and Saraswati those of the hero and heroine? The picture of the cycle should be very big too. You should show the projector slides for about an hour or an hour and a half at the most; otherwise, people become tired of these things. This is not a story; it is a matter of knowledge. Only when they first write something down can they then come in. Therefore, you should have a ticket to see the show. Not tickets to be bought with money, but an entry pass. Prominent people should be sent an invitation because you have to take their opinion s. How will you make large groups of people give their opinion? How will you show it to them, because you also have to explain to them? This is why you first have to invite eminent people and make them write down their opinions and then make it general. It should be like this for the exhibitions and also the projector. You can also have these very good pictures printed in the magazines and also write down an explanation of them and then give them as a present to others. You should also very clearly write the contrast between hatha yoga and Raja Yoga. Hatha yoga is also a type of violence because you cause suffering to the body; you cause it difficulties. Yours is non-violent yoga, which is extremely easy. As you walk and move along, you continue to remember the Father. You also have to prove what violence is and what non-violence is. Some people perform all those rituals for good health. They are not able to meet God. They still call that yoga; they speak of yoga ashrams. This then is easy Raja Yoga. It is the yoga that is taught by God. This should be explained very clearly. What would those whose intellects’ yoga is caught up in gossiping throughout the day be able to explain to others? Those who have it in their intellects that they want to do service will do it. After doing your business for eight hours, you should earn this income. That is a physical income whereas this is a spiritual income. Therefore, you should pay a lot of attention to this income. You should practise yoga a great deal. Wake up early in the morning and remember the Father with a lot of love. Even those who were placed in the first and second numbers by the Father don’t remember Him now. They give very good lectures, but they don’t stay in remembrance. Souls will fly with remembrance not with knowledge. It is with remembrance that people go into trance. There is no question of knowledge in that. Trance is something worth only a few pennies. Some very quickly have visions of Shri Krishna. Some children write: Baba, I recognised You. They see Brahma in trance and they also receive inspiration. So they then develop faith. Those who have never even seen Baba write that they remember Baba a great deal. “I will definitely claim the inheritance from You. You know that I remember You.” When she says “You” she remembers Shiv Baba. Daughters in bondage remember Baba a great deal. Even those who are in front of Baba don’t remember Him as much. One thing is remembrance and then, as Gandhiji used to say, there should be the kingdom of Rama. It is now the kingdom of Ravan. You can explain this. It is only God who can bring about the stage of ascent. Everyone else continues to bring others down. Even deities continue to fall. Although they are in happiness, their degrees continue to decrease. They continue to fall like a louse because even the drama continues to move like a louse. Therefore, the stage of ascent is brought about by only the One. A projector is very good to explain with. The number of centres will increase a great deal too. Baba says that you should continue to make slides in all languages. However, there isn’t anyone who would do this work. Baba gives you methods, but someone is needed to carry those out so that service can increase a great deal. You children should have a lot of mercy for your brothers and sisters. Baba is also merciful. It is only in Bharat that I come. I don’t come in any other place. It is in Bharat that they celebrate the birthday of Shiva. However, they don’t know anything about it. For instance, when they celebrate the birthday of Christ, they know his work, but no one knows the task of Shiva. He is the Purifier. Bharat is the greatest pilgrimage place. By inserting Krishna’s name in the Gita, they have made the praise of Bharat, the greatest pilgrimage place, disappear. Look how Mahmud Guznavi looted the temple! If he had been aware that that was the temple to his Baba, he wouldn’t have looted it. Who would loot the temple to Allah? Who would do that to the One who established heaven? If he knew Shiv Baba, he wouldn’t even dare touch the temple. They bow down to Shiva, but if they knew everything about Him (Shiv Baba) they wouldn’t loot it. All of that happened simply because Krishna’s name was put in the Gita. Look what their condition has become because the Gita was falsified! Instead, it should have been Shiva’s name, that He alone is the Bestower of Liberation and Salvation. This is the praise of just the One. If He didn’t come, how would we become pure? How could we make Bharat into heaven? This is an incognito matter. You know that you were in degradation. You are now sitting here, but you are to go back home. You children should have a lot of happiness that you are establishing a kingdom for yourselves. Therefore, you should show others this path and create subjects. You should make a lot of effort. It is very easy. Simply remember the Father and the inheritance. Remember heaven. This is hell. Baba has also explained to you the meaning of ‘hum so’ (I am that which I was). I was a deity; I was a warrior. No one else understands these things. You have to explain all of the things in the variety-form image about how you become deities. We are now about to go to heaven. Many people ask how much longer it will be. Baba says: You haven’t yet become ready to be able to go to heaven. The drama is predestined. While establishment is taking place, the flames of destruction are also gradually increasing. The war of religions is also beginning. Partition didn’t exist before. You know that there was at first just the one deity religion. There is the song: Now that we have found You, we are claiming our kingdom of heaven with the power of yoga. No one can claim it with physical power. Those people have physical power. If Russia and America were to unite, they could take over the whole kingdom. However, that doesn’t happen. When it is the kingdom of deities, there are no Christians or Buddhists there. The deity religion is now being established. Bharat is the imperishable land. The Father has come here. It is in the drama that you receive the kingdom with the power of yoga. This ancient yoga of Bharat is well known, but people don’t know who taught yoga or how it was taught. Krishna didn’t teach yoga. Only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, teaches you yoga now. This is something so slippery that it slips out of your intellects. Some know this and yet leave it. That is why the Father says: If you want to see sensible ones, see them here! Sensible ones claim their inheritance. Senseless ones leave it. They lose the inheritance of heaven. If you want to see the greatest fools and the greatest sensible ones, see them here! They will also go to heaven, but they will become part of the subjects. You know how the sun and moon dynasty subjects are created. It is here that you take the Father’s lap. There is no question of a lap in the incorporeal world. When a child is born, he is placed in the lap of a guru. They believe that if the child doesn’t go into the lap of a guru, he will go into degradation. They even make young children adopt gurus. “There is no salvation without a guru.” This is what gurus have told people. You never know when you will leave your body. There, they take birth and then go to a guru. Here, all three are combined. It is not written in any of the scriptures that the lap of the Father, Teacher and Guru is one and the same. The Father asks: Does Shiv Baba have a father? You say, “Yes.” (When we make Shiv Baba our Child.). OK, does Shiv Baba have a teacher? Does He have a guru? No. He simply has a mother and father. This is a very deep account. The Father surrenders Himself to the children and the children surrender themselves to the Father. In the world, a child doesn’t surrender himself to his parents. It is the father who does this. Therefore, it has to be understood that the Supreme Soul is the Father, Teacher and Satguru and that you receive the inheritance from Him. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Maintain the intoxication that we Brahmins are the topknot and that we belong to God’s community.
  2. Use your time in a worthwhile way in remembrance of the Father. Remain busy in spiritual service. Surrender yourself fully to the Father.
Blessing: May you be a conqueror of matter and a conqueror of Maya and maintain the intoxication of self-sovereignty by being seated on the immortal throne and the heart-throne.
A soul who is seated on the immortal throne always maintains spiritual intoxication. Just as a king cannot rule his kingdom without intoxication, similarly, if a soul does not have the intoxication of self-sovereignty, he cannot rule his subjects, that is, over his physical senses. So, be seated on the immortal throne and the heart-throne and maintain this spiritual intoxication and no obstacle or problem can then come in front of you. Neither matter nor Maya will be able to attack you. To be seated on the throne means easily to become a conqueror of matter and a conqueror of Maya.
Slogan: In order to achieve success in your thoughts, continue to fly with the power of the soul.

*** Om Shanti ***


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